150 New Month Prayer Messages for Loved Ones (July 2023)

New Month Prayer Messages

New month prayer messages are a great way to begin a new season whether for yourself, a family member, a friend, a relative, or even a colleague.

A new month is another interesting phase of our lives and we need to celebrate it and not just celebrate the season, it is okay to wish one another good, speak positively into the new month and be of encouragement to one another.

It is also important that the people in our lives who we care about feel this care, and we can make this possible by sending them highly effective messages.

There is no better way to begin the new month other than forwarding lovely wishes to our loved ones either by SMS or social media platforms, to let them know that we still do care, love, and remember them truly.

New Month Declarations for Yourself

It is no news that what you say to yourself has a way of finding a place in your life whether said negatively or positively. We have composed a shortlist of new month declarations for you, just because you deserve to be honored and treated like the king/ queen that you are.

1. In this new month, I will be breaking forth on every side. Even in hard times I will experience ease and have many reasons to be thankful.

2.  As I have entered this new month, I begin to enter into all the plans and privileges that God has in store for me. I will emerge a winner at all times.

3.  I will never walk alone because the Lord will be my guide. I will be divinely guided into places of abundance and breakthroughs. It’s a happy new month for me.

4.  May all things be turned into testimonies for my good and that of my family. In this new month, I will know no shame.

5. The Lord is my provider; therefore, I will not lack but enjoy the prosperity and riches of this season. God is bringing me into abundance. It’s a new month for me.

6. I will enjoy health and vitality all through the days of this new month. I will be free from sickness and diseases this month.

7. This new month will be a time of financial increase for me. I will be blessed immensely and I will eat of the good of this land. A happy new month to me.

8.  I pray that this month for me will be a time of honor and opportunity. I will not fall nor will I falter. As I continue to seek God, He will make me prosper.

9.  I am strong. I am prospering. I am walking in fullness. I will not be placed under. I will lead in all that I do. I am moving into realms of greatness. Happy new month to me.

10. This new month is bringing me multiple opportunities and privileges. I am fulfilling my purpose and walking in the will of God for my life. It’s a new month for me.

11. In this season, I will experience wonders without end. I will make massive progress like never before. It’s a new season for me.

12. This new month will bring me newness in life. It will be a moment of pleasurable moments. I am getting positive responses in all that concerns me.

13. I am free from oppression. Every barrier and obstacle will be a stepping stone for me in Jesus’ name. I will have a happy new month.

14. Only goodness and mercy shall follow me all through this month. I will be exempted from all evil. This new month will be great for me.

15.  As I have entered this new month, all my struggles will be turned into testimonies and every challenge will work in my favor.

New Month Prayer Messages for My Girlfriend

A new month is another time to let your lady in on how you feel about her and very importantly say some prayers for her.

16.   Good day love. This morning I wish you the goodness of this season. May this new month be great for you. May you see the blessedness of this month and not miss out on all that God has stored up for you. Happy new month babe.

17.   I am wishing you this season full of goodness. May you experience daily dosages of His mercy. May you drink out of the blessings of his wonders. Be happy always. Happy new month love.

18.   My prayers for you are that the angels of Heaven will guide and watch over you all the days of this month. When you sleep and when you wake up when you go out, and when you come in, may you be protected always. Happy new month baby.

19.   In this new month, God will shower you with His mercy and love. May you smell the perfume of grace and prosperity. Enjoy the new month. Happy new month, my love.

20.   To my wife-to-be. May you be blessed by God. May your womb be blessed. May you be fruitful on every side. May you grow in grace and favor. May all you do prosper. You are blessed forevermore. Happy new month love.

21.   May you have joy like a river and may your smiles be as beautiful as the sky. Happy new month baby.

22.   Hello baby. I have been thinking about you and my heart’s desire for you is that you will always have a reason to smile and may your smile lighten others. Happy new month.

23.   As you begin and awake into this new month, may your horizon be beautiful and filled with goodness. May God give you all your heart’s desires. Happy new month.

