Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students

2022 Best Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students

Many times, we celebrate people’s departure much more than their arrival. Just take a close look at that thought. I’m sure you are amazed at how true it is! With these farewell speech for teachers by students, you’ll get to understand how to distinctively bid a good farewell to a well-deserved teacher, even school principal, headmistress or headmaster.

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Can you remember writing a speech to welcome your teachers? Guess the answer is on the negative. There’s absolutely no reason for blame though. The reason is simple, you were just meeting him or her. Now that you have spent so much time knowing them and it’s time for them to leave, you cannot wait to write the best farewell speech for teachers by students.

Not that you’re happy to let them go, rather having been enriched with their wealth of knowledge, it is hard to realize that the long-dreaded nightmare of letting them go has finally come to play out in reality.

As a parting gift, farewell speech for teachers by students can depict that though they leave, their values and ever good ethics would always remain in the corridors and classes of the school as well as the heart of the students.

Be it for a teacher who is retiring or who has to leave the school vicinity for relocation. They all deserve wonderfully written farewell speech for teachers by students. With a captivating start, lovely ride through the body and a sweet end, we have compiled for you farewell speech for teachers by students that would leave your teachers speechless!

After sending them this farewell speech for teachers by students or reading it to them you would be amazed at how many of them would never want to stop teaching even after retiring from the profession. Read through and see how!

How to Start a Farewell Speech

Parting ways is always harder than coming together. Just imagine bringing together materials to build. How do you separate such materials without causing much strain to the building?

Students and teachers come together to build a wonderful edifice of transforming knowledge and values for themselves and society. Separating them would put a strain on the relationship. However, you can always leave a part of you with them.

This is one reason that has birthed students’ desire to give ‘farewell speech for teachers by students’, more so, the concern of knowing how to start a farewell speech.

Here, you would be guided on how to start a farewell speech for teachers by students wishing them the best life after leaving your school, thanking them for the skills and knowledge passed to you, as well as making them bubble with joy knowing that they are loved.

Sit back, read through and after digesting this well-structured guide on how to write a farewell speech, you can go on to share the best-written guide on how to write and deliver a long and short farewell speech for teachers by students.

Guide on starting a farewell speech

Generally, in speeches the initial and final words have a way of sticking more to the ears of the audience being addressed than the body of the speech itself, nevertheless, no part of a speech is less important. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind first of all, that the tone of the speech should be positive and real. This way, you could captivatingly carry your audience along from the very start of the speech to the end.

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Farewell speeches, as well as many other kinds of speeches, are usually addressed to a variety of audiences. Though in this case, the bulk of the population being addressed are the teachers. Others that could be present are colleagues, friends, and well-wishers of the leaving teachers. What would, therefore, give your speech a good form is understanding the needs and sentiments of your target audience. This would give you the right basis, or say the foundation for building a wonderful down to earth farewell speech.

With this then, you should know that an efficient farewell speech consists of three major parts, which are; the introduction, main body, and conclusion.

First, your introduction should include;

  • Greeting the audience- It should be noted that dignitaries present should be greeted individually while groups like other students and teachers should be greeted collectively.
  • Getting the attention of your audience.
  • Instituting a rapport between you and the audience.
  • Orientating the audience about the purpose of the event- Here, state how dear the leaving teacher is to you and the school.
  • Finally, setting the drive and tone for the speech.

Now moving on to the body of the speech. This being the core of the speech, make sure to make it effective and impressive. Full of facts and experiences shared between the teacher and you as well as the entire beneficiaries of the teacher’s contribution to the school.

However, the following values and points are to note when writing the body of the speech.

  • Real and factual experiences should be shared.
  • A positive message should be passed across to the audience.
  • The length of time the teacher has spent and its effect in the school should not be understated in the speech.
  • The outstanding contributions made to the school by the teacher.
  • Moreover, some humor should be added to the tone of the speech.

For the final words of the speech, it is important to note that you must not just bring the audience to an abrupt end.

After taking the audience through a sweet drive on the experience you had with your teachers, the end should be though brief, yet full of the expressions of gratitude and how greatly leaving you would be much regretted. Finally, make sure to thank everyone present once again.

With this brief and concise guideline on writing ‘farewell speech for teachers by students’, giving your own heartfelt farewell speech for your teachers should be a piece of cake.

Farewell Speech Given by Students to Teachers

So, picking up from where we stopped, here’s a tip further to summarize the whole idea given in the guide on giving your own well-structured farewell speech for teachers by students as explained earlier.

Farewell Speech Given by Students to Teachers should be brief, accurate, void of negativism and a ‘straight from the heart’ talk. Make sure to use words that are not ambiguous and can be easily understood by you and the audience.

With colorful words and tone to capture your audience’s heart, you can find below a beautiful sample of a farewell speech given by students to teachers to boost your confidence in speech writing and giving.

Farewell Speech Sample for Teachers by Students

Still searching for the perfect sample to making your own farewell speech? Here is the best farewell speech sample for teachers by students you could use to giving a well-accepted and good standard farewell speech.

