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180 Best Happy New Month Quotes for Everyone [July 2022]

The beginning of a new month is somehow like a New Year. No matter how bad a month that just ended has been, by the first day of the following month, almost everyone is once more full of expectations, for better things. So, at the start of each month, happy new month quotes and messages are flying all around to our loved ones in that anticipation.

Happy New Year 2022
Happy New Year 2022

Hey! Practically everyone starts a New Year with great enthusiasm, love, and fireworks! We often expect the New Year to be better than the past one. But as the days run into weeks, and many expectations are not met, we can easily get discouraged. Inspiring happy new month quotes can certainly refresh those feelings and hopes that a New Year brings.

Whether your loved ones desire a new car, a new home, promotion at work, business expansion, getting married, welcoming a baby into the family, and so on, let them know you wish them well in the days ahead.

These happy new month quotes beautifully express good wishes and prayers for your friends, lover, and family members. Here goes the list of happy new month quotes, to help keep hope alive in your loved ones.

Happy New Month Quotes for Fiancée

Nothing beats the love of a young man, who is really head over heels in love with his lady. He is eagerly looking forward to the big Day! Guy, let your fiancée know you are thinking of her. When you forward any of these happy new month quotes, she is assured of your love and that her well-being and progress mean a lot.

These happy new month quotes for fiancée will help you to say precisely what you mean and show how much your fiancée’s advancement in life means to you.

Here are fantastic happy new month quotes, as you both look forward to that day of solemnization and a brighter future together.
1. What better way to start the new month than to send you the best and loving wishes? Welcome to a new month, my heartthrob.

2. Happy new month, my love. Let love lead us aright in this new month.

3. Let the days run fast so we can be together and live happily ever after. Thank God for a new month, my darling.

4. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you gladness, laughter, and fun beyond what your heart can contain. Happy new month to you, my queen.

5. Happy new month, my precious love and hearty cheers to glorious days ahead. I can’t wait for us to spend life together. I love you.

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6. To the queen of my heart – boundless joy, exciting adventures, and fruitful endeavors – a month filled with goodness. Happy new month, love.

7. Here’s wishing your beautiful soul a flourishing and exciting new month.

8. May this month drip sweetness like honey for you! Happy new month, honey.

9. Happy new month, darling. May peace fill your heart always!

10. To the love of my life – the one who makes my heart jingle – may God grant you all your heart desires in measures beyond your imagination!

11. My sweetie, you are a blessing to me. May this love flow endlessly until the day of our union and forever. Happy new month, love.

12. Happy new month, sweetie. Grow in grace, wisdom and understanding in this new month.

13. My precious angel, rest in God’s love in this new month and always remember that I love you too.

14. As we count down the days to our big Day, I pray that all your longings will come true. Happy new month, my heart.

15. Wonderful, marvelous, awesome, stunning – that’s just who you are. Enjoy a glorious month, my treasure.

16. Your love tickles me in a way I can’t explain. I can’t wait to tie the knot with you. Happy new month, my love.

17. May our love conquers all, may our faith stand strong, and may our hope bind us in unity. This new month will bring us all these and more, my princess.

Happy New Month Quotes for Him

Love rules the world! Ladies, at the start of a new month, you are lovingly thinking of that special man in your life. It’s normal. But are you wondering what messages to send to him, to spice up the beginning of the month? Here are exciting happy new month quotes to the rescue!

These happy new month quotes for him will show that you really care. So, what are you still waiting for? Send one or more of these lovely happy new month quotes we have here and spread the love.

18. Every moment, every second, every hour of this month, I pray for God’s angels to keep watch over you, my sweet one.

19. Blaze new trails, chart new courses and break new grounds – it’s the dawn of fresh hope. Happy new month, my love.

20. In this new month, I pray that you will be a shining light for the glory of God.

21. Happy new month, my crown prince, with love from me to you.

22. In this new month, God will guide and direct your step every inch of the way.

23. May this month bring you seasons of provision, protection and all-sufficiency, dearie!

24. Wins and successes, triumphs and conquests – they are all yours, my dear, in this new month.

25. My special one here’s sending you light, love and peace for a brand new month.

26. My dear, you are in a class of your own and my respect for you is without measure. I pray that you will have a happy and blessed new month.

