Countdown Begins for Marriage Messages

2022 Best Countdown Begins for Marriage Messages

Let’s face it: there’s no feeling in the whole wide world that’s better than the feeling and excitement of counting down days to your wedding. In fact, such feeling is far better than winning a whole jackpot. Hence, these countdown begins for marriage messages.

More importantly, no one can best describe the ecstasy and the joy of getting married than yourself. And, since that’s true about you, I’m so sure you want to have a memorable journey to the very day of your conjugal bliss.

Trust me, in this collection of countdown begins for marriage messages, I assure you of the unforgettable countdown experience and happiness as you spice up each day to your wedding by sending your lover these lovely messages.

Besides, I also know, it’s possible you are not the one getting married but you are looking for a  wedding countdown ideas or short wedding quotes for a friend, sister, brother or a colleague at work who’s getting married soon. Oh great! Thankfully, you’ve landed on the right page.

Below you will find a beautiful collection of inspirational countdown begins for marriage messages for intending couple.

Please note: a particular day can be used for another by just changing the day. E.g. 10 days can be changed to 9 days while sending it to someone or using it for yourself as wedding in advance captions, quotes and sayings.

Meaningful Countdown Begins for Marriage Messages

So, for your best experience from now till the very day of your wedding, our extensive list of meaningful countdown begins for marriage messages will do the job for you. Once again congratulations!

10 Days to Marriage

1. It’s 10 days to the best experience I’ve waited all my life for. Happy married life in advance to me.

2. I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle with your soulmate, dear. I can’t wait for ten days!

3. I will be here counting down to how you will change your name officially. 10 days. Leggo!

4. Knowing that in 10 days you’re going to be totally mine gives me a basking joy. You made my world, my love.

5. I’m happy that the journey of many months has finally come to a beautiful reality for me. I’m so elated! Here’s a song of love for you.

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9 Days to Marriage

1. The promise we made to each other to stay together no matter what comes our way has kept us thus far. Jeez! I can’t believe it’s 9 days already to my wedding.

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2. You know, I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life with you. Trust me, I’d want it to start even now; cos I can’t think of any other days in this world without you my king.

3. How I long to rest in your warm embrace as our best days on earth are about to start. Thinking this gives me a scintillating feeling.

4. I am in my cloud nine. It’s a new beginning for us, darling. They say everything changes after marriage; but on this day I promised you my unconditional love. Let the countdown begins!

5. I am truly blessed; the beautiful thought of the most wonderful man and the best kids in the world and knowing that God created them just for me brings extreme happiness as I countdown to our big day. Thank You, Lord.

8 Days to Marriage

1. Hey, sweet friend. it’s 8 days to your wedding and I’m so happy for you. I wish you a successful married life. I pray you to find grace to keep falling in love many times and always with the same person.

2. Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. From now, I and the whole family needs to start preparing for your marriage. We’ll definitely have to make it big for you because that’s how special and unique you are to all of us. We love you!

3. The days are approaching and the clock is ticking! In eight days, you’ll experience one of the best days of your life and the mystery of two becoming one will come true for you. What a fulfillment, dear friend.

4. The day looks so bright and so lovely, Guess why? Because you’re getting married in 8 days from here. So excited for you my friend. Let the love story begins!

5. It’s now 8 days reaching another milestone that you’ll live to remember for life. Let the celebration begins!

7 Days to Marriage

1. Yes, it’s 7 days to my big day! I love the number 7 more because is highly spiritual, greatly associated with inner wisdom, and a deep inward knowing. I wish myself a happy married life in advance.

2. I’m so persuaded that wisdom and understanding will be readily available for me as I tie the knot with the love of my life. Congratulation to me! Thank you, God.

3. Wedding, they say is just a day, but mine is distinctly different; to me, it’s a reflection of great days in happiness and joy without end. Happy conjugal bliss in advance to me.

 4.  Does it really matter where two people met? What matters is if the two people have come to love each other and are connected in a special way. My love, I got that feeling for you. I can’t wait!

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5. My darling, you’ve let me into your heart and I’m feeling the butterflies within. it’s cool knowing I’m the one in your heart. The beginning of happy ever after is here. Congratulation to us babe.

