150 Best Heart-Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry

Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry

I have always thought of  how to communicate my heart to the one I love especially writing heart-touching love messages to make him cry, every day, even periods I needed to show gratitude for the privilege of having him by my side every day for his uniqueness and for the tranquility he brought into my life, words fail me and sometimes I lose words to express myself.

Therefore, it became pertinent for me to write heart-touching love messages to make him cry because of the beautiful experiences we have shared. I wouldn’t have known how to show my gratitude to him until I discovered that writing heart-touching love messages to make him cry would do the magic.

By the way, it’s no guess that I’m deeply in love and I know you are too and you would find it easy to find the most suitable words to convey your deepest emotion to the one whom you owe your life. Apart from this, he would give you all the attention you deserve and much more. Isn’t that exciting?

I’m sure you want to jump right into savoring the words yourself before you send it to the one who holds you in ransom without your heart flickering a bit about it! Let’s jump right in. I’m excited too!

Most Touching Love Messages For Him

What to say to my Boy Friend to make him cry? Writing heart-touching love messages to make him cry is the best way to do that. It’s your worry and it’s sometimes seem compounded thinking it’s difficult.

You don’t have to bother anymore because most touching love messages for him contain the best combination of words that conveys your heart to him. You will see him long for you like a pirate excited about seeking after a treasure. See below:

1. My song, my melody, no matter how sonorous my voice is, without your tune, my singing is useless. I love you my dearest.

2. You are more than a thousand rubies, a thousand gold, and even all the treasure chest ever discovered. You are worth more than treasures my love.

3. Even when I try to sleep without your voice lulling me, I struggle, making me realize that sleep is worth nothing without you.

4. When trouble falls like rain and makes floods of water, I am sure that my love for you will remain like those eternal rocks forming the hills of my romance.

5. My heart sings without my permission, I try to figure it out, then I discovered that you indiscriminately have filled my heart with your love.

6. My life, my love, and my companion, I don’t know what to do without you. You are the keeper of my heart.

7. What shall I say to you? I will speak to you as a lucky one. Thank you for being in my life.

8. I will be forever in a comma without your breath to wake me from my very deep sleep. And I will wait patiently till you give it through my lips.

9. Like the rays of the sun, you have lightened my heart, you have shown me how true a friend can be. I love you, the sun of my life.

10. It seems I’m desperate, don’t despise me, your love has consumed me totally and I’m thankful that you are the one to show me what true love is.

11. Can I say something special to you? You are everything to me even the breath that I breathe is less important compared to you. You are awesomely special my love.

12. I’m completely attracted to you as the insects are attracted to flowers. You are my petals and the scent from my pollen grain. You are all I desire my love.

13. I love you beyond the expression of roses and of daffodils, my love for you exceeds them all.

14. My dreams have been wonderful since the day I met you. Just like the Easter bunny that tickles my ear, I feel excited when I hear the sound of your voice.

15. My love abounds, my heart soars across the sky at the slightest thought of you grace my heart.

16. Like the saxophone blown in the cool of the day, your melody overruns my heart and my senses romantically align me to the fragrance of your love. Sing on my love, I love to sing your song forever.

17. What can I say then, shall I continue in your love and still be discontent? God forbid! Because your love is sweeter than honey and stronger than death, I find pleasure in your embrace forever my companion.

18. The thoughts in my heart are transient, but your love in my heart is permanent.

19. Though a thousand thoughts might overtake everything I know, your love is enough to quench the deepest conflict and bring tranquility to my raging soul. I love you more than a thousand times.

20. The expression of your love is like the attraction of a fish to the ocean. My attraction is overly towards you my love and my friend.

21. The sun and the moon bear witness to my love for you, it resounds throughout seasons and times without end. I love you very much.

22. The song of my heart is without rhythm without the expression of your love, I am forever indebted to you my love.

23. When I think about your unfailing love and your unending faithfulness, I pray not to lose you day by day my love.

24. The heavens may fade, the seas may dry and the wind may cease, but my love for you can never end my love.

25. My love for you is like gold tested in the fire that cannot lose its beauty nor lose its preciousness. My love for you is eternal.

