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120 Breakthrough Prayer Points That Work Instantly (2022)

Breakthroughs are like major feats we had set our hearts on to achieve in life. Most times, it’s like the dawn of a new day, or as a new tide turning from the old pattern of events in the family or amidst your peers. However, we all need divine help for a new strategic change for situations especially one that requires quick intervention. Therefore, we’ll need some of these breakthrough prayer points to raise some incense to God for help.

There’s no facilitation of assistance until there’s some show of the need for help sometimes. You have to be intentional about praying to the creator with some breakthrough prayer points if you need aid at this stage of your life.

If you truly don’t like the way things are moving, then it’s time for a turn into the path you have desired to see. It’s time to turn to the road of success. Take some of the breakthrough prayer points for yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues. For all that you care about, pray for them using the breakthrough prayer points and send some to them.

Don’t you forget to put your heart into it and be consistent, while making sure to pray with a pure heart; because of course, as the scripture says, it is the fervent prayer of a righteous man that avails much, and not forgetting to never doubt as you ask.

Morning Prayer Points for Breakthrough

We all need a come through at every point in life. Even when all seems to be going well, you’ll always desire things to become better. Aspirers never stop striving for the top, because there’s always a higher level to reach out for.

Praying with some morning prayer points for breakthrough at a time like the dawn being the first watch of the day would go a long way in speaking to your endeavors for the day. And as you win from day to day commanding each one with some breakthrough prayer points, you’ll have your weeks, months, and years on earth filled with a victorious life.

You can begin to go through your prayers for special favors, prayer for favor in financial dimensions, also for quick divine connection prayer points. When prayers for supernatural breakthroughs are raised, all areas of our lives are affected.

1. Dear Lord, have mercy on us this day and open doors of wonder as we step out for the day’s business.

2. You who have promised to be with us even in the midst of the storm and in the valley of the shadow of evil will guide us this day unto light and perfection.

3. I declare that the gates of the enemy will not prevail over your purpose and plan for my life in Jesus’ name.

4. Though I am in the world, I operate not at the level that the people of the world operate in. I am seated far above all principalities and powers and so I rule overall limitations.

5. Yes, indeed I am more than a conqueror through the son of God who loves me and will always keep me safe and give me breakthrough even in the toughest times.

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6. I speak peace to all the wavering storm of life this morning in Jesus’ name. And I command all the winds from every corner of the earth to blow in my favor.

7. I sit with my father in heaven, and so I rule among my enemies. As I consciously decree and declare my place beside my father, I overcome in Jesus’ name.

8. May my eyes be opened to all the paths that the Lord has made plain for me to walk in. I would hear the voice that leads and be led to perfection.

9. Though the wilderness seems dry, as the LORD has promised me rivers and a way in the wilderness, I receive them this morning in Jesus’ name.

10. My cup of favor is full and as I go out this morning, I’ll begin to drink from it in Jesus’ name. It is well with me.

11. Though there be many afflictions, the Lord will save me from it all. This is my confidence, that the Lord of Hosts will fight for me all the days of my life.

12. As a family, we agree and declare in the name of Jesus’ and by the power of the Word that our doors of blessings open in Jesus’ name.

13. The blood of Jesus’ sets free, and so we chant again this morning, that the day will obey the blood that speaks great things of victory for us in Jesus’ name.

14. I contend for the gates of favor and mercy to be opened unto me and my family this morning as we step out of the house in Jesus’ name.

15. We are blessed and not cursed, favored, and not disappointed. The Lord’s arm of mercy never fails, and we cling to this today.

16. The hand of the LORD is upon us this morning for great dimensions and encounters with fulfillment.

17. My tree brings forth abundantly this season in Jesus’ name. I am not barren, but a barn full of great harvest.

18. My field will bring forth abundantly in this season. This morning ushers me into the period of sweet harvest in Jesus’ name.

19. My father is the husbandman and I am His vine, therefore I declare that my branch brings forth ceaselessly through all the seasons of this year in Jesus’ name.

