70 Unique Birthday Wishes for Fighting Friends

Birthday Wishes for Fighting Friends

I know sometimes it can be really difficult to send a ‘thank you note‘ for moments spent together in the past or happy birthday wishes to a friend, girlfriend (wife), boyfriend (Husband), best friend, or colleague at work you’re already in a fight with.

Besides, I’ve you thought of the fact that “sending birthday wishes” could be a great avenue to settling any dispute between the two of you? Ideally, every person will find it quite remarkable when they see happy birthday messages or quotes pop up with your name on them, regardless of the misunderstanding.

Remember, it’s not new that human beings are capable of misunderstanding each other for different reasons. But more importantly, it’s also true that we can’t stay angry forever when we think of the fact that love is more powerful than reason.

Touching birthday wishes for fighting friends have been put together to bridge the gap between the two of you. Therefore, make a lasting impression today by sending to that your friend best wishes here.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Fighting Friends

Sending unique birthday wishes to your friend with the hope of restoring that beautiful bond of friendship on his or her birthday regardless of the misunderstanding between the two of you is the mature way of making things work again as they ought to be between the two of you.

1. I know we have our differences but regardless of what has happened between us, I choose you overall because you are so special to me. I wish you a prosperous birthday. Where’s the birthday party, friend?

2. Though things might have turned sour this last week, I want you to know that I love you and on this day of your birthday I wish you all the good things in life. Have a blast, my dear friend.

3. Hey sweet friend, it’s your special day. You of all people know me better than anyone else, in fact, I could go on to say you know me better than myself. You have rocked the ups and downs with me. Trust me, I sure know I can count on you when I need someone to stand by me. I’m coming over my bestie, let’s rock your birthday together.

4. Happy birthday, my dear friend and colleague. You are the only person as an associate at work who make my life really meaningful and interesting. Therefore, I’m going to make this day a special one for you no matter the existing difficulties between us and leggo, buddy!

5. I’m not flattering you, dear friend, you are the most incredible individual in my life. I wish you a happy birthday and I hope to be there soon to spice up every single moment with you today. It’s a special day indeed.

6. Darling, your tender love and your weird anger, both to a degree are unique for you and both have undoubtedly helped me in the most amazing way. On this day, I pray that your life will be full of happiness and joyful experiences. Have an amazing happy birthday, my love.

7. I am blessed with an amazing friend on this special day. I enjoy everything time with you regardless of what has happened between us. You are a wonderful person to me. Happy birthday, pal.

8. It’s dawned on me today that even the so-called unfavorable outcome between us has turned out to be the best day of my life and everything has happened for reason. You remain my best friend forever. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

9. Who else understands my heart even before I utter a single word but you? You are totally lovely and kind to me. Have a beautiful birthday, darling angel.

10. We are going to have a blast and fun to the fullest because today is your birthday and. I’ll be there when you blow off all the candles on the cake. You are that friend that’s impossible to replace in my life. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, bestie.

11. I’m indebted to lightening your birthday as your special friend and I can never forget your amazing personality. Happy birthday, buddy.

12. I want you to know that at every instance I think of you, my love. I look back deeply into my life and think of every beautiful moment we’ve shared together, that means a lot to me. Happy birthday to you, my love.

13. I can barely imagine happiness without you, darling. Heartfelt wishes to the most beautiful angel in my world. Happy birthday, dear.

14. Thanks for being there, honey. You know all about me, but you are still by my side at every moment of my inadequacies and love me still. Happy birthday, love.

15. Your dreams are big and I’m so glad that you have a great mind. So, I wish you on this special day that may all your beautiful dreams come swiftly true, and may you always reach your goals and aspirations. Happy birthday, bestie.

16. In this relationship, I want to stay with you forever. We are going to turn it up tomorrow for your special day. Happy birthday, lovely friend.

17. We are going to treasure these special moments of our friendship forever. You have my love, happy birthday, my love.

18. You have my heart forever and so will I. This moment of your birthday is so precious darling and We’ll make it a memory for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, love.