Good day highly esteemed principal, erudite teachers, fellow students, and dear well-wishers.

I count it a great honor to be made to deliver this farewell speech on such a notable day as this. Being all here to bid goodbye to an outstanding and highly valued teacher who has also been a great confidant and counselor. I realize today indeed that precious and valued moments fly.

However, this is an opportunity to acknowledge, respect and give thanks for how awesomely our dear teacher has with so much expertise passed across some unique knowledge and skills to we ‘leaders of tomorrow.’ Though it is painful bidding farewell to someone who has become more of a parent and less of a teacher to us, we’ll still need to use this great opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude to him for being ever selfless all through the administration of his duties to our individual lives, this part of the entire educational body and to the society at large. All through, adding to the improvement of the body of knowledge.

He has been in this noble service for over twenty years now (20), relentlessly imparting knowledge and skills appropriately. He is indeed sincere, brave, responsible, highly esteemed, well respected and a high achiever in the teaching profession and as an individual. He makes further efforts to deliver the contents of the school’s work to us, thereby making us also want to go the extra mile in solving whatever work he gives us. He has managed to push out excellence in us by this. We do appreciate it, even though we have behaved like they were punishments for us, we know just well that your ways in handling us have made us better every day.

His strength was the pillar on which so many weak students leaned on. He gave strong encouragement and was firm when he needed to be. So he produced a generation of scholars under him that was not weak but strong, and not stubborn but submissive. Balancing all aspects of life with academics, the school became more than a building for learning books alone. It became to us a citadel of wisdom indeed, where all about life could be learned and related to the practical experience. Thank you for making learning real.

Being a beneficiary of so many awards in the years you have spent is not a thing below your ability and contributions. In fact, you deserve much more than you have gotten all these years. The competitions, conferences and innovative programs you led us to win were all a wonderful experience and moment with you. Though fame came more to the school, you are written on our hearts which is our real hall of fame as the champion of those moments.

We’re grateful you have taught with sincere zeal and passion. Thank you for the humor you added to teaching us, making the classes not boring to us. You knew just how to catch and captivate our attention. One time, you came to the class dressed in a special costume to get into the character of what you were to teach us. Oh! What awesome moment that was.

Thank you for your tireless efforts, Sir. Your family can now have more time with you, but I do believe you know we your students, though your ‘second family’ will always love to still hang out with you. Let’s not forget to pick dates for that! Overall, you are engraved on our hearts, none can erase your sweetness, firmness, professionalism and affectionate gestures to us.

On behalf of our dear principal, my fellow students, your colleagues (teachers) and all well-wishers present here today, we wish you life’s best offer. Hundreds of hearts pray for you this day for letting this generation benefit from your blessedness.

As you take your bow out, please stay on with a teaching heart. Our heart blesses you.

Thank you principal, teachers, students and well-wishers.

Farewell Teacher!

Thank you Speech for Teachers on Farewell

Bidding goodbye is not easy, especially when you have to give a thank you speech for teachers on farewell.

Parting words must be carefully written and read, they could either leave the hearts torn apart or clinging together still, either way, it leaves a lasting memory.

These thank you speech for teachers on farewell are aesthetically written in such a way as to drive the words to the heart, making the hearts bond stronger as you give a farewell speech for teachers by students.

1. So its finally time to say goodbye to you, it is so difficult to let you go that it feels like I’m being torn apart and a vacuum is going to be left in me. I’m happy to give this farewell speech to teachers by students because I’m assured though that your values live on to guide me. Those experiences with you have painted a perfect picture of you in my heart. So I’m definitely assured that I would always have you and your ethics living in my heart to guide me. Thank you, ma’am.

2. Being a teacher is hard work, though you do it with so much passion. It is much more than offering service, more about teaching and enabling individuals to produce and offer services. It takes patience and lots of understanding and skill. You have been a blessing to us, making us full of capacity. Thank you and please, never stop teaching even when you leave the profession.

3. Teachers are building materials that make you our edifice of knowledge. I have been opportune to come across the best ones all the years of my life. Meeting you has been the best moment ever. It takes the pain to write the farewell speech of teachers by students who have had such lasting experience with wonderful teachers like you. I just have to say ‘thank you!.’

4. School buildings are of no use without the presence of teachers to make it function. Students are isolated from knowledge and desolate without the planters of knowledge. I’m grateful to have encountered teachers in my lifetime. They have planted and watered me from season to season. My blossoming now is because of you. Thank you for giving yourself to your duty. You’re the best! Farewell.

5. Thank you for being a part of this period of my life. Thank you for contributing tremendously to my life in that period with you. There’s no dimension you haven’t touched in me, no depth you haven’t reached, no height you haven’t pushed me to. May Heaven put a smile on your face every moment, now and forever. My farewell speech for teachers by students is not just a speech, but my heart’s words to you. Goodbye!

