Prayers for my Lover

100 Highly Effective Prayers for my Lover to Ignite Intimacy (2021)

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One of the characteristics of love is that it gives. You may give without loving, but you cannot love without giving to the person you love. People offer several gifts to their lovers but one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to your lovers is prayer. Because of the necessity of praying for your lover, you need to make it a necessity to peep into prayers for my lover as made available to you in this content.

Does my lover require prayers? Yes! Do I need to make it a duty to pray for him or her? Yes! What kind of prayers should I pray for my partner? Prayers for my lover will give you access to good numbers of them.

When prayers become your attitude, ease will become your experience. Prayer helps you invite the attention of God into your matters. When God’s attention is set on you, your life will be full of ease and peace.

As you make prayers for my lover your daily routine, you’ll find joy, peace, and love being with the person. You couldn’t have been on this page if praying for your lover is not important to you. Get on the page, and read through to pray for your partner.

Romantic Good Morning Prayers for My Love

Your lover requires not only romance to express your affection to her, he or she also requires prayers to show that you care about your partner. Romantic good morning prayers for my love help you combine both romance and prayers to express your affection to your lover.

Making prayers for your loved ones help you express your deep affections to them. If you want to always express your love to your soulmate, you will have to make prayers for my lover your daily practices.

1. Darling of my heart, my sincere prayers for you are that God will guarantee you a protected life from the evil of the world and keep you safe in His arms. The jealousy of almighty one will safeguard you and keep you from all hurts of life. Amen

2. I pray that the Lord will make the rest of your life be the best of your life. You will not know a better yesterday. Today shall be better than yesterday, and tomorrow shall be better than today. May you live in the pool of peace and joy. Nothing shall stop you. Amen.

3. Sweetheart, I pray that your dream come through, may we attain the greatness of our dream in life as we grow in love together. The hand of God shall assist us to get to our destination. The Lord be with us as we walk through life together.

4. May the doors of blessings be opened unto you without limit. May you attain your highest dreams and goals as you pursue them. What takes others fifty years, you shall get 5 months. This is within God’s capacity and He can do it.

5. Great success shall be in your experience as you work hard to execute your long-time dream. May you be too encouraged always beyond weariness. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow shall be yours all through your life, my honey.

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6. My intense desires for you are joy and prosperity in all your endeavors. The God of heaven will grant you all your heart desires. All the good things you’ve ever desired shall come to you with ease. Your life shall be void of complaint and murmuring. You shall only speak of the goodness of the Lord.

7. Sweety, Your partnership with me has been a source of joy that I cannot quantify. You’re my world and my star. I pray that nothing will be strong enough to separate us. We shall get stronger together as we grow into inseparable ones.

8. Whenever I set my eyes on you, the rivers of joy within me are set loose. I pray that joy and success will never depart from your life just as you’ve been a source of joy to me all the way. God will remain faithful to us as we remain committed to Him.

9. You’ve shown me, love, in such a way I cannot get elsewhere. I sometimes get surprised by how far you could go to prove to me that you love me. May you also have experience of God’s love without limit. In the name of Jesus.

10. Life couldn’t have been worth living if you’ve not been there. My life is prolonged because I have you by my side. God has shown me mercy by bringing you my way. I treasure you like the gift of God in my life. You’ll enjoy the gift of long life just as you’re giving me more reason to continue living.

11. Whatever you sow, you’ll undoubtedly reap. When you give joy, you’ll receive manifold joy from God almighty. I pray that God gives ceaseless joy in all that concerns you, my dearest. The kindness of God shall never cease in your life.

12. May your latter years be better than the former. Your old age is better than the youthful age. Your life will not depreciate but appreciate as the day passes by. Nothing will die in your life. Everything connected to you prospers under God’s grace.

13. My king, I pray that you’ll live long for me to celebrate the success of our dreams together. Nothing will cut your life short I sincerely pray for you. Glorious shall be spoken of you everywhere in the name of the Lord.

14. The queen of my heart, I pray that may you continue to look beautiful for me. God will keep giving me the capacity to take care of you and your kids. The grace of God will be in ceaseless operation in your life in the name of Jesus.

15. I pray to God to order your steps as you go out and come in in your daily endeavors. The issues of life will not keep you captive. You will always experience triumph in the fight of life. Amen.

16. May God always give you victory, you’ll never be defeated by the challenges of life. No matter what you go through, success will be your aftermath experience. And you shall glorify God.

