How to Pray For Something Specific [11 Highly Effective Tips]

How to Pray For Something Specific 2

The subject of prayer is very broad, of which most people who engage in the act know it to be a platform for request. Certainly! That’s one of the benefits of prayer amidst many others, but it’s also of great significance to know how to make these requests. I believe you understand what I’m saying. In the body of Christ today, a lot of persons pray but little get their desired result, which shouldn’t be the case.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to pray for something specific and get the result you want. I’m sure you’ve also prayed for many things and at most, you only got some needs met. This will always happen if you don’t know how to pray for what you desire.

In the scriptures, Jesus taught His disciples how to pray aright. Without the knowledge of knowing how to pray aright, you’ll not experience the blissfulness of praying.

Prayers For Specific Needs

Prayers For Specific Needs

Praying translates from being just an act to a lifestyle when proper understanding is in place. A crucial thing you must therefore understand is how to pray for specific things. This understanding will propel you to pray, and as your prayers pay off, you’ll soon have prayer as a lifestyle. Even the scripture makes it clear that you should ask specifically

Where in the Bible does it say to pray specifically? In the gospel of Matthew 20:29-34, we see the story of two blind men praying the prayer of mercy. Surprisingly, when their importunity got Jesus’ attention, He asked them what they wanted specifically. This justifies that you can pray prayers for specific needs. It’s a waste of time to pray vaguely. That’s why you’ll be learning how to pray for something specific because it’s the right thing to do. Follow me!

Identify Your Needs: In learning how to pray for something specific, the first thing to get settled is to identify your needs. As earlier said, it’s time wastage to pray without direction.

Therefore, identifying your needs will help you to pray effectively. This is a crucial step because it’ll simplify your praying. When you approach God in prayers, the identified needs are what He’ll pay attention to.

Think about this, you’ll never approach a police station if you don’t need their assistance. That’s how it is also with God. That’s why the bible says, “… supply your needs, according to His riches in glory”.

The needs there are the ones you’ve identified. One of many examples of specific prayers in the bible is that of Jesus at Gethsemane. He was specific. He wanted to know if God had another plan apart from the cross, and he got his answer. It was a no. Imagine if he was praying vaguely.

Search Through Scriptures: The scriptures play a major role in getting answers to your prayers. When you know how to pray for something specific, you’ll take the bible seriously.

After identifying your needs, the next thing to do is to search through scriptures. Do you want to pray prayers for specific needs? This is how to go about it. The scripture has all of God’s promises for you, and if you don’t know these promises, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

For instance, when you want to pray prayers for urgent need of money, you’ll then move to the scriptures to see what God has said concerning your need for money. This is tasking but it’s worth it, and you can’t miss this step.

Now, in your search for God’s word concerning your need for money, you’ll come across scriptures like second Corinthians 8:9, Deuteronomy 8:18 many more. The knowledge of these scriptures will help in your prayers. They’ll give you the boldness to ask and sponsor faith in your heart.

Have faith: Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Faith, therefore, works with a specific need. Building your faith is the third thing you must do when you want to practice this truth on how to pray for something specific. Approaching God in prayers without faith is a joke. The bible says without faith, it’s impossible to please God. Without faith, it’s impossible to receive from God also.

Faith with the knowledge you’ve gained from the scriptures will help you to receive from God. In the previous instance, when you see what God’s word says about your need for money, then you’ll build your faith in the word via affirmation and meditation, among other actions you’ll take in faith.

It’s also important to know that faith doesn’t end with believing. Faith without work is dead. This work refers to the actions you’ll take concerning your faith in God’s word.

Pray Persistently: In today’s world, praying persistently has become a lost act. To get anything from God, persistence is needed. This is not because he’s not listening, it’s rather because Jesus commanded it.

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus said, ask and keep asking because that’s the way to receive. Therefore, praying persistently is how to pray for something specific.

When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, he cautioned them on making vain repetitions. These vain repetitions were attributed to the heathen. The case is different when you become God’s child.

As far you’ve seen it in God’s word, you can persistently pray and ask for it. I’ll end our instance this way; after you’ve seen God’s stand concerning your need for money, and you’ve taken steps in faith, praying persistently remains the next thing to do. These prayers will cause men to favor you, and bring clients to buy from you.

Scriptures on How to Pray for Something Specific

Scriptures on How to Pray for Something Specific

The need for the scriptures can’t be overemphasized. Without it, we’ll be Christians without knowledge and this will mean doom for every Christian out there. The bible also said all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

Most importantly, the scripture helps us to relate to God. It’s God’s word, and with it, you can build a relationship with him, and make a request from him. Without proper knowledge of the scriptures, you will not know God’s ability. Here, I’ll teach you how to locate scriptures on how to pray for something specific and appropriate them to bring your desired results.

Is it OK to pray for something you want? Trust me, it is. How do I know? It’s all in the pages of the scriptures! It’s there everywhere. Even Cain prayed. Therefore, it’s wise to learn how to pray for something specific by knowing how to locate the scriptures that express God’s ability in meeting that need. You don’t want to waste any more time.