20. The Lord is my help in the day of trouble, and my shelter from every stormy blast. I seek refuge this morning in his name as I forge ahead pushing through the walls that limit success.

Midnight Prayer for Breakthrough

Midnights are like special moments for spiritual warfare. So many spiritual activities go on and it’s like one of the perfect times to just give a prayer uproar while asking for a miraculous push through the barriers that the enemy has laid over the years in your family, career, or finance wise. Anyways, some prayer points are specific for midnight prayer breakthrough.

As you take the breakthrough prayer points one after the other, trust in your heart that the one in the person of Christ; who won the victory centuries ago will bring this breakthrough into manifestation in the different areas of your life.

21. As it was in the days of the children of Israel, let the ocean drown every force of the enemy in Jesus’ name.

22. For the Lord never sleeps nor slumber, and the one who watches over me is ever keeping his eye on me, I command that the devourers of life will not succeed in snapping my breakthrough from me.

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23. May my walls of protection be made tall and surrounded by fire. I pray in the name of Jesus; I am blessed with all portions of blessing without interruption from the enemy.

24. I declare that my light will not grow dim in Jesus’ name. I receive the pillar of fire as the Israelites were given to know the light and that I may be led in the path of my destiny.

25. You oh Lord will not withhold your goodness from me. This night, I command that heaven’s door be opened to pour out your blessings into my life.

26. Thanks be to the Lord of hosts who will arise tonight for my sake. You oh God will give me help in wielding the battle-ax and fight for me.

27. I pray that you will send your warrior angels for my sake tonight. By the morning, I’ll receive nothing but the good news of conquering.

28. No matter how things are right now, as I make my petitions known to you dear Lord, I pray that you send me help and put a new song in my mouth by dawn.

29. Before another day dawns, I speak that every crooked path is made straight ahead of my journey in Jesus’ name. I would not be withheld from fulfilling destiny.

30. I break every form of chain still holding me down from manifestation. I plead the powerful blood of Jesus on all that I lay my hands to do.

31. All my troubles are over in the name of Jesus. There is no shadow my way and there is certainly no stagnancy again. I move on in victory.

32. Every exalted mountain is made plain before me tonight. I speak the words of faith to move them away from me.

33. The sting of poverty and barrenness is nullified. The blood of Jesus has made the provision for me and I cling to it in Jesus’ name.

34. Whenever I call on you, you answer. I call you the healer tonight and ask for a divine perfection in my mother’s health in Jesus’ name.

35. Though the mountains are so big, I match on with my weapon of warfare, and as I call on the name of Jesus tonight, may every one of them be beaten into pieces.

36. God has given me the spirit of victory and not of fear, I am free from oppression and not bound by the spirit of fear.

37. I walk in the fullness of joy and laughter breaks forth from my depth. For the One who sits in heaven laughs, I also laugh because my victory is sure.

38. The Holy One of Israel is my father, I also I’m holy. Therefore, any works of darkness are laid waste before me.

39. I look to the author and finisher of my faith and pray tonight that, all things that are yet to be finished in my life are completed. My projects receive quick attention for success approval in Jesus’ name.

40. My habitation of reign will not be laid to waste. I occupy my throne of authority tonight and I decree that my voice will be obeyed in all territories.

Prayers for Supernatural Breakthroughs

Sometimes, as the scriptures say that the violence takes the kingdom by force, and with the example that David showed by pursuing and overtaking to recover all the enemy took from him, I think you’ll need some aggressive prayer points, as they are prayers to turn things around.

You could raise these prayers for supernatural breakthroughs as family deliverance prayer points during your family prayers. And you can all pray with some bible verses on financial breakthroughs, relationships, and work breakthroughs for the members of your family.
Search below for your breakthrough prayer points.

41. The word of God is sure and above all natural things. In the name of Jesus, I declare the doors of breakthrough open according to the promises of God for me even before I was formed.

42. The earth cannot withstand the voice of the Lord, and so I speak the overtaking power and force of the supernatural into being today in Jesus’ name.