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6. Made of excellence and bringing out excellence in us. Teachers alone are capable of doing this. It is my heart’s desire to celebrate you more than this. Celebrating excellence is an honor and privilege, therefore, celebrating you in this farewell speech for teachers by students is indeed an honor to me. Thank you!

7. Rare gems are not found just anywhere and not on the surface. Staying with you over time has made me find this treasure hidden deep within you. I feel so on top of the world having your wealth of knowledge as an inheritance and priceless possession. I’m grateful and wish you the best in this farewell speech for teachers by students. Goodbye!

8. Teachers are the best entities and sources to bridge the gap between literacy and illiteracy. Also the reason for the quick spread of any new knowledge in the nation. They are irreplaceable in the family, school, and society. Farewell lovely teachers!

9. The feeling of loss begins to dawn on one especially when being separated from a treasured one. As much as I feel this, I feel greatly blessed to have been taught how to stand and fight when alone. So, this loss is minimal, because you have taught me how to win even the world to myself. Farewell teacher!

10. You strengthen the weak and add more strength to the strong. Without teachers, not just the school, but the world system will collapse. Giving farewell speech for teachers by students on their farewell ceremony should not be the only time to appreciate them. Their worth is more than precious stones, and they are as tenders as flowers. We are ever grateful and we say thank you for being teachers!

11. No one sincerely goes through a teacher and doesn’t become a new person. They are the best refiners, bringing out fine gold out your raw self. They are the best doctors since they know just what to prescribe. They are the best artists, knowing just what to carve out of you. Definitely, they are the best entertainers, knowing just how to make us smile. This farewell speech for teachers by students is given to say thank you for everything.

12. We meet and leave men. Our memories of them stay, however. I have met and left teachers, but my memories of you are most cherished. This is not sentimental, but the truth. Thank you for being your best for us. I love you!

13. I don’t want to mourn this day. Today is not just about letting you go, but a time to put into practice as you sit and watch what you have instilled in us your students. I’m looking forward to making you proud. So, I say goodbye and ask you to await your harvest of good in us. Thank you.
14. A teacher no matter how rich he is, spends and spends on you and still never goes poor.

Enriching lives and getting richer. Then, truly it is true to say ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Having spent from your bank of knowledge, making us rich over the years, we assure you that we will bless you in return. Your harvest is near, thank you and goodbye for now!

15. I couldn’t thank you for when you came into my life, so I’m using the opportunity of giving ‘farewell speech for teachers by students’ to thank you for that. It is not my joy to let you go, but I believe your values would keep breaking pathways for me and making me excel in all spheres of life. Thank you!

16. There will be an evident vacancy everywhere. It was obvious there was an addition to the school and body of knowledge when you came, it is definitely going to be evident as you take your leave. How marvelous it is to have met with you at this point in my life. You are God sent for this season. I don’t have many words to say, I hope the fruits you see soon would comfort you. Thank you!

17. Teachers are a breed too precious to be celebrated once in a while. They should be celebrated every day and every moment. They show dedication to duty every moment, therefore, they deserve the best treatment every time. We’re missing you already. Farewell.

18. Students do not love to hear the words ‘school and teacher.’ Your coming to us made it all turn around. Thank you for creating a hunger in us for knowledge. No one can fill the space you’re leaving behind. Thank you for understanding our hearts and being a blessing. Goodbye.

19. This farewell speech for teachers by students is the most difficult speech I’ve ever written. It is with pain that it is finally time to say goodbye to the most precious and understanding soul on the planet. However, I’m comforted to know you have me in heart always and would always be in my heart. Thank you.

20. You brought pleasant surprises to the classroom every day, making us captivated by every new thing learned. We looked forward to your class every day knowing full well the day would be a blessing learning something new from you. You brought knowledge and fun together, blending it appropriately. Thank you for everything.

21. We thank you as we give this farewell speech for teachers by students with reverence. We are becoming a huge success as you have successfully passed on many life’s tactics to us in the past years spent together. It was an honor having you, and still an honor letting you go having being blessed by you. Thank you so much, Farewell.

22. You are a blend of so many treasures of life put together. You have demonstrated great professionalism even while taking the position of a parent for all your students. Teaching alone is work, you also became a parent for all. We’ll love and miss you. Goodbye.

23. The audience today can not understand the depth of work you have done and your contributions to the school and society. A farewell speech for teachers by students can not capture your relevance to us all. Saying a few words is not enough, even a thousand words are not enough. I just hope as our lives turn out to be what you desire, it can applaud your efforts over us. Thank you!

24. You have taught us what we should know as well as their application. This has completed us unlike before. Thank you for bringing education into reality for us. My best moments in life have been the moments spent with you as my teacher. Thank you and goodbye!

25. With teachers, we can clearly picture what we are meant to be. As well as look into the mirror, and confidently correct everything that needs to be corrected. With the assurance that we are meant for and will become better. Thank you so much! Farewell.

26. How they manage to put so many things into place is amazing. From classroom management to emotional support, taking the place of a friend and acting as parents when we need them to be. It’s amazing. You are the best teacher and mentor, I’ll miss you.

