110 Swoon-worthy Funny New Month Quotes (July 2023)

funny new month quotes

If you consider putting an endless smile on the face of your friends and loved ones at the beginning of a new month, and you want to make a journey through the month full of uncontrollable excitement for them, you will need to make do with funny new month quotes and you will have your desires achieved.

Life can very be tense, challenges can be very overwhelming. It’s good if you create a deliberate means through which you discharge yourself of the tension life poses. Laughter is one of the ways you could arrive at the end. Making do with some witty quotes will help you discharge the accumulated stress in the progression of the month.

How to make your friends and loved ones enjoy having you in their lives is by sending some to them which can also serve as new month motivation. You wouldn’t know that laughter is medicinal until you engage with these quotes. I see you laughing in the long run.

Laughter is therapeutic, if you make someone in your life laughs, you can make them last. How best to begin the new month is, to begin with, joy on your face. Here are some perfect lines to make you and your family joyful.

Funny New Month Quotes and Wishes

It can very be meaningful yet very hilarious. The combination of these is what you should put together to say a happy new month to a friend. Wishes let you make your loved ones laugh in face of the peculiar challenges of the month. Interact with these quotes and see the magic they are capable of performing for you.

1. Let the four weeks of this month not make you fall weak in a place where weakness is a disadvantage. Happy New month, Precious one.

2. May this month not weaken you so that you will not know when the week is over to replace the old slippers in your bathroom. Enjoy your month.

3. The demand of the month can be so intense that it will make you work out your body until you become weary. Do not allow yourself to be wearied, have a successful month.

4. Have you been using a toothbrush for the last 8 months that you have not changed? It’s high time you changed it. New month, new brush.

5. You can control everything except the passing of time. Do not allow your lazy bone to make you lose consciousness of time. Be productive this month or else I will not give you a treat. Have a productive month.

6. Hard work pays, I know you are hardworking. Kudos to you. However, take it easy so that you don’t become worked out by hard work. Have it easy this month.

7. The new month is right here, you could still get all your expectations met this month. Hustling continues. Happy new month.

8. Could anything have stopped your advancement this month? No, I don’t know any! You are too persistent to fail. You’re too stubborn for failure. Face your month with stubbornness just the same you can be stubborn with me.

9. Guess what! You’re very unique and so is this month. I’m sure you’ll have unique success in this unique month. Have a unique month!

10. You’re not meant to get what you deserve this month, you can only get what you demand. Place heavy demand on this month to meet the demand of your life.

11. Sweeter than honey is this month to your taste just as I could feel it right here. A honey-filled month is ahead of you, enjoy it all.

12. Could anything be sweeter than having a set goal and having it accomplished? No, nothing could! That’s exactly what you’re getting this month.

13. Past months may have refused you but this month has to comply with you because I have issued her a command. Smile! Success is all yours this month.

14. May I let you know something? Smile! I know you’re eager to hear me out now. You’re bigger than failure! May this month be a failure-free month for you.

15. This month has some gifts for you. Guess what? It’s little success if you don’t walk hard. Work hard to get big success as a gift from the month.

16. Aren’t you afraid of missing out on getting funny memes from me? You’ll miss out if you do not come down to see my face right away. Lol!

17. If I stay a few weeks without seeing your face right at my doorpost, then I will stop wishing you a happy new month. That sounds like a threat! Don’t be afraid, I’m just joking!

18. I feel something right on my inside right now and you don’t have an idea of what it is. I just felt you missed me. Smile! Miss me more this month!

19. If I wanted to have my way? I could have just locked you up in the garden of my lovers this whole month. That sounds funny, Smile! I love you, and happy new month.

20. You have a special space in my heart. May the special blessings that are in my heart jump at you in this special month.

21. Could we quickly play a game now? Have your eyes closed, turn backward, and take a walk to the highway. Laughing right here. Don’t do it, just joking. Have a fun-filled month.