17. May God bless you bountifully and may He lift you above your equal. God will make your life an epitome of excellence and glory. As long as you live, beautiful things of life shall your portion. You shall not be disappointed in life. Your expectations shall not be cut short in the name of Jesus.

18. God’s wonders will never cease in your life, my king. I pray we experience the beauty and joy of living this life together till our old age. Our children shall grow up to emulate us by divine grace. We shall not disappoint every life we are ordained to bless and lift up.

19. May God brings His gift within you alive and you use it to proclaim His glory and praise. Everyone that comes across you will call you blessed as a result of the display of God’s gift in you. God will use you as an instrument of fame around the world.

20. What brings others down will bring you a lift. When others grumble, you’ll sing praise. Your life will increase in progressive order. You will never go down, my dearest. I decree over your life that you shall increase only, you shall not reduce.

Morning Prayers for Long Distant Relationship

There is no distance beyond the reach of prayers. You may not always see your better half but you can always stay in touch through prayers. Waking up your darling with morning prayers for long distant relationship fills the heart of your lover with hope and ecstasy for the day.

Early morning hours prayers are so important to determine how your day will turn out to be. Prayers for my lover is a good way to fill his or her day with enthusiasm and make them have goals realizable before the close of the day.

21. Hey sweetie, it’s bright and beautiful! Your day shall be filled with profit and progress. May you be more profitable today than you were in past years in the name of Jesus. You shall be found wiser and better like Daniel in the name of Jesus.

22. This world will benefit you and grant you a great opportunity to get wealth. The calamity of this world is not your portion. Your labor shall not be in vain as you go about your activities today, my honey! Stay hopeful, you shall succeed.

23. May the world bow at your feet. The Lord will put you in command of great influence and affluence. Wherever you go, you will experience the wonderful works of God in your life and it shall be obvious that Lord has done it, darling sweetheart.

24. Your source of joy will not turn sour, your candle of glory will not turn dark and the light of your success will not go out. God will keep you as a shining star in your world and make you relevant in your sphere in Jesus’ name.

25. As you step out today, may you be shielded from the evils of the day and be delivered from its calamity. The Goodness of the day shall be your lot. No arrow of the wicked shall locate you. You’re kept and protected by the power of God.

26. Morning time is a time of fresh figure and renewed energy to approach life with better ideas and a winning attitude. May your heart be filled with valid ideas that will earn you success today. God will open your eyes to the abounding opportunities everywhere, my lover

27. As you step out today, I desire that you contact God’s helps in everything you lay your hands upon. May you enjoy favor in everything you place your hands upon today. Every eye set on you shall support you, my blessed king.

28. Everything you want will come to you with ease, success will locate you, great things will happen to you, you will never grumble before you rejoice. Your ways are prosperous for my sake.

29. God makes way for you my lover. You shall not experience roadblocks, impediments are cleared off. The mercy of God will abound with you and yours throughout your life.

30. It takes an intelligent man to keep a woman happy through thin and thick. Life may not always be a bed of roses but an optimistic man like you will always make life worth it. Happiness will not cease in your life. Good morning darling.

31. My sweetest, the one who I love with all my heart. I earnestly pray that the benefits of God will never depart from you, the mercy of God shall not be scarce. I pray that you enjoy greatness without limits all through your life.

32. Everything that is attached to you will not go bad. Whatever that is not working fine will function well henceforth. Everything in your life will bring success without cessation. It can only get better with you, my darling sweetheart.

33. Hey Good morning darling, I release ease and peace in your way today, before you knock it will open, before you call, things will answer for you. Before you seek, you shall find by the help of the mighty one. I love you like no other.

34. Every obstacle on your way is cleared. Every mountain before you are leveled. You’re unstoppable and indomitable. I’m with you in prayer, win for us always my dearest.

35. My love, I want to assure you that God is for you, nothing can be against you. His word has promised divine support in all that you. Knowing that God is for you is an assurance that the ball will roll in your direction. You’re my best! I love you.

36. Honey, wake up with strength, fortitude, and unreserved confidence to win an incredible fight. Everything is working for you today, lines are falling in pleasant places for you. Go and make progress today, my dear.

37. Great morning to you my heart desire. Knowing that I’m in your life should assure you that you’ll always advance in life. I’m by your side always. Your day is filled with sweetness, goodness, and glory. Have a bright day!

38. As the time of life passes by, I pray that your energy gets refresh every day till you have an overflow of divine blessing in your life and endeavors. Your accomplishment today shall be great and nothing will limit.