27. Thanking teachers in a farewell speech for teachers by students is too little to be compared to the appreciation they deserve. They are worth more than precious jewels, having even made jewels out of us. We love and will miss you our teachers as you leave. Thank you and goodbye!

28. If the role of a teacher is taken away from a student’s life, it is a disaster. They are perfectly suited for our grooming. Though we’ll always have to be taught, your very own presence will be very much felt as you leave. This farewell speech for teachers by students is a little prize from us to you. You deserve the most expensive and respected medal. Thanks to the century’s best teacher!

29. Who can manage as much as a teacher? Who can administrate as much as them? They are a world with so much potential. Little wonder why they birth individuals with so much talent and who make differences in the world. Blessed to have you. Thank you and farewell in the journey of life.

30. When you see an excellent person with outstanding innovation. We should not just award them, but also the teacher who led them into that path. They are the backbones of every good emergence of innovation in the nation and world. The reason for an ever-progressing world. I’ll miss your contributions, thank you, teacher!

Short Speech About Teachers

It is true that families are the determiners of a societal structure. The way children are bred from home determines how societal affairs would be handled.

A short speech about teachers though brief describes and appreciates the role of teachers as ‘In Loco Parentis’, a Latin word used to describe the role of teachers as parents. Seeing the school is a second home, and teachers standing as parents. It is necessary to often give a short speech about teachers so as to encourage this important role of theirs in the lives of students.

Read through and get very beautiful and sequentially written ‘short farewell speech for teachers by students’.

31. I have heard from my childhood days the saying that ‘no man is an island of himself.’ This is so true, especially when you come to a point when you meet a major pillar of your life and it isn’t easy to let go. A major reason for success you have been to me and an encouragement to keep going on in life. I wish that your land of knowledge never becomes a desert but be fruitful with many of your breeds like me. Thank you!

32. It is an honor to be a teacher. The truth be told if there’s no birthing without mothers, then society is also barren without teachers. Teachers take in knowledge ceaselessly, birth personalities and still nurture them for the proper administration of those knowledge and skills passed across to them. I love and appreciate my teachers!

33. Doctors prescribe drugs for you but would not teach you how to know what to do in another situation. Mechanics repair cars but it is definitely not in your place to know about those cars. Teachers are the only set of people who don’t just give a solution but also prepare you to take charge in other situations. They leave you smiling with victory and ready to face the life ahead.

34. Teaching is one profession that everyone seems to overlook, but on the other hand, teachers seem to have the world’s interest at heart. Seeking to make the world better, they transform individuals and with every experience, bring out a new person from us. I am ever grateful for going through these very important set of people in life.

35. I am proud to announce to everyone that there’s indeed an entity that is an embodiment of knowledge which is even more than what books offer to us. Such entities are teachers, a gift of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance to lives from God. You have never neglected this role of yours and you have passionately dispensed it to us over the years. Thank you for being a joy to me, the school system, the society, and the world.

36. With so much investment of time and attention you have put on us, no doubt you should be the richest one in the world! With patience, commitment and love, you have tirelessly made us feel how pleased you are to be a teacher. May you reap a bountiful harvest according to your desires for your students.

37. Who took so many positions for my sake as you have done over the years? You have been a father, mother, friend, sister, brother, and advisor at different times and at the right moments. Ever timely with words of affection and guiding words. I love you, teacher!

38. For all apologies I never made, I am sorry. For all deeds I never appreciated, I say thank you. I remember meeting you for the first time, it seems too short a time to spend with someone as impactful as you. The little time I’ve spent with you has left me leaving a good mark with everyone around me already, I wish I could spend more time with you. I cherish you!

39. Chefs make the best taste out of recipes. Artists make the best out of materials. Teachers make the best out of their students. We came raw to you, and in such a little while, you have made us better and I know we’ll keep getting better. Thanks to the best teacher!

40. The center of education is our teachers. Knowledge revolves around them, just as the earth revolves around the sun. As the sun lightens up the earth, so do teachers enlighten us. What can we do without knowledge on earth? What can we do without teachers too? There’s no learning and improvement without them. You’re the best. Thank you!

41. When we seem lost during lessons, you take the pain of going through it again as well as going to each individual’s level of assimilation. You are the most blessed with skill. Many love to pass something known across to others, but you do so exceptionally with a unique method. You’re blessed ma’am. Thank you.

42. Teachers are the most solid foundation on which educationists stand. The most fertile ground on which intellectuals grow. Also, the most beautiful garden of knowledge full of fruitful and responsible individuals of the society. We’ll never forget you, teacher!

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43. A perfect blend and bridge between the theories of life and its application in life are teachers. You help us to cross from one part of the bridge to the other. You have made life so much better for us, making us believe even in dreams becoming reality. Standing by us even when others desert us in our decisions. Thank you!

