100 Highly Effective Prayers for My Husband

Prayers for My husband

Almost every married couple wants a peaceful home, filled with love, unity, and understanding. But these virtues are not automatic and a wife, as a partner to her husband, has an important role, especially in the area of prayers. As a wife, have you been wondering, “are there prayers for my husband I need to pray daily?”

The short answer to that question is yes. I assure you that there is not only one effective prayer for a husband that a wife can pray but many prayers that a wife needs to pray daily for her husband. The prayers every wife needs to pray daily ought to address all areas of life.

So many women believe that they should embark on prayer for their husbands once in a while or maybe whenever they remember. Others believe that it is only necessary to pray for their husband when something is not going well or when things are not moving as he expects in his life, ministry, career, business, etc.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Every wife needs to pray daily and at every possible occasion, for her husband. These prayers provide guidance, protection, provision, direction, strength, and stamina. Dear wife, praying for your husband is perhaps your highest calling as his wife.

If I were a wife, I would consider praying any of the prayers every wife needs to pray, divinely inspired right here.

Good Morning Prayers for My Husband

The start of a brand new day is the promise of new opportunities, new blessings, fresh favor, and limitless victories. Everyone desires the fulfillment of all these blessings and for a husband, there is nothing like the heartfelt, early morning prayers, and blessings from his wife. As a wife, I would definitely want to say prayers in the morning.

Sincerely, it is almost impossible to find a spiritually sensitive and truly virtuous wife that will not say, “I always set aside some time to pray good morning prayers for the love of my life every day.”

Prayer makes things happen. Prayer can turn difficult situations around. Prayer can make what is working fine work even better. As the popular Sunday school song goes, prayer is the master key.

Since the husband is the head of the family, when a woman prays for her husband, she is also praying for things to go well in the family as a whole. Take a cue from any of these morning prayers below. It will surely bless his day.

1. Father in the name of Jesus, let my husband be a light to show others the way to you today in the name of Jesus.

2. Lord, let my husband’s speech be seasoned with salt so that he can be a source of inspiration and support to all those around him.

3. Father, I pray that my husband will be spiritually sensitive to you today and that he will be alert in his mind, to hear your voice and receive instructions from the Holy Spirit.

4. Father Lord, please go ahead of my husband today and level every mountain of difficulty and challenges confronting him. Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you make whatever he does to be successful and prosperous.

5. Today will produce its portion of goodness, favor, and mercies for my husband in the mighty name of Jesus.

6. Father in heaven, I pray that as my husband opens his eyes to the brightness of this new day, may his eyes be open to new opportunities, and open doors.

7. Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for new blessings and supernatural favor for my husband today. Lord, bless my husband indeed and he will be a blessing to others.

8. Father, let my husband experience limitless victories and conquer territories today. As he takes steps of faith toward his plans, projects, and goals, let him be able to accomplish them in the name of Jesus.

9. Lord, I command that today, let every confusion clear from my husband’s mind, over every decision he has to make, and every step he has to take in the name of Jesus.

10. Lord, let destiny helpers locate my husband today. Everyone that you have purposed to be a helper of destiny to him, let them remember him and contact him today.

Good Night Prayers for the Love of Life

After work is rest. The nighttime is a time for both rest and restoration. But not only those two spiritual transactions also take place at night – both good and bad, divine and demonic. Knowing this, if I were a wife, I would never neglect those strategic prayers.

A wife once admitted that she rarely used to pray for her husband. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, that put it in her heart to do so. Now, her testimony is, “I am so grateful for the tremendous results because of the good night words of power every night.”

As spiritual warfare goes on in the middle of the night, your night prayers for your husband will take care of the battlefront even when you go to bed and you are all fast asleep. As a wife, I would definitely want to pray one of these prayers.

11. Any evil power working at night in this neighborhood, I nullify your powers in the name of Jesus. You cannot work against my husband and my family.

12. I sanctify my husband, family, and this neighborhood by the blood of Jesus and declare the Presence of God all over us.

13. Father, I pray that your ministering angels will keep watch over my husband tonight in the name of Jesus.

14. Father, as my husband lays down to rest this night, let him wake up strong, hale, and hearty; full of vigor and vitality by tomorrow morning.

15. In the name of Jesus, I declare that no evil of the night will come near my husband and all the members of our household.

16. Lord, as my husband lays down to rest, let him see visions of you in his dreams, open his eyes to see deep mysteries in the spiritual realm.

17. Lord, in his sleep, let him receive guidance and direction, just like Joseph the father of Jesus.

18. Father, I stand and declare that no affliction or attack from the enemy will be able to succeed, against my husband tonight.