22. Are you surprised that I’m so protective of you? It’s not my fault, I just cannot afford someone else to take you away from me. That’s how much you’re cherished.

23. This month will undoubtedly pose some stress on you but do not forget to be deliberate about laughing. Laugh a lot this month.

24. Just to make you have the luxury of time to achieve your goals. So I decided to increase the number of days this month just for you only. Have a long month, friend.

25. May you find ease this month and enjoy outstanding success. This month is just made for you alone because you’re so special.

Funny Happy New Month Quotes

Do you have what it takes to make your month fun-filled? Do you desire funfair across the week? Funny happy new month wishes got you covered, I can assure you!

These quotes easily achieve a perpetual smile on your beautiful face and make it more beautiful. Here are some finest but relatable just for only you.

Can you see that you’re special? Smiles, indeed you are. But you must not desist to share with others. You are too nice to keep this for yourself only.

26. I know you got a long way to go this month and I can assure you, that you will get there because I have told the place you’re ahead to draw closer to you. Enjoy your month.

27. Meet your success on the way because it’s coming very fast at you. It won’t miss you, happy new month to you.

28. Is it possible to shorten the time to make your goal realistic? I made some research and I can tell you that I have shortened it for you. Success is yours this month.

29. It’s pleasurable knowing that days, weeks, and months of the year are moving very fast to convey your success to your doorpost. Keep moving, happy new month.

30. Hey, wait a minute! When are you even getting married? I arranged one for you on social media already! Laughing! Have a marriageable month!

31. Has it occurred to you that the month appears longer when you’re cashless? It’s normal, money is on the way, and it will catch up with you as you do the necessary. Have better cash this month.

32. I do have a request that only you could make available. May I kindly make my request? Can you empty your account for me? Smile, I just saw you trying to pat me on the back. I love you.

33. You know I’m a specialist in making you laugh. How much do you want to pay for the service I render to you? Don’t bother, Honey. You’re Enough For Me.

34. I have been waiting to receive a happy new month from you but I decided to send one across since you delayed. Happy new month.

35. What could have been the reason you did not send me a new month’s wish though, you know I depend on it to succeed this month. I will remain angry until you beg me. Lol

36. I have been thinking of how to get you excited at the beginning of the new month. All I think I should do is say have a fabulous month.

37. Have you heard about something attractive going on in my house right now? Oh, you’re not aware! I keep you in suspense, happy new month.

38. Something is waiting for you right at my door now. Get down quickly to get them. Blessings, favor Honor, all await you. Have a blessed month.

39. Do you know that you cannot be smart enough to reduce the number of days in a month? You’re helpless about this. Don’t bother yourself, every day will be in your favor.

40. Hard work is sweet when it results in success. May success compensate for your efforts this month.

41. I command the favor of rice and beans upon you every day of this month. You will never lack rice and beans in your life. Laughing, you thought I wanted to say a warfare prayer. Anyways, it’s still a prayer.

42. I know you have been eager to receive my text. Wait for it, I will send it in two months. It’s on the way.

43. If you haven’t had fun last month, I think it’s about time you had one this month. I got a lot of them for you. Expect fun this month.

44. What’s new about the month? I guess you don’t know it’s all the same count. It is, have a new experience anyways.

45. Look around, what would you like this month to offer you? Write them down, send them to me and I will pass them to the office of the new month.

46. May you sustain an endless reason to smile in this month, no sorrow of any sort for you. I love you so much.

47. The newness of this month shall be experienced by you, new things will flood your life more than the previous months.

48. Will you like me to give you a trip to the moon and have a vacation? Well, if you wanted just that, the bicycle is the flight. Smile.

49. I have invited a celebration to pay you a special visit this month. Get set to host her. You’ll celebrate massively.

50. The joy will fill your heart, a smile will beautify your face, and prosperity will embarrass your life. Happy new month.

