80 Powerful Good Morning Inspirational Prayers

good morning inspirational prayers

Looking for powerful good morning inspirational prayers for yourself, friends, and loved ones to command an abounding blessing for the day? No worries! You are definitely in the right place!

Since every day has its own set goals and objectives. Hence, it’s important to engage the new day with a prayer of faith from the heart. James 5:16 said it so well “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

The safest or most reliable course of action is to set the tone for the day with good morning motivating prayers 1 Samuel 2:9c put it just right “for by strength shall no man prevail.” Then prayer sets in and takes its place to make the day productive and worth every effort we put in!

Find below the prevailing new morning inspirational prayers to crown your effort for the day.

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Short Inspirational Prayers

You’ll find below powerful good morning motivating prayers for friends and family. Numbers 1 – 30 are Powerful Short Inspirational Prayers for your family and friends; 31 – 40 are long ones for them.

1. As you step out in grand style today you shall be enriched with powerful ideas and accuracy in everything that you do in Jesus’ mighty name.

2. The insight from the throne of God is made handy for you to make the right decisions in all your transactions today in Jesus’ name.

3. As you commence a new day, may you always be in a favorable place at the right time with the right association to find favor in the sight of everyone you encounter as God leads your step today. Amen.

4. Farther than your strength thought, and ability may God cap and compensate your efforts with great accomplishment in all the things that you do this day and always.

5. Lines fall for you in beautiful territories today as you go about your business, policies are broken for your sake and you enjoy the comfort in all that you do. Your day is blessed in Jesus’ name!

6. The wisdom of the Lord shall be your stability and peace as you go through today. You’ll do exploits in Jesus’ name.

7. You shall not be wanting or lacking any good thing this day. All that you expect for today is made accessible unto you. I pray for you that by the climax of today you shall have confirmations for all you’re trusting God for in Jesus’ name.

8. The light of a new day is a reminder that there’s a possibility for extraordinary things to come true for you and your loved ones. May the hope ignited in you be perfected with greater things for the rest of the day. Amen.

9. As you begin the new day, you’ll continue in peace, and discomfort in any form shall not come near you. Remain above only throughout the day.

10. All your endeavors and goal for the day shall be carried out with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, remarkable speed and divine acceleration are yours in Jesus’ name.

11. I pray for you and the entirety of your household that you will go out in the serenity of mind and return in unity with declarations of a productive day in Jesus’ name.

12. May favorable things find you all through the day as you move in and out by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and operate in the abundant blessing of God.

13. I destroy every inkling of the wicked one looming around you today by the commanding power of Jesus, so that you may have every reason to be thankful to God at the end of the day.

14. Today, the Lord shall make ready a special favor like never before to go before you in the presence of your enemies, and they shall be put to silence forever in Jesus’ name.

15. In Every area you’ve been trusting God to do the miraculous, I command that before the end of today you shall have answers with outstanding success in the name of Jesus.

16. I pray in the name of Jesus that my family shall excel as we go out today, do exploits and bear many fruits to the praise of God in Jesus’ name.

17. As vessels of Your divine grace, we ask You our Lord that we shall prosper today in everything that we do and our business shall generate incredible results in Jesus’ name.

18. Father, as my household goes out today to make ends meet, we shall not encounter any form of difficulty or any form of evil in Jesus’ name.

19. Every form of disaster on our way today is judged by the power of Christ, we abolish them by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name.

20. We live far from any peril and every evil of the day as we go out in peace, and we return in peace of mind in Jesus’ name.

21. I pray against every form of degeneration or retrogression as I journey through today. Forward ever backward never in Jesus’ name.

22. Merciful God, I dedicate my household unto Your Holy hands today, we as go out, and we shall return with a heart full of gratitude for a day adequately spent in joy and happiness in the name of Jesus.

23. Eternal King of Glory, I pray Lord that You will endow us today with an abounding blessing, flourish us today with the song of joy, and let us see Your help in everything that we do today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

24. I pray for you that you will not stumble in everything you do today and you will attain your desired goals in Jesus’ name.

25. Because you are called of God and joint heirs with our Lord Christ, everything that you engage with today is blessed in Jesus’ name.

26. Beautiful things shall be said and heard of you in every place you go today. Good tidings shall be your testimony in Jesus’ name.

27. I command divine direction and miraculous safety over my life and family today, all that we possess is preserved in God’s hands as we journey through the day in Jesus’ mighty name.

28. As we take the beautiful step of favor today we shall meet a destiny helper in Jesus’ unstoppable name. Amen.

29. Every opposer of progress that’s directed to our path today be destroyed and may we encounter divine acceleration in all our dealings in Jesus’ name.

30. Today Lord, may there be a commotion in the camp of our adversaries, let them be confused. May our own journey be smooth and enriched with blessings in Jesus’ name.

31. Father, I bring the entirety of my household under your shelter of safety today. Lord, as we go about our various jobs, we are preserved from every gimmick of the evil one. We shall not experience any form of assault or unrest in any area of our lives. All of these and much more we ask with thanksgiving for today in Jesus’ mighty name.