43. All things that ought to be in my life are called forth today in Jesus’ name. I bring into the picture the things the Lord has spoken concerning me.

44. The situations around will not move my faith as I decree that all the portals of the earth open up and release the keys for my advancement.

45. The earth and its fullness will hear me because the Lord who is my father owns the heavens and the earth.

46. For the earth is the LORD’s footstool, so I also rule above any forces in operation on earth. I have victory in the Word from the Father through Christ Jesus, amen!

47. When the enemy comes at me even as a flood, you Oh Lord will raise your mighty hands against them in Jesus’ name.

48. The Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not be found wanting in the place of destiny fulfillment. I function in my place and overcome every obstacle.

49. The race is not to the swift or wise but to him who knows the Lord. I cling to the power of God and outrun the devices of the enemy.

50. I bring the devices of the enemy into naught and declare dominion over all that is in my care. I have a voice that speaks favor on my behalf and speaks honor into my life in Jesus’ name.

51. O God of all wonders, I ask that your mighty hand bring me out of the wilderness experience, that I may rejoice in the fruitful land in Jesus’ name.

52. Let your light shine on all that still seems dark in my life. That I may experience your Glory oh Lord.

53. In the stormy gale, your voice will speak to my soul and keep me still. And so I declare peace be still in Jesus’ name.

54. I find rest in your arms in Jesus’ name. And your wings take me far above all limitations. I shall stand upon the mountain and sing a new song.

55. My foes will perish in the valley, and drown in the sea. For you, Oh Lord will stretch forth your mighty hand and bring me unto a safe land.

56. Your name is a strong tower and this day I enter into that name. I find my abode and do wonders in the land of the living because this day I have found your name as help for me.

57. You are my help in the days of trouble. You will arise and fight for me. I am weak, but you are my strength.

58. There is no shadow of turning with you my Father! You have begotten me in love and you alone can keep me through it all.

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59. I will call upon the LORD in whom my peace is found. My joy and my salvation, I hide in you, for you are my habitation.

60. In the name of Jesus, I push open every door to my manifestation. And because I move not by my might or power, but by the Spirit of God, I push through unto victory.

Prayer Points for Financial Breakthrough

All the time, He knows what we need, but as the scriptures record in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33, He wants our desire to be for Him alone first and then all the things we need as we use the prayer points for financial breakthrough to request for money can be added to us even before we ask.

So, you can also be raising breakthrough prayer points for spiritual growth, because indeed, we need to break loose from weaknesses that limit our fellowship with God to move close to the one who can give you beyond what you can say in all of your prayers for abundant blessings, flourishing, and upliftment.
Check out your prayers for the supernatural increase and spiritual maturity below and be glad you did!

61. The doors for wealth are opened unto me. I will enter in and lend to nations from the abundance that awaits me in Jesus’ name.

62. My mind is blessed and filled with wisdom. I will bring solutions to problems and nations will honor me with treasures.

63. My barn is filled with riches, and many shall come to me to buy gold, silver, and every good thing.

64. I am blessed and made a blessing to many. All that see me shall glorify God for the gift he has given to them through me.

65. Many will see me and call me a miracle. I am a wonder that had been waiting to happen and I declare that it is time to birth forth marvelous things in Jesus’ name.

66. My price is far above all precious stones. I am rich and treasured because my father owns all riches beyond comprehension. I begin to bestow abundance on many that the Lord has blessed me for in Jesus’ name.

67. Oh Lord, nations are waiting for this Glory to shine forth through me. I pray that this day, the light shines forth in me and reveals your great deposits through me.

68. For nothing can stop the mighty hand of God, so I speak that the divine power of God breaks me loose from everything holding back my finances in Jesus’ name.

69. When there is a drought-like I’m facing right now, I know that there’s a rock that provides water for me. I ask for a breaking forth of flow from my rock of wealth in Jesus’ name.

70. As many as the Lord has designed to help my finances, I call them to awake and ask for divine connection right now.

71. Even though there seems to be darkness now, I know that the light will soon shine on all that concerns our wealth in Jesus’ name.