19. I promise that I will make this birthday the most special day of your life. We’re going to have a blast as if there is no tomorrow, buddy. Happy birthday to you.

20. You need someone special who can share both tears and happiness with you. I got your back, dear friend. Happy birthday.

21. A friend need not always be a sibling or your life partner. But a good and special friend sticks closer than a brother sometimes. I can see and feel that special friend in you. Have a great birthday, my lovely friend.

22. I wish you an amazing and interesting birthday. On this special day of yours, I wish that you have a lot of joy like a river and very great laughter just like the one of my two-year-old baby girl… Smiles! Have a blast birthday, buddy.

23. On this special day, dear friend. I wish you all the happiness in this world and a very great blast. Have a blast birthday, buddy.

24. Here come the sweetest hug and a lot of love in your jumbo jet. Have a wonderful day and wish you true ecstasy today. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

25. When you give me a hug, it wipes off all my tears and a small charm on your face brings a laugh to my face. Happy birthday, friend.

26. You know, I have you as the one and only special person in my life and you have always been there for me. Thank you and many more happy returns of this day.

27. Yes, you added another year today, just as our friendship has grown one year older today too. It is on this day we met each other and become best friends for the rest of our lives. Have a great birthday, my friend.

28. Our friendship is one in a million and I’m all the more grateful that you’ve become such a great friend to me. Happy birthday, buddy.

29. I’ve baked your cake, I have beautified the room and you have all the special gifts on this special day. Happy birthday, friend.

30. You have many special wishes coming your way. May your joy knows no end. Enjoy your day and have a great blast, buddy.

31. All the goodies are arranged for you because a special person like you should always be treated in a special way. Have a great birthday, buddy.

32. You are that unique best friend in my life who cannot be conveyed in words only. I love you so much, Happy birthday.

33. I wish you more goodness and the happiest things today and many more of such birthdays. Have a happy birthday and stay blessed, my great friend.

34. Hey sweet friend, you are such a friend that everyone would pray to have. You are so incredible. Happy birthday, dear friend.

35. You have all those essential and distinguishing attributes that a best friend should have and I am so happy that you are my bestie. Have a great birthday, my friend.

Cute Birthday Paragraphs

Birthday Wishes for Fighting Friends

Cute birthday paragraphs for him or her will go a long way to show how you care about that friend of yours. Send these wishes now and see how things turn around for the both of you.

36. My earnest prayer today is that there will be no end to celebrating your birthday and more so, there will be no end to our friendship. I’m honored to be your best friend. Have a happy and blessed birthday, my bestie.

37. I have found you to be indispensable and I know it is hard to get someone as good as you. You always make my day, Happy birthday, my bestie.

38. I always wanted my friend to be kind and lovable. You are always there for me and you’ve wiped my tears. Your gestures have been a pleasure. This is important to me, my friend. Have a blast today. Blessed birthday to you.

39. It’s true we see every now and then, but I keep missing you the moment I go away from you. You are such a blessed person to me. Happy many returns of your day.

40. I really cannot do or think of anything else more special without you being the most important person I consider first. Stay with me and let us rock many more such birthdays, buddy.

41. Like the old saying: “It is always a great feeling when you have the best people around you, whom you love so well and whose company you love the most.” You’re such a person to me, happy birthday best buddy.

42. I call you my best buddy. It feels great to have you as my best friend in my life Thanks for being there whenever I needed you. Happy birthday, handsome friend.

43. Someone like you with a heart of gold can be found very rarely. So, I am going to make this day really memorable for you. Happy birthday, my lovely special friend.

44. I have a lot of surprisals for you on this special day, I am happy that I have found you as my amiable friend. Keep your fingers crossed, you have many more coming on your way. Happy birthday, dear.

45. I was so lonely before I found you. Thankfully, God could see all my loneliness and sent you my way because you are so special. I am so glad that this special person has turned into my bestie. Happy birthday, dear friend.

