In Love but Relationship Not Working: [7 Simplified Answers]

In love but relationship not working

Are you still in love but relationship not working?  From this point, it is important to note that every time you take decisions in your love life, what worked for you in past won’t be enough now.

The feeling when you are in love is the best no doubt. You are always happy and full of joy. But somewhere down the line, things started to change or it may be that they were never the same

Let’s be real, love is amazing and when you are first in love, everything seems pretty awesome. Your life is a dream and you would do anything for your significant other. But then something changes.

The magic fades and it feels like you are just going through the motions as you have fallen into a comfortable routine that makes no sense.

We all know this feeling, right? It’s a terrible feeling to experience it and even worse when you’re with someone who loves you more than anything, but the relationship is just not working out.

Every time I hear it in a conversation, my heart sinks a little more, because I know that the person will likely experience many more difficulties in their life if the relationship goes south.

These tips will be different for every couple and situations may vary, but here are a few things everyone should agree upon.

In Love But Relationship Not Working (Explained)

If you’re in a relationship but the two of you just can’t seem to get things right, it may be time for some self-reflection. What are your expectations? How do you want to be treated? What do you need from your partner?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when deciding if your relationship is working for you. If something is missing in your relationship that you know will make it better, try talking to your partner about it.

If they’re willing and if they care about your happiness as much as they say they do they’ll try their best to make those changes happen.

If they don’t seem willing, or if they refuse to work on improving things together, then maybe it’s time to consider ending things.

If this sounds like something that might be right up your alley, check out how to tell if a relationship is worth saving in this article.

What to Do if Your Relationship is not Working

If you are asking what to do if your relationship is not working, here are some things you can do:

1. Talk about it and be honest

If something is bothering you about your partner or the relationship, bring it up. Don’t just stew over it or let the resentment build up inside of you.

This is because that’s not good for anyone involved and can lead to bigger problems down the road if left unchecked.

Be Honest with yourself and with him or her about what you want out of this relationship and why that is important to you at this stage in your life (and theirs).

This will help guide both of your decisions going forward as well as allow each of you to reflect on what this person means to you and where they fit into your life right now.

2. Get professional help

If talking about your feelings doesn’t seem like enough help, consider seeing a therapist or counselor who specializes in relationship issues.

This person can give you advice on how to deal with your problems and offer suggestions for improving your relationship if possible

3. Take time apart if necessary and be responsible

Take space for each other even if it means breaking up temporarily or indefinitely if that’s what makes sense for both of you right now (and is best for both parties involved). Take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being.

This is will lead us to the other thing I think you would like to consider.

Signs You Are Begging for Love

If you are begging for love, it is because something is lacking in your relationship. You may be trying to fill a void with your partner that only you can fill for yourself.

At this point, it might be safe to say you are in love but your relationship is not working.

It is important to recognize these signs you are begging for love and learn what they mean to prevent further damage to your relationship. We will discuss some of them here:

4. You are always in a rush to get things done

When you are rushing, it means that you don’t value the time spent with your partner as much as they deserve. This can lead to resentment and arguments between the two of you.

This resentment only serves to distance you from each other even more and make both of you feel worse about yourselves and your relationship overall.

5. Your feelings aren’t mutual

If your partner doesn’t seem interested in spending time together or doing anything fun together, or if they seem distant or uninterested in what’s going on in your life, then this could be another sign that they don’t care as much about the relationship as you do.

If this happens frequently enough, it will eventually become apparent that there is nothing left there for either of you anymore in the relationship.

6. Believe that your partner will change

You believe that if only your partner would change or do things differently, then everything would be okay again.

This thought makes you trust that everything would work out well between the two of you again. You keep coming up with excuses to avoid talking about the issues in your relationship.

You don’t want to let go of the relationship because it’s familiar and comfortable even though it doesn’t make you happy or fulfilled.

7. Comfortable in a relationship but have no mutual love

It’s hard to admit, but it’s true for many of us. We are comfortable in a relationship but have no mutual love. We get along well, and we’ve learned how to make compromises.

The magic has gone out of the relationship and we don’t feel that special spark anymore. We’re just comfortable.

How to Tell if a Relationship is not Working

If you feel like you’re always fighting or just not getting along, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate what’s happening. Here is how to tell if a relationship is not working:

1. You’re always fighting with each other over little things like money or scheduling time together.

2. You get mad at each other for little reasons, like when one of you wears something and the other doesn’t like it.

3. There’s no passion anymore between you and your partner – everything has become routine and boring between the two of you.

4. You feel bored, lonely, or unsatisfied in the relationship.

How to End a Relationship that is not Going Anywhere

Ending a relationship you know is not working out can be painful. I remember leaving a long-term relationship in my 20s that I knew was not going anywhere.

It was very difficult for me to do, but looking back now it turned out to be the right thing to do.

I never regretted my decision, and have tried to apply those lessons when faced with similar decisions in my life since then.

How do you end a relationship that is not going anywhere? Sometimes, you just can’t force a relationship to work. The best thing that you can do in those instances is to move on.

It’s time to end your relationship if it is not going anywhere. Learn how to end a relationship that is not going anywhere with this guide.

Step 1

Talk to your partner about how you feel. Explain why you don’t think the relationship is working for you anymore and what needs to change for it to feel right between the two of you.

Step 2

Listen carefully for any signs that your partner feels the same way about the relationship as well as any signs that he or she doesn’t want things to end just yet.

Step 3

Be clear about what led to this decision

Step 4

Set a date when both of you will no longer see each other romantically but will remain friends, if possible. Plan this date at least one month from now so that both of you have time to adjust emotionally before making any big decisions regarding your future together.

Step 5

Do something symbolic during this month that represents your new status as friends instead of lovers or spouses such as getting rid of one another’s photos or exchanging wedding rings for friendship rings, so that both of you can begin this new phase in your lives.

When to Call it Quits in a Relationship?

Deciding when to call it quits in a relationship can be difficult. Some signs can help determine whether or not it is worth it to fight for a relationship where you are in love but the relationship is not working.

1. You feel like there’s nothing left to talk about with your partner because everything has been said already – several times over and nothing has changed.

2. The absence of compatibility in any relationship is a sign that it may be time to move on.

3. You don’t trust each other anymore. Trust is as essential in a relationship as love itself because without it there’s no foundation for anything else in your life.

If you feel like you cannot trust your partner or they have broken that trust by doing something hurtful or deceitful, then there isn’t much hope left.


Can you love someone but not the relationship?

The answer is yes. You can love someone but still be unhappy in your relationship.

What do you do when a relationship isn’t working?

If you’re feeling stuck in a relationship that isn’t working, try these tips for moving forward:

1. Take inventory of your situation: Sit down with your partner (if you’re in a relationship) and take an honest look at what’s not working in the relationship.

2. Do some self-reflection: Take some time alone and ask yourself what you’re getting out of being in this relationship and whether or not those needs can be met elsewhere or if they’re unfulfillable by anyone else.

3. Ask yourself what you want out of life right now and long term: Are you happy right now? Why or why not? What do you want from life right now? What do you want long-term?

Can you be in love but still unhappy?

Yes, it is possible to be in love with someone and still be unhappy in the relationship.

Being in love can sometimes make you more unhappy than you were before, because of the expectations that come with it.

Why is this?
It’s because we all have different ideas of what love should be like, and when these ideals clash, they can cause real problems in our relationships.

This is something that psychologist Robert Sternberg calls “love disappointment.”

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