72. I declare that my endeavors bring forth abundantly in Jesus’ name. May the business flourish greatly in this season. This is my season of harvest.

73. Every embargo on my business is removed. I receive favor and all eyes that see me desire to work and walk with me to success.

74. This project will not elude me in Jesus’ name. I would be favored and this will be one of the many doors set to open for my financial breakthrough for the season.

75. No one surrounding me will lack for I also will know no lack. I have the shepherd and so I walk in the surplus provisions of my provider.

76. Jehovah Jireh is your name Oh Lord. I will wait to see the wealth you have laid for me and receive them all. Make it quick dear Father for creation awaits the expression of your son.

77. No other god gives like you. You have given me the greatest wealth of your son, and I know that all of my possessions are hidden in HIM.

78. I will pursue and overtake, recovering all that I have lost, and all I never realized I had. All that belongs to me is released unto me today in Jesus’ name.

79. I will be anxious no more and fret no longer because the one who owns my destiny in His hands has all that I need to come into the accomplishment of all.

80. I pray Oh Lord my Father that all that have mocked me when I lacked will rejoice with me when the abundance comes. For I see the cloud getting ready to rain great wealth upon me.

Prayer Points for Mercy and Favor

When two or more meet and agree on a thing in the name of the LORD, it is done to them because HE is there in their midst. Also when you pray as an individual, you pray believing that as the temple of the living God and a Son of God, HE hears your petitions.

With all of this understanding at heart, you can boldly use some prayer points for mercy and favor to the One who promised you goodness and mercy all the days of your life.

Go on to prophetically declare your freedom and triumph as well as obtain favor in all your endeavors with the following breakthrough prayer points for open doors.

81. I declare that everywhere I go, I move as a product of mercy and favor. I will not struggle with anything I lay my hands on in Jesus’ name.

82. I’m highly favored before God and before every man in Jesus’ name. I will not lack help in the days of need.

83. The Lord makes me an embodiment of favor everywhere I go, there will be an aura of God’s favor and the expression of it in Jesus’ name.

84. Not only will I walk in divine grace, but my family too. I become an atmosphere for the mercies of God and everyone that meets me meets with the compassion of God.

85. Oh Lord, I long that your heart will speak favor unlimited to me in this season of my life. I fly on the wings of your mercy in Jesus’ name.

86. Above all my foes, I will be made to sit on my throne as I rule with great authority. I find this throne by your mercy in Jesus’ name.

87. There are no walls of limitation or protocols that could stop you. Your hands are not too heavy to save, and so I ask for this mercy that you show on whom you so desire to. I proclaim that I am a beneficiary of your endless mercy.

88. As you showed the Israelites your mercy continuously, so will I walk in your rest until you bring me to the promised land in Jesus’ name.

89. I know that I have not merited your love and affection, but because of your beloved son, I claim that I am forever in your heart. So, this day, I declare that the blood of Jesus speaks mercy for me and my family.

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90. I declare over my family, friends, business, and the Church, we are partakers of the divine grace and mercy of God in Jesus’ name.

91. It is in your face that we receive favor. I pray today that may your face shine upon me, your countenance will bring brighten my soul and give me joy for a breakthrough.

92. For I serve a God that holds me like His child, so I command unlimited favor all the days of my life in Jesus’ name.

93. I come forth from every valley unto the mountain made for me in Jesus’ name. I arise by mercy in the name of Jesus.

94. You oh Lord is my rock. May your mercy bring me forth from every miry clay and set my feet on this rock. For you are my cornerstone.

95. Your angels of mercy this day will follow me everywhere and good things will be the order of the day for me.

96. I will be honored in all nations because of that which the Lord is set to do. And all the Glory will be to you, my Father.

97. May your wings Oh LORD bring me out of every ditch and unto the high place set for me. I reign in the estate that you have created me for in the name of Jesus.

98. Your grace and mercy will cloth me brighter than the lily of the valley and I will be treasured than gold because of your abundant mercy.