24.   Receive grace and mercy, faith and hope, peace, and joy all through this period. God will bring a lot of good things to pass in your life. Happy new month.

25.   From this moment henceforth, God will bring to pass all your desires. He shall reward you with bountiful blessings. He shall grant you glory and blessings. So, shall it be, amen. Happy new month.

26.   I celebrate you, this day for God has brought you into this new month and He is taking you into a new season. May all your plans be accomplished and may God crown all your efforts with results. Happy new month darling.

27.   Baby. May each of your steps in this month be guided by God and may He bring you before great men and great opportunities that will cause you to become great in life. Happy new month.

28.   I’m wishing you a beautiful new month filled with plenty of opportunities and privileges. May this period be the beginning of amazing and happy experiences in your life. Happy new month.

29.   Hey beautiful. I am wishing you accelerated successes, amazing opportunities, fruitful endeavors, and beautiful experiences in this period. Have a happy New month love.

30.   This new month will bring you new challenges and possible problems but my desire for you is that God will make you scale all hurdles. He will help you find solutions to all problems and give you the grace to come out successful. Happy new month darling.

New Month Prayer Wishes for My Sweet Mum

Sending wishes is necessary for solidifying our relationships with one another. Your mother truly deserves prayer because she has been there all through till this moment.

31.   May God rewards you with record-breaking testimonies for every setback you’ve experienced, May God’s grace not be far from you. Happy New Month, sweet mum.

32.   Hello mum. As you have entered this new month, may all your problems go away, for God has you at heart and has great plans for you. I pray that you will find success in all that you do. Happy new month mom.

33.   In this new month, I desire that you find good fortune and blessings, may you be healthy always, and may all your prayers come to pass. Happy new month.

34.   May the blessings of the new month not elude you and may you find happy times in this period. I love you, mummy. Have a great month ahead.

35.   May God’s mercy and grace be seen in your life and endeavors. May you have countless reasons to be happy. Happy new month mother of life.

36.   I desire that in this new month, you will be graciously blessed. My prayer is that you will succeed and increase greatly. Have a wonderful time in this new month.

37.   A happy new month to you, sweet mother. May you enjoy the fruits of all your labors. May God give you beautiful life and make you happy always.

38.   I’m wishing you a blessed and joyous moment this month. As you have come into the new month, may God continue to shower you with His grace, and may you never be forgotten by Him. Happy new month mom.

39.   It is a new month and I want to say a little prayer for you. I ask that you will be protected all through this month and may happiness be evident in your life. Have a blissful new month.

40.   May you always have reasons to smile. May God bless you abundantly and cause you to never walk alone. Happy new month my dear mother.

41.   In this new month mom, I pray that God will grant you good health, make you strong, and give you the riches of this season.

42.   This month, it is my sincere desire that you will be celebrated and be reckoned with, in all of your endeavors. Happy new month mom.

43.   May each day of this new month be blessed and may you be accompanied by the blessings of God. Have a blessed month mum.

44.   In this month you will find the strength to face and overcome every challenge in your life, and you will fulfill God’s will in your life. Enjoy the new month mommy.

45.   Mommy, my prayer for you this month is that God makes you strong and causes every prayer offered on your behalf to be answered and that the good Lord will grant you victory on all fronts. Happy new month.

New Month Prayer Quotes for My Beloved Dad

It is another new month and we have put together a rich composition for my dad to help boost your relationship with your dad.

46.   It is a new month daddy which God has graced you to see. We have no other reason but to be thankful to Him and it is my heartfelt prayer that God will cause you to attain greater heights in all ramifications in your finances and health. May He cause you to go forward and to be free of disappointment. Happy New Month, dad.

47.   In this new month, may God’s mercy and loving kindness envelope you. May His light guide you throughout this month and make you productive in all that you do. May your going out and coming in be blessed always, Amen. Happy New Month daddy.

