Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students [Best 10 Tips]

Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students

Many times, we celebrate people’s departure much more than their arrival. Just take a close look at that thought. I’m sure you are amazed at how true it is.

With this farewell speech for teachers by students, you’ll get to understand how to distinctively bid a good farewell to a well-deserved teacher, even a school principal, headmistress, or headmaster.

Can you remember writing a speech to welcome your teachers? Guess the answer is negative. There’s absolutely no reason for blame though. The reason is simple, you were just meeting him or her. Now that you have spent so much time knowing them and it’s time for them to leave, you cannot wait to write the best farewell.

Not that you’re happy to let them go, but rather having been enriched with their wealth of knowledge, it is hard to realize that the long-dreaded nightmare of letting them go has finally come to play out in reality.

As a parting gift, a farewell speech can depict that though they leave, their values and ever-good ethics would always remain in the corridors and classes of the school as well as in the heart of the students.

Be it for a teacher who is retiring or who has to leave the school vicinity for relocation. They all deserve wonderfully written speeches. With a captivating start, a lovely ride through the body, and a sweet end, we have compiled for you would leave your teachers speechless.

After sending this farewell or reading it to them you would be amazed at how many of them would never want to stop teaching even after retiring from the profession. Read through and see how.

How to Start a Farewell Speech

Parting ways is always harder than coming together. Just imagine bringing together materials to build. How do you separate such materials without causing much strain to the building?

Students and teachers come together to build a wonderful edifice of transforming knowledge and values for themselves and society. Separating them would put a strain on the relationship. However, you can always leave a part of yourself with them.

This is one reason that has birthed students’ desire to give farewells, more so, the concern of knowing how to start a farewell speech.

Here, you would be guided on how to start a speech wishing them the best life after leaving your school, thanking them for the skills and knowledge passed to you, as well as making them bubble with joy knowing that they are loved.

Sit back, read through and after digesting this well-structured guide on how to write a farewell speech, you can go on to share the best-written guide on how to write and deliver a long and short farewell.

Guide on Starting a Good farewell speech

Generally, in speeches the initial and final words have a way of sticking more to the ears of the audience being addressed than the body of the speech itself, nevertheless, no part of a speech is less important.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind first of all, that the tone of the speech should be positive and real. This way, you could captivatingly carry your audience along from the very start of the speech to the end.

Farewell speeches, as well as many other kinds of speeches, are usually addressed to a variety of audiences. Though in this case, the bulk of the population being addressed are the teachers.

Others that could be present are colleagues, friends, and well-wishers of the leaving teachers. What would, therefore, give your speech a good form is understanding the needs and sentiments of your target audience.

This would give you the right basis, or say the foundation for building a wonderful earth farewell speech.

With this then, you should know that an efficient farewell speech consists of three major parts, which are; the introduction, main body, and conclusion.

First, your introduction should include;

1. Greeting the audience – It should be noted that dignitaries present should be greeted individually while groups like other students and teachers should be greeted collectively.

2. Getting the attention of your audience.

3. Instituting a rapport between you and the audience.

3. Orientating the audience about the purpose of the event- Here, state how dear the leaving teacher is to you and the school.

4. Setting the drive and tone for the speech.

Now moving on to the body of the speech. This being the core of the speech, make sure to make it effective and impressive.

Full of facts and experiences shared between the teacher and you as well as the entire beneficiaries of the teacher’s contribution to the school.

However, the following values and points are to note when writing the body of the speech.

5. Real and factual experiences should be shared.

6. A positive message should be passed across to the audience.

7. The length of time the teacher has spent and its effect on the school should not be understated in the speech.

8. The outstanding contributions made to the school by the teacher.

9. some humor should be added to the tone of the speech.

10. For the final words of the speech, it is important to note that you must not just bring the audience to an abrupt end.

After taking the audience through a sweet drive on the experience you had with your teachers, the end should be brief, yet full of expressions of gratitude and how greatly leaving you would be much regretted.

