What to Do on a Playdate for 12-Year-Olds: 100 Fun Playdate Ideas

What to Do on a Playdate for 12-Year-Olds

What can teens do at a playdate? There is no single answer to what to do on a playdate for 12-year-olds. The activities that excite them vary widely depending on their age, their personalities, the weather, and even their moods. But generally speaking, there are certain things that most 12-year-olds like to do.

The first thing to keep in mind about any playdate for 12-year-olds is that it’s not going to be a “just playdate” in the traditional sense of the word. They’re no longer kids, and they need to learn how to interact with other people on a deeper level. The first step is to introduce them to the concept of a playdate —they might need some help figuring out what to do.

So what does one do when planning a playdate for teenagers? It starts with figuring out what their interests are, and then building an event around them. Do they like movies? Go see one together! Or maybe they want to go bowling instead.

If asking what should a 12-year-old be playing with? If your child has a friend who loves animals, you can take them out on a nature hike and search for wildlife. You could even head over to the local pool or water park and spend time splashing around and tanning on the deck!

So here are ideas for things you can do on a playdate to really maximize how much fun you have together, without anyone losing any cool points.

What to Do at a Playdate for 12-Year-Olds

1. Don’t fret about food: One thing I’ve found is that it’s always a good idea to have food on hand —teens love eating. Also, having snacks or drinks available can be an easy way for them to socialize without being too overwhelming at first—especially if you’re all watching something together like sports or movies (which is super fun).

2. Plan activities that encourage group interaction: With the advent of smartphones, computers, and tablets in the hands of tweens and teens, many parents are concerned that their kids are moving toward a life of digital hermitage. However, there is still something to be said for the good old-fashioned playdate.

Sometimes even teens want to get together with friends and spend time face-to-face instead of using digital devices or other means to interact. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can come up with fun activities that will keep your 12-year-old and their friends entertained for hours.

3. Allow the kids to plan some of the fun: What to do on a playdate for 12-year-olds? Plan by asking your teen what activities he/she would like to do on their playdate. This can help get the creative juices flowing and give you an idea of what might appeal most to both your daughter and their friend. Consider activities that will allow the girls and boys to interact with one another, whether it’s cooking together or playing a game.

Let your teen choose a fun board game, such as Monopoly or Life, and invite her friend over for an afternoon of strategic fun. If your teen isn’t into board games, organize a game of charades or have a movie marathon with popcorn and other snacks.

5. Go to the park

6. Bake cookies or cupcakes or have some friends over for a pizza party. Start with premade dough from the grocery.

7. Play board games or cards

8. Have a dance party

9. Give each other makeovers

10. Make homemade slime

11. Take silly pictures with your phone

If you’re in charge of a playdate for 12-year-olds, you have the enviable position of being a hero to kids and parents alike. Teens at this age are ready to host their own play dates but still like an adult around to help them plan their fun.

The challenge is that they need activities that are going to be both interesting and exciting—especially if they’re used to having friends over all the time.

Also, because 12-year-olds are starting to go through puberty, you’ll want to make sure your activities cater to each child’s unique interests and hobbies so you don’t end up with little boys bonding over video games while the girls sit off in a corner gossiping about whose voice is changing faster.

Here are some suggestions for activities that will keep everyone engaged and having fun together:

12. Experiment with food coloring by dropping it in milk or placing it on ice cubes then add them to water. (Note: Don’t let kids eat these when they’re done!)

13. Do a DIY art project—make pieces on canvas or paper and frame them in cardstock so that they can take them home!

14. Host a karaoke party.

15. Homemade: Gather up the ingredients for a tasty treat, like brownies or cookies. And then get baking! They can help mix the batter and spread it in the pan. Then they’ll have something sweet to enjoy after the playdate is over.

Sweets aren’t your thing? Try making homemade pizza instead. Kids love being able to personalize their own food with their favorite toppings, and you’ll be able to sneak in some veggies too!

