Cucumber Benefits for Weight Loss [ Your 7 Days Miracle]

Cucumber Benefits for Weight Loss

It is no longer news that some specific fruits and vegetables with some minutes of regular exercise can help you lose weight. Rather than look for very quick ways to lose weight and end up starving yourself of nutrients as well, here is a quick and complementarily, nutritious way to lose weight. Cucumber benefits for weight loss and this is a reason why it is one of the fruits that tops most of the vegetarians’ fruits and veggies list.

It is amazingly filling due to its high water and fiber content nature, it is cool and refreshing and weight –loss inducing. With all these benefits in just one fruit! You’ll love to include cucumbers in your soups, beverages and drinks, smoothies, salads, or as a dish garnish. This is a way to get yourself a food with the outstanding feature of a good look, with taste and high nutritional benefits which include its benefit for weight loss.

As much as health is tied to healthy foods, being healthy also depends on how one’s weight can be monitored. Another interesting thing to know is that esteem needed for performing well in what you find doing springs from the confidence you feel about yourself out there. Thought it starts from in there, that is, intelligence and smartness, but you’ve got to be able to move swiftly around in handling those responsibilities confidently.

Though cucumber benefits for weight loss, it is important not to forget that cucumber is first for healthiness, and not a drug prescription for weight loss purpose. So, you should not forget to enjoy eating cucumber as a vegetable with your dishes and as a fruit for an appetizer.

How to Use Cucumber for Weight Loss

How to Use Cucumber for Weight Loss
How to Use Cucumber for Weight Loss

Everything good can be enjoyed, but when misused, overused, or even underused, it gives a negative result or may not even show impact at all. Although cucumber benefits for weight loss are quite numerous, it is wise to know how to use cucumber for weight loss.

You’ll need the knowledge of the right proportion of cucumber to take in and the right timing for consumption. Also, the way to combine cucumber juice and water along with vinegar, tomatoes, or other vegetables and fruits for weight loss. Its spelled out in this section for you, so sit back and carefully read while you get ready to plan your weight loss exercise with cucumber.

Here are the general uses and benefits as well as specific cucumber benefits for weight loss.

1. In salads, garnishing, dressings, and other ways of making food presentable and classic looking, cucumber is highly used. Also, it is refreshing to the tummy.

2. The eyes derive great benefit from cucumbers. Cucumbers give relief to the eyes, especially when they suffer from dark or irritation for instance. One could cut the cucumber into a round slice and place it on the eyes for a soothing effect to the eyes.

3. Majorly for this post, cucumber aids so much in weight loss. Getting this benefit can be gotten by regularly eating it in normally recommended quantity with some vegetables and fruits or taking it as a drink optionally in order to cut down the fat deposit in the body. Either way, it all comes to regularly taking it according to prescribed daily intake for an infilling satisfaction which reduces cravings and intake for other fatty dishes that have the large calorie content.

4. Cucumber can be eaten at night, eaten with some other fruits or spices, or taken as a drink. It prevents unnecessary weight increase.

5. Constipation can be prevented with cucumber, and this is a great way to reduce weight. Constipation insinuates that the body would be full and weighty with wastes long due for evacuation out of the body.

6. It also prevents diseases, and this makes one active for activities. Being active reduces the risk of staying immobile for long, which can be a reason for drastic weight gain.

7. With its richness in vitamins and minerals, some skin-related ailments could be taken care of. Staying fit goes with having healthy skin. This can be affected by making cucumber into a face mask for application to the face or skin surfaces.

8. It frees the body from toxins and keeps the blood sugar, cholesterol, and bold pressure regulated.
After going through these following benefits of cucumber, I believe you will be able to have a glaring pick on the cucumber benefits for weight loss. And in the end, how to use cucumber for weight loss is still your decision to make. Whichever way you use it; either by eating or drinking it, you would be able to reap your cucumber benefits for weight loss.

How Does Cucumber Benefits for Weight Loss

So the question is; ‘how does cucumber benefits for weight loss?’. Simply put; cucumber is really a tasty, low-calorie veggie that can help you lose weight easily. One average one consists of 20 calories. This is a count of calories safe and good for weight loss. Therefore, a cucumber diet is a really good idea for a weight loss diet.

Cucumber has so much variety of gains, however, this article has been streamlined to look into how it could improve your diet plans and leave you with a healthy mindset on diet plans and give you a good result afterward.

Look at the nutritional contents of cucumber below and as well the recommended daily intake for the best possible healthy way of getting cucumber benefits for weight loss.