Study His Word: Research had made it clear that you gain mastery when you study. Studying God’s word is the first step you have to take to gain mastery in locating appropriate scriptures that gives you information concerning your prayer point.

Ever been in Church and you hear the pastor quote a verse of scripture and say a word of prayer from that verse? That’s appropriating the scriptures, but this never happens if you’re not studious with God’s word. To be able to locate scriptures that’ll help you to learn how to pray for something specific, a study is essential.

To study God’s word effectively, you need time. You’ve got to put in so much time because there’s so much to know about His promises for your life. Make up your mind to be a student of God’s word and this will definitely help in your prayers. You’ll always have God’s word concerning any specific prayers you offer, and this will grant you quick results, always.

Meditate on His Word: The act of meditation is a lost art in today’s Church. Studying gives you the awareness of the abilities of God. Studying God’s word brings information to your conscious mind and meditation drives it into your subconscious mind.

The benefit of meditation is that it gets you to experience quickly that which you have come to know. This act will help you appropriate the scriptures thereby helping you learn how to pray for something specific.

This also takes much time but the dividends are a guarantee. How do you meditate? It’s in saying the word of God you’ve found over and over again to yourself. Ponder until that ability becomes a reality in your mind. Try meditating on scripture that talks about your healing, if you’re sick. It won’t take long before you see the scripture working in your life.

How to Pray for Something You Really Want

How to Pray for Something You Really Want

Jesus said, whatever things you desire when you pray believe that you’ve received them and you’ll have them. The subject of praying for what you desire has a principle to bringing results when you really pray.

To know how to pray for something you really want you must read the principles I shared below. How do you start a prayer? Good question. You need to know how to start a prayer, the preparations involved before you start because you need the results of whatever it is you’re praying for. You start prayer by preparation. Yes! Preparation.

Imagine barging into the presence of the Queen of England to make a request. Firstly, the request won’t be honored, and you may be thrown out. Hence you need to have prepared yourself, before going there. You’ll also learn how to pray for something specific in God’s presence in this article.

Prepare To Pray: Sounds weird? Of ‘cos you need to prepare to pray. Prayer, as I said earlier is a dialogue between man and God. You don’t want to start a conversation with God and get hindered because of the environment where you’re having the conversation or because of some internal issues that are yet to be dealt with.

Jesus, when teaching the Lord’s Prayer said, forgive us our sins as we forgive those that sinned against us. Without dealing with an issue like unforgiveness, there’ll be no dialogue.

Before praying, prepare the place, your heart and make sure there’ll be no internal or external factors that may hinder your request from God. This is why people often seclude themselves when they want to get serious with God. Late Kenneth Hagin will always go to the church to pray to avoid disturbances. Preparing to pray is essential to know how to pray for something specific.

Avoid Distractions: When you get alone with God to make your request, be careful of distractions that can come as doubts, unsettled bills, or even family issues of concern. When you want to receive from God, you do that in your heart, and that’s called faith. Therefore, avoiding any distractions that’ll cause you to miss such should be avoided.

Stay calm, avoid issues that’ll tamper with the serenity in your heart. Little wonder why the bible advised that you keep your heart with all diligence. To avoid distraction is next on how to pray for something specific.

Have It: Having what you’ve received is the final step on how to pray for something specific. How do you have what you receive? You have by making moves in the direction of what you’ve received.

If you prayed for the healing of your body, and you prayed enough to receive the healing in your heart. Your faith has been built up and you believe God’s word for your healing. The next thing is to take action in the direction of what you believe. Henceforth, you’ll stop saying negative words, rather, you’ll confess your healing.

Miraculous Prayer For Urgent Need

Miraculous Prayer For Urgent Need

A man of God once said that miracles are strange acts of God provoked by the desperate faith of men. Miracles are possible and I believe in them. I’m sure you believe in it also, if not you shouldn’t be reading this. So how do you pray a miraculous prayer for urgent need? Two simple ways, and I’ll be showing shortly.

Is it OK to pray for something you want? It’s more than okay. Even if it’s a miracle you need, you’ve got to be specific and ask. Let’s see how to pray for something specific.

Get His Presence: God’s presence commands anything and everything to be. Getting his presence through intense worship, and thanksgiving will grant you any miracle you desire. Divers’ testimonies have been heard. A. A. Allen was a man who performed divers miracles. To follow this article on how to pray for something specific, especially the desired miracle, you’ve got to get his presence.

This is the most crucial point. If you get it here, the second step will be easy and you’ll get your desired miracle.

Pray Until Something Happens: The second step in praying a miraculous prayer for urgent need is to pray consistently and unceasingly until your miracle shows up. The early church prayed unceasingly when Peter was arrested, and he was miraculously rescued by an angel. With these tips, you’ll gain mastery and teach others how to pray for something specific and get results.

In conclusion, the tips shared above on how to pray for something specific will bless you if you can actively practice them. Don’t leave any stone unturned, pray specifically and always get results. If this article has blessed you, share it with your family, colleagues, and friends.

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