100 Trending Random Texts to Make Her Smile

Random texts to make her smile

Random texts to make her smile might be all you need to bring out the glow on her face. Many times, hundreds of beautiful thoughts add up in our minds when it comes to our best-loved but all the same, we may find it difficult to write them down as they come.

If you are having a difficult time writing that sweet love texts, no worries! You have come to the right page where you can pick as many as possible messages from our extensive list to cheer her up.

Hence, we’ve got you covered for all the meaningful love messages. Find below some texts to make her laugh to show your girlfriend or wife how much she means to you now and always.

How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text Examples

Looking for how to make a girl laugh over text examples for your text quote to make her smile? Find the perfect example text for her here. Enjoy!

1. How about taking your license away since you’re driving me high by the day? But, I am loving it!

2. Without you, I will stop breathing. You’re my life support through every difficult day that I have.

3. Baby, words aren’t enough to tell you how beautiful you are to me. Maybe a kiss can say it more!

4. You’re the perfect match I have waited all my life for. The search is over and now I can rest in your affection for me!

5. You’ve carried me away in thought for about 48 hours, 2880 minutes, and 172800 seconds, I am dying to see you!

6. You took good care of my heart like a cardiologist. All I know now is that my heart is feeling your touch.

7. I don’t mind staying up through the night because you are my favorite reason to lose sleep.

8. Falling in love with you means a lot to me but having you in my life means the whole world to me.

9. I’ve seen many eyes, but they are nothing compared to yours. You’re such a beauty to behold!

10. Your Love is sweeter than honey. It makes me want to always wake by side every morning.

11. The true definition of love is you, love is perfected in you, and it becomes so sweet when the one loving is you.

12. I will never let a day go without telling you how much I love you.

13. It’s lovely, it’s soothing, and it’s classic and before you, you know what is it – it’s a soft kiss from me to you!

14. If a hug was a person, first I’d give you all of me. If a kiss was a life I’d give you my life to show you how much I love you.

15. Life without you is like an edifice without a pillar supporting it. You made my world.

16. If loving you was a trip, I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life on that adventure with you alone.

17. Breathing and loving you are the same thing. I can’t live without either of you. I love you!

18. Our romantic relationship is like the chorus in a song, sometimes tender, sometimes upbeat but you remain my best melody.

19. I am speechless at the awe-inspiring beauty I see in your eyes.

20. Though it took a while before you came into my space, you were worth the wait. And I am loving it.

Cute Things to Text Your Girlfriend to Make Her Smile

Make her feel the warmth of your love for her with cute things to text your girlfriend to make her grin. Every lady likes it when her boyfriend or husband could set the tone for her day with these sweet texts to That way she’s abreast that her thought is in your very heart.

21. Your essence is my favorite fragrance, your touch is my favorite charm, and your hug is my favorite solace.

22. Thinking of you, I kiss my bed before I fall asleep every night!

23. If I am asked to show the world the woman with the heart of Gold? Baby, I have you to show for being beautiful inside and out.

24. The moment you walked in through the door, my heart told me you are the woman of my dream.

25. I thought those people who seemed to be so tied to each other in their relationships are going too far. Now, it’s clear that it is the best feeling in the universe.

26. Every moment I set my eyes on you, it reminds me of perfect beauty.

27. If my life was a house, you would be the final stone that makes it complete like a cornerstone.

28. My friends think I am drunk, but the honest fact is that I am just intoxicated by your love.

29. If my love for you can be described in time, then only eternity can describe how timeless it is.

30. There isn’t enough word to show you how much you brighten up my day.

31. If the best artists gather for a million years to create the picture-perfect of you, they still wouldn’t be able to capture your beauty as I will.

32. Being with you, I know that I’ve found the one person that I am meant to be with for the rest of my life.

33. I have been thinking that your parents must be from another planet. There is no lady on the earth that’s like you.

34. When I dream, I remember all the beautiful moments we’ve spent together, and there I see the love in your eyes for me.

35. I tried reorganizing the rhyme, but for some reason, I would not get you off my mind, baby, I am stuck with you forever.

36. I am lost in your love and affection. They are as perfect as you; just as my love for you is as perfect as the dew of the morning.

37. Your love is like a paradise to my heart. I want to be there forever.

38. They say love is tender; they say love is true; they say love is beautiful and sincere, but I was not told that love is you.

39. When I am in your warm embrace, I think of you. When I am in bed, I dream of you. When I am not dreaming of you, I am thinking of you, every moment I am stuck with you.

40. What scares some folks could be not losing money or getting drowned in a river, but I am not frightened by any. Instead, I am scared of losing you. You’re the best thing I want in this life.

Hot Random Texts to Make Her Smile

Get the best from your romantic relationship with your girlfriend or wife with texts to make her laugh. Send her a text quote to make her smile to make her feel special and want you more.

41. Some men want fame, and other men want power. Baby, all I want is you and nothing else matters.

42. With you on this ride, I can weather the storm and come out like refined Gold.

43. You are the single reason my heart is healthy and merry.

44. Out of many things you are to me, much more you are my best friend and guardian angel.

45. Last night I looked deep into my heart and I could not get any words to describe why I love you this much.

46. If I am asked to choose between breathing and loving you, darling, I would use my very last breath to say, I love you so much.