Finally, make sure to thank everyone present once again. With this brief and concise guideline on writing farewell, giving your own heartfelt farewell speech to your teachers should be a piece of cake.

Heartwarming Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students

So, picking up from where we stopped, here’s a tip further to summarize the whole idea given in the guide on giving your own well-structured farewell speech as explained earlier.

Farewell speech given by students to teachers should be brief, accurate, void of negativism, and a ‘straight from the heart talk. Make sure to use words that are not ambiguous and can be easily understood by you and the audience.

With colorful words and tone to capture your audience’s heart, you can find below a beautiful sample of a farewell speech given by students to teachers to boost your confidence in speech writing and giving.

Farewell Speech Sample for Teachers by Students

Still, searching for the perfect sample for making your own farewell speech? Here is the best farewell speech sample for teachers by students you could use to give a well-accepted and good standard farewell speech.

Good day highly esteemed principal, erudite teachers, fellow students, and dear well-wishers.

I count it a great honor to be made to deliver this farewell speech on such a notable day as this. Being all here to bid goodbye to an outstanding and highly valued teacher who has also been a great confidant and counselor. I realize today indeed that precious and valued moments fly.

However, this is an opportunity to acknowledge, respect, and give thanks for how awesomely our dear teacher has with so much expertise passed across some unique knowledge and skills to us‘ leaders of tomorrow.’

Though it is painful bidding farewell to someone who has become more of a parent and less of a teacher to us, we’ll still need to use this great opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude to him for being ever-selfless all through the administration of his duties to our individual lives, this part of the entire educational body and to the society at large.

All through, adding to the improvement of the body of knowledge.

He has been in this noble service for over twenty years now (20), relentlessly imparting knowledge and skills appropriately. He is indeed sincere, brave, responsible, highly esteemed, well respected, and a high achiever in the teaching profession and as an individual.

He makes further efforts to deliver the contents of the school’s work to us, thereby making us also want to go the extra mile in solving whatever work he gives us. He has managed to push out excellence in us through this.

We do appreciate it, even though we have behaved like they were punishments for us, we know just well that your ways of handling us have made us better every day.

His strength was the pillar on which so many struggling students leaned on. He gave strong encouragement and was firm when he needed to be.

So he produced a generation of scholars under him that was not weak but strong, and not stubborn but submissive. Balancing all aspects of life with academics, the school became more than a building for learning books alone.

It became to us a citadel of wisdom indeed, where all about life could be learned and related to practical experience. Thank you for making learning real.

Being a beneficiary of so many awards in the years you have spent is not a thing below your ability and contributions. In fact, you deserve much more than you have gotten all these years.

The competitions, conferences, and innovative programs you led us to win were all wonderful experiences and moments with you. Though fame came more to the school, you are written on our hearts which is our real hall of fame as the champion of those moments.

We’re grateful you have taught with sincere zeal and passion. Thank you for the humor you added to teaching us, making the classes not boring to us. You knew just how to catch and captivate our attention.

One time, you came to the class dressed in a special costume to get into the character of what you were to teach us. Oh! What an awesome moment that was.

Thank you for your tireless efforts, Sir. Your family can now have more time with you, but I do believe you know we are your students, though your ‘second family’ will always love to still hang out with you. Let’s not forget to pick dates for that.

Overall, you are engraved on our hearts, none can erase your sweetness, firmness, professionalism, and affectionate gestures to us.

On behalf of our dear principal, my fellow students, your colleagues (teachers), and all well-wishers present here today, we wish you life’s best offer. Hundreds of hearts pray for you this day for letting this generation benefit from your blessedness.

As you take your bow out, please stay on with a teaching heart. Our heart blesses you.

Thank you, principal, teachers, students, and well-wishers.

Farewell Teacher!

Thank You Speech for Teachers on Farewell

Bidding goodbye is not easy, especially when you have to give a thank-you speech to teachers on farewell.