Funny New Month Messages

Funny messages can be a new month’s motivation for your lover and loved ones if you know how to skillfully use them as I’m about to show you on this page. Are you ready to see funny new month messages? You’re almost there, friend.

These wishes could also be part of the context of the prayer you offer for your family and loved ones. You can pray for your loved ones and yet make them laugh.

51. It’s incontestable that this month is my month of ceaseless joy and so it is for you. Ceaseless joy will embarrass you this month.

52. Your plans for the month may look incredible and impossible, relax, that’s why I’m in your life to make it realistic.

53. This month is uniquely made for us both. I will make sure you don’t miss out on what belongs to you. We’re together, happy new month!

54. May I let you know that I will get married this month and give birth to all my kids? Smiling here. Have a wonderful month!

55. Ensure you also give birth to all your kids this month to break a world record. You’ll be the first to attempt that.

56. Can you pave way for me so that I could do the incredibly impossible this month? If you don’t leave the way, this month will push you for me. Funny, happy new month.

57. I had no cash I want to give you this month but I want to wish you more elbow to deliver results. I think I have done enough, happy new month.

58. As you go in this month, let plenty of data and signals go with you to keep you connected to the opportunity you have longed for.

59. Happy new month happy friend. Happiness shall bring happiness to you until you become happy yourself. Have a happy month!

60. Are you surprised why the month moves the way it does? It’s just to make you have your success arrive faster than you planned.

61. Certain things are beyond comprehension, don’t bother to understand them all. Relax your brain, this month will deliver to you.

62. This is my birth month. The best you could do is to empty your living on celebrating me. I know you are a kind friend, you’ll do just that.

63. You get many headaches because you always want to have a spelled-out plan for the month. You don’t have to do that always, just make life as simple as I do.

64. If you ask if I love you, I will say NO. Does that shock you? Don’t be afraid, the answer is YES.

65. What will happen this month is not known to me. But I know one thing for sure, the fun of this month will be exceptional.

66. Friend, if nothing works for you this month, just make sure that at least one thing works. Make having fun work for you as though your life depends on it.

67. It’s a new month, I wish I could have some games transported down to you this night. It’s not possible, you can only catch up with it in your dreams.

68. Honey, make a demand of anything and I will rush at you to make it available for you. I hope you remember that anything is nothing. Winks

69. I would have given you a shout about the month but you could mistake me for madness. Let me hold myself and just say, happy new month in a soft tone.

70. I organized a dance party this month and it’s beginning at your workplace. Expect me at 2 pm to excite you and your colleagues. Get ready to dance and forget who you are.

71. It Seems we need to meet soon so that we could have fun at its best as we have imagined over the month. Have fun this month.

72. This month is impregnated with beautiful promises for you. Catch them quickly until you have obtained them all. No dulling friend but I want to quit my job to go and party.

73. Let me teach you how to be generous to me. Clear all your dinner and get them to me. I know you’re truly nice. Smile! Have a dinner-free month.

74. See, the new month you have been waiting for is here. I don’t know why you love the month so much actually. Enjoy your new month.

75. May I say you’ll not labor in vain this month, you’ll not become vanity. Both poverty and prosperity are vanities, choose a better vanity this month. Prosperity is a better vanity.

Funny New Month Status

A new month is always another opportunity to begin again and do what you were unable to do in the previous months. The beautiful thing about life is that it presents you with an opportunity to begin again. Funny new month status is essentially required to make you explore the newness of the month.

Putting quotes together was done because I’m sure it will help your family, friends, and loved ones achieve greatness coupled with joy in this new month. Make do with these wishes and get the best out of them.

76. It’s a new month, new week, new day, new hour, new minute, new second, new energy, and the same people. May this month make all things new for you.

77. Feeling so blessed because I’m privileged to see this new month and I’m so excited that you made it also. We shall achieve greatness together, happy new month.

78. It’s worth excited about seeing the light of the new day because the chances to make the best out of life have been presented. A joyous new month to you.