26. It is no longer news that the preciousness of your love has stolen my heart, I live for no one but you my love.

27. No matter how raging the forces of the earth may rage against me, I will not lose the content of your love for me my love.

28. Like a dutiful housewife, I have found out that the only thing that gives pleasure to me is my service to your love and I wouldn’t stop being dedicated to your love come what may.

29. Stars may fall, Hills may fail and veils may tear, you remain my one and only lover. I love you forever.

30. You wouldn’t believe, I tattooed you in my heart forever, I cannot but live to honor you, my love.

Cute Texts That Will Make Him Cry

How do you make a guy fall deeply in love with you through text? Interesting, with words that are captivating and luring that flows from the depth of your heart. This surely will be composed of heart-touching messages to make him cry and of course, it will draw him near to you practically.

Have you ever wondered if you could express yourself to your BF without having issues with finding the best words to convey your thoughts? With cute text that will make him cry, you have your dish served the way you desire it. Let’s dive in.

31. Loving you has been the most interesting thing I have experienced, I desire to love you continually till I am lost in you.

32. When I considered how much I am lucky to have you, I pray every day never to lose you. Love me on, my love.

33. Beyond the perception of the observation, my love for you transcends all dimensions of revelation. You are all I need my love.

34. I am completely sold out to you. Even when I’m offered to be delivered from you, I desire to stay with you forever my love.

35. Do you know that for everything you have done for me, I have made you a god of my life. To adore you is better than silver and gold my love.

36. Beyond the ascent and the fluency of a lady, my love for you is expressed in a better way, coated with the reality of your distinction of grace and beauty, reserved for kings and those of royalty.

37. Like a river, my love for you flows from my heart from eternity to eternity. I know for sure that it would not run dry.

38. Your love is melodious to my heart, a piece of music to my soul, and a comfort to my mind, I will savor you all the days of my life my love.

39. I determine to love you because you are all that has ever happened to me that needs to be considered true. I hold you in great esteem, my love.

40. Just like a poem that is greatly written by the best of poets, your love has been the greatest poetic expression I have ever encountered. You are worth more than a million of them my love.

41. Whether I live or die, I live and die for you, my love. You are my reason for living.

42. You are a wound I would not want to heal up, a migraine I wouldn’t desire to disappear because I discovered that you are a force to reckon with and an experience that must linger for me to live my best life, my love. You are most special my love.

43. Ranging from the sky, measuring the length of an ocean, nothing can be compared to the love I have for you.

44. Walls are barriers, mountains are obstacles, oceans are limitations, but not enough to stop me from. loving you my love.

45. I attest to the fact that loving you has been my greatest benefit in this life, when I incarnate, I will surely find love with you, my love.

46. Strong words are not enough to drive home my emotions, all that needs to be said is right in my heart, I confess daily that my love for you is continually immovable, unrelenting, and all-consuming.

47. I wouldn’t know what to do unless I find you around me, you have completely engulfed me with your love. I never want to stay an inch away from you my love.

48. Like an ocean, I am overwhelmed, like the mountains, I am exceeded in height, like the trees, I am overgrown, just like your love, I am fully contained.

49. As gracious as the sun is, it cannot be compared to the graciousness of your love. It’s a spring of ever-flowing trust.

50. Your love is to me a song hewed out of the most precious emotions, it’s forever a treasure I will hold with uttermost importance.

51. Even when I think I am not worthy of your love, you still give me reasons why you are the only one made for me.

52. Just as heaven is one with the earth, sharing an ever established fellowship, I will forever share my love with you even when the heavens and the earth pass away.

53. Regardless of the obstacles that might hinder me from loving you, I will always find a path to love you. You are my gem forever.

54. Like an expensive gemstone, I will forever keep the fragrance of your love ever and forever.

55. Soundness and healthiness are all products of a healthy soul, you give me life every moment of my days.

56. The beauty of a daily sunrise lingers in my mind, whenever I think of your love for me, it’s as perfect as that sight continually.

