100 Sweetest Birthday Messages for Mother Long Distance

birthday messages for mother long distance

Time and distance! Two things tend to determine the moments we can spend with our loved ones. We must, however, be smarter than time and distance. Do you want to know how? By just sending birthday messages for mother long distance, you would be surprised to see the magic it could do in putting a smile on your mother’s face and as well showing her how time and distance can cause no limit to your bond.

While you were close, time did put a strain on how much you could have been closer and shown how greatly you appreciate her. Now, though distance determines to pull you farther apart, we could curb that by sending heart-touching birthday messages for mom long distance on her special day to make her feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Sure nothing can replace being right in the same place with her. However, words are strong representatives of personalities. Therefore, you can let these tokens of wishes, prayers, and messages be a ‘stand-in’ for you. They are written with sincere words, words so real, that your mother would find it difficult to still believe that you are miles apart.

Search through it all, enjoy and make sure to send some. They are the best birthday messages for mothers long distances you could find to send to all cute mothers out there.

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Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Mother

So, it’s another special day and a time to celebrate the best person in your life, but she’s so far away. You know what? There’s no big deal in that. Rather than brood over not being there to celebrate with her, you can send some long-distance birthday wishes for mother to her.

These long-distance birthday wishes for mothers are written with a special tone strong enough to make up for the time spent apart from each other. You’ll be glad to experience how words can strengthen the bond of affection between us and our loved ones.

We know you miss her so much, but as we said earlier, now is definitely not the time to sulk and be sad because she’s not close by. Let’s use the weapon of words embedded in these meaningful birthday lines for mother long distance to close down the distance between both of you. Do you want to know how? Then read on!

1. The affection that you have shown over the years is not a disguise. It is ever genuine as the heart is true in every living human. I wish this day that every blessing you have wished for becomes so tangible to you. Happy birthday, mother!

2. I have been misguided a lot, but you kept getting me back on track. So even though we are miles apart, your words to me have made me stable and ever-focused. I wish you a year void of disappointments, but full of focus and more achievements. Happy birthday dear mother!

3. You are not just a mother, not just any mom, but my mom! The fact that you weren’t sent to anyone but me is a testimony that God has made me blessed. May this year bring you more blessings on every side. Happy birthday to the most blessed woman!

4. Many joyous and cheerful returns I wish you this day as you clock another year. It’s always a pleasure to announce to the world every day. That my mother and confidant is also my friend and sister. Not many mothers can fill all such gaps in one’s life. Your place in my heart remains despite the distance. Happy birthday, mom!

5. I miss you so much this day mother, however, the colors you have added to my life are a stand-in’ for your absence here today. Happy birthday, mom, and I desire that this new season of your life be full of activations of all the beautiful wishes you have ever thought of. Happy birthday, mother!

6. Others can only fill-in, in but never replace you. You are endowed with so much. To me, you are a combination of all good gifts that could ever be in creation. Thank you for being there always, even in your absence. Happy birthday.

7. I just can’t escape being happy when you are. As well as being sad when you are. You are a perfect element of radiation. You spread what you have so fast. The such influence you have mother even when you are far away. Thank you for being here for me, I wish you abundance on this day. Happy birthday ma’am!

8. When I face puzzles in life. You speak words that arrange them right in my head. At confusing junctions of life, I make no decisions without your consent. Many think this is a weakness for me. Little do they know that you’re my strength, all the time and everywhere. Happy birthday, my ROCK.

9. Right from the womb of this great woman, I learned to love and make peace. As you rocked me gently, even till I was born. I’m now in a world of love that knows peace and shows it all around. Happy birthday to the one who has transformed me. You are ever in my heart.

10. You were right below and above all the mountains I had to climb. Giving me a bold start, and pulling me to the top. You deserve all credit mother. Even now, though far, I feel you encouraging me all the way. Happy birthday to you!

11. To my most treasured possession and the one who values me most. You have made room for me at every point in life to be well cared for. From your womb to your heart. It’s been the best place for me and would ever be as feel myself close to you always, though far physically. May you be known by the world as a great treasure indeed. Happy birthday to mom!

12. You have so much wealth, with the right heart to share them with all around you. I hope everyone around you there knows your value as much as I do. It’s a blessing to have you as my mom. Happy birthday ma’am.