19. Lord, I declare that even in my husband’s sleep, he is blessed.

20. Father Lord, grant my husband victories and triumphs in his dreams in Jesus’ name.

Warfare Prayer Points for Husband

We had better believe it and take it seriously – everything that happens in our physical world is determined by the spiritual (the unseen) realm. Spiritual warfare is therefore a crucial part of our existence. Supplications are a wise woman’s way to build her home.

The devil is always out to attack the husband because when things are not going smoothly with the head, the body will be affected. This is why a wife cannot afford to sleep on duty, as her husband’s co-pilot.

It is therefore important for her to regularly engage in spiritual warfare prayers for her husband. Check out the following warfare prayers for your beloved husband.

21. Father, let Your protection be upon my husband everywhere he goes – office, home, malls, etc. in the name of Jesus.

22. Father, help my husband’s eyes not to grow dim spiritually, and his inner ears not to become dull, so that the enemy will not be able to overcome him at moments of weakness.

23. Lord, I pray that every blessing that is due to my husband that has been hanging or delayed, let them be released now in Jesus’ name.

24. I command every trap, craftiness, and plot of the evil one and his cohorts, over my husband to be disappointed in the mighty name of Jesus.

25. I declare the seven-fold restoration of all that the enemy has stolen from my husband in Jesus’ name. I declare the restoration of business opportunities, a promotion at work, spiritual insight, health, and finances.

26. No weapon of the enemy that is formed against my husband shall prosper and every tongue that rises up in judgment, I condemn in the name of Jesus.

27. Every familiar spirit that makes a man repeat the same mistakes as his forefathers, I declare you will not have a hold in my husband’s life in the name of Jesus.

28. Father, help my husband to fulfill his destiny, he will not be a reproach. The enemy will not stop him halfway in the name of Jesus.

29. Father, let your mighty power work in my husband’s life to overcome every obstacle that the enemy has placed or wants to place on his path.

30. Lord, I pray that every moment, at day and at night, Your warring angels are fighting on behalf of my husband to safeguard and protect him.

Prayers for Husband and Wife Relationship

As the days turn into months and the months turn into years, the husband and wife relationship can become problematic or simply boring. Too many things – extended family, children, work, etc. – fight for their attention. This is one more great reason I would have that daily dose of intercession if I were a wife.

Some of those things are merely distractions from the enemy so as to overthrow godly marriages. It is why husband and wife need to be prayerful. Consistent and fervent prayers for the husband and wife relationship help to take care of negative spiritual influences.

For a concerned wife, instead of nagging and complaining, fervent intercession for your relationship can get the job done.

31. Lord, teach my husband and me how to care for each other in all areas of our lives. Please help us to accommodate each other’s weaknesses and celebrate our individual strengths.

32. Grant us supernatural wisdom and insight that will keep our marital life steady and strong.

33. Lord, help us to have a good work-life balance so that our relationship does not suffer.

34. Lord, help him to love me more and more and teach me ways to show him more respect as my husband.

35. Father, I pray that my husband will continually be tender and affectionate towards me.

36. Father, help us to lovingly seek each other in the place of intimacy and on our matrimonial bed. Help us to be patient and considerate with each other.

37. Father, I pray that you will strengthen our marriage every day. Prepare us for any battle ahead and grant us victory.

38. Lord, I pray that no trial or temptation will cause us to separate from each other.

39. Father, let the beauty of Jesus, the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, self-control, etc. – manifest and grow in our lives, day by day.

40. Lord, I pray that You will continue to bless our union. Let our relationship and our home be godly examples to others around us.

Supplications for My Husband’s Protection

Assume I was a wife, my husband’s safety ought to be of paramount concern to me, being the man whom God has ordained as the head of our family.

It is impossible to look after him when he’s far away, but I can pray these prayers and know and believe that by God’s grace and power, he is secure wherever he is.

Even if one were to be beside him, can I actually protect him? It is God that watches over us and takes care of us all. Take time to pray for him now.

41. In the name of Jesus, I stand against any disaster and evil report concerning my husband.

42. Concerning my husband, I reject accidents of any kind – fire, road, air, etc. in the name of Jesus.

43. I declare the protection of the Most High God upon my husband at all times.

44. Father, when enemies rise up in conspiracy against my husband, be his shield and defend him and scatter their plans in the name of Jesus.

45. Father, in the times of temptation and weakness of the flesh, strengthens my husband so that he will not fall.

46. Father, I destroy every curse, evil covenant, and incantation spoken against my husband.

47. Father in the name of Jesus, hide my husband underneath the shadow of your wings.

48. My husband will be kept and preserved in the secret place of the Most High God.

49. Father in the name of Jesus, I scatter and nullify every plan of the enemy to destroy my husband.

50. Father, I pray that the devil will not steal my husband’s joy. He will not weep, he will not mourn and he will not sorrow over anyone dear to him in the name of Jesus.