57. The moments we spend together are like honey, sweet and memorable, without you life wouldn’t worth living.

Deep Love Messages to Make Him Cry

How do I make my boyfriend flustered? Simple! deep love messages to make him cry are the sweet fragrance of words composed out of deep feelings for him. They make him look for you even in his most terrible inconvenience.

More so, writing heart-touching love messages to makes him cry shows that you value your relationship with him. He would feel loved and increase his commitment towards the relationship you have built together.

You know that kind of feeling you have when you finish a task; a sigh of relief and soundness. Now let’s move on this journey to savor the words for love’s sake.

58. My love and my heart, my sustenance, and my comfort, I cherish you forever ever, even in my greatest dilemma, you remain my very own, you are my comforter.

59. What can I do without you? Nothing. You are all I can think of day and night, all I ever want to do is to spend all my days with you, my love.

60. Many days have passed since I regretted heartbreak, but when I met you, the narrative changed, you are the reason for my living my love.

61. While I thought that it was impossible to truly experience love, you came by and perfected everything about love to me. You showed me what I could be without love, but I desire to love, just because it’s you.

62. The truth is that you are a breath of fresh air and relief to my aching soul. You make me realize that the realities about love cannot be questioned. Love is sweet and you make me believe so my love.

63. Carrying thoughts about you gives me unimaginable peace, I am delivered from my continual trouble, you are very special to me.

64. When I think of you, I am refreshed, when I think of what you have done for me, I discovered that I can’t keep on living without you.

65. In my journeying, it’s obvious you are the fuel that powers my motion, without you I wouldn’t be able to move an inch. Such a wonderful friend you are.

66. Like the effulgence of light, you have filled my heart with your love, the brilliance has engulfed me as I cannot recover from it. Fill me more my love.

67. I find my source in you my love, never let the root of your love run dry, for you are my sustenance.

68. I find pleasure in your love because they are to me songs of a thousand inspiring years.

69. What will I do without you? You are the knight that holds my light in my night, my paths are clear with you and all I can do is to love and cherish you.

70. A million stories cannot tell of the originality of your love to me. You are an immortal gem of honor that has eternal value.

71. When the realities of your love became obvious to me, I became obsessed with the fact that anything that is not you seems like hell to me.

72. This is my conclusion, we are meant to be together even in the world to come my love.

73. When loneliness almost took my soul, you came around to and preached your love, I was found and never again to be alone.

74. My soul is overly knitted to you, you are my strong tower, the base of all my romantic desires.

75. You are so important to me that when you call at any hour of the day, I will answer, even in the middle of the night, I will run out of bed to hold tight to you.

76. Your love means so much to me, even a legion of soldier cannot deter me from expressing my love for you.

77. The truth is that you are the source of my joy, the element of surprise that God has given to me, the beauty of life that has been expressed to me by nature, you are the best that has ever happened to me.

78. Unlike two countries separated by boundaries, we are without boundaries, we are one forever my love.

79. Carry me on your journey, I am ready to follow you till all I know is you. You’ve bought me over by your love.

80. Sing on your song of love, it mesmerizes me continually, I don’t know what to do without your love

81. I am always desperate, always expectant to receive you to myself, stay with me never to leave again.

82. You’ve won my heart, your charms burn within me, I don’t know how to escape your snare, you have captured me. What will I do without you, my love?

83. Your love perfumes than the scent of the beautiful daffodils, even when everything looks dry and hopeless, you’ve shown me that your scent can revive me.

84. I am not known to be strong, but you have been my strength and my courage, my defense in times of fear. You are such a strong tower, my love.

85. Before I met you, my communications are as dry as the desert sand, but my encounter with you has sharpened me. You are my intelligent hero, my love.

86. My gaze is only to you, my observations are reserved for you because in you I find my joy, my strength, and my vigor.

87. Your love has filled my eyes, whenever I see you, I am excited, elated, and motivated to love you more.

Love Texts That Will Make Him Cry

What to text to make him feel special? If this has been your question all the while, heart-touching love messages to make him cry shows that beam of light that would set your BF on fire to look for you even when you think it’s not necessary to be around.