44. God gave us stones and teachers tell us how to use these stones to build. God gave plants, teachers teach us how to groom the plants. God gave us life, but teachers lead us to how to walk this life well. Loving you is definitely a way to love God who has blessed you with the ability to pass such knowledge across. I must say yours is indeed a blessed profession. I love my teachers!

45. An ever-flowing stream of knowledge that never stops refreshing all that surrounds them are teachers. The number of individuals you have supplied consistently over time is overwhelming. Day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. You quench the thirst to finding answers for various issues of life. Thank you for choosing to be a teacher!

46. The borders of education are so broad and wide! You have been able to break it down into bits I can comprehend per time. In no time, I have covered a wide landscape of knowledge. It is amazing though how you know so much, but you keep learning, having the assurance that I also have the ability to know so much and pass it on. Making the world never ignorant of things we should know. Thank you for being my teacher!

47. Teachers are the channels through which knowledge and value keep on going from generation to generation. It would be lost without them! Imagining a world without teachers is imagining a world without knowledge. How disastrous it would be. I’m so glad to be learning and be opportune to pass it on to the surviving generation for the betterment of the world we live in. All hail our teachers!

48. From teaching ‘simple to difficult’ and from little to large chunks of information. You have gained mastery of these processes over the years and my desire is that you get better. This attribute of yours has made us excellent in all stages of our learning process, helping us learn the right thing at the right time. Thank you for being there for us, and being patient with us. Wish you the best in life.

49. Disappointments do not show on you when we seem not to measure up to the expected performance. Still, you encourage us to keep going up the ladder. You keep letting us know, ‘falling is not defeat’, but refusing to stand and fight on is defeat. These words of encouragement ring in my ears and now I must say, I’m so familiar with success that failure is way behind me. Thank you!

50. As seasons go and come, I ask myself if I could find another like you. Your methods of approach to us students do not change because of seasons. Rather, you ensure that we are not discouraged by the seasons. You even make all seasons make more expression and meaning to us. Making education fun all the way. How you do this is amazing and unique!

51. I remember you telling us that we were your strength, then I asked myself ‘how could that be true?’ Knowing fully well that you have been a strong support to us in academics, and every other area. Now, I think I’ve gotten my answer. You teach with so much passion that it breaks your heart to see us not doing well. If this breaks you, then I promise to always do well, and keep you strong and happy for us. You deserve to be the strongest on earth.

52. Intelligent, passionate, enthusiastic, understanding, wise, patient, and many more are words that describe you. Even the best words are not enough to describe what you are. Exceptional and outstanding are the qualities that make you up. No wonder you build-up exceptional individuals for their families and society at large. Thank you!

53. The world’s most precious weapon of war and peace are teachers. The reason is, they can turn hearts with words. Whatever way we treat teachers affects the society directly or indirectly. Teachers should really be celebrated, they are worth it.

54. Who else is as priceless as teachers? We can not pay them enough for the knowledge they pass across. If we were to pay a dollar for every information given to us students, we might have to spend a whole life paying them. How valuable they are!

55. Just as precious stones that cannot be worn casually. Teachers can not be celebrated casually. The world should know and reverence teachers more than we have always done. There’s no replacement for the place of teachers in the world system.

56. As much as it is necessary to do so, we don’t have to wait till a particular day before celebrating teachers. Teachers are worth more than gold, with hearts beautiful as flowers and precious words as rare gems. If anything could make the world better every day, it is the art of teaching. Let these precious hearts keep on passing knowledge and making the world better.

57. There’s no argument to the fact that only the teaching profession is mostly recognized worldwide and in all spheres and strata. It is the profession that reaches out to the rich and poor and even the physically impaired. Other professions try to reach out. Only teachers find it natural to do it. Everyone learns every day and everywhere. It is not like a business that needs so much capital, but rather a good heart. I love and celebrate all the teachers!

58. An archive of knowledge that never gets old but is always updated even on modern issues of life. With mastery of subject matters and personal affairs. All these describe teachers. Some were born to be teachers with natural teaching abilities. While some learn to be able to pass on knowledge effectively. Either way, I celebrate all teachers as a student, knowing how much work it takes for one to understand concepts and terms. Thank You!

59. It takes so much consciousness to take note of and even remember some little details. Just think of the volume of details teachers manage to retain! It’s definitely amazing! I have found a blessed one who has turned me into a blessed one too. Thank you for being my teacher.

60. Crossing bridges in life, making decisions and finding the right path has become a much easier task for everyone now because of the guidance teachers give to us. Right from a very young age, individuals are now able to make vital decisions about life, not just academic wise, but in various aspects of life. I can testify to this because I have been opportune to be taught by one of the best of them all!

Thanks to Teacher for Support

Without teachers, there would be a stop to the flow of knowledge, skills and therefore would lead to very bad administration of the society. Even the highest social status has to give thanks to teachers for support.

Bearing the weight of not just intellectual development, but also contributing to the emotional, social and definitely future financial stability of students is a role that definitely deserves thanks to teachers for support.

These gifts of words paint a beautiful structure of giving thanks to teachers for support. It is a wonderful parcel to give teachers as a farewell speech for teachers by students.