Intercessions for My Husband’s Financial Success

Money answers all things. Poverty, lack, and want are part of the major reasons for disunity and divorce in families nowadays. So why wouldn’t I say prayers with regard to his finances, if I wanted to be a supportive wife? The bulk of the responsibility for provision in the family naturally lies on the man.

As a caring wife, who understands the weight of that responsibility, supplications for my husband’s financial success are definitely in order.

51. Every financial investment that my husband puts his money into will yield multiple-fold returns in Jesus’ Name.

52. My husband will not invest in any wrong business opportunity.

53. My husband will not invest in the wrong financial investment tool.

54. Lord, I pray that my husband’s finances will keep increasing every day in the name of Jesus.

55. I declare multiple-fold restoration to my husband’s finances, in every way that the enemy has stolen from it.

56. I ask that you receive a jaw-dropping blessing over your finances as you engage people that matter to your business in Jesus’ name.

57. Lord, give my husband the wisdom to handle his financial responsibilities. He will be prudent in budgeting, saving, and spending in Jesus’ name.

58. Father, I declare that all our bills are paid and our needs are met. My husband is able to live up to his financial responsibilities in the name of Jesus.

59. Father, I pray that my husband will be a financier of God’s Kingdom. He will give for missions, outreaches, and evangelism.

60. Father Lord, rebuke every devourer that the enemy wants to use to deplete my husband’s finances.

61. Father, let the right doors of business opportunities be opened for my husband. Let him find favor before nobles and kings in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Messages for My Husband at Work

Any discerning husband knows that the prayer of his wife is worth its weight in gold. Such men are quick to ask for prayer support over their projects, and matters arising at their workplace. But the sensitive wife does not wait for her husband to ask. Why wait to be asked, before saying prayers for the beloved of your heart?

When a man is doing well at work and is productive, these will easily translate to his promotion and higher income, which is why it is good to pray such prayers as we have here.

62. Father, I pray that my husband will excel in his workplace. Lord, give him a quick solution to every difficult assignment at work.

63. Father Lord, give my husband divine ideas and creativity so that he can have outstanding performance in every project given to him at work.

64. Lord, let every promotion that is due to my husband come to him in Jesus’ name.

65. Every boardroom politics standing in the way of my husband’s progress at work, I nullify their decisions in the name of Jesus.

66. My husband’s mind is alert and sound. He will not make costly mistakes, he will not commit blunders as he goes about his duties at work.

67. I declare that the Almighty God is glorified as my husband works with all his heart and men will ask to know and serve his God.

68. The favor of God rests upon my husband and he will find favor before the young and old, high and low.

69. God will establish the works of my husband’s hands.

70. My husband will be a point of reference, for excellence, in his workplace in the name of Jesus.

71. I speak the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of knowledge, and the spirit of understanding into the life of my husband.

Prayers for Healing and Strength for My Husband

With the hustle and bustle of life, our bodies at times, are not in the best of shape and a wife can release God’s divine power by praying a healing prayer for her sick husband. Wellness and healing prayers can do wonders because God is concerned about all-round wholeness – spirit, soul, and body.

Sometimes, it is his spirit man that needs strength. In either case, the prayers for healing and strength for my husband can come to the rescue.

72. Healing is the children’s bread, therefore I declare healing in every diseased part of my husband’s body. Let every root of sickness and affliction dry up now in the name of Jesus.

73. I stand to nullify every doctor’s report that contradicts God’s perfect will of divine health for my husband in the name of Jesus.

74. Father, help my husband to be strengthened with all might in his inner man, to stand strong in you. Let Your grace strengthen him.

75. My husband will enjoy sound health every day of his life in the mighty name of Jesus.

76. My husband is strong and agile in his body, he shall not be afflicted with any of the diseases of the Egyptians.

77. I declare and decree peace, wholeness, soundness, and completeness in my husband’s health.

78. My husband is well and strong. My husband is healthy and wise in the name of Jesus.

79. Any terminal disease waiting for my husband in the future, I terminate you right now in the name of Jesus.

80. Father Lord, grant my husband the strength of mind to confront every battle and challenge he might be faced with.

81. Father, in the name of Jesus, perfect every healing work that you have begun in the life of my husband.

I Want My Husband to Love Me More Prayers

If I were a wife, I would consider prayers as a great tool for oiling the romance engine of our love. I mean, I would want my husband to keep loving me more and more, so I would always pray to God about it. I believe every wife would want that unending expression of love!

Now, let’s be honest. Every married couple knows that love is not just a word, and neither is it just a feeling of butterflies flying around in your tummy. Love, true love, is an action. If you were thinking otherwise before getting into marriage, once you get into it, your eyes will become open to the reality of the extent of sacrifice and selflessness that true love actually demands.

Despite the demands and sacrifice, love remains a beautiful thing and every wife wants to know that her husband’s love for her is growing more and more every day.