16. Take a picture: The next time they go outside with their friends, take a few pictures of them playing together. Then print out the photos and let each child decorate a page of scrapbook paper with colored pencils or markers before sticking one photo per page—this way everyone gets their own personalized album filled with memories from that day when they look back later in life!

17. Bowling: Instead of watching TV or playing video games, why not try something new like bowling? You might even surprise yourself by having some fun while they’re at it!

A playdate is an opportunity for girls and boys to express their creativity and learn about their friends. There are several fun activities for girls and boys to do on a playdate, including cooking, crafting, and playing games, that will help them have fun together.

18. Cooking: Girls and boys who enjoy cooking can plan a menu in advance that they can prepare together during the playdate. Food Network’s website offers many easy recipes, such as no-bake desserts, that girls can prepare with little adult supervision. After everything is prepared, the girls and boys can sit down and enjoy the meal they prepared together.

19. Crafting: Crafting allows girls to use their imagination and create something unique to them. You could arrange for an artist to come over and teach the girls basic techniques in painting or drawing, or you could have the girls make jewelry by stringing beads onto the elastic wire.

Other options include decorating T-shirts with fabric paint or making friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss. After they are finished crafting, the girls can display their works of art in their bedrooms or give them to each other as gifts.

20. Games: Games provide an opportunity for boys and girls alike to interact with each other while having fun. You could organize a game of charades for a beautiful playdate.

21. Art: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Clay creations.

22. Baking and cooking a meal.

23. Board games or card games.

24. Bubble bath.

25. Canvas painting (use acrylic paints) and paint each other’s faces.

26. Create a music video.

27. Create a secret code.  Teach it to all your friends and send messages back and forth.  You can email them!

28. Create a treasure hunt for one of the kids, who is blindfolded.  The others hide clues, which will lead to the treasure, which should be something fun like balloons or candy.

29. Dance party – put on some music and have an impromptu dance party.  Or learn some choreography off of YouTube.

30. Go fishing (with your parent or older sibling).  If you don’t have any fishing poles, you can use a stick with a string attached to the end and bait (like worms). Make sure you know where you can fish without needing a license.

It’s not always easy to find fun stuff to do when you’re a kid, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun things to do that don’t cost a lot! It’s all about using your imagination. Here are ideas for having the best playdate ever:

31. Play video games

32. Go on a bike ride

33. Dance

34. Go for a walk in the park

35. Watch TV

35. Try out new makeup and hairstyles together

36. Cook or bake something together (like cookies) and then eat it!

What to Do on a Playdate for 12-Year-Olds at Home

If you are asking what to do on a playdate for 12-year-olds at home? When our oldest son was 12, we tried to figure out how to relate to him. We decided that the best way for us to get to know him was to hang out with him. We invite his friends over and have a playdate with them because we wanted them to feel like they could be themselves around us.

We had so much fun doing these things and it brought us closer as a family! Playdates are an important part of every child’s life. They help children develop social skills and learn how to make friends. It can be challenging to come up with fun things to do on a playdate, especially when you’re trying to find activities that both you and your child will enjoy.

Here are some ideas for fun things to do on a playdate for 12-year-olds:

37. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt.

38. Make brownies or cookies together.

39. Create a photo album for their memories so far.

40. Write a story together or have them write their own story and illustrate it.

41. Take some photos of each other, then print them out and decorate the frames with colored paper, sequins, etc.

42. Make a scrapbook using stickers, photos of yourself and friends, etcetera.

43. Go shopping together.

44. Watch a movie, TV show, or YouTube video at one of your houses.

45. Have a spa day.

46. Host an all-day sleepover.

47. Have a tea party

48. Play board games together.

49. Make up new rules for existing board games and play them with those rules.

50. Play truth or dare.

51. Make a music video together and post it online.

52. Eat something funny (like crickets) and see who can handle it best.

If you’re looking for something to do with a friend, there are tons of fun activities for 12-year-olds that can be done right at home. These ideas will help keep the playdate exciting, and they’ll also make sure you avoid any awkward silences. You could try:

53. Having a fun photoshoot.

54. Staging a fashion show.

55. Creating an obstacle course.

56. Making up your own dance routines or choreographing a music video.

57. Giving each other makeovers.

58. Making an indoor fort.

59. Cooking something together.

60. Telling scary stories around a campfire (if you don’t have access to one, use a flashlight and some candles)

61. Hosting an ice cream sundae bar—make sure to have lots of toppings!

62. Having a pillow fight (you’ll need plenty of pillows)

You’ve been invited to a playdate at a friend’s house, and you have no idea what to expect. Your friend is 12, so it might be more exciting than the last time you were at her house for a playdate when she was five years old.

A playdate isn’t just for little kids anymore—you’ll find that there are plenty of fun things for a 12-year-old to do with friends. Here are just a few ideas.

63. Go shopping: If your friend has an allowance or you have some extra money from your parents, you can go shopping together. You can check out the new styles and buy something like a fun T-shirt or stylish shoes. Maybe even pick up some accessories that will fit in with your school’s dress code! Just remember to leave enough money for lunch or snacks.

64. Do some baking: Is either of you interested in cooking? Then try doing something together that involves baking cookies, cupcakes, or another tasty treat. You can each take turns making the recipe and seeing who can make the best dish! If neither of you has any experience in this area, ask an adult at home to help teach you how to follow instructions so you can mix up some yummy treats!

65. Play video games.

Any parent of a 12-year-old will tell you that this is the age when the real fun begins—and it’s also when things start to get really complicated. Sure, your middle schooler might be outgrowing some of their former interests, but this should be seen as an opportunity to explore new ones together. Here are some of our favorite parent-approved activities:

67. Make tie-dye shirts or tote bags.

68. Go bowling.

69. Have a movie night.

70. Make and send thank you notes to important people in your lives.

72. Go geocaching.

73. Watch fireworks at the park.

74. Play board games (e.g., Mancala, Connect Four, Scrabble, Battleship).

Fun Things to do on a Playdate for 12-Year-Olds

If you are looking for fun things to do on a playdate for 12-year-olds, here are playdate ideas for the whole family to enjoy. A tween’s playdate can be anything from learning how to sew to going on an outdoor nature adventure. Find something fun to do with your child and their friends with these unique playdate ideas!

If asking what to do on a playdate for 12-year-olds? The best part about playdates is that there’s no pressure to do anything in particular. You can just hang out with your friends and have a good time, without being bound to any kind of schedule. It’s nice to have the freedom to do whatever you want, whether that means going on a hike or having a sleepover.

75. Go camping.

76. Go to an outdoor concert.

77. Have an indoor picnic.

78. Go bowling.

79. Play laser tag.

80. Go swimming.

81. Have a water balloon fight.

82. Go to the mall.

83. Visit the local arcade

84. Get creative with crafts

85. Hold an arts and crafts party.

86. Host a spa day.

87. Have a baking competition.

88. Visit a museum.

89. Attend your local county fair.

90. Do a scavenger hunt.

91. Play capture the flag.

92. Play mini-golf.

93. Visit the zoo.

94. Do some science experiments.

95. Make some slime.

96. Set up a station in the kitchen where everyone can make their own pizza or sundae.

97. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows inside, then read books in there together (or tell ghost stories!).

98. Make a big batch of popcorn and watch movies together on Netflix (or rent movies from Redbox).

99. Ask each person to bring their favorite board game from home so everyone can play all kinds of different games together—and then switch it up.

100. Play glow in the dark hide and seek.

With this article, you will have learned some different ideas to have fun on your 12-year-old’s playdate. You may also come up with a few ideas of your own with a little more planning.

Perhaps you can invite the kids over for a pool party or go out and do some laser tag or maybe bowling. There are numerous ways for each child to mix it up and it is always good to keep things interesting for them.

It is these activities that we hope that you will use to better your chances of having a fun-filled afternoon or evening with your 12-year-old friends.

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