61. I would forever be grateful for meeting you. The changes in me started on the first day. Though I couldn’t recognize that I was becoming changed, the things I did showed better results.

62. The joy in my heart is overwhelming. So please do not mind that I have become speechless with words. This I’ll say though, ‘You have made me a better person.’

63. Every student who lacks motivation but encounters you would be ignited with a passion for knowledge. You are blessed with such a spirit!

64. You never left when others did. You stood by me, pushing me to be stronger and pulling me from trouble. Thank you for always being there!

65. You kept seeing more than others saw in me. Even I couldn’t see and believe in myself until I saw what you turned me into. Thank you for making the best out of your students!

66. Some times when I woke up in the middle of the night wondering how these dreams could become reality. You taught me to believe and take successful steps, one after another. Now I look back and see I have come a long way in the way of success.

67. Everyone looks up to someone. Students from different backgrounds also look up to become like their teachers in character mostly. Thank you for being a perfect model to look to. Thereby building us as perfect personalities for world transformation.

68. You deserve the world’s medal for raising up perfect definitions of good patriots. Also for making your additions to the society. Not so many can do this. I appreciate you.

69. When situations seem to drown me with worries, I remembered your words and found my way out of it. Thank you for being there for me!

70. When I hear students say they are confused about life, I ask them if they have a teacher. Teachers are like shepherds, helping students find their way. You have been my guide all the way!

71. Support comes from teachers to a student in different ways. It is my joy to have enjoyed your support in different ways and at different times. I’ll never forget you.

72. Your silence even speaks comfort and instructions to me. I long to see you every day until I’m so old. I’ll always love you!

73. When we’re not together, I still hear you say to me ‘keep going.’ Your arms are always open to cry on and ever ready to correct. Thank you for being my teacher!

74. Your impact on me surpasses classroom relevance. I’m made better to handle career, family, relationships and all other aspects of life. You do not neglect any part. Thank you!

75. Leaving you out of my life is like taking away a large part of my life. You are with me even when we are not in the classroom. I cherish you!

76. I see the world with a better perspective because of you. I have no regret about this, I just want to see more and more. Thank you for being a blessing.

77. The most tender heart is the strongest. I know you are strong, and by this, I want to lean in your strong arms of knowledge and wisdom every day. Thank you.

78. Thank you for never getting tired of being the shoulder I lean on, the eyes I see through and for being a blessing to generations in ages to come. Making me a blessing has made it possible to make generations to come a beneficiary of your blessedness. Thank you!

79. Every upright and strongly established structure has a framework. Just as the body has bones and buildings have pillars, you have been a never shaking strength for me. I’ll keep standing because you have taught me how to stand. Thank you!

80. The walls of the class seem to be more like a training room for facing all that life throws at the face. Every time I come out, I know something new has emerged within me. Thank you for being there for me!

81. Teaching has become more than a source of livelihood to you. I see it in your concern for us, students. You are after building lives. Thanks for choosing to be a molder of lives.

82. No matter how intelligent, there are concepts an individual would never get right except with being put through by someone with the experience. Your experience is needed to guide us, thank you for not refusing to show us what to know.

83. You know just what, how and when to come into a situation of my life. Even as you taught us the school’s curriculum, you went ahead to help out with real-life experiences per time. Thank you!

84. Always skillfully carving out the best out of our hearts and getting us to be the best in our talents. I love you!

85. I had to lose my self defined pattern of life when I met with you. You showed a better compass to navigate through life. Thank you, I’m enjoying the voyage better now!

86. Your words are ever medicine to me when I feel sick about school. With you, I gained more interest in what school had to offer. Alas! You offered me much more than even the four walls of a school can offer. Thank you.

87. I desire that all your heart desires come to pass. I know I can’t do so much to appreciate you now, but you are forever in my heart. My heart blesses you and prays to God for more of you in the world.

88. My senses and perception of life were dull until you came along. Sharpening my senses and making me see life clearer and better. There’s no better assistance to give students than these. You are turning me into one who would transform minds too. Thank you!

89. Education makes more meaning to me now than ever because of you. I no longer learn for career’s sake, but to become a better person and a blessing to the whole world.

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90. Everyone has great potentials, but not everyone uses them. With you, I have discovered, used, and been encouraged to develop them till they become great assets and weapons for me. Thank you for being there for me teacher! You’re the best.

Farewell Poems for Teachers

The teachers’ duties in a student’s life are so precious and of great value that it can not be priced. How then do you repay your teachers with something equally priceless?

Rhythmic and genuine words as farewell poems for teachers solve the dilemma of having to appreciate rare gems and wishing them a smooth life ahead of them in parting moments.

With these farewell poems for teachers, your words are properly put together to appreciate the experiences you have had together and to make your farewell speech for teachers by students rich and beautiful.

91. With so much trust and affection,
You made me open up to you,
Softening the crusty part of me.
Being my first and best confidant ever,
How do I find someone to replace you?
Still, my heart wishes you life’s best forever.

