23 Easy DIY Adult Party Games

diy adult party games

There’s no magic to throwing a fun party. All you need are some games to keep your guests entertained, delighted, and feeling like they’re at an arcade.

We have a compilation of DIY adult party games you can play at home. It includes party games that can be played with one or more people. Perfect for a casual game night with friends, family, or colleagues.

If you have had an adult party, we’re guessing the people there had a good time. Some of them seemed to be having way too much fun, and probably more than one person woke up with a hangover.

However, what we have given here provides a balanced way to have fun at adult parties with minimal expense to plan as you can set them up by yourself.

Fun and Easy DIY Adult Party Games

It’s always a good idea to have a few games when planning an adult party. These party games are fun, easy to set up, and can be played anywhere.

Some top games are ‘Truth or Dare, the ‘Game of Naughty Truths’, ‘Pussycat Dolls Drinking Game’, and so on. Here are some fun and easy DIY adult party games that would make your parties easy to plan without even breaking the bank.

1. DIY Photo Hunt

The goal of the game is to guess what item the photo represents. Please print a pile of photos (you can use your phone), cut them into strips, and place them in a bag or box. Then one player picks an image from the crate and has to explain it to the other players.

The other players have to try and guess what it is by asking questions like, “Is it an animal?” or “What color is it?”. You can play this game as often as you want until everyone gets tired.

2. DIY Cardboard Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are the perfect DIY party game. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also super fun and entertaining for everyone.

All you need to do is cut out different shapes from cardboard and decorate them with markers or paint. You can even add eyes and hair if you want.

When you’re done, ask your guests to guess what the finger puppet is supposed to be. It’s sure to be a hit at any adult party.

3. DIY Photo Booth

Materials to use are a cardboard box, white paper, a glue gun, and markers. Then take a cardboard box and cut out two holes to look inside from both sides.

Next, place white paper on both sides of it so that people can take photos easily.

You can also use small pieces of paper instead of one big part if you want your photo booth to be more personalized.

Finally, decorate your photo booth however you like using markers.

4. Cornhole

Cornhole is another classic game that’s fun for all ages. The rules are simple: each player throws two beanbags into an elevated platform with a hole cut out in one end of it.

You score points by landing your beanbag closest to the center of the hole (the closer you get, the more points you earn). If you land your beanbag in the hole, it’s an extra point. The first player or team that reaches 21 points wins.

5. Name that Song Clip Game

Play a song everyone knows, like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams or “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Then ask the group to name the artist and the song title.

When someone gets it right, they get the point. If no one can guess after 10 seconds, play another song from the same artist. Repeat until everyone has had a chance to get the point.

Cocktail Party Games for Adults

Cocktail party games for adults are a great way to break the ice and get your guests mingling. Cocktail games are also a great way to get people involved in the party.

The best cocktail party games require plenty of interaction, so make sure you have some fun props. You can buy them or create your own.

Here are some ideas for these kinds of games for adults:

6. Pass-the-Yeast

Buy some bagels and pass them around the room while singing “Happy Birthday” or another song to which everyone knows the words. The person who doesn’t know the words gets stuck with the bagel.

7. Pass-the-Object

Give each guest an object such as an old shoe, tennis ball, or small stuffed animal. Have them pass it around until the last person on the line.

The group of people that has the most objects collected will be the winner in this game.

8. The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game is one of the most popular game shows on TV, so you know that it will be a hit at your next party. This game requires at least three couples or groups who will answer questions about their relationships.

The couple with the most points wins. One variation is to play this game with individual players instead of couples. In this case, each player gets two questions instead of one.

9. 20 Questions

This classic guessing game can be played with any number of players and is great for encouraging friendly competition between friends and family.

It’s also great because it’s easy to learn and requires no special equipment, just a little creativity. You can use anything from names to objects as your “questions”.

10. Cards Against Humanity

This game is guaranteed to get laughs from everyone at your party. It’s perfect for those who want something lighthearted and not sophisticated.

This game is similar to Apples to Apples, but it’s much more offensive. The competition aims to create the funniest or most outrageous answer to a question posed by one of the players.

The game comes with cards with phrases such as “made out with a hot dog” and “genital piercings.”

Each player gets ten cards from the main deck, one player reads a question from their hand, and everyone else chooses which card they think is the funniest response.

Whoever has the winning card wins that round and gets to keep their card. This continues until someone runs out of cards (or has too many).

You can make your cards ahead of time or buy them online from Amazon or other websites like Etsy or Zazzle.

11. Take Me Out

This game is perfect for those looking for something more serious but still fun, like Take Me Out. The object of this game is to guess which person would be best suited for each other.

Each person writes their answers on index cards and passes them around until someone finds their match.

The idea behind this game is that people will be matched with someone they want to date rather than just blindly picking someone out of a hat.

12. Pass the Parcel

A classic game that requires everyone to work together to pass around a gift parcel without letting it fall apart.

The person who ends up with the parcel’s contents has to guess what they are before anyone else opens their gift.

13. Movie-Themed Games

How well do you know your favorite movies? Play movie-themed games such as charades, Pictionary, or Battleship.