47. I need you like the plants need the rain. Like the artist needs the Palette. I just can’t live without you. You made my world.

48. I love all the beautiful things in life, but they are nothing compared to your perfect beauty.

49. I could hear your voice in my heart and my heartbeat skips for the joy of having you in my life.

50. I am dropping a piece of stone into the sea. And I will only stop loving you when you are able to find that piece of stone in the sea.

51. When you are not with me, it feels dark and dingy. I can’t even concentrate without you.

52. I miss you so much when you are away. When you are around me, I think of you endlessly, because being with you, it’s like a paradise.

53. You are the only woman I love and you’ll always be on my mind.

54. I want to make an announcement: I want to tell you that you’re my only choice forever. That you’re worth being my first and last choice. I want to show you the whole world that you are amazing to be with. I love you, baby.

55. You have my shoulder to lean on, you can count on me because you’re the love of my life, you’re my one and only, and you’re my everything on this side of eternity.

56. They say love is blind, but yours has opened my eyes to the beauty and admiration love brings.

57. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I love talking with you and the way you kiss me is perfect. I love how you smile every passing moment. Your smiles make my day great and cool. You are second to none. I love you.

58. When I hold it close to my heart I feel your heartbeat and see the expression in your loving eyes telling me how you love me.

59. Your vulnerability makes you perfect for me; after all, it shows how sincere you are to me.

60. For me, you’re my rest; the place where anxiety cannot cave in and that’s the place I want to be forever.

Texts to Make Her Melt

When you send her texts to make her melt, you can only imagine the wonders cute love quotes to make her laugh will do to your woman’s heart. Feel free to use every piece of these texts to make her melt. Enjoy!

61. I will love you until my last breath.

62. I must be the luckiest man on earth to have won your heart.

63. When I am with you, time lost its essence and nothing else matters in the whole world.

64. You are my best-loved, my heart belongs to you because you are the one person I know I can count on.

65. I’m so honored to be your hero. I wouldn’t want to hold anyone else! That’s the truth!

66. It’s wonderful when the sun shines down on your hair, it reminds me of the beauty that will outlive every other thing in this world.

67. I saw you are a rare gem, so I loved you. Then I saw that you were made for me to love and cherish for the rest of my life. So I burst out in joy.

68. If you live up to a thousand years, I want to live up to a thousand years but minus one day because I can’t live without you in this world.

69. Our love is like the beckons in a song, sometimes calm, sometimes upbeat but our love for each other is constant.

70. There’s nothing more beautiful than the radiant of your face. I just want to see you again and again.

71. There no nothing better than holding you in my arms forever.

72. I love you the way that I have never loved anyone before, I love you with all of me and all that I will ever be.

73. You complete me, without you, I cannot be whole again.

74. I would walk a thousand miles to be with you and if leave this planet for another I will follow you.

75. I could stare at you like a mirror forever because your beauty is worth beholding every time.

76. Having you in my life has made me a person of all admiration. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

77. My love for you will never end. My affection for you will never fade. My feelings for you will never stop. I love you!

78. Do you know how soothing it is to wake up every day knowing I have you? You’re so amazing. I love you.

79. You make me feel elated in my heart when I kiss and hug you.

80. When you need someone to be there for you, I’ll be right there by your side!

Random Texts to Send a Girl

Are you looking for the best love paragraph to send to a beautiful lady? Here is an excellent list to share with her.

81. I wish I could have met you years ago, every moment spent with you is awesome!

82. My heart started racing the first time I met you. I knew from that day that you are the woman of my dream.

83. All I am thinking right now is engrafting a kiss on every part of your body.

84. Something about you makes my heartbeat go gaga every time I set my eyes on you – and I love the feeling.

85. They say love is eternal, and I’m ready to take that journey with you.

86. I love the way your body feels so cool when I run my kisses over it.

87. The truth is people will always come and go. Baby, I promise to stay with you till the end of time.

88. I never believed the love at first sight” cliché. Then I saw you and you took my breath away. I’ve found my better half!

89. I love you just the way you are.

90. I’m just here loving up and want to tell you that I love you.

91. With you by my side, I feel like I can subdue the whole wide world.

92. The moment I met you, I said to myself. Oh, My God! I have found my soulmate.

93. Whenever I cuddle you, I fall in love with you all over again!

94. The way you smile every time I say hello to you makes it so hard for me to stop holding your hands.

95. Every time I look into your eyes I see my future in your eyes.

96. My love, let me hold your hands forever.

97. There’s no one who could love me the way you do. You are just perfect for me.

98. Having you as my girlfriend brings a smile to my face. And I can’t trade that for anything.

99. If I were asked to describe your heart, I would say is more precious than Gold. Baby, being with you is like finding a treasure.

100. My best moment every day is coming home to you at the end of the day!

101. I want to wake up by your side each morning throughout my lifetime. You are the one who knows the depth of my heart for I am enraptured by your affection. You remain my Darling.

102. I was just thinking about how gorgeous you are. I thought you should know how my heart longs for you day and night. You made my world, darling.

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