39. Beautiful morning my love. Yesterday is gone, today is here. Challenges of the day may be peculiar but God is always faithful to see you through. You’re too blessed to be depressed. Too loaded to be useless, too great to be small.

40. Whatever that is given concerns is taken care of by God. The hand of God will help you and give you great feats in your works. Have a beautiful day my darling.

Sweet Good Afternoon Prayer Message for My Love

Checking up on your sweetheart with prayers is so important. It leaves a positive and lasting impression in their heart. Your day might truly be busy but taking one minute out of your time to send a sweet good afternoon prayer message for my love will tell how important you’re to the love of your life.

Offer prayers for your soulmate in the morning and also in the afternoon. Prayers for my lover should be done every time of the day to speak positive things into his or her life. This is so important and must be taken as such.

41. Darling of my heart, your day has begun well with confident expectations of a fulfilling and rewarding day. Your expectations for the day shall come through before the day closes in the name of Jesus.

42. My desire for you in life is to see you smile for the rest of the day despite the challenges that are peculiar to the day. Life may not always give you reasons to stay happy but God can always afford you one. Your life shall be filled with reasons to keep on smiling.

43. May the help of God overtake you and give you double for your labor. As God used to help those who call upon His name, so will you enjoy His supports. You will not labor in vain, my darling.

44. Your joy will not know bound and everyone who is attached to you. You’ll be happy in the morning afternoon, and night. The rivers of joy in your will not run dry in the name of Jesus.

45. May you receive renewed strength to finish the task of the day. You’ll not grow weary but you shall be stronger all the way. You will not be found powerless and helpless in your life. Divine help shall always locate you

46. You may not know how the day will end but you can rest assured that God knows all about your day. What you may be confused about is never a confusion to God. The Lord sees you through as put your trust in Him.

47. Everything confusing your life shall receive clarity. The light of God will shine in your ways and give you the direction you needed to achieve your goal. Your path is made plain in the name of Jesus

48. You shall not run short of Wisdom and understanding to live your life. You’ll not lack the understanding required to make success realistic in your life.

49. God will assist you and you shall not be left stranded. He will assist you to climb impossible mountains, do what looks impossible, and help you achieve incredible feats.

50. Whatever that is not preventing you from achieving your long-time dream shall remove in the name of Jesus Christ. What stops others shall not have power over you. Your feet are strengthened to walk through the huddles on the way.

51. I pray that you will be great in all areas of your life both in your health, finances, and businesses. You’re beyond the limit. All-round victory shall be your portion. Your wealth shall not be lost, your health shall not break down, your life shall advance in the name of Jesus.

52. Physically, mentally, and intellectually, you shall do well above your mates. You’ll be fruitful in your thinking and productive in your endeavors. God will bless you with ideas, insights, information that makes for wealth. Amen.

53. For the rest of the day, No evil will befall you, and the goodness of the Lord will overshadow you in every area of your life. The blessing of the Lord will overtake and give you rest on every side. Amen.

54. May God deliver you from the hardship of life and everything that makes life difficult. Your adventures shall be accompanied with easiness all the way. Invisible hands of God will assist you and make you wealthy.

55. Tears are gone from you. Everything that brings tears and sorrow is taken out of your way. The Lord shall comfort you on every side and multiply your greatness. The peace of God is with you and all that belongs to you.

56. Your mouth will be filled with laughter as a result of the wonderful achievement you would have had. Good news will flow into your life and through your from everywhere and to everyone who surrounds you.

57. You shall not die, but shall live and declares the works of God. You shall walk in sound health to enjoy the riches God will bring your way. You’ll rejoice in the fruit of your labor. You shall not labor and another man reaps it in the name of Jesus.

58. Sweetness, peace, advancement, prosperity are all yours. Your life shall not be void of good things. Your life shall be filled with testimonies and it will become a tree of blessing to the whole world in the name of Jesus. Amen.

59. The Lord will make way for you and fight for you in every needed area. The hand of God will help you to fight your battle till you emerge a winner. You will not lose battles to the camp of your enemies. The Lord shall perform all of these in your life and give you endless joy.

60. Darling, the afternoon is the most illuminated hour of the day. May your life be filled with light. Darkness shall not take hold of you in the name of Jesus. I love you. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Love-Dovey Good Night Prayers for My Lover

Nighttime is a time of rest and refreshment from all the rigors of the day. Nothing makes the night so sweet as much as hearing the romantic voice of your lover. Love-Dovey good night prayers for my lover will excite the soul of your partner and make such one sleep with a heart full of your love.