92. You knew every moment my heart ached,
Bringing comfort to me.
You knew still when I was happy,
Adding more joy to me.
Your understanding of my heart,
Never stops amazing me,
So all the depth of me,
Prays for your happiness from within and forever.

93. I remember every of your smile,
It looks so much like the sunshine.
When flowers blossom,
It shows how awesome,
Being with you has always been.
I love you now and forever,
Wish you great success as ever.

94. You made me believe,
All I didn’t know was in me.
Making me find,
All I didn’t know was hidden in me.
Opening my eyes to see,
That I could achieve,
To any extent I wished.

95. I am confident that we will never be apart
Even though distance now pulls us farther.
From the moment my heart met with yours,
It clung with it,
And made a bond too strong to be gone.

96. It is hard to let you go,
But I am happy to have been with you,
As you taught me to walk and not crawl,
Pushed me further to run and not walk,
Gave me the desire to fly and not just run,
Now I soar on the wings of knowledge.

97. Though you leave,
I still believe,
In all that you taught me,
And made me see,
Helping me find the pathway to life,
And fight to the end of it.

98. Even as you retire,
You’ll forever inspire,
Everyone that comes your way.
You always put us on the way,
To knowing excellence.

99. There’s no place like your class,
It has become a palace.
Where you train our minds and hearts,
To be firm and soft,
And ready to face life’s storm and lots.

100. Scaling heights has been easy,
With you as my teacher.
Making fright a thing of the past,
As I understood life could be faced.
Thank you for letting God,
Send you to help me,
You’ll forever be my confidence.

101. From within and without,
I want to give a shout,
To the best teacher of the century,
Whose job has become her life,
Rather than survival means to her,
No one has your kind of heart,
You gave all to be what you are.

102. So there’s really a dearth,
Of precious and rare gems.
This I knew,
When I met you,
Your kind cannot be found,
Everywhere and anywhere.

103. Waking up today,
I realized since we met,
And till today,
You keep planting the seeds,
Of inspiration and motivation,
I’ll not fail you,
This I promise you.
I’ll miss you!

104. I have learned to outgrow,
Every height of challenge,
That the world has shown,
To make me relent.
What a strength and pillar you are,
I desire that you never stop being who you are.
Goodbye for now!

105. I’ll give the whole of my heart,
To show you how blessed I am.
Having you as my guide,
As I go through life’s different phases,
You teach me to win,
Putting a smile on my face.

106. Your presence makes me bubble with joy,
Your absence would create a vacuum.
I’ll try to fill up space,
With your words of guide and grace.

107. I’ve made so much wealth from you,
In the little moment spent with you.
Letting you go would make me sad,
It’s all for good and not bad.
Thank you and goodbye!

108. Your leadership,
Has birthed potentials.
Making us leaders,
By your relentless efforts.
Have a wonderful life ahead!

109. It would take a miracle,
To fill the space,
You are leaving here,
For you are a wonder,
Here and everywhere.
I wish you my heart’s best wishes.

110. Life’s puzzle has been so confusing,
You came and gave directions.
There’s no match,
To the wisdom, you’ve shown me,
Thank you for being there for me.

111. Going through life’s maze,
I could have gone lost,
You came and led me through the haze.
Now I have peace,
All fear is lost.
Thank you and goodbye!

112. The scale of balance,
Loses its stability without you.
Education needs more like you,
To achieve what it is meant for.
We’ll all miss you,
Keep on being you.

113. The way you teach us,
Pushes us to reach out,
Beyond every limit,
Achieving various feat.
I’ll miss your ways, farewell.

114. My feelings are mixed right now,
I’m happy and still sad.
Happy that you came,
Happy to see your progress.
Sad to see you leave,
Sad my time with you has been shortened.
Thank you for every moment with you.

115. I would never regret having met you,
You are the only one,
With a special place in my heart.
I’ll keep you there,
Even as I watch you go.
You’ll remain here,
I’ll never let you go.

116. The ethics and values,
The morals and counsel,
Skills and knowledge,
Are no doubt a flow that’ll never stop,
Coming from you to people around.
Keep being a blessing ma’am.

117. Your strength amazes me,
I wonder what stuff you are made of.
I’m sure it is the best stuff,
To be able to handle tough hearts like us.
Stay strong for us.

118. Even though our time together has expired,
Your words are ever imprinted on my heart.
Distance and time have no place in between,
For you were made to be one in the heart.
I’ll miss your smile and affection though,
Thank you for teaching me so much.

119. I wish that we could stay in touch,
Even in the future,
For the past and present have been awesome,
I can’t help not hearing your words of guidance again.
I love you, teacher,
You are the world’s best!

120. You teach with passion,
Pouring out your heart in love.
Showing us with every moment with you,
That education is a place to build love.
Leaning on you has been easy,
Knowing how strong your love is to us.
Goodbye to the best teacher!