32. My family is established under Your divine protection of love and care today. Lord, as we go about our businesses, I pray we shall take kingdoms and territories for Your beautiful name. For You, our Lord has granted us authority over everything on earth and whatever we lose on earth is loosed in heaven.

I exact that power of dominion into everything that every one of my family engages with today, we take the position of advantage in the realm of Spirit for every area of our endeavors in Jesus’ name. Amen.

33. I pray for my partners and business associates today Lord God Almighty. Dear Father, I ask that You will go before us all and engineer things on our behalf for our greater good in every aspect of our daily transactions in Jesus’ name.

Dear good Lord put in order every jagged path and neaten every circumstance to favor us so that we can show everyone today that Your divine grace is at work in us and through us in each area of our actions. This I ask with thanksgiving, Lord. Amen.

34. My lovely family is in Your worthy hands, Lord God. Sweet Holy Spirit, as we go out today for our businesses please direct our paths to meet the right company of people You have positioned to help us in our enterprises. Lord, every opposing group of people that will negate or distort Your counsel for us will not cross our paths in Jesus’ name.

Father, we silence every adversary masked as a friend to coax us to do things out of Your loving agenda for us today in Jesus’ name. Today our eyes of understanding are enlightened to discern them and jettison every twist of the evil one on our path this day in Jesus’ name. Lord today our mouth will be full of praises and glory to Your wonderful name. Amen.

35. My home is under Your divine guidance, Lord. As we go out today in search of ends meet, I pray that we will come in contact with every good thing You have prepared for us in Jesus’ name.

According to Your word Lord, You said in Malachi 3:11 KJV “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.” Thank You, Father, for these promises.

36. I pray for all my pals, colleagues, and my dear family God. I ask of You Lord God, that You will prosper their efforts today and for the rest of this year. May Your divine grace teach them how to miraculously make wealth in Jesus’ name. Father, also help their heart to continually hearken unto Your voice as You speak to them in Jesus’ mighty Amen.

37. Lord, help my entire family and friends stay connected to Your leading, and may they understand the direction of Your heart. Help them decipher Your divine will and counsel so that any form of drifting away from Your plan for them will not happen.

At every moment today give bread to the eater and seed to the sower in Jesus’ name. Lord, make Your praise glorious in our lips today. Amen.

38. Satisfy my family with good health today, and always. Lord, make every moment today a testimony to the goodness of who You are to us in perfect health, salvation, grace, an abundance of joy, and peace of mind. Father, by the end of today, may our month be full of testimony of Your abounding blessings in all areas in Jesus’ name. Amen.

39. Every hardship eating deep into the households of my friends and my family, I decree today to mark the end of every struggle in Jesus’ name. I have confidence in You dear Lord that You will make everything end in praise and glory to Your name.

Lord, take special control of our families today and alleviate every form of difficulty and hardship in Jesus’ name. I am persuaded that by the end of today we will all have a piece of favorable news in every area. Amen.

40. The courage to influence our immediate territory and our areas of expertise are conferred on each and every one of my households today and for the rest of the year in Jesus’ name. Lord, make us an instrument of peace to many nations and Kindred so that everyone will come to the everlasting life we carry on the inside of us. Amen.

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Good Morning Inspirational Prayers for Yourself

Numbers 41 – 70 are short but powerful good morning inspirational intercessions for yourself; 71 – 80 are long ones for yourself. They are inspirational prayer quotes to use for yourself as you engage in the new day.

41. Lord, I give all into Your able hands today, that You will take perfect control of my activities and prosper everything with great success in Jesus’ name.

42. As I go out today, I surround myself and everything pertaining to me with the precious blood of Jesus, no tricks of the evil one shall come near my business today in Jesus’ name.

43. I speak into my day by the power of the great I AM, that I am favored beyond my wildest imagination. I shall find favor with God and men in everything I will be engaged with, in Jesus’ most precious name. Amen.

44. I declare that no peril shall befall me today Lord. I remain unstoppable and I live above every force of darkness in Jesus Christ’s name.

45. Every entity of ailment that the enemy has projected to slow me down in my activities today is judged and nullified in Jesus’ name.

46. I work under Your divine guidance today and my efforts shall give birth to accuracy. I will be the beloved of my customers in today’s business I ask this with thanksgiving in Jesus’ name.

47. Father of all grace, I ask that You protect me in Your everlasting care of grace and mercy against every form of the snare of the evil one. I prosper in all I do today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

48. Lord, into Your loving hands I surrender all. Let my enemies this day be put to a very terrible shame. Father, I dwell under Your divine protection today as I step out in Jesus’ name. Amen.

49. Every barrier aimed at my pathway of success today is abolished and there shall be great confusion in the enemy’s camp in Jesus’ name.

50. I obtain the divine enablement for excellence as I step out today. I shall not trade in futility, dear Lord. Everything that I lay my hands on shall profit me on every side in Jesus’ name.

51. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command that everything shall work together for my good and everywhere I turn blessings shall follow me. Amen.

52. Every personality I meet today would heed to my proposals because I have God as my backing, the daylight flourishes to my benefit and there shall be a downpour of divine blessings in Jesus’ name.

