80 May God Bless Your Marriage Quotes and Prayers

May God Bless Your Marriage Quotes

You might be thinking of the choicest may God bless your marriage quotes to send a married couple, newlyweds, or soon-to-be-married couple that you care so much about wishing the function a grand success as well as the life after the occasion. Then you need not worry, I believe your search ends here.

Here’s the good news, our collection of quotes will not only help you to convey your wishes for the married couple but more importantly, help you express your heartfelt prayer for God’s blessings to your favorite couple.

You can only imagine the joy and satisfaction you’ll bring to the couple when these wishes pop up on their phones. Look not a little further. Just pick one, or two, a trial would convince.

May Your Love Grow Stronger Quotes

May your love grow stronger quotes are sent as quotes about love growing stronger between couples. These let love grow quotes are all a way to say ‘may your love last forever‘ to couples. Let the love spread as you share from this list below.

1. May God bless your marriage with steadfast love and may your hearts beat for another forever. Wishing you love and happiness.

2. May nothing come between your beautiful love story. And may your love grow like the cedar tree of Lebanon.

3. May your love grow with a lot of happiness and joy for eternity to show it to one another. Wishing you all the happiness.

4. God bless your marriage with warmth and deeper affection. May God bless you both with happiness.

5. As you are feeling the peace of finding each other, may your love continue to grow deeper. Wish you a life full of happiness and success.

6. May you be able to take this feeling of affection to the end of the earth, give your all and never get weary of loving each other more and more.

7. May God bless your marriage with wisdom and may you be able to trade anything to grow your precious love.

8. Wishing you a life full of happiness. Find grace to always reign together as king and queen. God bless you and your soulmate.

9. Patient and kindness are an ingredient for making a marriage work. May God bless you with a lot of patience and kindness.

10. Tender love and affection will not be found wanting in your marriage. Wish you a life full of happiness and success. God bless your marriage.

11. May you never be weary of the endless possibilities love brings to you for growth on a daily basis.

12. Courage to love with an open heart is the ground for endless adventures. Keep loving up!

13. May you continue to fall in love with each other forever and always. God bless you two.

14. Love blooms bright where there is the oneness of purpose. May your dreams come true together.

15. Perfect love cast out fear. Thrust your marriage completely in God’s eternal love and you’ll be just fine.

16. Let the gift of unconditional love influence the space of your marriage and may God bless your marriage with incredible blessings.

17. When the seemly unfavorable time comes may your love for another be a refuge from storms.

18. May your love grow ever stronger and may your coming years be filled with joy unlimited. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

19. May your desire to grow old together and find adventure each day be fulfilled. God bless you two forever.

20. May your wonderful union be blessed with an increase in love and oneness of heart. And may your love for one another will grow beyond what you can ever imagine.

21. May every day come with undeniable possibilities for growth in your marriage with your soulmate.

22. As love has united you two, may the same love makes abundant room for your love to grow higher for one another.

23. May your love fly higher above doubts and everything that wants to pull your marriage down. Grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

24. God bless your marriage and supply inner strength to you and your soulmate for a sweeter love experience.

25. May your companionship grow deeper each day of your life together. Congratulations to the newest couple!

26. Your love will flourish brighter each day and may God bless your union forever and always.

27. I pray your love for one another grows stronger than you can ever dream possible.

28. May your tale of a romantic story burn deeper and brighter for others to learn from. Cheers to a good lifestyle.

29. May the adventure of love drive you both to know each other better.

30. May you always have special grace for love to strive well between you and your soulmate.

May God Bless Your Marriage Quotes for friends and family

All that you intend to say to the couple is contained in these thoughts of wishing them a lifetime of happiness and blessings.

Why not pick from this extensive list of wishes for marriage blessing quotes to say happy married life to your friends and family?

31. May you continue to bear lovely offspring because children are the heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Wishing you God’s best.

32. God bless your marriage with lots of sweet love and affection for each other forever and always.

33. God bless your marriage with unlimited grace and favor. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and a love that grows stronger with each passing day.

34. May your marriage shine brighter each day for as long as you both lives. Cheers to an endless stream of blessings.

35. God bless your union and decorate your home with happiness as you share love together.

36. As you have found love with each other may God bless you with inspiration to spice your marriage as each comes.

37. I pray the Lord bless your matrimony with a bond that’ll last forever and happily ever after.

38. May the Lord bless your days with happiness, more occasions to celebrate love, and a lifetime of joy.

39. May you continue to hold fast to the remembrance of the day God pronounced His eternal blessing of marriage on both of you. Cheers to the lasting joy of marriage.