Parting words must be carefully written and read, they could either leave the hearts torn apart or clinging together still, either way, it leaves a lasting memory.

These thank you speeches for teachers’ farewells are aesthetically written in such a way as to drive the words to the heart, making the hearts bond stronger.

1. So it’s finally time to say goodbye to you, it is so difficult to let you go that it feels like I’m being torn apart and a vacuum is going to be left in me. I’m happy to give this farewell speech to teachers by students because I’m assured though that your values live on to guide me.

Those experiences with you have painted a perfect picture of you in my heart. So I’m definitely assured that I would always have you and your ethics living in my heart to guide me. Thank you, ma’am.

2. Being a teacher is hard work, though you do it with so much passion. It is much more than offering service, more about teaching and enabling individuals to produce and offer services. It takes patience and lots of understanding and skill.

You have been a blessing to us, making us full of capacity. Thank you and please, never stop teaching even when you leave the profession.

3. Teachers are building materials that make you our edifice of knowledge. I have been opportune to come across the best ones all the years of my life. Meeting you has been the best moment ever.

It takes pain to write the farewell speech of teachers by students who have had such lasting experiences with wonderful teachers like you. I just have to say thank you.

4. School buildings are of no use without the presence of teachers to make them function. Students are isolated from knowledge and desolate without the planters of knowledge. I’m grateful to have encountered teachers in my lifetime.

They have planted and watered me from season to season. My blossoming now is because of you. Thank you for giving yourself to your duty. You’re the best! Farewell.

5. Thank you for being a part of this period of my life. Thank you for contributing tremendously to my life during that period with you. There’s no dimension you haven’t touched in me, no depth you haven’t reached, no height you haven’t pushed me to.

May Heaven put a smile on your face every moment, now and forever. My farewell is not just a speech, but my heart’s words to you. Goodbye!

6. Made of excellence and bringing out excellence in us. Teachers alone are capable of doing this. It is my heart’s desire to celebrate you more than this. Celebrating excellence is an honor and privilege, therefore, celebrating you is indeed an honor to me. Thank you.

7. Rare gems are not found just anywhere and not on the surface. Staying with you over time has made me find this treasure hidden deep within you. I feel so on top of the world having your wealth of knowledge as an inheritance and priceless possession. I’m grateful and wish you the best.

8. Teachers are the best entities and sources to bridge the gap between literacy and illiteracy. Also the reason for the quick spread of any new knowledge in the nation. They are irreplaceable in the family, school, and society. Farewell lovely teachers!

9. The feeling of loss begins to dawn on one especially when being separated from a treasured one. As much as I feel this, I feel greatly blessed to have been taught how to stand and fight when alone. So, this loss is minimal, because you have taught me how to win even the world to myself. Farewell teacher.

10. You strengthen the weak and add more strength to the strong. Without teachers, not just the school, but the world system will collapse. Their worth is more than precious stones, and they are as tenders as flowers. We are ever grateful and we say thank you for being teachers.

11. No one sincerely goes through a teacher and doesn’t become a new person. They are the best refiners, bringing out fine gold from your raw self. They are the best doctors since they know just what to prescribe.

They are the best artists, knowing just what to carve out of you. Definitely, they are the best entertainers, knowing just how to make us smile.

12. We meet and leave men. Our memories of them stay, however. I have met and left teachers, but my memories of you are most cherished. This is not sentimental, but the truth. Thank you for being your best for us. I love you.

13. I don’t want to mourn this day. Today is not just about letting you go, but a time to put into practice as you sit and watch what you have instilled in us your students. I’m looking forward to making you proud. So, I say goodbye and ask you to await your harvest of good in us. Thank you.

14. A teacher no matter how rich he is, spends and spends on you and still never goes poor. Enriching lives and getting richer. Then, truly it is true to say ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Having spent from your bank of knowledge, making us rich over the years, we assure you that we will bless you in return. Your harvest is near, thank you, and goodbye for now!