48.   The faithful God will protect you and keep with you His covenants. There shall no evil befall you and nothing shall make you fall. I pray that God will make His light shine in every darkness in your life and endeavor. Happy New Month to you, dad.

49.   In this new month, may the God of grace give you understanding and wisdom on all matters that relate to your life. Happy New Month dad.

50.   In this new month, I desire that God’s goodness and mercy shall follow you. You will always be surrounded with favor as a shield. Happy New Month to you, dad.

51.   May God always give you peace and cause your heart to be rested at all times. Happy New Month, dad.

52.   May God always hears the desires of your heart, and may God meet you always at the point of your need all through this month. Happy New Month, dad!

53.   In this new month, I pray that God will grant you perfection in your body, soul, and spirit. I pray to God to help you become a better father, husband, and mentor. And all that you ever desire, you will get. Happy New Month, dad.”

54.    Daddy. My prayer to God for you is that, may He give you the length of days and strength even in old age. May you see all the labors of your hand bring forth profits. Have a happy new month dad.

55.   May this new month be filled with awesome memories and pleasurable experiences. Happy New Month, dad.

56.   I pray that God will sustain you in health and wealth, give you a sound mind and make you excel at all times. Your best days are here already. Enjoy it. Love you always. Happy New Month to you, dad.

57.    Just as the sun does not struggle to shine, or the seeds to grow, or the rains to fall, I desire that you will not struggle in all your affairs. You will do well and see testimonies and also speak of them. Happy New Month, dad.

58.   I pray that this new month will be celebrated. This new month will make you a celebrity and this month will set you on the road to greater achievements. Happy New Month to you, dad.

59.   May this new month present you with many reasons to laugh and be happy.  Happy New Month, my dad.

60.   Dad, I wish you a month of divine acceleration, divine speed, divine protection, and divine guidance. May this month be divine for you. Happy New Month to you, dad.

Happy New Month Prayers for Brother

Many times your first boyfriend and husband are your brothers. Though they could be stubborn at times, they are still sweet in their own way. You can select from this list of happy new month prayers for brothers from here to let them know your prayers are ever with them.

61.   My wishes for you in this new month are that you will receive the dew of this season and the riches of this period will not elude you. May all you do be blessed. Have a wonderful month brother.

62.   May this new month make everything begin to work for you. My prayer is that, you will experience ease in your academics, financially, health-wise, and emotionally. Happy new month my brother.

63.   I see the beauty of the Lord radiating over your life. I see the glory and blessings of God all around you. May you walk in those things which God has prepared for you. Happy new month brother.

64.   You have been a wonderful brother and I hope and desire that everything turns out well for you. May all your endeavors be established. Happy new month.

65.   In this new month, God will bless you so much that people will like to relate with you. You are blessed on all sides. Happy new month.

66.   I desire that in this new month, God will bless you beyond all your desires and plans, and keep you safe from every enterprise of the wicked. Have a happy new month wonderful brother.

67.   May the Lord remember to reward you in this month for all your work and labor from this moment and always.

68.   All things are working in your favor this month. Lines are falling for you in pleasant places and regions. You are indeed blessed by God. Happy New month my dear brother.

69.   From this month henceforth, God will crown all of your efforts and multiply the fruits of your hands and labor. Happy new month dear bro.

70.   I pray daily for you that God will reward you and will establish you in His love. You have been a support for others and you will not lack support when you need it the most. I love you, dear brother. Happy new month.

71.   Like never before, many things that you have sweated for in the past will come to you easily this month. You will receive a quantifiable measure of the harvest of blessings. Happy new month brother.

72.   In this new month, like never before, God will open up to you, the treasures of secret places and hidden riches. You will always receive help from above. Happy new month lovely brother.

73.   I pray for you that in this new month, you will excel exceedingly. You will have all of your desires. Happy new month.

74.   Dear, brother. My desire for you is that God’s presence will never leave you, and neither will His mercy forsake you. In His arms, you will find protection. Have a great time in this new month.