Thank you Note for Teacher Appreciation

There’s no way to perfectly record the memories shared between teachers, but with some of these thank you note for teacher appreciation, we can try to put some little bits of those moments together. Expressing gratitude as you say your goodbyes to your teachers.

As you give ‘ farewell speech for teachers by students’, you can as well fix in a thank you note for teacher appreciation which is proof of your unending love and wishes for your teachers.

So keeping it short and sweet, let’s get on with celebrating our teachers’ efforts with a thank you note for teacher appreciation.

121. I want to say thank you for giving me an outstanding blueprint in life. You have inspired me to follow after my passion and instilled the motivation necessary to go through with it.

122. Becoming a model was easy. You were a perfect model for me and turned me into one. I’ll always be grateful for knowing you!

123. You have been an ever-flowing source of knowledge, watering my thirst for knowledge and leaving me thirsting for more.

124. Whatever enthusiasm I get from going to school, I got from you. You make my whole day in school, seeing you brightens up the day for me.

125. Raw as I was, you passionately refined my ideas, skills, and emotions. Making me the best product of knowledge, ever ready to contribute to the world’s progress. Thank you, teacher!

126. Education had no definition until you came along. You have managed to shape me with your weapon of wisdom, giving school and life meaning. I love you!

127. The classroom always seems to be like a palace. You being the queen, and your students being your princes and princesses. You have transformed us into kings and queens of knowledge with every class experience. You’re the best!

128. You made us know that at every time you’re teaching us, you’re also learning from us. Knowing this then that teachers never stop learning, I’ve been inspired to take on the teaching profession. ‘Teachers are the best!’

129. I do desire that I could really find a way to make you stay. You made me stay in school, so I desire that you do not leave the teaching profession because you still have to make many more stay and love education. You’re the best for this job!

130. There’s definitely no regret meeting with you. Our first day together captivated me, letting you go now is like a dream I do not want to wake from. Thank you for making me better!

131. With every lesson you have with me, I feel like I have learned all I need to face the whole world!

132. How marvelously you made me hunger for wisdom. Some draw people away from the desire to acquire knowledge. You have been a wealth of knowledge and ever drawing me to discover.

133. You relate with us as though you have known us for years. How marvelous and unique are your methods of instruction, none can do this like you. You don’t teach like it’s a job, you have done it like it’s your life.

134. Every moment with you in and out of the classroom leaves a part of you with me. From handling social and emotional affairs to the intellect, you have been an outstanding model. Thank you for this!

135. With so little time, you have imparted so many values and knowledge on me. Time and distance were never a limit to how much I learned from you. Wherever I found myself, I just needed to remember what you would do in such situations, and it ended up being the best pattern of life I could have chosen.

136. I am becoming an adult so fast within a short period. Though not measured with age, but with your moral guidance and influencing wisdom, I have grown to become productive to the family and society. Thank you for being my teacher!

137. You worry more about us for most parts of the day than our parents have to. You have made it a responsibility to care for your students as your children, neglecting our individual differences and making everyone understand you at all levels. You are the most skillful!

138. Tirelessly growing our spirits and minds every day, you never give up on us. We are forever grateful, even when we aren’t saying anything.

139. Every difficult moment was easy to go through because of you, and every sweet moment, I learned to not get carried away, but be prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges. What a perfect grooming teacher you are!

140. One gift I can remember you have given me is the ability to believe in my potentials and work it out. I love you, teacher.

141. Thank you for being firm and being tender. You have made us better with these attributes. We’re not a breed of lazy students, and at the same time, not overworked, in all, excellence is what we get as results. Thank you, ma’am.

142. Thank you for being a teacher in my school. Most especially, for being my teacher! I’m blessed to have you.

143. You challenge me to think broader, learn faster, inquire deeper things and put to use what I’ve learned. Thank you!

144. I love you and do not take you for granted. People do not acknowledge teachers so much, but I would not only acknowledge you but also let the whole world know what you mean to me.

145. Your sacrifices over the years remain in my heart forever, you gave up some personal time of rest to help me understand so many things. I appreciate you.

146. I have drawn consistently from your ‘well of knowledge.’ Still, you are never dry. It amazes and inspires me really!

147. May more doors of opportunities open to you. You have opened thousands of doors for me by just passing on your knowledge to me. I feel so capacitated and able to open doors of innovations to society. I have you to thank for this.

148. Yes, you have taken away from me. However, I’m grateful because you took some things away from me so as to help me stay focused. So, I’ll rather say, you’re a blessing in disguise!

149. The greatest influencers are teachers. With words as powerful as rod, with knowledge as rich as gold, with a countenance as beautiful as flowers. Thank you for being my teacher!

150. The greatest measure of success I have recorded has been within the period I met you. You are an addition to people everywhere you go.

151. With every advice you have given me, I feel like I have all I need to face the whole world and win always. Thank you for being there always.

These beautifully written samples of farewell speech for teachers by students can not be read and used by you alone. Why don’t you go ahead to share them with friends and family? You’ll be happy you did!

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