13. You were born with the fate to be my mom. I love this path I’ve walked with you. So delighted to be part of you. Happy birthday, ma. I’ll never look down on you, but I’ll always look up to you. You mean more to me than what distance and time can define.

14. Thank you for nourishing me while I was inside of you and even in the outside world. Your words and prayers have built me up and made me so stable. My roots now are so strong, and no wind of life can uproot it. Happy birthday, ma. Thank you.

15. You are more than ‘one in a million.’ You are one in a countless number of mothers. If all mothers could go to the extent you went for me. Then the world would make progress daily. Happy birthday, mom. You deserve the best awards in the world.

16. I would have been so marred a vessel for the world. You are the skillful potter behind my very good shape. In heart and in deeds, I’m so happy, I feel better and well-refined. My heart blesses you greatly. Happy birthday, my potter!

17. If the earth would experience more bliss, it definitely needs more mothers like you. Happy birthday and have a blissful year ahead.

18. You are a great gift from above. My world cherishes and adores you so much. Happy birthday mom! I wish you great and beautiful gifts this year. And I send beautiful kisses of love to you over there.

19. A great piece you made out of me. I believe I’m your masterpiece. Your attention to me is so stunning. I do pray that I fulfill your wishes for me and make you proud. Happy birthday dear mother.

20. Even when the circumstances around me give me the feeling that I have been deserted. I know surely that you are by me. Not seeing you but knowing you are here hugging me passionately. I send love and hugs on this day too. Embrace them, please. Happy birthday, mother!

Birthday Wishes from Long Distance Quotes for Mother

Let’s get on and touch the depth of our mothers’ hearts with birthday wishes from long-distance quotes for mothers.

The beauty of words is that you can make dreams appear so real in them. Make fantasies become reality and close up miles swiftly in the twinkle of an eye. These and many more experience is brought together as birthday wishes from long-distance quotes for mother so you can send as many wishes as you want to your long-distance mom and make her feel so close and loved at the same time.

Here we have skillfully arranged words that would paint pictures of different memories in your mom’s heart, despite the distance. Think of any expression you could show her and you would find them here from these cute birthday texts for mother long distance. They are indeed lovely wishes drawn from beautiful quotes.

Calmly read below these nicely scribbled birthday wishes from long-distance quotes for sweet mothers.

21. From all views and perspectives. Moms are the best structure. Always combining the abilities of both parents. I celebrate you and wish you more excellent strength this day ma. Happy birthday.

22. What need is there to evaluate your strength and capacity? It is obviously the strength of the family and the world at large. You remain my pillar and the world’s strength wherever you are this day. Happy birthday, mom.

23. It doesn’t matter where you are at this moment and this day. You are special and unique to me and nature. So I send my wishes this day and do hope the trees, flowers, seas, rocks, and all of nature that surrounds you celebrate you expressly. Happy birthday my love.

24. A full expression of what affection is and a complete picture of a life to be envied is who you are. Happy birthday, mother, as I wish this day that you forever live a life worthy of emulation. I’m proud to be called your exact ‘carbon copy’ in all aspects.

25. The clouds are gathered already. To pour down a rain of love upon you. Mothers rule nature, even ‘mother nature’ knows and respects this. Happy birthday, mother.

26. My heart beats because of you. Your words fuel my heart’s beat. Happy birthday to the one who keeps me going. My ride through life is ever smooth because of your words of encouragement. Even in your absence, they have ever kept me going.

27. I’m not even getting the feeling that you are away from here. Not because I’ve taken your presence for granted, but because I’ve learned to keep you in my heart always. It’s amazing how well it has worked for me. Happy birthday ma’am!

28. I’m very sure my soul knit with yours from the very first moment I entered your womb. Nothing can break us apart. I wish that this bond of love brings more strength to your heart. Happy birthday to the best love being I’ve ever met.

29. You have stayed in my heart longer than you can ever be absent from it. A minute with you is like a whole day. Definitely, these few moments away would not take away our wonderful moments from my memory. Happy birthday, mother. Your heart remains blessed.

30. You rule in my heart. Therefore you rule nations. Do you know why? You have shown abilities that were hidden in me and set me as a champion to the world. Happy birthday mother and I wish you the greatest happiness that a mother could experience seeing a child excel.