46. You are the truest definition of a good friend and nothing can separate us for life. Happy birthday, bestie.

47. The remembrance of you brings the right meaning of a faithful friend. God bless you for all the special moments we spent together. I wish you an amazing birthday, friend.

48. Now, I understand that it is not only by blood relation we can have the best of connection in life. Thanks for being the reason for my happiness. Happy birthday to you.

49. Every moment that I’ve spent with you was a true celebration for me. Here, I’ve come today to make your day special with all that is possible for me. Have a great birthday, my lovely friend.

50. You are special to me and you are definitely a person to cherish. I have a lot of surprises and gifts for you, but my only request is your presence for the rest of my life. Happy birthday, buddy.

51. Did you anytime hear about the super selfless person? They are really one in a million. Luckily, I have such a person in my life and that’s who you are to me. Here on this special day, I wish you a very prosperous and blessed birthday.

52. I know we’ve fought with each other in so many ways. But there is something unique in all those fights because we reconcile as fast as possible and that is why I love you the most in this world. Have a blessed birthday, bestie.

53. You’ve helped me understand life and how to really enjoy it. You have always made things easy for me, while you always faced the hardest part. Happy birthday, friend.

54. You’re always smart and true to your word. I can’t ask for a better friend. Happy birthday to you.

55. I’m so blessed, God has sent a wonderful and lifetime gift to me. Yes, it is a special gift to me and that is you. You are so important to me and I like to be your friend forever. Happy birthday, my dear best friend.

56. Let us rock this day and welcome one more gracious year into the list of our best moments together. Have a rocking birthday, my sunshine.

57. Dear brother, It is very easy to notice your absence. Your presence gives me a lot of happiness and your absence makes me so lonely. This is the unique difference you bring to my life. Your presence is so important to me. Have a happy birthday, brother.

58. You are a year older today and in good health and prosperity. But on the other side, have you realized that our friendship has turned stronger and deeper with another year through the ups and downs? This is commendable, I must say. Have a very happy birthday, my friend.

59. It’s really hard for anyone to find a better person than you. On this special day, I would like to thank you for bringing so much awesomeness to my life and for making me really admirable. Happy birthday to my special friend.

60. In life, we differentiate between friends and family. That was really easy for me until I met you. Once you came into my life, you have become more than just a friend, you are part of me now, whom I need at every stage of my life. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

61. No matter how many people I encounter in life, you are going to remain my bestie forever. You know, right from the first day we met, you are the most special buddy in my life. I want you to be the same for the rest of my days on earth. Happy birthday, bestie.

62. Hey sweetie pie, do you remember those beautiful moments that we spent together? You were my bestie, the best partner ever, in something good or something naughty as well. I want you to be the same now and always. Have a great birthday bash, my love.

63. My love, here comes the best cake ever with loads of excitement and candles. Love to show how special you are my beautiful angel. Have a special birthday, love.

64. You are the best encouragement in my life. With your help, I have survived many hard times and that is all because you care for and love me. I want this kind of gesture for a lifetime. Happy birthday, dearest.

65. Be my bestie forever! It’s true I have a lot of friends on my list. But you are that just one friend I will need at any point in my life. You are that special friend whom I really admire always. Happy birthday to the truest friend.

66. You are the major reason I can look back on my life and feel that I have lived my life the way I always wanted to live it. God bless you so much for being the reason behind my dreams coming true in life. Happy birthday to my very special friend.

67. May your happiness be rich in all you do. Thank you for being a special you. Thank you for not giving up on our friendship. Happy birthday, my friend.

68. I could sing through the day about how special you are to me and how you have added striking color to my life. Wishing you a very special birthday, dear friend.

69. Life is good. Each minute is sweet. What’s important in life is you are here with me always. You know I love you and wish you the very best, friend.

70. I celebrate today with you in a very special and different way, just like the way you’ll like it to be celebrated. Happy birthday to you my friend.

71. You have no idea how your smile and warmheartedness have been a blessing to me. We are friends forever because nothing can come between us. Happy birthday, my dearest friend.

I know I can count on you to share these lovely birthday wishes to make the world a better place. Thanks so much.

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