99. As you smile on me today, I am singled out for divine blessings in Jesus’ name. For I serve a living God, all things come alive in me and by me in Jesus’ name.

100. Your divine intervention is what I seek dear God. You who have helped me this far will not forsake me. You will not allow me to be moved from the path of favor and your presence follows me for a supernatural breakthrough.

Breakthrough Prayer Points for Healing

We only sometimes remember to address some issues while rounding up prayers. You should be aware that wholeness is enjoyed when all areas in our lives are in good shape. Believing that health is wealth, so it is important to voice out the need for divine health with some breakthrough prayer points for healing.

Becoming weak today and being better tomorrow only to fall ill again later could subtly drain you of energy and resources to pursue your dreams. It could even make your faith weak, and make you become less prayerful or relent in your determination to fulfill purpose in life. And guess what, the land could need healing too, so from individual bodies, situations at home and to our lands, we need some breakthrough prayer points.

So let’s tackle this issue with the following breakthrough prayer points for health perfection!

101. The healing balm of God is smeared on you today in Jesus’ name. You feel no more pain and oppression in your body.

102. The hand of the Lord is upon us to heal our land in Jesus’ name. There is no occasion of sickness again for us in the name of Jesus.

103. May the oil flow from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. Every infirmity is cleared from your body as we pray now in Jesus’ name.

104. At the name of Jesus, every oppressor of your body bows down in Jesus’ name. Everything unplanted or uncreated by GOD in you is taken off from its root in Jesus’ name.

105. May the oil and wine of healing from God be poured upon our souls, hearts, spirits, and body today in Jesus’ name.

106. Jehovah Rapha, our healer, you are God and there is none like You. May your healing power surge through our veins, bones, and marrow this day for the perfection of our health in Jesus’ name.

107. The healing stream from the presence of God and His throne will flow across our families, lands, and nation to bring us everlasting cure from all that troubles us.

108. Our souls are escaped from the snare of the fowler and our minds free from fear in Jesus’ name. We walk with a sound mind and a great strength to manifestation.

109. Oh Lord, as the land turns to form her wicked ways, may your mercy look on us and grant us speedy healing in Jesus’ name.

110. For my body is your temple, therefore no sickness is allowed to stay. And so I pray that every infirmity is taken away right now.

111. I speak the power and life in the blood of Jesus’ into my bloodstreams. I receive diving healing this day in the name of Jesus.

112. Every corner of your body receives the healing touch of Yahweh. You will not feel any more discomfort from this day henceforth.

113. Whenever I call on you, you answer. So, dear Lord, as you have helped me in all other spheres of life, I ask that the supernatural also perfect my health this day.

114. You are the only ONE capable of giving me perfect health. I pray that your breath will be upon on all of these medications and give me a speedy recovery.

115. The afflictions will not rise again because I have received the touch of God. I am made whole never to be troubled again in my body.

116. The storm of infirmity has blown dear Lord, but I hide in you and find my complete restoration of haleness.

117. I would dance in your house and rejoice in your mercies always. Though the enemy thinks this light affliction will sway my faith, I know that I am made whole in you.

118. O Lord I say that you give me a new song to sing. I will praise and tell the whole world what a mighty and compassionate God you are, for in you is the perfection of health.

119. When even my family abandons me, I know you will never leave me. Oh Lord, give me the testimony I have so longed for as regards my body. I cling to the hope of the cross, for by Your stripes I’m healed.

120. There is peace in the storm that troubles my body. I shut the mouth of the accuser and declare that my body is meant for signs and wonders and not for sickness, in JESUS’ name.

As sons and daughters of God who prepare to affect the world that awaits our manifestation for God’s glorification, we sure know that adversaries would always wait at the times of our expression.

However, we have the weapon of our warfare as Christ (Ephesians 4:24, 6: 10-18), and by putting Him on in full armor, we should stand to pray using some breakthrough prayer points and praying intensely by the Spirit in us. We wish you the best as you do this and wait on the Lord.

Kindly share these prayers on your social media and leave a comment to ascertain how God has helped you with these prayers.

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