Congratulations on Your Big Day

2022 Best Words of Congratulations on Your Big Day

Are you searching for wedding wishes messages or promotion wishes to send to your colleague, a friend, brother or sister or an acquaintance on his or her promotion? Or even farewell messages to students from teachers, or heartfelt wishes to congratulate teachers from students? Then your search for congratulations on your big day ends here now! Smile…

Wedding wishes or promotion wishes are meant to be a heartfelt messages that are timeless and captivating at the same time. Every soon-to-be-married couple needs all the goodwill messages they can get and more so, is promotion wishes for someone who’s taking on another milestone in career and ambition.

But sometimes drafting a good wedding wishes or promotion wishes for their big day may not be that easy, and, of course, you definitely know what to write but drafting it down can be challenging sometimes. I have a new hobby now, and that’s to save you the stress. Happy with that? Let’s go!

Below are the best words of congratulation on your big day for wedding congratulation messages and promotion wishes for their dedication and hard work. Make somebody feel happy!

Congratulations Message for New Couple

Getting a wedding invitation from someone dear to you is often characterized by delightful preparations. You’ll want to make the day big colorful for the happy couple and whether you are able to attend the wedding or have other prior engagement that day, then, the best bet is to share your love expression for the special day with words like ‘congratulations on your big day!’

Pick from these numerous words of congratulations on your big day and send as congratulations message for new couple who are engaged and on their way to the altar.

• May your marriage be filled with all the right components of affection: a continual presence of love, a sense of humor, a match of romance, and a gift of understanding. May your happiness last forever. Congratulations!

May your love flourish brighter from this day and your union grows sweeter like honey with each passing year. Congratulations on your wedding. Blessings!

• Wishing both of you a world of beauty and happiness on your wedding day.

• Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love know no bound. Congratulations to a perfect couple of the day!

• Congratulations to a wonderful and elegant couple. Wishing you a lasting journey as you build your new life together.

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• You are worthy of the good things in life. Wishing you both the happily ever after you on this day. Congratulations on your wedding day!

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• Through life challenges, dear friend, may your love for one another be unshakable and strong. Wishing you lasting joy and happiness on your wedding day. Congratulations!

• This is my message to say how happy I am for both of you on this special day. Wishing both of you years of great joy, love, and blessing. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

• My heart is filled with thanksgiving and words are just not quite enough to express my thoughts today. But I pray that love will light your way and joy unending will be your daily companion. My warmest wishes.

• Like a flashlight on a dark night, may your love for one another always beam greatly. Congratulations on your big day!.

• May the days ahead of you be filled with overwhelming love and joy. Congratulations to a couple whose compeer truly seems made above!

• Here are the two beautiful partners creating an amazing love story today. Congratulations on your wedding day!

• May you always have one another to love and respect throughout all of life’s challenges. Congratulations on your big day.

Sweet Message to a Couple

There are long and short messages that you can send as perfect couple wishes to engaged and married couples. Most touching love messages that can be sent as nice couple wishes just needs to come from your heart to mean a lot to the couples.

Look below for sweet message to a couple that means so much to you. Spread the love to all couples, leave non behind, including your brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

• Cheers to your great future together and congratulations on your wedding. I am so glad for you and I believe there’s much more in store for you both in health and prosperity.

• Congratulations on your new life experience as husband and wife. I hope this token is helpful in setting you up for your future adventures. You are worthy of all the love in the world.

• The two of you are so colorful together. It is awesome to see you both happy as one. Thanks for giving the rest of us hope for the future! May your future be as God wants it to be for you both.

• Even though I was not privileged to give a toast at the wedding today, my dear friend here is my special toast to both of you! You two are a striking example of lasting friends from teenage days up till now. I love the fact that you are both lovers now. Happy Wedding Day and cheers to you both!

• Every love story has its own flavor and yours so special. I am so happy you two have become one. Congratulations and I hope you have an amazing honeymoon.

• Today is a great day to start the rest of your beautiful journey and run off into the honeymoon together.

• May your love for one another get stronger and better each day. May you live a life full of happiness, joy, and goodness. May God bless your marriage.

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• Congratulations on your wedding day! I wish you a lifetime of days just as awesome and great as this one.

• Have a wonderful life together, friends! I wish you a lifelong of peace and harmony. Congratulation!