27. Prayers for your safety and protection all through this new month and always, my loving dearest.

28. You are always on my mind and as we enter a new month, I pray that our love will wax stronger every day. Happy new month, love.

29. May God grant you supernatural wisdom and insight in this new month!

30. Every day, I see your love for me growing. I am blessed to have you in my life. Welcome to a blessed month, dear.

31. Your tender and affectionate ways make me secure and confident that nothing can change your love for me. Happy new month, king of my heart.

32. You are patient and easy-going, and you love me with all my flaws. Thank you for loving me. I pray that your month will go on in effortless victories.

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33. I pray that God will bless and keep you all the days of this new month.

34. May the LORD make His countenance to shine upon you and beautify you, my darling!

Happy New Month Quotes for Wife

What is a home without a woman? What is a husband without a wife? Show your lovely wife how much you cherish her and how much you appreciate all that she does as a wife. These happy new month quotes are meant to set the right mood in a new month for your lovely wife.

Let her know that as the days go by, she still remains a priority in your life. Let her know that her sacrifices are invaluable to you, just as she is. These happy new month quotes for wife will do just the job.

35. The one who completes my joy, I wish you a glorious and magnificent new month.

36. To the loveliest woman on earth, I welcome you to a blessed and beautiful month.

37. Darling, I pray that in this new month, God will make all that you do to be successful and prosperous.

38. Honey, having you in my life means so much to me. I pray that this new month will produce the best of your desires. I love you.

39. May the LORD satisfy you with every good thing of life and abundant blessings!

40. To the angel that lights up my world – may your hands never go weary, may joy and laughter fill your life in this new month.

41. My darling wife and treasure, I wish you a splendid new month. I love you.

42. To the bone of my bone and the one who keeps me going strong, I wish you a blessed new month,

43. Each day of this new month, may God grant you wisdom like the virtuous woman in everything that you do.

44. You mean the world to me, my darling wifey. Happy new month.

45. My dear, may God wipe away your tears and comfort you on every side, in this new month.

46. Your prayer, your love and your sacrifices – I don’t take them for granted. May God reward you in this new month and always, my love!

47. My love, may you flourish like the palm tree and bloom like a lily, in this new month.

48. May pleasant surprises await you everywhere you turn in this new month, my precious one!

49. My darling, the name of the LORD will be a banner over you in this new month.

50. In this new month, God’s shield and defense will protect you at every point, my love.

51. You are my backbone and support; my life is incomplete without you, my adorable wife. Happy new month, dear.

Happy New Month Quotes for My Husband

Every new month comes with its challenges. As a wife, you want to encourage and support your husband, as the head of the home. These happy new month quotes are perfect as prayers and wishes for your husband. Also, they tell him that you are mindful of his care and leadership as your man.

These happy new month quotes for my husband are meant just for you and your handsome husband. Enjoy the cool happy new month quotes!

52. This new month, I pray that all your desires, hopes and plans will finally manifest and all your dreams will come true. Happy new month, my sweet hubby.

53. This new month, I pray for God to decorate you so much that everyone will want to know your God. Happy new month, my dear.

54. Honey, it’s the break of a new month with new things, new hopes and new dreams. I wish you the greatest experience this month.

55. My support system, I pray that your strength will not fail you. In this new month, may God hold your hands and guide you every step of the way.

56. You are a great source of inspiration, my sweet husband. I pray that you will not be discouraged, and you will not fail or falter in this new month.

57. In this new month, my God will fight your battles, wipe away your tears and show you unfailing mercy. Happy new month, darling.

58. Welcome to the month of greatness. It’s your month of glory, grace and goodness, my honey pie.

59. Have you heard? Your name has been listed in the hall of testifiers for this brand new month! Yes, you, my handsome prince.

60. My dear, as you walk with God in this new month, your eyes will see invisible miracles that will become testimonies for your hands to handle.

61. This new month, as you conceive great and incredible ideas, they will be executed speedily. Darling, welcome to your month of accomplishment.

62. The troublesome mountains and challenges confronting you shall give way in this month. My sweet darling, welcome to a triumphant month.

63. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of this month, my honey pie. Welcome to a month of grace.