31. Whether or not we are miles apart. You’ll always never be far from my heart. Have a blessed birthday and many happy returns.

32. Forever is time still so long. You were made to enjoy the Lord’s blessing every single day and forever. Happy birthday, mother.

33. Loud cheers to you this day mother. Bask on in the wishes, hugs, and kisses sent to you, not just today, but every single day of the year. Happy birthday beloved mother.

34. May this year, the next, and all your years be as evergreen as the rainforest leaves. Happy birthday dear mother. Missing you greatly, but your memories are evergreen in my heart.

35. You’re an expensive kind. I can’t find any as costly as you. All around you and from far away, you’re the best. So I give you a special treat. From my heart, I make a toast to you. Many happy returns of the day!

36. I knew the end from the start. From the moment I arrived in your womb until I came to this world and found myself in your arms. I’ve had the assurance that my destination in life is blessed, seeing my beginning with you was blessed. Happy birthday, mom.

37. Your kind can only be special from above. Today I celebrate your wonderful heart. Happy birthday, mother. I pray that all of the heavens’ blessings be poured on you this day.

38. I give a toast to the most beautiful heart and woman. Who happens to be my mother. Happy birthday, mom.

39. Your words would make up my world. Each and every instruction have been a material relevant to build wisely. Thank you for teaching me to build solidly in life. Happy birthday, mother. How I wish your birthday comes every month! my mother!

40. My ride through life is the best and smoothest. From birth till now, I ride on your words. Happy birthday ma’am.

Happy Birthday Across the Miles for Mother Who is Far Away

We know there are dreams moms let go of because of their families. That’s why on this special day of theirs; it would be nice and thoughtful of you to remember mothers, especially, those far away, and send them happy birthdays across the miles for ‘mother who is far away.’

Though we cannot make up for the dreams mother gives up, we can at least send her happy birthday across the miles for ‘mother who is far away to assure her that we truly appreciate her sacrifices.

Even though we know she gladly and readily forfeited some of those aspirations, we would still send her birthday messages to mothers far away to express our unending gratitude.

Here are the birthday sms for mothers long distance that are worth sending to great moms all over the world. Distance would never be a barrier to expressing our love to them, they’re worth it.

41. I desire the best portions of the earth’s blessings for you. You are the best portion of mothers yourself. Happy birthday mom! Wherever you are, you will get the best portions of life.

42. You’re the paradise I have flourished in all my years. I pray that God gives you the best place in paradise. Happy birthday, mother!

43. Happy birthday, mother. Whenever you’re missing me, just check your barn, it’s so full of my hearts’ wishes and prayers for you.

44. Though my heart longs for you right now, I’ll look deep within my heart again and be encouraged by the feeling that you are right there. Happy birthday mom!

45. Birthday wishes for a mother’s birthday need not be full of many words, but the words that describe worth and value. Happy birthday ma’am. I value you always.

46. Though we’re so distant this day, my wishes to you would take just a few moments to get to you. That’s how swift love travels! Happy birthday, mother.

47. May angels usher in every good thing for you this day. For you have the very heart of an angel. Happy birthday, mother!

48. The distance is so long, but though my wishes are written in short words, it carries enough to cover up the space between us. Happy birthday mom!

49. You are such a substance that can fill up every vacuum in a person’s life. Happy birthday, mother. I wish that you truly grow in value and essence to me and the world while you are away. Can’t wait to see you again ma’am!

50. People may not understand my enthusiasm this day. It’s all because I strongly desire, that this day ushers in better experiences for you this year. Happy birthday!

51. May your heart open up to the joy prepared for you this season. Have a blissful season, it’s meant for you to flourish. Happy birthday, mother.

52. The seasons will fulfill my desires for you in this new year of yours. Happy birthday, mom.

53. I’m your fairy this day, granting your wishes as you pray. Happy birth anniversary.

54. All your troubles will wither this day and you’ll never see them again. Happy birthday, mother.

55. May you be pampered with love as you’ve done in years past to your loved ones. Happy birthday.

56. You’re the combination of a different flavors of affection I had ever tasted. I hope you enjoy this day mom, happy birthday.