15. I can thank you when you came into my life, so I’m using the opportunity of giving to thank you for that. It is not my joy to let you go, but I believe your values would keep breaking pathways for me and making me excel in all spheres of life. Thank you!

16. There will be an evident vacancy everywhere. It was obvious there was an addition to the school and body of knowledge when you came, it is definitely going to be evident as you take your leave.

How marvelous it is to have met with you at this point in my life. You are God-sent for this season. I don’t have many words to say, I hope the fruits you see soon would comfort you. Thank you.

17. Teachers are a breed too precious to be celebrated once in a while. They should be celebrated every day and every moment. They show dedication to duty every moment, therefore, they deserve the best treatment every time. We’re missing you already. Farewell.

18. Students do not love to hear the words ‘school and teacher.’ Your coming to us made it all turn around. Thank you for creating a hunger in us for knowledge. No one can fill the space you’re leaving behind. Thank you for understanding our hearts and being a blessing. Goodbye.

19. This is the most difficult speech I’ve ever written. It is with pain that it is finally time to say goodbye to the most precious and understanding soul on the planet. However, I’m comforted to know you have me in your heart always and would always be in my heart. Thank you.

20. You brought pleasant surprises to the classroom every day, making us captivated by every new thing learned. We looked forward to your class every day knowing full well the day would be a blessing to learn something new from you. You brought knowledge and fun together, blending them appropriately. Thank you for everything.

21. We are becoming a huge success as you have successfully passed on many life tactics to us in the past years spent together. It was an honor having you, and still an honor letting you go having being blessed by you. Thank you so much, Farewell.

22. You are a blend of so many treasures of life put together. You have demonstrated great professionalism even while taking the position of a parent for all your students. Teaching alone is work, you also became a parent for all. We’ll love and miss you. Goodbye.

23. The audience today can not understand the depth of work you have done and your contributions to the school and society. A speech can not capture your relevance to us all. Saying a few words is not enough, even a thousand words are not enough. I just hope as our lives turn out to be what you desire, we can applaud your efforts over us. Thank you.

24. You have taught us what we should know as well as their application. This has completed us unlike before. Thank you for bringing education into reality for us. My best moments in life have been the moments spent with you as my teacher. Thank you and goodbye!

25. With teachers, we can clearly picture what we are meant to be. As well as look into the mirror, and confidently correct everything that needs to be corrected. With the assurance that we are meant for and will become better. Thank you so much! Farewell.

26. How they manage to put so many things into place is amazing. From classroom management to emotional support, taking the place of a friend, and acting as parents when we need them to be. It’s amazing. You are the best teacher and mentor, I’ll miss you.

27. Thanking you my teacher is too little to be compared to all you have done, you simply deserve more. You are worth more than precious jewels, having even made jewels out of us. We love and will miss you our teachers as you leave. Thank you and goodbye.

28. If the role of a teacher is taken away from a student’s life, it is a disaster. They are perfectly suited for our grooming. Though we’ll always have to be taught, your very own presence will be very much felt as you leave.

These words are a little prize from us to you. You deserve the most expensive and respected medal. Thanks to the century’s best teacher.

29. Who can manage as much as a teacher? Who can administrate as much as them? They are a world with so much potential. Little wonder why they birth individuals with so much talent and who make difference in the world. Blessed to have you. Thank you and farewell in the journey of life.

30. When you see an excellent person with outstanding innovation. We should not just award them, but also the teacher who led them into that path. They are the backbones of every good emergence of innovation in the nation and world. The reason for an ever-progressing world. I’ll miss your contributions, thank you, teacher.


A farewell speech is the most effective type of speech at a send-off party. This is because it tends to express your gratitude toward your teachers. You’ll be able to appreciate how important your teachers were to you.

Make sure you try to highlight these important values in such speeches. However, you can summarize all your feelings and sentiments.

It’s very true that such a speech needs lots of creativity and thoughtfulness while writing. So, always go back to the above guides.

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