It’s important to say a word of prayer as often as possible. Prayers for my lover is indispensable, make it a gift to your sweetheart both in the morning, afternoon, and night. As you are committed to prayers, the Lord will always be there to answer you.

61. Anyone who works hard in the day deserves to sleep tight in the night. Deep sleep like that of a baby is the reward of hard work. May you sleep like a baby this night and have a thrilling bedtime, good night my darling

62. God desires to give you sleep and rest from all your labors. He doesn’t only promise you a good sleep, he also promised you protection while you are unconscious. May the gentle touch of the Spirit make you sleep safely and get you revitalized for the activity of the next day.

63. May you have dreams of greatness, prosperity, a joyous future, a happy home, a fulfilling destiny, and clarity of vision as you observe your rest tonight. This night will bring you to a better understanding of God’s purpose for your life, sleep tight in the arm of God’s love, my love.

64. My heart, you have made love a sweet thing to me, I don’t want to love anyone else in this life and life to come except you. I’m also committed to making you get the best out of loving me. I love you as fresh as ever. Sleep in God’s arm and mine tonight in Jesus’ name.

65. I know you’re blessed and nothing can reverse your blessings. Your blessings will grow like palm trees, it will flourish until it bears all its potential fruits. All the potentials deposited on the inside of you shall not be buried but shall be fully harnessed in the name of Jesus.

66. Now as you lay down to sleep, I pray the Lord to keep your soul from attacks of the wicked ones, to watch and guard you through the night and its peculiar dangers. You shall awake stronger, healthy, and joyous with the morning light.

67. I thank my God for holding you tightly during the day. His mercy has been great endless over your life. He has promised never to leave nor forsake you. This is my confidence that He will never leave you no matter what come may. His jealous care will abide with you and grant you a safe night.

68. Thank you for been there for me all the time. When I needed you, and you were there for me. My life has been great because you have been by my side. You are a blessing and I cannot deny it. God will show up to always help you when the need arises within your life in the name of Jesus.

69. Thank you for every love, affection, mercy, and kindness you’ve always shown darling sweetheart. Sometimes, I don’t deserve it but despite that, you have been faithful. Your life will not be short of faithfulness and grace of God in the name of the Lord Jesus. Sleep tight!

70. Satisfaction shall not be far from you. Fulfillment shall not be estranged from you. Success shall be your regular companions. Goodness and mercies shall follow you all of your appointed days on earth. Amen.

71. Life will be boring without enjoying the moment. As you work hard during the day, so you deserve the joy of the night. Good sleep is a reward for the hard work of the day. You deserve a deep sleep, my dearest. May you have a wonderful night’s rest.

72. As you sleep tonight, may the vision of greatness be your experience. May you wake up with better clarity concerning issues of the next day. Your fears shall die with the night time. You shall wake up with confidence, hope, and great expectation for the day. Amen.

73. Your strength is renewed like an eagle, your sight becomes clearer, your knowledge increases, your influence grows bigger and larger, and your hope comes alive as you observe your rest tonight, my darling. Amen

74. May God bless you with peace like rivers. Joy like oceans, and faith like mountains. As the Lord expands you in all areas, may he give you the capacity to maintain His blessing in your life and bring praises and glory to His name. Amen.

75. Nothing gives you joy as much as when you’re going to bed, and you know that you’re going to meet God in your dreams. To some persons, they get afraid by the night-time and, some get excited when the night has come. May God have an encounter with you as you sleep tonight.

76. When night time comes, the thought of resting in the bosom of your lover overwhelms you. It’s a moment that we don’t want to miss. May God give us more love for each other as we sleep tonight. Amen.

77. May this night calm every raging storm, silence every trouble, quench every strange fire, and enjoy calmness for the rest of your days on earth. May every worry be starved and unbelief is replaced with faith in the name of Jesus.

78. The arm of the almighty covers you from the evil that flies by night and shields you from all the fiery darts that fly around in day time. May He set His face on you and give you comfort. Amen

79. Every time of the day has its challenges and victory. May the Lord make you partake of the victory peculiar to the night time and protect you from the evil of the night. Amen

80. As you have prayed to the almighty God whose job is to answer the prayer of His people. May He bring all your heart desires to pass in the name of Jesus. Amen. Thanks are to God for answering my prayers over your life through Christ our Lord

Prayer for the Love of my Life

God is only committed to keeping what you have committed unto Him. When you commit your partner in the hand of God, you make Him responsible for the welfare of your darling. Prayer for the Love of my life is one valid way, you can get God committed to your love-life

Your wife (girlfriend) or husband (boyfriend) deserves your utmost care not only in words or by giving gifts, but much more by talking to God about them. This is what prayers for my lover have offered you. As you pray these prayer lines with faith, your peace shall break forth like rivers in the name of Jesus our Lord.