75.   May this month bring you good. May this new episode unveil to you the wonders of God. May all that you do be established, Amen. Have a happy month.

New Month Prayers for Sister

Show some love to your sister by praying for her and wishing her the best. Share any of these new month prayers for your dear elder or young sister.

76.   Dear sister. Thank you for being a mother to me in your little way. I desire that you will find love and care. You will not suffer in all that you do. I love you dearly. Happy new month.

77.   May you get to the peak of your career and life. Also, may you see and enjoy all the good things in life. You will not have a season of failure. Happy new month, sister.

78.   May you not be cut off or removed at the point where you ought to be successful. May you prosper in life and may you fulfill your destiny. Happy new month, dear sis.

79.   I wish you the best and most interesting moment of this new month. May you not fall or falter in all that you do sister. Happy new month.

80.   May you excel in the works of your hand. May you stand out above your peers. May you find the most rewarding experiences. Happy new month sister.

81.   May your future be way better than the past months. May you find success in this season. I wish that this new month brings you love and goodness. Have a beautiful time in this new month sister.

82.   This new month, everything will work out well for you. May He (God) give you pleasant surprises and make your face shine and be filled with happiness. Have a happy new month.

83.   May you soar higher. May you shine brighter. May you multiply abundantly. These and more are my prayers for you my dear sister in this new month.

84.   Here are my wishes for you in this new month: that you will not be under the bondage of anyone. May this month be a happy one for you. Take good care of yourself. Happy new month, sis.

85.   In this new month, your joy will be complete. Your success will be indisputable. Your glory will shine brighter from now on and always. Happy new month.

86.   In this new month, I pray that your happiness will not be cut short and that the sounds of victory will not leave your lips. Happy new month.

87.   This is the first day of the new month, and I am praying that the Lord begins a new thing in your life and career. May God cause you to advance on all fronts. Happy new month sister.

88.   I pray you get the best of good fortunes in this new month and receive the desires of your heart. I am also hopeful that you will overcome every challenge and achieve all of your goals. Happy new month.

89.   May this month bring you health and wholeness; may you always have a reason to be happy; May this month be better than previous months. Have a happy new month sister.

90.   My utmost prayer for you dear sister is that may every second, minute, hour, day and week yield good for you and bring you into a place of rest, amen. Happy new month.

New Month Goodwill Messages for My Wife

This shortlist has been composed because of you so you can relate to your wife.

91.   Lord, I ask that you protect my wife and cause her to find your grace and mercy, bless her always, and grant answers to all of her hearts’ desires. Happy new month baby. I love you.

92.   My desire for you in this new month is that God will give you favor in everything that you lay your hand to do, and may He multiply the fruits of your labor, amen. Happy new month wifey.

93.   Darling. I know that this month is going to be a beautiful one for you. The Lord is going to bring you into abundance. You will find favor and blessings. Happy new month.

94.   You always have a way of bringing me peace of heart and making me happy and my prayer is that God will grant you all of your hearts’ desires and give you double all that you have given to me. Happy new month love.

95.   We have gone through a lot of difficulties in the past and today we have come into a new month. Because of this I celebrate you and ask that this period will grant us an entrance into ease and that the remaining days of this month will bring you joy in abundance. Happy new month love.

96.   This month will bring you lasting success and fulfillment of all your plans. As you make another 30-day journey this month, may the unending mercy of God be evident in your life, amen. Happy new month love.

97.   As this new month has arrived so also have opportunities and privileges, and I pray that you will not miss out on these privileges and opportunities but you will maximize them and they will yield positive results for you. Happy new month baby.

98.   May this new month bring you positive vibes and memorable moments at all times. Happy new month sweetie. I love you.

99.   In this new month may God equip you with wisdom to work and act in all your endeavors, and I desire that God gives you His grace for greater accomplishments. Happy new month darling.