No sooner than you have started talking, he has started doing something else. Why would that be if I may have asked? Love texts that will make him cry are a sure way to get his attention and make sure he becomes your darling of all time. He would drool over your thought and even buy you that special gift that you have always craved for.

88. It’s always a big deal when it comes to doing other things, but when I see you I am strengthened to do all things.

89. Like a bird free from the fowler’s snare, a fish, delivered from a fisher’s nest, your love has made me free, free from all life troubles. Why would I not pour my love into you?

90. All my days, I have waited for the one who will help me see what love truly is, but you came through and made me realize all I need to know about love, you demystified it and showed it to me in its true essence.

91. Does true love really exist? Yes! You made me know that you are the pattern of all that is true and good. My gratitude exceeds the heights of the mountain. To be candid, I’ve never experienced love until you came around. I love you so much, my love.

92. What an inspiration you have become, your love has made me see, know and understand the realities of life’s expressions. Your love has been my teacher and my confidant. I cherish you so much, my love.

93. You are my breath of fresh, my piquancy of good things, and the splendid of life’s grace, you are all I would desire, cherish and worship my love.

94. No stronghold is strong enough to let you down, my love for you is permanent, an everlasting covenant and a continual pledge of faithfulness is accrued to you, my love.

95. I’m overly filled and drunk with the portions of your love, and I cannot be revived, how can I be free from it? Now I know that I am destined to become your own forever.

96. Oh! Now I know that you are all that is true to me, finding you means finding life. should I lose you, then I’ll die. I have decided to live, so you are mine forever.

97. My laughter, my joy, and my excitement. I will love you with all I have no matter what comes my way.

98. All other men make me mad but only you make me glad.

99. I’ve lived the honor of calling you friend, now I drool under the golden delight of calling you. my lover!

100. The way I fall for you is faster than the speed of a cheetah.

101. I live with you during the day and dream of you all night.

102. My love for you is competing with the mahogany cos I don’t know which is taller.

103. There are two kinds of men. There is you and then there are all other men.

104. They call you five shades of grey. For each shade, I love you five times more.

105. I cannot stop loving you, even Judas cannot betray this emotion.

106. You are one loving man better than a thousand loveless men.

107. I know I’m in love with you cos no sooner have I slept than I begin to see you in my dreams every time.

108. Your love fills my heart. Your thoughts split my face and your gentle touch stills my soul. My Awning, you make my heart skips always.

109. My love for you is so great a ladder. I’d never see its end any day. I love you cutie pie.

110. The thoughts of your love revolve over me always like a fan. It keeps me cool even when I am feeling the heat.

111. Your love for me brought out my heart from its hiding place. I am so grateful for making me see the real me through your pure love.

112. How can I not love you? To not love you is to not breathe and to not breathe is to be dead. I choose life!

113. The thought of aging looks appealing if it’s gonna happen with you still by my side.

114. I’ve heard people say they became fools because of love. However, your love has made me wiser cos I now recognize true love!

115. I’m forever young cos you would forever love me!

116. Time is always at disadvantage any time I’m with you. Your love shrinks time and space

117. Your love for me makes me wonder if I was wasting my heart before you showed up.

118. The sound of your voice, the captivating fragrance of your cologne, the sweet aroma of your love, all engulfs me. I can’t do without you being close to me always. I love you, my sweetheart.

119. You are my deepest wave that sinks the ship of heartache I experienced before I met you. You washed away my pain like the tidal waves washes the shore and make it free from debris. You make my life look and smell fresh. I love you forever!

120. Shine on! Mi Amor you’ve got my heart entwined in yours, we are inseparable.

Having gone through touching love messages to make him cry written especially for the one whom your heartbeats for, you would agree with me that the best way to communicate your deepest feelings to the love of your life is through these deep love messages.

Don’t just make use of it without spreading the good news to your girlfriends too. Be the girl! Share these well-drafted sweet love messages and make their boyfriends feel special as you are doing right now.

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