57. Not just will this day be significant, but the year also. All the times I’ve spent with you have been ever unique. This moment away seems just like a period of trial, but reminiscing our times together, I’m ever grateful and the experiences always stand out strong in my memory. Happy birthday, mom.

58. We’re at your service mother, to serve you as you order all that you want today. Don’t bother about how to deliver them to you. It’ll all come with the words of wishes and prayers that I send to you this day. Happy birthday, mother!

59. You’re the best cook, the best heart, the best in all things and all places. You deserve the best of all. Happy birthday, mother!

60. A happy birthday mom. Sit back and enjoy the ride that your anniversary has brought you. Full of sweetness and blessedness.

Birthday Prayer for Mother

The number of gifts she gets today may make words of thanks roll out of your mother’s lips without a stop to it. But as she reads this prayer, she would be astonished and left speechless with the intensity of the love springing from your heart to her in this birthday prayer for mother.

Prayer is an ointment that heals hurt and leaves nothing but joy there. I am definitely sure that your birthday messages for mum long distance would be incomplete without a birthday prayer for mother. As the birthday prayer for mother would affirm your love for her in a greater dimension.

So, pick one or two of these and send them as a birthday prayer for your mother. Connect her with her creator for a moment, and you’ll be glad you did!

61. You’ve given all your heart. So, you deserve all my heart can give. Prayers that capture all your heart desires, are what I’m sending to you today. Happy birthday, mother!

62. May peace, love, joy, favor, blessing, and every good thing of life be yours this season in a spectacular dimension. All of it would come in different bright colors to make your life so beautiful this day and forever. Happy birthday, mom!

63. I can not but wish that your life becomes as beautiful as every flower on the earth. Let each beautiful flower and its fragrance be replicated in your life this day and forever. Happy birthday, sweet mother!

64. As you celebrate this day mother, count all your problems as nothing. They will surely vanish away with the former season as the Lord ushers in another season for you. Happy birthday!

65. You will get this day a special package from the Lord. It would stand out significantly as a symbol of love, such as you have never received before. Happy birthday, mom!

66. I pray that every day of this new year, your life experiences remarkable developments and achievements. Happy birthday, ma!

67. You have just finished a phase of life and you’re entering into another. I pray that all disappointments of the past pass away with the former. Welcome to a new phase with significant changes and accomplishments.

68. May you receive the full package of goodness meant for you this day. Enjoy it through the year, and be grateful at the end of it all. Happy birthday, mother!

69. Happy birthday dear mother. You’ll forever enjoy the innumerable love, mercy, and goodness of the Lord. It’s countless, and I pray that to you it is unending.

70. Though my prayer for you this day seems short and little. But I pray that it unfolds great and wonderful blessings for you in this new season of your life. Happy birthday, mom.

71. I assure you today that your imaginations are too small compared to the riches and wealth love, grace, and strength packaged for you. Happy birthday, mother.

72. From my childhood till now, I have blessed you with my heart. May God bring all my heart as ever said to bless you right from my tender age up till now and flood you with it. Happy birthday, mother.

73. Even no one notices how special you are and how unique this day is to you, me, and the world. The angels know already, and that’s why they are bringing in blessings from all corners of the earth. Happy birthday, mother.

74. So, some challenges are passed. There’s bound to be more, but I pray this day that your strength becomes stronger than the winds of discouragement and troubles. Happy birthday, mom.

75. This day is a special day in this year, this century, and also the whole of your life. Do you know why? All of your heart’s desire has been brought to remembrance and are sent to the Lord once again. Be assured that answers would come quickly. Happy birthday, mom.

76. May you get so soaked with blessings that every trouble will be flooded so far away and never be able to come near you again. Happy birthday ma’am.

77. I pray that your feet are granted strength and firmness to stay unshakable by the winds of adversities and challenges. Happy birthday, mother.

78. There’s a wing of help for you this season. Prepare your heart to fly so high and steadily over all obstacles and challenges. Happy birthday, mother, soar on!

79. My heart’s prayer is that the Lord will bring sweet relief to your past pain and hurt. It’s the beginning of a new time in your life. Happy birthday, mother.

80. You are super in all that you do. I pray that your life is filled with the best of all the things you could ever wish for. Happy birthday, mother. You are simply the best pal I have on this side of eternity. I love you so much, mom.