100.  In this new month, may God bless you more with His presence. May God direct your every step. May you be filled with love in your heart and peace of mind. Happy New Month to you, my lovely wife.

101. The abundance of prosperity, blessings, accomplishments, and good health are my sincere prayers for you in this new month. May God grant all your petitions in Jesus’ name, Amen. Happy New Month, sweetie.

102. In this new month, may every sorrow be turned into happiness, may your pain turn into joy, and may every discouragement be converted to accomplishment for you. Happy New Month, Wifey!”

103.  The past came and is gone. A new month is here, and it presents the future to us. May all that the Lord has set for us in the future not miss us in Jesus’ name. Happy New Month, my beautiful wife.

104. Starting this month, you shall experience multiplied success and increased order of breakthroughs. Happy new month love.

105. May all your experience in the past and all your struggles and labor be turned into testimonies in Jesus’ name. Happy new month baby.

New Month Quotes for My Lovely Husband

Make your husband happy and fulfilled with these messages tailored specifically for him.

106. I wish you joy, peace, and happiness all through this month. You mean so much to me. Happy new month darling.

107. I am always grateful to God that I found you because you make everything beautiful in my life. I am wishing you all the beauty that is packaged in this new month. May you be successful in all that you do. Happy new month hubby.

108. My baby, I want to thank you for being a wonderful and caring husband and for all the support you show me. My prayers to God for you are that He will keep and protect you. I wish you God’s favor and grace. Happy new month.

109. Baby my desire for you in this new month is that may every day and moment of this month be filled with laughter and beauty and may He make every moment a memorable one for you. Happy new month dear husband.

110. I am wishing you a month filled with grace, happiness, laughter, peace, and wholeness. Happy new month. I love you, babe.

111. I pray that this new month will bring you so much happiness and blessings. This month will bring you an increase and multiplication in all that you do. You are the best husband ever. Happy new month.

112. As another new month has come, may the Lord continue to unravel unto you opportunities that will lead to your advancement. May the Lord cause you to walk in His ways always. Happy new month hubby.

113. Just as you have been a good husband and great father to our kids, I pray the good Lord to continue to guide and protect you from all evil and preserve you at all times. Happy new month my darling.

114. I pray that God keeps blessing you. I pray that God will shield you and help you to achieve all your goals and give you happiness always. Happy new month hubby.

115. May God cause you to forget all your worries by giving you answers to all your prayers. May He grant unto you; the wholeness of spirit, soul, and body, amen. Happy new month darling.

116. I am happy to welcome you to a new month. I hope and pray this new month is a memorable one filled with blessings. Happy new month my love.

117. I woke up with this prayer that, God will fill this month with glory and grace for you and make you excel at all times. Happy new month

118. May this new month be better than the previous month. May peace, love, happiness, and laughter not be far from you and your abode. Happy new month darling.

119. I desire that you will be prosperous and healthy in this new month and that you will find an increase in all that you do. Happy new month love.

120. I pray the Lord gives you help to do all that you desire to do. He will give you the strength to approach all situations and come out triumphantly. Happy new month baby.

Happy New Month SMS to My Pastor

I am very sure you care about your pastor. They have been a great form of support in bringing you up spiritually. You can fulfill your care for your pastor by sending them your wishes.

121.  My prayers for you this month are that God will continue to give you revelations and sight for leadership and other endeavors. Happy new month sir.

122.   I desire that you will be fervent in your spirit to do and continue the work of God. Happy new month Pastor.

123.  May every day and week of this month be filled with abundance and love for you. May you experience the cheerfulness of this new month. Happy New Month Pastor.

124.  Hello Pastor. I want to use this privilege to thank you for you as a gift to me, and I am praying that God will settle you and give you his grace. Have a wonderful new month.

125. Pastor, may you keep shining. May God’s mercy, grace, and love encompass you around on all sides. Happy new month Sir.