64. Open doors, new blessings and all-round favor are what I pray for you, my dear, in this new month.

65. In this new month, I pray your blessings will overflow so much that you will become a blessing to everyone around you.

66. My dearest, in this new month, I pray that faith will fill your heart to pursue all your desires, plans, and projects.

67. This new month, my darling, destiny helpers will connect with you, and remember you for good.

68. Bring down that Goliath, my love. It’s a new month. Start with courage.

Happy New Month Quotes for Dad

Children tend to copy their fathers. Dads are the stuff of legends. But we grow up so fast, and it seems that we forget them so soon. It’s really not so. The pressures of life can be tough! Of course, dads are dear to our hearts.

But we need to let them know that we still love them. Sending thoughtful happy new month quotes to them is one way to show we care.

So, spread the love with these happy new month quotes to dad. Let your dad know that you remember him as the year progresses and you are grateful to have him in your life. Blast on some love to your dad with these happy new month quotes.

69. My prayer for you in this new month – open doors for greater exploits. Happy new month, dad.

70. Dad, I pray that every day of this new month will find you strong, agile and hearty. Happy new month, Dad.

71. May God satisfy you with good things and renew your youth in this new month, Dad.

72. Have a jolly good month, Dad! You rock!

73. May the Lord strengthen and increase you every day of this new month. Happy new month, sir.

74. Happy new month, Dad. May a whole load of testimonies be your reality in this new month!

75. Here’s sending new month blessings and prayers your way, Dad.

76. This new month, I pray that your dreams will be stronger, greater and better.

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77. Dad, may your wisdom, understanding and grace be multiplied in this new month!

78. You may be retired, but you cannot be tired! Welcome to a fulfilling month, Dad.

79. Fresh zeal, fresh dreams, fresh hopes – these all yours, Dad, in this new month.

80. Thank you, Dad, for a good legacy you have given me. I wish you a lovely month ahead.

81. As you enter into this new month, may you experience a new season of life, Dad.

82. From the bottom of heart, I wish you mighty accomplishments in this month, Dad.

83. Warm hugs and kisses for the best Dad in the world. Enjoy a new month!

84. May God grant all your heart desires and even more, in this new month!

85. Dear Dad, I pray that every limitation in your life will be removed and that this month will be better than any you have ever known.

Happy New Month Quotes for Mom

Moms. The hands that rock the cradles. How can we ever forget our moms?! Dads, it’s nothing to be jealous about, but from the moment moms carry the baby in the womb till the child is a full-grown adult, moms never stop nurturing! How can we not send sweet happy new month quotes every new month?!

Should you be clueless about what lovely message to send to mom, we have scribbled some beautiful happy new month quotes for mom to tell her that she means the world to you! Savor these happy new month quotes, specially written for your mom!

86. May this new month bring favor, happiness and fulfillment! Happy new month, mom.

87. My prayer is that you will eat the fruit of your labor and be satisfied. Happy new month, mom.

88. This new month, I pray that nothing will cut short your joy, mom. Welcome to a great month.

89. Regardless of age, this month, your glory will not be silenced, mom. Happy new month.

90. Age is just a number! Enjoy life to its fullest and best in this new month. Welcome to a fun-filled month, mom.

91. May this new month bring all your long-standing desires to manifestation!

92. Outstanding and remarkable miracles will fill your life this new month.

93. For all your sacrifices and support, may this month yield goodness in great and exceeding measures. I love you, mom.

94. Mom, may God bless you richly and lift you to a level beyond your highest desires!

95. To the best mom in the whole world, happy new month.

96. May your life be easier and more beautiful with every passing day of this new month!

97. May the LORD grant you strength in your body and soundness of mind each day!

98. Look up and see God beautifying your life with glory and honor this month.

99. You deserve all the best that life has to offer. Happy new month, sweet mom.

100. Smile into a new month of health, wealth and riches!

101. Dear mom, you are a bundle of care, compassion, and charisma. I wish you a joyous new month.

102. May you glow with God’s benevolent Presence all through this month, mom!

Happy New Month Quotes for Brother

There’s something for everyone in the family! Brothers are not left out. When you were that tiny child in school, remember who defended you? Your brother! That’s right!