40. May God make your marriage always a happy place for you. Nothing will take your place in your partner’s heart.

41. God’s blessings to the happy couple. Your marriage will be filled with joy and happiness.

42. May your affection and love grow stronger from this day forward. God bless your family.

43. God bless your marriage with a great tale of romance that is stronger than everything we have witnessed under the sun.

44. Abundance of blessings is coming your way like an avalanche get prepared for the harvest of God’s blessings for your marriage.

45. In Jesus’ name, you will continue to celebrate your togetherness, and may your romance burn deeply.

46. May your one desire in God be love and may your hearts long for each with sincere love. Blessings!

47. May our heavenly Father shower His choicest blessing of marriage on you and your soulmate.

48. May God bless you with a testimony of hearts uniting as one from today onward. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

49. I pray God to bless your marriage with the brightest gift of unity and purpose. Cheers to a great family.

50. As the whole world loves a great love story, may the Lord make your marriage a love story that will have a great impact on the world around you.

Marriage Blessing Wishes for Unity Quotes

Marriage blessing wishes for unity quotes will show the couple how important their unity is to you. Select from this interesting list and set unity alive in their homes.

51. The strongest anchor for marriage is unity even in the midst of the diversity of ideas and dreams. May God bless your marriage with unity and strength.

52. May God bless you two with a stronger bond of unity in your marriage covenant. I wish you a lasting celebration of love.

53. May nothing be able to come between you two and may God bless your marriage with the ability to be united in the face of life’s challenges. Wishing you the blessings of unity.

54. I pray for unbroken intimacy, unity of purpose, honesty, and forgiveness to be the driving force in your marriage. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and oneness of heart.

55. Your marriage will go to higher levels of unity – love, spirituality, and with a tale of romance. Blessings and warmest wishes.

56. May you continually be pleasing to one another and God will bless your marriage with unending love for your soul mate.

57. May God bless the two of you on your journey of love and unity. God’s blessings are with you.

58. May you find the inner strength to walk together in happy ways of love. You are blessed with the oneness of heart. Best wishes to the beautiful family.

59. God bless your marriage with great fortitude, courage in adversity, and unity of purpose. My heartfelt wedding wishes to you both.

60. May you and your soulmate wield the power to stay strong for one another in deeper love and affection.

61. May God bless you two with a lifetime full of joy, happiness, and staying power of unity. I wish you both happiness forever.

62. What God has joined together nothing can separate. May you continue to fall in love with the same person over and over again.

63. May the two of you always find grace to keep yourselves united in the spirit, soul, and body. God bless your marriage, dear couple. Wishing you a happy and blessed marriage.

64. May God bless your marriage with a bond of affection and spiritual intimacy. And most importantly, May you always find intimacy with God first.

65. Nothing whatsoever under heaven will be able to prevent you two from entering into a deeper intimate relationship with one another. Happy memories are your lot.

66. Dear God, bless this wonderful couple with faith and strength to have a lifelong unity of heart. Wishing you all the blessings in life.

67. May you find daily grace to bear with one another’s weaknesses and grow up in the unity of faith.

68. Dear Lord, grant our beautiful couple grace to forgive one another’s faults and let unity have a free flow in their home. God bless you two.

69. Never stop placing the well-being of your partner ahead of yours. Wishing you more blessings in your marriage.

70. May God bless your marriage with trust that cannot be broken. Wishing you a lifetime celebration of unity and love.

71. May your union be graced with bliss, peace, joy, and happiness forever. God bless your marriage on all sides. Congratulations.

72. May your marriage be blessed with love and happiness, and may every year be better than the last. You are two wonderful people who deserve all the happiness in the world. May you live happily ever after.

73. Marriage is a very special bond between two souls, who are ready to face each other for the rest of their lives, until the end of time. Marriage is not about finding someone you can live with…it’s finding someone you can’t live without. So let’s celebrate this beautiful moment together.

74. I wish you both a happy marriage full of love, laughter, and joy. May God bless your married life together with peace and prosperity in abundance. May God help you keep your love alive forever.

75. Marriage is a journey. It’s an adventure. And it’s a union of two people who love each other.

76. A successful marriage requires falling in love again and again, always with the same person.

77. Marriage is like life insurance: You pay your premiums every day and hope you never have to file a claim.

78. A marriage is a coming together of two personalities to produce a third, a new entity, and is the union of two good forgivers.

79. Marriage is a communion of minds, but also of souls, for it joins two hearts and two lives in one sacred union.

80. Marriage means commitment and sacrifice, but it also means love and affection. It’s an unspoken contract between two people that says “I will give you all I can, and in return, I only ask that you love me back.

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