81. Dear Sweet, I give thanks to God on your behalf. Thank God for all He has been doing for you from the beginning of time up until now. His name is praised forever over your life and all that you possess. I’m persuaded that you shall see greater things on earth as you continue to rely on the grace of God.

82. His protection and provision have been sure over your life. God be thanked for all these wonderful works in your life. Looking at your life, I find concrete reasons to thank God for all He has done for you for which I’m persuaded that he yet do better things.

83. The Lord will pave way for you and make your life struggle free. He will make a way where you once thought there is no way. Water shall spring forth in the wilderness, food shall be provided in the desert. May He give you the success that transcends your hard works.

84. The Lord will enable you to rise and shine. God will equip you with the divine ability to take your place upon the earth in the name of Jesus. His light will shine upon you and bring you into visibility.

85. The greatest gifts are the gifts of men. Without human resources, no one can get anywhere in life. You’ll receive gifts from men that will make you gain a connection to the important people. The Lord will send to you the burden bearers that will lighten your burden and make you travel fast. Amen.

86. May God sends you promoters of destiny and helpers of vision. They shall strengthen your hands, encourage you when you one, and bless you with resources to run your vision. They will sponsor you into relevance in the name of Jesus Christ.

87. Your hand shall not be wearied. Your soul shall not be tired. Your strength shall not be abated. As you advance in age, so shall your strength be. You will appreciate in strength, wealth, and influence by the strength of the highest. Amen

88. May you be empowered from within to bring the dreams of your hearts into reality. The energy and the intelligence that you require to bring your dream on visibility, heavens will supply them to you in the of the Lord. Your dreams shall not die with you, my dearest love

89. Everyone whose life is connected to you shall be blessed for your sake. Your family shall be called a home of wonders, a house of signs, and pillars of light. You will become an exemplary leader to the younger generation behind you in the name of Jesus.

90. Nothing shall be impossible unto you through the enabling power of God. Whatever cannot stop God will not stop you. Grave and hell shall not have power over you. You shall overcome all the way. You shall be great and prosperous in this life. Amen.

91. May the Lord show you mercy that distinguishes people from the crow and enlists them for outstanding success. Your life shall not be short of God’s mercy. You shall be great in the hand of God just as Jesus was great in His hands. Receive strength to walk in the greatness of God in the name of Jesus.

92. The Lord’s anointing shall be upon you and make you praise and glory on earth. As God anointed Jesus to make do the impossible. May your head be equally anointed and may you experience the ease anointing brings in Jesus’ name.

93. People don’t listen to a nonentity. You have become somebody to command influence over people. May you command uncommon results that will make you become an authority in your field of endeavors. You shall speak, men shall listen to you. You shall be consulted by kings and queens of the earth in the name of Jesus.

94. The works of your hands are prosperous. The ideas of your hearts are productive. The light of your shall eyes shall not dim. You will shine brighter and brighter till you are perfect by the Lord. And all of these labors will give you massive wealth. Amen.

95. Your life will not understand limitations and boundaries. Every mark of limitations on you is broken in the name of Jesus. Whatever limiting marks set against you are erased. Greatness without borders is your lot.

96. Every plan of the wicked ones over your life is destroyed. Your enemies will not rejoice over you. You will live to see the reward of the wicked with your very eyes. The fire of the enemy will not kindle in your life.

97. God of heaven will empower you to win every fight. No loose for you. Every situation shall amount to profit for you and you shall be marvelously helped. Your triumph shall be consistent in the name of Jesus.

98. Everything that represents a bad omen in your life is swept away without leaving a trace. Your shall life shall full of new and wonderful stories. You are washed, cleansed, and justified by the grace of God.

99. May God opens a new door of opportunity unto you without limit. Fountain of joy is set loose over you and may you sweep in it forever. The well of happiness in your life shall not dry and you will live your days in peace. Amen

100. I’m persuaded that Lord has answered my prayers over you. In this, I rejoice and I give Him praise and glory. This is the expression of my love and service to you. I love you, dearest.

To drive it home, Prayer remains the most effective gift you’ll ever offer the love of your life. The place of prayers is irreplaceable. As you apply these highly effective prayers for my love, you’ll see the positive results in your mate. Feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share on your social media with friends and family.


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