Top Birthday Messages for Mother Long Distance

It’s good to convey our thoughts as wishes, quotes, speeches, or poems to loved ones, especially mothers. However, one could also carefully script thoughts out in words as long-distance birthday messages for mom.

Their deeds are so vast and so are our thoughts about them. Wrapped up in these birthday sms for mother long distance are messages for your mom, friend’s mom, foster mom, mother-in-law, and everyone who stands as a mother figure in your life.

You’ll find every thought so meaningfully suitable as a birthday text for a mother long-distance and relevant to all your heart has ever wanted to and still wants to utter out to mothers.

Read through, send and as well share these birthday wishes for my mother who is far away.

81. You’ve crossed the lines for me. Breaking boundaries to reach out to me from far and near. Happy birthday, mother!

82. The fountain of your love baffles me. It never dries and you are never tired of releasing yourself to me even from far away. Happy birthday, mother.

83. Hearing me out in times of trouble. What an awesome mother you are! I could have kept all to myself, and carried a heavy heart all about. Now my heart is so light, and I’m free from burdens and fear, knowing you’ll always carry them for me everywhere you go. Thanks and happy birthday!

84. The virtues you have and have given amaze me. I didn’t know this early until my life changed and became so different. Happy birth anniversary, mother.

85. Rainfall and sunshine you bring to my world. I see no other face in the rainbow aside from you. Happy birthday to the one who makes my world beautiful, may your life be filled with different colors of good things.

86. Right there from where you are, your smile is spread all over the sky for me to look up to for encouragement. Happy birthday, mom. I wish you unending happiness.

87. Softly but lovely, are your gestures over the years. Firm and right were the measures you took to make me a better person. Happy birthday, mother!

88. Your deeds are so mighty mom, and it’s too wide such that words are too little to describe them. Happy birthday, mother!

89. The horizon displays your beauty and affection. It is beyond every narrow mind. Happy birthday, mother. Every corner of the world you get to is always blessed because of you. I assured you that you are a blessing over there.

90. You are one person who’s an influence on me and this charm has spread from the past to the present and remains till the future. I’ll always stay on your principles, whether I have you around or not. Happy birthday, mom.

91. Happy birthday, mother. You’re a stream of love that ever flows for the sake of your loved ones. You’ve got no boundaries as you flow on, and that’s why I still feel you right here. Your love is new every day!

92. The view I had before about the world was so hazy. My interaction with you changed my view, now my sight is so clear. Thank you and happy birthday!

93. In your tree of affection, your branches bare different dimensions of your love. I still enjoy the fruits of your affectionate tree. Happy birthday, mom.

94. I’m aware that you have been pained, though you covered up with your smile always. Happy birthday, mom, I pray that this day ushers in joy without end.

95. How you read me like an open book is astonishing. I love it and I know my secrets are safe with you everywhere you go. Happy birthday, mom.

96. Your eyes, hands, and every part of you speak to me. Over the years, I’ve learned to understand your gestures. It has communicated so many great things to my heart. Happy birthday, mom.

97. You are a building of great ethics and love combined. Thank you for making me learn all of this. Now I can stand for the right things everywhere and whenever. Happy birthday!

98. There are bonds that could fail, and there are some that could never fail. Ours is one that can never fail. Happy birthday, mother. I feel so strongly close to you and even more every day.

99. You’re a light that serves as a guide everywhere you go! Happy birthday my sunshine.

100. You plant very good deeds everywhere you go. The one you found here still lingers. Thank you for being so wonderful. Happy birthday, mother. Never stop being the way you are.

101. As an endless ocean that flows ceaselessly, so does your love flows without end to me and the entire family, I know you’re my sweet mother with a heart of gold. Happy birthday, mother, the one who gives me no reason to falter.

You’ll be surprised at how much you would have painted so many emotions on your mother’s heart and face.

It’s indeed a great idea to communicate with your mother who’s at a long distance with birthday quotes for mother long distance.

This token of birth date messages for mothers long distance is a gift of our love to all great moms living far away from their loved ones, either temporarily or permanently, (and I mean ‘all moms’ because definitely, all moms are indeed great).

Do not forget to send and share birthday sms for mother long distance with friends. Spread the love for moms at long distances.

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