So, pour love on your brother now, with happy new month quotes because brothers are our rocks! Send the happy new month quotes for brother and let him feel the love and appreciation from you.

103. Chase your dreams and reach for the stars! Happy new month, my adorable brother.

104. My prayer is that you will experience God’s blessings and goodness all the days of this month.

105. Sparkle brighter than the stars! It’s your month of decoration, bro.

106. Grow from one level of glory to a higher level; move from grace to grace. It’s your time – happy new month, bro!

107. Happy new month to you, my caring brother. I pray that it will yield multiple-fold returns of good for you.

108. May the Lord guide and lead you to the places of divine opportunity. Happy new month, bro.

109. An increase on every level shall be your portion in this new month. Welcome to a new month, my brother.

110. Anywhere you have experienced loss, I pray that God will replenish it in multiple-fold as you enter this new month.

111. My dear brother, this new month, you shall be the head and not the tail.

112. In this month, nothing will destroy all that which you have labored for.

113. As the door of this month opens, let it open into a room full of delights, breakthroughs and awesome opportunities.

114. This month, you will find favor in the sight of great and mighty men.

115. This month, I pray for good health, peace and prosperity for you, my brother.

116. Here’s wishing you all the joy, love, laughter and fun that your heart can contain, every day of this month. Happy new month, my brother.

117. God’s faithfulness, grace and mercy will never depart from your life all through this month.

118. New months don’t come empty. They come loaded with goodies, treats, toasts and lots more! Enjoy all, my darling brother.

119. A toast to new starts, new honors and fresh horizons. Happy new month, my dearest brother.

Happy New Month Quotes for Sister

Sisters are for keeps! Ladies can relate. Even though sisters can be fussy and even annoying at times, hey, it’s often out of love. And we love our sisters all the same!

So, send some love to your sister with any of the happy new month quotes and let the bond keep going strong and vibrant. Here are brilliant happy new month quotes for sister that are just right for you.

120. May the moments be melodious, may the seconds be soothing, may the hours bring happiness, may you find joy all the days of this new month; I love you, sis.

121. Happy new month to a darling sister. Here’s wishing you unending joy, peace and happiness all through the month.

122. Out with the old and in with the new. From my heart to yours! Have a blast in this new month.

123. Happy new month, sis. My prayer for you is that this new month will be far better than all the ones before it.

124. Welcome to a season of joy that is beyond your wildest dreams. Welcome to a lovely month.

125. To a caring and compassionate sister, who is like a mother to me, I say happy new month.

126. Hugs and kisses for a tender, loving sister. Fly high in this new month!

127. Dear sis, I treasure and appreciate you so much. You mean so much that I cannot express in words. I pray that this new month will bring the manifestation of your greatest desires.

128. Dear sis, I wish you a month filled with God’s blessings, fantastic health, peace and abundance of all good things.

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129. As you step into this new month, let love and laughter fill your days. Happy new month, sis.

130. As you enter this new month, I welcome you to a new level of all-round grace.

131. In this new month, I pray that mercy will settle you and establish all your endeavors and your heart desires.

132. Though we are far apart, you are always on my heart. I love you, sis. Happy new month.

133. Who gives you a shoulder to cry on, when a guy breaks your heart? A sister! Irreplaceable, that’s who you are, sis. I wish you a new month that is as fabulous as you!

134. Here is my heartfelt prayer for you – may your way be smooth and gentle all through this new month. Happy new month, sis.

135. May you find comfort amid your troubles, may you find victory at the center of your battles, and may God grant you the strength to overcome whatever life may throw at you. This is your month of overcoming.

136. To a sister, who loves at all times – I pray that all through this month, heaven will shower you with favor and kindness. You are a sweetheart.

Happy New Month Quotes to Friends

Imagine a life without friends to confide in and lean on?! What unexciting life it would be! So, what better way to start the month than to wish your friends and well-wishers all the best, with charming happy new month quotes?

We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. But here are happy new month quotes to friends that will keep the bonds of your friendship strong and vibrant. Enjoy the happy new month quotes for your friends.

137. Hearty cheers to a brand new month! I pray that you find a reason to laugh every single day of the month.

138. Here’s hoping that all that you have been praying for, in this year will come to you in this new month. Welcome to your month of manifestation.