This is why, if I were a wife, I would say these prayers for him to love me more every single day of our lives. Nothing trumps the power of prayer. So here is a list you can engage.

82. By the grace of God, I declare that my husband will continue to love me, just as Christ loves the Church unconditionally.

83. Father, I pray that my husband will relate with me according to knowledge. You will help him understand my weaknesses and my strengths.

84. Father Lord, restore my love and affection in my husband’s heart and remove any trace of animosity in his heart.

85. Father Lord, help my husband to love me more and more. Help him to keep falling in love with me with each passing day.

86. Father, give my husband the wisdom to lead me with tenderness and consideration.

87. Lord, I destroy every ungodly soul ties to past relationships that may slowly erode my husband’s love for me. Father, let mutual love and trust continue to grow between my husband and me.

88. Lord, remove ungodly desires in his heart for any strange woman and help him to keep his marital vows sacred.

89. Father, I pray that my husband will always seek you first, even when we have misunderstandings.

90. By your precious Holy Spirit, Father, grant my husband perseverance through temptations. Help him keep your fear in his heart.

90. Lord, remove all traces of bitterness and anger that are slowly taking root in my husband’s heart and starving my love from his heart in Jesus’ name.

Special Birthday Prayers for My Lovely Husband

Dear Wife, it’s true that you pray for your husband every day, but there is one important day when prayers can never go wrong. You guessed right. It’s on his birthday! It is time to pray for great things for the new phase of life.

Remember, birthdays come only once a year! Special birthday prayers are just about the perfect birthday gift from a wife to her husband.

91. Hurray! I can’t keep calm! I can’t keep still! It’s the birthday of the most wonderful, caring, selfless, devoted, and handsome husband in the world. Happy birthday, my world.

92. Hallelujah! The Lord has graciously added another year to your years. God will satisfy you with good things and renew your youth. Happy birthday, my wonderful husband.

93. Happy birthday, sweetheart. My prayer for you is that you will continue to experience God’s blessings and goodness all the days of your life.

94. My sweet darling, it’s your day! Here’s wishing you all the joy, love, laughter, and fun that your heart can contain, now and always. Happy birthday, my love.

95. Happy birthday, honey. You are a year younger today! I celebrate God’s faithfulness, grace, and mercy in your life. Shine brighter than the eastern star!

96. Happy birthday, darling. You know I treasure you deeply and I am glad to see you witness this new season of your life. Grow from glory unto glory, and grace unto grace.

97. Birthdays don’t come empty. They come with goodies, new starts, fresh horizons, and lots more! May you experience all these, my love, on your birthday.

98. Happy birthday to the love of my life – the one who makes me tick. May the Lord grant you all your heart desires in measures beyond your imagination.

99. For he is a jolly good fellow!!! And so say all of us! My darling husband, you have been a blessing to all. Friends and family testify to this. The Lord will continue to strengthen and increase you all the days of your life. Happy birthday!

100. Happy birthday, sweetie. Grow in grace, wisdom, and understanding in this new age of yours.

Now we have it! A wife needs to pray daily for her husband to be successful all-round.

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 Frequently Asked Question

What is the best prayer for a husband?

I pray that you will respect and value me and that you will be committed to our marriage. I pray that you will love me with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength.

I pray that we will have a great time together as husband and wife. I pray that we will always be honest with each other, even when it hurts. I pray that we will be sensitive to our spouse’s needs, wants, and desires. I pray that we will grow old together happily as one flesh in Jesus’ name!

How a wife should pray for her husband?

O Lord, I pray that you would give my husband a deep desire to know and love you. I pray that he would have a passion for your Word and its message of hope for his life.

Give him hunger for holiness, that he may hunger and thirst after righteousness, that he may be pure in heart.

I pray that my husband will have the courage to run from temptation rather than toward it. May he see sin as an enemy, not an option; may he run from it as if his life depended on it.

Lord, I pray that my husband would find joy in knowing you as his Savior and Lord. May his faith in Christ be strong enough to withstand even the strongest temptations of this life.

May he find comfort in knowing that you are always with him – even when he feels alone or forsaken by others; even when no one else understands what he is going through; even when his own parents don’t understand the difficulties of parenting teens; even when he feels like giving up on himself or others around him who need him desperately right now!

I ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

How do you pray for the man you love?

Dear God,

Please let my husband know that he is loved. Please help him to feel that love and believe it. Please help him to see how much we love him. Please help him to know that there is nothing he can do or say that will make us stop loving him.

Help me to be a better wife and mother so that I can give my husband more time and energy to spend with his family. Please help me to be patient with him when he is tired or overwhelmed by work and life in general, but also encourage him to do what needs to be done for the good of our family.

Help me to be a good example of Christ’s love in all my words and actions toward my husband. Help me not to let my anger show through, but instead let my words speak only kindness and encouragement as well as forgiveness when necessary.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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