True Value of a Person Quotes

2022 Motivating True Value of a Person Quotes

One of the most amazing gifts one can ask for in life is the gift of friendship. Without mincing words, there are friends who have become more like siblings and second family to us. We can only be thankful to God who has flourished our lives with these great people that has added beautiful colors to our daily lives.  I am happy you have such people in your life that you can share true value of a person quotes with!

Well, I am sure deep down in your heart, you want to really show how much you care and value that special friend of yours who has been there through thick and thin but you just couldn’t get the right words to express how much you value him or her. No worries! true value of a person quotes has been drafted to convey that desire of your heart completely and thoroughly.

This true value of a person quotes is tailored to cover different stages or level at which our friendship lies. Many things could have brought about this feeling and you really miss your friend, the distance might have caused slight changes in your closeness or your best friend have proved his or her worth to you and you just want to pour out your heart like an avalanche.

All you need to do is pick from our list of the true value of a person quotes and make that friend special indeed. I am so sure you will erupt a passion in the heart of that friend after picking from our true value of a person quotes which are listed below:

I Value You Quotes

I Value You Quotes
I Value You Quotes

Nothing speaks more of a person’s value as their morals and ethics. For you to be valued show you live up to quotes about values in life. Moreover, to value someone in return also means that you must have seen some outstanding qualities in them.

Therefore, to send them ‘I value you quotes’ tells them that someone out there loves their way of life. It makes them want to continually live up to a status life that truly depicts ‘quotes about the value of human life.’

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Look out for yourself in the list of ‘true value of a person quotes’ below and attest to the fact that they are indeed true quotes about the value of human life.

I value you

Friendship is a ladder of growth which we are to climb for us to make progress in life, having you as a friend could never have been a waste of time because you have really shown how much of a friend you are, I value you so much!

Basic Friend with Basic Progress

Basic principles that guide life and good living depend on the people we allow in our lives and the basic role they play in our lives; you are a good friend who has wrought significant progress in my life. I can’t regret having you in my life, you are worth the space you occupy.

You Are Made to be Special

Many times we ask for siblings but often time we find friendship which gets rooted than we can ever develop in our gene, my friend, you aren’t just special, you live to be made special.

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You Are a Beauty With Pure Spirit

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, respect lies in mind of those who know its value, you are a beauty I respect so much because of your pure spirit and heart.

Distance is Never a Barrier

Distance could have bridged gaps between us but you didn’t allow it, I might not be there beside you but you can be sure that you exist in my subconscious thought.

I intentionally Love You

I intentionally Love You
I intentionally Love You

I intentionally love you because you are intentionally nice, caring, friendly and specially appreciated, you are one of a kind.

I Miss You

The best part is I miss you, the worst part is you are far away; I miss our time spent together, the gist, and the fight…Oh! You are just too important. The distance between us is heartbreaking.

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The First Time we Became Friends

The first time I saw you, I never knew you could be a friend I will miss as much as I am missing you now.

You Are More than a Friend

You walked into my heart and I kept you on the friend’s zone, you worked your way to a sister’s/ brother’s zone and I value that much more than you can think.

No One to Gist with

I wish this season could be spent with you so I can share with you the hottest gist and the recent development in our environs, well let’s talk via Skype so I can see that smile when I gist with you.

Your Friendship is the Best

I passed by your house today and I felt like calling you as I used to. Come home in time sweet, your friendship is the best.

You are Rare

The best of all friends aren’t so common, just one of a kind that you are.

You Are a Strength

During the days of weakness, you stood by me as a strength; during the time of brokenness, you stood to mend the pieces I value you more than you can imagine.

I Value Our Friendship

I Value Our Friendship
I Value Our Friendship

Sometimes we tend to see and allow some people to take special space in our lives because of the level of love and commitment we make towards ourselves. It is of great pleasure to occasionally make them feel special as they are, and we must tell them how valuable they are; from the list of ‘I value our friendship’, your friend would be so delighted and feel so valued to read from the various ‘I value our friendship’ quotes you choose to send to them.

Take your time to read through and enjoy sending!

Acceptance is What You Preached

Friendship is a mirror that displays our characters and helps in amending the wrongs in us but meeting you has proved that friendship is also about acceptance.

Without you

Life without a friend like you is worthless.

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Friendship is a Globe

Friendship is a globe that tells how much you can move around the world, friendship with you has been wonderful and valuable.

You Are Right

Increase in life is important but meeting the right people is more important, I met you and you showed me your importance in my increment.

You Are a Prize

Walking through life without a friend like you would have been so boring, so lonely, so worthless, from the deepest of my heart I say you are a prize I won to boost my foresight.

I Love You

If only tears could express how much your value is in my heart, I would have cried my eyes out.

Friendship Bows Mountains

Mountains bow before true friendship because there is always a unique cooperation which mountains can’t contend with in true friendship.

Our Togetherness is Inevitable

We have our differences but our differences can’t bring about our distance because our togetherness is valuable.

Your Image Dwells in My Heart

I told an artist to craft out a picture that will depict real and true friendship. Luckily he crafted your image in my heart.

I Want to Share Life with You

If life can be shared, then I want to share with you because you are so real and sincere, you are a treasure immeasurable.

Friendship Possesses Valuable Prizes

Diamond has its place, refined gold dwells in wealth, valuable friendship possesses valuable prizes.

I Trust You

You have built a mansion of trust in me with your sincerity, I value your serenity which has brought about an understanding between us.

You are Immeasurably Valuable

Tell me to call forth a woman/man of virtue and I will call you forth, tell me to make a shout out to my most treasured friend and I won’t think twice because you are immeasurably valuable. You are such a blessing to me and I am thankful to have you in my life.

I believe these true value of a person quotes have been able to help you interpret your heart to that special friend of yours. kindly share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Thank You for Doing so.

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