139. Dear friend, I wish you peace, blessings and progress in this new month.

140. May this month bring you nothing but tears of joy, bundles of goodness and messages of great fortune! Happy new month.

141. Enjoy unlimited grace and favor in this new month!

142. This month shall be a month of pleasant surprises and God’s goodness in your life.

143. I pray that this new month will bring countless blessings to you and your family.

144. May you experience unlimited help for every area of your life!

145. An all-round blessing shall be your portion in this glorious new month.

146. May you enjoy goodwill from all people – great and small – in this new month!

147. With confidence in your heart and spring in your steps, believe that this month is going to deliver awesome things to you.

148. Abundant joy and peace are my wishes for you always. Happy new month.

149. All your stagnant plans will come back to life and attain speedy execution in this new month.

150. All through this month, I pray that every day will be comforting, blessed, beautiful and peaceful. Happy new month, my dear friend.

151. Cheers to life and living it to the fullest! Enjoy this fresh month like no other. Happy new month!

152. This glorious month is an opportunity to start afresh with zeal and hope. I pray for unimaginable opportunities for you this new month.

153. Riches, wealth and health will run to your doorstep in this new month. Welcome to your month of glory!

Happy New Month Quotes for Colleagues

Work is a great part of our lives. And so is everyone, who is a part of our daily work experience. Our work defines our contributions to society but first, we influence those we are privileged to work with.

Why not motivate your colleagues and associates with any of these happy new month quotes?
With any of these happy new month quotes for colleagues, let your co-workers know that you appreciate them and wish them success in their endeavors.

154. This new month, I pray that you will experience joy, peace, success and progress. Happy new month.

155. This month may sorrow, disasters and disappointments be far from you and your family! Happy new month, pal.

156. May speed and completion accompany all your plans and endeavors in this new month!

157. May you attain higher heights and greater grounds in this new month! Amen.

158. My heartfelt wishes for you in this new month are that God will grant your heart desires and give you peace of mind.

159. May all your wishes come true in this new month; welcome to greatness!

160. Take a leap of faith, go easy, go smoothly – it’s a new tide. Happy new month.

161. Here’s wishing you the best of luck and resounding prosperity in this new month.

162. This new month, may you enjoy God’s blessings and favor like never before.

163. No matter the storms and challenges that this month may bring, I pray that your heart will be filled with peace from above. Have a peaceful and victorious month.

164. May destiny helpers find their ways to your doorstep in this new month!

165. May heaven smile on you in compassion and may God shower you with His overwhelming mercy in this new month. Happy new month.

166. In this new month, I pray that you will always have something to be glad and rejoice about.

167. May you and your family never experience any sorrow and unpleasant surprises in this new month!

168. This is just to wish you a lovely, wonderful and spectacular month ahead.

169. It’s a joy to see a new month! Here’s wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling month ahead.

Happy New Month Quotes for Status

There’s still more! Here are some amazing happy new month quotes for just anyone you care about – neighbors, well-wishers, etc. Show them some love when you send them any of these happy new month quotes for status.

170. Reawaken your aspirations! Don’t let past disappointments hold you back. Enjoy a brilliant new month.

171. Go for your goals, stretch yourself – see yourself winning. It’s a month of grace.

172. The world is waiting for you! Run! Achieve greatness in this new month.

173. May your month be filled with laughter, bliss and blessings!

174. Don’t remember your former failures! The tide is turning for good in this new month.

175. God is going to rewrite your story in this new month. Get ready for it!

176. A body free from sickness, a mind free from worries and a spirit free from burdens – these are my wishes for you in this new month.

177. All-round achievements and unending delights to you and yours all through this month.

178. Overflowing grace will be your portion in this new month and beyond.

179. A month filled with new horizons, new adventures and new beginnings, just for you!

180. This month, may you experience supernatural strength for exploits and remarkable achievements!

181. In this new month, I pray that creation will be kind to you and you will be happy and blessed.

And that’s it! 180+ Happy New Month Quotes and Wishes for Everyone – your family, friends, loved ones, and well-wishers – to wish them happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in the new month. Happy new month, everyone! Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this post with others. Remember sharing is caring.

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