53. My confidence is in Christ because He has promised me indisputable victory over my enemies forever. So I declare I am a champion and never a victim to the gimmicks of the devil in Jesus’ mighty name.

54. I give every praise and every word of worship to my God. I proclaim sounds of joy from my heart to the Lord because He will yet do another marvelous thing today as I step out in grand style to engage my activities for the day in Jesus’ name.

55. Extraordinary vitality to stay focused throughout today, this I ask with Thanksgiving, in Jesus’ glorious name. Amen.

56. My heart is available Lord to heed Your divine instructions for the day ahead of me so that I may prosper by them and have all the reason to be more thankful at the end of the day. Amen.

57. In all of my daily dealings and business transaction, Father may I benefit beyond my human strength and not run into failure in Jesus’ mighty name.

58. Father of mercy, I pray that any of the duties I give today Lord, may I be well paid and much more may I always find favor with everyone I meet at the marketplace. Amen.

59. May my efforts and today’s pursuit shall never go unrewarded. Help me to have the best results that will wow everyone around me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

60. Lord, I pray that Your credible and faithful principle You have taught in Your word shall make way for me today to keep me above only in everything You will lead me to do in Jesus’ name.

61. I find grace and mercy to pierce through every difficult terrain. I have more than enough to do beautifully well today in Jesus’ name.

62. Every area of my life receives the very life of God today. I prosper and everyone will reckon to the light in me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

63. That very call that will change my life forever comes in today from the four corners of this world. Kings and important people will seek me out to favor me in Jesus’ name.

64. The chariots of heaven will deliver to me every speed needed to swiftly gain all that the day has to offer me in Jesus’ name.

65. Fresh ideas and innovative solutions to influence the sphere of affairs at my working place are given to me by Jesus unstoppable. Amen.

66. I walk in power and I walk in miraculous blessings as I go out today in Jesus’ name.

67. Movers and shakers shall respect my ideas and honor the grace I carry on the inside in Jesus’ name.

68. Today I shall not be confused about what to do. The divine idea for unstoppable acceleration is given to me this morning and today is blessed in Jesus’ name. Amen.

69. Friends and family will rejoice with me because today I shall encounter an avalanche of blessings like never before in the name of Jesus. Amen.

70. God of divine connection, I pray that You bring my path this day honest folks that’ll honestly impact my growth in every way possible. That I may make significant headway in my business and accomplish the set goal for the day dear Lord. Amen.

71. As I step out today in faith, may I intersect with the destiny helpers that would make the day remarkable for me for a lifetime. I hereby terminate every setback that may deter my divine connection with these helpers of destiny Lord in Jesus’ name. To my request Father, I receive speedy answers in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

72. Father, I pray, that You will lead me into Your abundance of joy today. I shall come in contact with people of stability and strength. My rejoicing will be evident to all and sundry. With perfect peace will the good Lord satisfy me today in Jesus’ matchless name. Amen.

73. Dear Lord, send people of great substance that would bless my efforts and career is all I ask for today I step out in faith. Stretch Your hands of divine connections and connect me with someone that You have divinely positioned to help me in the daily pursuit that I may prosper in every good work in Jesus’ name.

74. As I go about my movements for the day, I declare that my path is blessed. I shall prosper in every way I turn and many shall be blessed by me. I soar effortlessly in every area of my endeavors, now divine access is granted unto me to do exploits beyond the shore of my territories. My coast is enlarged to bring more abundant blessings in Jesus’ name. Amen.

75. Lord Jesus, I ask in Your name, that I am divinely helped to be apt to meet up with every of the job demands I have for today. Lord, You will turn every job pressure into fun for me and my team at work. I deliver with precision that will wow my boss and everyone at my workplace. Amen.

76. I pray Lord today that I shall never be left without help. I receive divine and apostolic help everywhere I turn. People will welcome me with joy in their hearts for me and they’ll love the uniqueness that I carry on the inside to the glory of God the Father. Amen.

77. Today, Lord I pray that I am granted a unique voice where it matters in Jesus’ name. I come with the abundant grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and I take what belongs to me by divine allotments so I prosper in every area of life and I multiply in the favor of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

78. Today, may I uncover every hidden treasure, and may favor find me at my working place. Every eye shall see that I am made for more. Divine acceleration is given me now to do the extraordinary and incredible things that will blow many minds and everyone shall reckon that the Lord has done a great thing in my life today. Amen.

79. In every place, I have been trusting You for a miracle this morning brings me the answers. I fulfilled the purpose and the agenda of God effortlessly in Jesus’ name. My path is made to flourish and blossom beyond my capacity and the Father of light shall perform this by His eternal Spirit. Amen

80. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the divine nature of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit shall be with me as I step out with the courageous faith of the Son of God to do more abundantly in my calling and beyond my imagination today and always in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

81. Lord, I ask for Your unending blessing this beautiful morning for I trust You for a financial breakthrough even before tonight. I know it is You who have brought me this far on all sides, and so I yield to Your instructions, dear heavenly Father.

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  1. Dear Lord, today I know from the bottom of my heart I have received my miracle and I thank You my precious Jesus for never abandoning me nor forsaking me. I love you Jesus, my love. Amen.

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