You can also create your movie-themed games by adding additional rules such as “speak like a character from the movie.”

Fun Party Games for Adults Without Drinking

Are you looking for fun party games for adults without drinking? I have got you covered. You’ll learn about party games for adults that we host at our house, and we’ve had a blast playing them.

These games are easy to learn and play and don’t require drinking or even drinking games (although you can certainly play them). I hope you enjoy it.

14. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a classic game that anyone can play. The objective of hide and seek is to find all players who are hiding.

15. Nailed It

Nailed it is another classic party game that can be played with any number of players. In this game, one person has their back turned while other players have to guess what they are holding up behind their back.

If they can guess correctly, the person holding up the thing stands up and gives the next person a chance to imagine what they were holding up behind their back.

16. Trivia Night

Trivia night is a fun way for people to test their knowledge about different topics by answering various questions based on those topics. This can also be an opportunity for people to learn new things about various topics as well.

17. Croquet

Croquet is an old-school lawn sport you can play in your backyard or at a park with friends and family on a sunny day. It’s great exercise too. You’ll get your heart pumping while having fun at the same time. It’s ideal for older kids or adults who are not afraid of obtaining it.

18. Giant Beer Pong

Beer pong rules are simple: you and your friends stand on either side of a table and try to toss a ping-pong ball into each other’s cups. The first team to sink ten balls wins.

19. Ring Toss

Ring toss is a classic carnival game. You’ll need some pole or stick, several rings (or hoops), and a place where you can mark off points on the ground.

Each player tries to toss rings onto the pole. Gather up as many calls as you can in one round (you can also play until someone reaches 100 points). Whoever has the most rings at the end wins.

20. Antakshari

In this version of the traditional Indian singing game, everyone sings at once, but they can only sing words they know. It’s like “Name That Tune” with lyrics instead of music.

Each player tries to guess what song is sung by listening for familiar words in the chorus or bridge, then shouting it out before anyone else does.

Wild Party Games

Are you planning a wild party and want to spice it up? Play these wild party games with your friends and enjoy some fun.

Fun, easy, and suitable for any adult party. There are a lot of rules to these wild party games, but they’re very simple. You’ll have a blast playing them, and your friends will have a great time too.

21. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a great game to play at the end of a party because it requires both skill and luck. It’s also a game that everyone can have fun playing together, so it’s great for large groups.

The goal of the game is to take turns removing blocks from the Jenga tower. Each block must be removed in a way that causes the fewest pieces to fall off.

If someone knocks over the tower by removing too many pieces at once, they must drink. This game can be played with any number of players.

22. Find the Guest

Find the Guest is a fun little game where you have to guess which guest has an item in their pocket.

This is a good game for small groups, especially if you have people who are shy or not interested in playing games. It’s also really easy to set up and play, so you don’t need special supplies.

23. Strawberry Smash

Strawberry Smash is one of those games where everyone gets involved even if they don’t want to be.

Basically, you put an entire strawberry in your mouth and try not to let it fall out while someone tries to smash it with their hand. If the strawberry does fall out of your mouth first, then you’re out of the game! This one can get pretty messy (and hilarious!) so don’t wear white!


What is a progressive cocktail party?

A progressive cocktail party is a type of party game that involves moving around in an organized way. At each location, there will be different activities and games that participants must complete before moving on to the next stop.

Progressive cocktail parties can be great fun if they’re done well, but they can also quickly become frustrating if the host doesn’t plan ahead or if there aren’t enough people playing. The following tips will help you run a successful progressive cocktail party.

How do I have a fun party without alcohol?

If you’re hosting a party for non-drinkers or those who don’t drink alcohol, ensure that your guests know what kind of refreshments will be available at your event beforehand so they can plan accordingly (e.g., bringing their drinks) and prepare to have fun.

You could also consider serving soft drinks instead of cocktails. Just make sure there is plenty of ice on hand so your guests can keep up with the fun and games.

How do you entertain a large group of adults?

The best way to entertain a large group of adults is to plan a party that is fun for everyone. You can have games and activities for children, but make sure there are also some for adults.

You want everyone to have fun at your party, so ensure you include games that all ages can enjoy.

How do you make a party fun for adults?

The key to making any party fun is having good food and drinks. If you have enough food and beverages, people will have something to eat or drink while waiting in line for their turn at one of the games or activities.

Ensure that all the food and drinks are easily accessible, so there isn’t any waiting around for someone else to get up from their seat and get something for them.

What is a fun game to play with adults?

Many fun adult games can be played at parties or when hanging out with friends on weekends. These include Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly Deal, Boggle Slam, and many more.

These types of games are great because they allow people to have fun.

What games can you play with a large group?

Charades is a common game to play with a large group.

The classic guessing game is always fun and can be adapted to suit any age group or occasion. For instance, if your guests are drinking, try adding rules, so they have to act out their words while holding their drink in their mouths.

You could also add more rules like “no speaking” or “no touching.”

Final Thought

As we’ve shown above, you can develop your games, provided you have a little imagination and some essential items on hand.

And that’s not half bad. In fact, what could be better than a fun-filled game at a party? So get planning and see what ideas you can come up with next time.

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