• Congratulations! May your life be filled with never-ending love, faith and good hope for all that’s perfect will of God for you.

Funny Congratulation Wedding Quotes

When sending funny congratulation wedding quotes, you need to be sure whether the receiver will understand your humor. However, if the person is a close pal or family member, they should definitely understand your sense of humor.

Let’s get on to help you say congratulations for a wedding in a funny way with these funny congratulation wedding quotes and messages to sisters, brothers, friends and colleagues that are about to wed or just-wedded.

Look below and check them out!

• I can’t believe you fall in love so fast with each other. May you stay mutually uncanny forever!

• Are you ready for a happily ever after with each other? I hope both of you enjoy all the twists and turns because with each other you are sure to have a lot of that.

• Whether he is the healer to your global warming or Romeo to your Juliet, I am so glad you all found each other. Just like the popular saying: “Now – go save the world or something.”

• Jeez! this is really cool! Congratulations on your wedding and I am so happy for you two. I am waiting for the honeymoon pictures ASAP.

• I am so happy you both found one another and are able to share a beautiful and different life with one another. Keep life weird. Congratulation!

• Like Shark and Remora, you two are an unexpected combination that will one day be an All-American sweetheart.

• Congratulations! Now you have joint bank accounts and still twice as much bill to pay. Welcome to marriage!

• I look forward to celebrating your 70th wedding anniversary and see you dance with your sticks and walkers. See you then!

Congratulation Wishes on Promotion

It’s really usually a good thing to be encouraged at something one engages in, everyone looks forward to having their morale being boosted, especially when it comes to being promoted at work.

Are you feeling short of words due to the excitement you feel for your colleagues at work? Then, just chill out with these sayings, words and quotes from our list of congratulation wishes on promotion for all your senior colleagues and other co-workers.

• Congratulations on your promotion, dear co-worker! All your cutting-edge work and dedications are worthy of this great achievement today and we are so very happy for you.

• All the best on your promotion, big congratulations! We hope that you achieve more as you climb the ladder of success in your career and dreams.

• Congratulations for adding one more milestone of success to your crown! May you always give the best of you and gain prosperity in your endeavors.

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• Today is the perfect time to tell you that each of your achievement is proof of your ingenuity and steadfastness. We are happy to have a great mind like you among us. All the best for your next level.

• Congratulations on your big day! May this new feat take you to the next level of greatness and may you not lose your relevance.

• Dear colleague, we are so happy to hear about your level of greatness. We will miss your eagerness to get things within a short space of time.

• Congratulations on your new level at the head office! May the driving passion of your career keep waxing strong.

• Congratulations and best of God with your promotion. It is another celebration of your success story. Keep it up, my friend.

• You have the skills and consistency which is vital to success in career pursuit. Congratulation on your big day tomorrow! You sure deserve the success you have achieved in our organization.

Congratulations on Your Big Day for Co-worker

Send congratulations on your big day for co-worker to every hardworking and diligent fellow around you. They deserve to be appreciated and urged as many times as possible.

Pick from the list below and send your kudos to them.

• You have shown with your intellectual capacity what quality work really is. Today I am so happy our superior has seen the value of your work and have rewarded you accordingly. Congratulations on your promotion!

• Big congratulation on the new level! This promotion is just a beginning and many more are on the way. Blessings!

• Congratulations! Your exceptional hard work pays, at last, dear friend and you deserved the promotion. Well done!

• Congratulations! The promotion came because you are really good with your craft plus you are a man/woman of self-discipline. You are such a perfect model for all of us at the office. Standing ovation for you!

• Congratulations for not just daydreaming but daring to make that dream a reality that we all can emulate too. Best of luck and congratulation.

• I’m excited to see you attain new heights! And this is such as soothing news for you. Let’s celebrate!

• So happy for you, congrats! You’ve worked so hard on this job. This is your hard work’s reward, enjoy.

• When the head of the department announced your name at the end of the year performance, I was so happy for you, you deserve it and you earned it. Congratulations! Your promotion is much-deserved.

• You have kept a good team spirit and your leadership skill is one in a million. You are a committed man/woman in our office. Congratulation from my heart.

• Wishing you the best experience in this new height. I am thankful for this season of your life. Big congratulations to you.

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