79. May this new month attract so much accumulated happiness to you as an extension to the coming months.

80. As you set new goals this month, may you receive fresh ideas to bring them to fruition speedily. Happy new month.

81. Hey guy, it’s a new month again, I’m sure you’re excited about what it has for you. This season has a lot of cash to gift you. Stay at home, it’s coming but do ensure you are not daydreaming.

82. Do you want happiness to accompany you this month? I’m happy, credit my account and I will send you some of it. Smile, and have a funny month.

83. Hey wake up, let’s fly together. The flight is ready, fasten your seat belt and journey with me to mars. Happy new month.

84. If I told you that I have billion dollars for you and it’s in mercury the closest planet to the sun, will you follow me? Smiling, I know you like money. Happy new month.

85. Happy new month. It’s a new month because you’re ready to approach things in a new way. New things will happen to you this week.

86. You’re meant to stand out, you’re meant to command influence. Dare to be different this month and you will move to the next levels.

87. Hey, Hi, Hello, what’s up, Guess what! It’s a new month already. Ain’t you excited as I am? Be excited, you’ll get the best from this month.

88. I perceive this month will favor the bold and the stout. It’s time to do big things with boldness.

89. It’s time to bid failure goodbye and make success happen at all costs. Get up and shun failure. Have a failure-free month.

90. While lay hold on the old month when you’re eager to see the new? Let the old go while you stick to the new. Happy new month.

91. May this month be as colorful as the rainbow and be as glittering as the stars of the firmament. Have a bright month.

92. This month will bring plenty of joy like sugar into your life. The sweetness of this month will flow to you. Joy is coming to us, I’m not talking about your girlfriend. Smiles

93. Let the old depart, let the new take its place. New month, new motor, new mind, new money but no new wife.

94. Friend, may you let go of your burdens and begin a fresh chapter of your life in peace and tranquility. Have a peaceful month.

95. It seems time will run faster this month. Do all you have to do very swiftly, time waits for no man. Happy new month.

96. Time changes nothing as many may expect, don’t wait for time, and be deliberate about making changes to things for yourself.

97. Ensure you do your best and leave the rest. Don’t come to kill yourself for me as you’ve always attempted with your hard work.

98. I always love to have you around and I’m sure you made it into this new month with me. Ensure you don’t spoil the show. Smiles, I know you won’t.

99. Hello friend, I pray you’ll have less to do this month so that you could wash my clothes and my plates for me.

100. These messages are meant to be funny, I do expect you to laugh while you read them. A happy new month to you, have fun-filled days and weeks ahead.

101. Hey buddy, may your clothes burn this month as proof of my burning love for you. Happy new month

102. May you be so excited that you’ll consider changing all your documents’ names to mine.

103. Hey guy, take your life more seriously this month. I won’t tolerate you as I have always done. Get serious and work.

104. I know you’re competing with me, but I still choose to reach out to you over text despite my schedule.

105. Hey boy, the trouble you gave me last month was troublesome. Please give me more shots this month.

106. Don’t think I will forget the money you’re owing me all because it’s a new month. Happy new month but don’t forget my old debt

107. It’s annoying sending you this text because I was expecting you’ll send yours first. Happy new month.

108. This month am already aware that you made it. Be confident, this month is your friend. May you find success friendly like never before.

109. Don’t play gamble this month because I have invited the police to arrest you and bring all the cash you made to me. I don’t like gambling but I’m interested in the cool cash. Laughing!

110. Having you around in the month is fun for me. I’m running for the presidency and I need all your savings to rig the election. Trust me to pay you back if I win.


I believed I have made you laugh reading through my wishes. I intentionally did that so that you could lift anyone of your choice and make your lover, loved ones, and family laugh ceaselessly until they give you a launch.

Wouldn’t you like someone you consider important to you to laugh just as you’re currently doing? Oh, I know you would! Okay, do something for me right away and it’s simple! Share with your friends and family and make your social media handles laugh too.

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