• The Basic Nutritional Facts of Cucumber
According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a 142g cup of chopped raw cucumber contains the following nutrients:
1. Calories:17
2. Fat: 0.2g
3. Carbs: 3.1g, including 2.0 of sugar
4. Protein: 0.8g
5. Water: 137g
6. Vitamin C: 4.5mg
7. Beta Carotene: 44mcg
8. Folate: 19.9mcg
9. Lutein + Zeaxanthin: 22.7mcg
10. Fiber:1.0g
11. Iron:0.3mg
12. Magnesium: 17mg
13. Vitamin K: 10.2 mcg,
14. Calcium: 19.9g
15. Phosphorus: 29.8mg
16. Potassium: 193mg
17. Sodium:2.8mg. Also, other vitamins like the B range vitamins, vitamin A, and antioxidants too are present.

• Recommended Daily Intake of Cucumber.
With the above nutritional facts of cucumber spelled out, the recommended safe daily intake according to the USDA has explained thus; ‘The 2015-2021 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend an intake of 90 mcg a day for females aged 19 years and over. While 120 mcg is for males of the same age is recommended.’

With this recommended intake, you can get your desired results for weight loss purpose by transforming the knowledge of the nutritional facts on cucumber into the practice of getting your cucumber benefits for weight loss.

How to Lose Weight in a Week with Cucumber

To lose 15 pounds seems like hard work to you right, especially after you’ve read many write-ups on how the cucumber diet fruit could make you lose 15 pounds in 14days. However, our 7-day cucumber diet plan would spell out how to lose weight in a week with cucumber. It also goes further to give you hints on cucumber diet plans for a longer than a week diet plan.

This section of cucumber benefits for weight loss is a cucumber diet plan written to show you an easier and less troubling way to go on and lose those 15 pounds (6.8kg) that you wish to lose in less than a month.

Though it is called a cucumber diet, it still doesn’t mean you have to eat only cucumbers for the period. It is a diet that is nutritious and balanced, you’ll sure be supplied with all essential minerals and vitamins.

Below is a 7-day cucumber diet plan that can help you lose some pounds.

• One Week Cucumber Diet
You would be able to eat cucumber a lot of the time that you feel hungry. While not forgetting to drink enough water also. The recommended intake of water should be 1.5 liters per day in order to get very obvious results, there should be regular body exercises for at least thirty minutes each day.

• Breakfast: Two eggs with tomatoes and herbs (two cucumbers can go for a snack)
• Lunch: cucumber salad with sliced cabbage, and lemon juice. Same snack as the breakfast snack
• Dinner: One kiwi with a cup of low-fat yogurt

• Breakfast: cucumber, spinach and apple smoothie with two cucumbers as a snack
• Lunch: two slices of cheese, one orange, and a cucumber. Same snacks as the breakfast snack
• Dinner: cucumber salad with tomatoes, olives and its oil

• Breakfast: a slice of whole-grain bread with a slice of cheese and cucumber, and then a cup of chopped cucumbers with one egg as snacks.
• Lunch: grilled salmon with lemon juice and cucumber salad, with orange as a snack
• Dinner: cucumber and snap pea salad

• Breakfast: a cup of blueberries and one protein bar, with two cucumbers as a snack
• Lunch: cucumber salad with sweet peppers and tomatoes. Same recommended snack for breakfast
• Dinner: one carrot and a cup of cottage cheese

• Breakfast: pineapple smoothie with two cucumbers and hummus for a snack
• Lunch: roast pork and pickled cucumber sandwich. Two cucumbers with half a cup of tuna for a snack
• Dinner: vegetable salad, green beans, tomatoes, broccoli, olive oil, and cucumbers.

• Breakfast: a slice of whole-grain bread with a slice of cheese and cucumber with three cucumbers for a snack
• Lunch: seared salmon with Israeli couscous cucumber salad with one big green apple for a snack
• Dinner: Coriander roasted with chickpea and avocado salad

• Breakfast: homemade granola with honey, rose berries, and yogurt. Two cucumbers to go for snacks.
• Lunch: crisp and crunchy chicken salad with cucumbers and carrots. Take two cucumbers with hummus for a snack
• Dinner: vegetable salad with broccoli, tomatoes, olive oil, green beans, and cucumbers.

This diet could be continued for longer than these depending on how many more pounds you want to lose. For losing just two pounds, a three cucumber diet is alright. However, for five pounds, go for a week, then more fourteen days or more to lose 15 pounds and more. Be sure to consult a physician, medical practitioner, or dietician before embarking on the diet plan.

We should note that the above diet plan is a recommendation. It spells out balanced nutrients for your diet plan. The menu for the days could be switched, but ensure to balance the equation and stick to not combining the quantity for two days into a one-day intake for proper result. For an extended number of days, you could make your search on varieties of veggies, herbs, fruits, and smoothies to include in the plan. While strictly following the principle of not taking in too much quantity.