6 Days to Marriage

1. Wow! It’s 6 days already the new chapter is about to begin, it’s the dawn of new responsibility for you my big sister, I wish you all the good things of life!

2. Some new heights to take on, the big day is getting closer and I’m glad for the great days ahead of your union! Best wishes in advance!

3. I’m happy knowing the man you’re becoming, dear friend, I celebrate with you. Yes, let the countdown begins.

4. Some big congratulations to our amiable future bride and groom! May your relationship be the prying of others as your union shall be an example to all. Happy celebration in advance.

5. Marriage is an affair that strives on respect and love. I wish you a lifetime of love and respect. May your home be filled with so much joy.

Countdown Begins for Marriage Quotes

Keep the vibe alive with countdown begins for marriage quotes. You know every day to your big day can be so exciting as you share these countdown begins for marriage quotes on your social media.

5 Days to Marriage

1. It’s 5 days to be more being mature in love and the full responsibility of being married. Big congratulation. I Got Hitched with Bae for Life!

2. Who’s ready for a new you? 5 days to go. I’m so happy for you as the day is approaching. May you find exceedingly great joy in your union.

3. I’m already feeling so great. As if it comes with been 5 days closer your big day. Congrats!

4. You’re swiftly letting go the old you of bachelorhood and spinsterhood, cause it’s the 5th day to your wedding. Happy for you big brother and sister.

5. I just want to say this to you, my friend, it’s never going to be the same in the next 5 days. What a bubbling feeling it is! I wish you all the best.

4 Days to Marriage

1. The connection of two lovers and how both have decided to live together is what celebrating. May you find an everlasting harmony love birds.

2. She sings a love song, and your heart whispers back. Yes, it’s so true those who desire to love always find a soulmate. I’m so happy about your connection. May God grant both of you unending adventures.

3. I’m so excited it’s just 4 days to go and thank God I will be able to give the toast at your wedding ceremony.

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4. Love is unconditional! Grant forgiveness and always show your affection. Under God live your life to please each other. Happy married life in advance, dear friend.

5. What was once upon a time is now what you will spend your whole life admiring. I thank God for you. Big congratulation my sweet friend.

 3 Days to Marriage

1. The highest happiness and blissfulness on earth is getting married to you. I promise to cherish and love you. This remaining 3 day seems closer than ever!

2. Like the old saying “it’s easy to fall in love” but for me, the easiest part is finding someone like you. Aww! We’re getting married.

3. I promise you all of my forever, you’ve won my heart. Jeez! It’s 3 more days to go, let’s do this.

4. To say I DO in less than 72 hours will be the greatest day of my life. I can’t wait!

5. My love for you is an endless adventure and I can’t wait to work the aisle with you.

2 Days to Marriage

1. There is nothing like staying with you forever; for two who love one another. It’s less than 48 hours my sweetheart.

2. My heart is full of certainty and I promise to stay true in the new terrain that’s kicking off soon! Happy married us to me in advance!

3. I’m grateful for all the days of our courtship and dating but I’m super grateful for what lies ahead of me and you.

4. See who’s getting married soon! Yes, it’s me and I’m elated!

5. For all the good feelings and eventful time my love, I’m so grateful and I’m looking forward to the more romantic journey with you as it starts soon!

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1 Day to Marriage

1. Jeez! I can’t be more excited. It’s 1 day to go. I’m about to have the best experience of my life with the love of my life. I celebrate us.

2. Yes, the D-day is almost here. Most importantly, it’s a day ahead to all the blissfulness with the love of my life.

3. Only God’s eternal grace has brought us this far. Happy married life in advance to us babe.

4. I’ll always be thankful for my life, for family and friends. It’s just 1 day to our wedding Mr. handsome and I’m very happy.

5. Forever to be in your tender love, forever to rest in your arms and oh, with unending kisses and romantic hugs. I love you forever and always.

6. One day until we say I Do, I am so happy like my life depends on it. It’s forever to go, my love.

7. An adventure of a lifetime is about to start, for kisses and hugs will forever be mine as I grow old with you and I am so excited about it. I love you, sweetheart.

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