126. May this wonderful month open doors to great wisdom and understanding. Happy new month Pastor.

127. My prayer is that God will never leave you. He will continually give you grace and mercy. May God enlarge you and establish your feet in success. Happy New Month Pastor.

128. Cheers to a blessed new month. May God satisfy you with a lot of good things. May this season be a time for the Lord to give you a turnaround. Happy New Month Pastor.

129. May long life and prosperity not elude you. May the Lord pour upon you his unction to continue with the work which he has given. Happy New Month Pastor.

130. This month, may God take away every obstacle in your path and grant all your heart desires. Happy new month. Happy New Month my Pastor.

131. In this new month may many beautiful and appalling experiences be seen in your life and ministry in Jesus’ name. Have a happy new month Pastor.

132. God is increasing his grace on you. He is showing you His mercy and He is granting unto you all the silent prayers you have made and those that you are currently making. Happy new month pastor.

133. May the unction of God on your life never be diminished. May the love of God encompass you. I pray that may you continue to grow from strength to strength. Happy new month.

134.  My prayer for you pastor is that your fervency will not be eroded; God will give you the unction to function at all times and in every way. Have a great month my pastor.

135. This month, you will fulfill your assignment. You will not miss out on God’s grace and may His mercy be evident in your life. May he grant you testimonies of great things. Happy new month.

New Month Text For My Friend

A popular saying goes this way- “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” This saying is true. We all have that friend that has met the requirements of this saying, and one way to reciprocate this feeling is by saying a prayer for them or even sending them one as a text or DM.

You do not have to stress yourself to do this, we have taken the privilege to write a quick list for your friend.

136. This new month God is giving you a solution to every problem, joy for all your sorrows, and blessings for all your sufferings. May the Lord put smiles on your face and joy in your heart. Happy new month friend.

137. May God reward you for all your labor to Him and His works. May you not be put to shame and may you not see lack. May God give you the blessings of this month. Happy new month.

138.  The grace of God makes all things easy. It brings favor in the place of struggle and honor in the place of dishonor, and this is my prayer for you, that God will grant you favor and honor in all that you do. Happy new month my friend.

139.  May God give you peace of mind, stillness in your soul, and health in your body. I wish you the best in this new month. Happy new month bestie.

140.  I thank God for making us friends and I desire that this friendship will remain. I am happy for you and I pray that God will make you smile and happy always and grant you His protection. Happy New month friend.

141.  You shall be blessed above all that you do. You shall find favor with God and with men. You shall find favor in the place of labor. Happy new month.

142.  My desire for you in this new month is that God will bless you and multiply you greatly. You shall not be neglected instead you will be celebrated at all times. Have a wonderful month ahead.

143.  You are a rare and good friend. My hearts’ desire for you is that God will give you uncommon riches. God will bring you the good of the land and your labor. May God’s love, peace, and happiness be with you continually. Happy New Month.

144.  My prayer equation for you in this month is that you receive God’s blessings multiplied by His grace and divided by His mercy, and may all these find you in perfect health and state in this season. Happy new month friend.

145.  Just as nothing reminds the grass to grow or the birds to fly or the rivers to flow, so also nothing will hinder your growth or cause your happiness to come forth. You are blessed. Happy new month.

146.  May doors of opportunities be opened unto you. May your blessings know no limits. May God set you up on high and above your peers and all that you do. Happy new month.

147.  This new month will truly be a happy one for you. My desire for you is that God will give you happiness in the place of sorrow and accomplishment in the place of labor and glory in the place of suffering. Happy new month.

148.  This is a new moment, a new second, a new minute, a new hour, a new day, a new week, a new month and so my prayer for you is that God will make all things new for you all through this new month. Have a blast.

149.  I asked God for a friend and He brought you to me. I pray for you today that God will keep and preserve you continually and make you a blessing to many. Happy new month friend.

150.  God will grant you your hearts’ desires and He will make His light shine upon you at all times. May the Lord guide you at all times, and may He never leave nor forsake you. Happy new month.

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