Cucumber Weight Loss Drink Recipe

So here’s a list of what your cucumber weight loss drink recipe consists of. It’s quite easy and affordable to get and make for all the cucumber benefits for weight loss that you desire. Look interestingly at the ingredients to get, the how to prepare, and some vital instructions for making your cucumber weight loss drink recipe.

• A fresh cucumber
• Some ice-cubes (4-5)
• Half lemon
• Salt to taste

Steps for Preparation:
a. Peeling the Cucumbers. Note: First of all, peel a freshly washed cucumber with a peeler completely. Ensure to taste a little portion of the cucumber and discard any bitter part, use only a fresh and edible cucumber for this recipe. Get your peeled cucumber into smaller sizes with a knife.

b. Making the Juice
i) Rinse your blender and pour your sliced cucumber into it.
ii) Add a few drops of lemon after adding salt to taste
iii) Put in some ice cubes and cover the lid of the blending jar
iv) Blend for about 2-3 minutes
v) Rinse a serving glass and pour out your juice into it
vi) Served it chilled and looking classic by garnishing with some cucumber slices or mint
Things to Note

1. Long time storage could change its taste and make it inedible. Its better enjoyed when taken as freshly prepared. Regular intake weekly would bring much relief to the stomach and assist in weight loss

2. Addition of mint leaves is optional

3. You can strain the juice before serving

4. Do not store the drink in the refrigerator or store for days. It is better to be consumed fresh or immediately chilled with ice cubes and rather than stored for a longer time.

5. Storing changes its taste and makes it inedible.

Cucumber Juice for Weight Loss

Of all the ways you could get your cucumber benefits for weight loss, using cucumber juice for weight loss is a very advisable recipe and most likely the perfect weight loss cucumber diet plan you could use.

You’ll find that there are some options of fruits or spices that could go along with your cucumber weight loss drink recipe. While planning to make cucumber juice for weight loss benefit, you could make your pick from the list that follows in order to make a good nutrient complement in your weight loss diet. Take a look at the following options; cucumber and vinegar drink recipe, cucumber and lemon juice, cucumber and spices like cinnamon, clementine, ginger, and so on, cucumber juice and egg diet recipe, and many more.

Having earlier read through the cucumber weight loss drink recipe, getting a variety of cucumber juice beverage for weight loss is simple. After your pick, the preparations are similar. Just be sure to blend the ingredients to your taste to marinate or mix them well. You can strain out the liquid or refresh yourself with it that way.

Cucumber and Vinegar for Weight Loss

The thought of vinegar itself sends a bitter taste sense to your nerves and as your brain interprets it, imagine what it feels like to combine it with cucumber which most people also think as having a bitter covering as the outer flesh.

It seems almost like a combination you wouldn’t opt for, rather, you could want to go for spices like cinnamon, or for an egg, as you’ve possibly sometimes ago heard about cucumber and egg diet success stories of people who went on a cucumber diet. However, with their nutritional facts and preparation tips, you’ll see that cucumber and vinegar for weight loss is a good option.

The following paragraphs would give you a drive into another interesting part of this health article section of cucumber benefits for weight loss. Vinegar’s effect on weight loss according to some human researches show have shown that vinegar contains some elements (which would be spelled out shortly) that help to lose body fat percentage. One or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar included in one’s diet can do the trick. ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) should be taken in doses and most especially before meals.

The weight loss trick is performed simply because ACV is filling. It keeps you fuller for long according to studies performed, and with this, it reduces cravings and overeating, thereby lowering the number of calories taken into the body. And in no time, some kilos are dropped off the body weight. Along with cucumber nutrients, as explained previously, you are sure to have a good diet juice recipe for your cucumber benefits for weight loss with the combination of cucumber and vinegar for weight loss.

It is an easy-to-prepare, vitalizing, and classic drink dish. Below are the nutrition basics of cucumber and vinegar juice, followed by the preparation tip.

Nutrition Basics for One Tablespoon of Cider Vinegar
Minerals- 2 to 3% (only in a whole cup)
Calories- 3
Carbs- 0.1g

Nutrition Basics for One Cup of sliced and peeled cucumber

These nutrients have a combination of antioxidants and minerals which work to build strong bones, free radicals from damaging healthy cells while keeping the body fit and in good shape.

Simple and straight to the point. Get your cucumber washed, and get some sliced into a cup. Get a cup of water also, one clementine, a quarter teaspoon ground ginger, and most importantly, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Get it all together in a blender and refresh yourself with your cucumber and vinegar for weight loss.

Losing weight could appear like a difficult thing to achieve, and could make you so bothered. It’s time to do it with less psychological concern and disturbance. Cucumber benefits for weight loss offer you a natural, and non-stressing way to lose those few kilos in a healthy and yet refreshing way!

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