100 Super Fun Things for 13-Year-Olds to Do When Bored at Home

things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home

If you are asking what do 13-year-olds do for fun? I reckon you are asking things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home alone, at night, or even with friends. Being a teen has its perks. No more bedtime — YAY! No more babysitters — double YAY! Being able to ride the bus alone, with no supervision — triple YAY!

Dating… OMG! My parent doesn’t even know I have a boyfriend, LOL (Yes, they allow me to have one). But being a teen also has its downside. Like living with your parent and their rules … ouch! Now, I might be stating the obvious but teens do get bored. They want something fun or interesting to do — like what you’re doing now — looking for fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home.

Bored 13-year-olds can be a burden on 13-year-old parents, especially when the kids have an internet connection. I’ve been there; trust me! I’ve often struggled to find things to do with my 13-year-old twins a boy and a girl when it’s cold wet and miserable outside and we aren’t allowed out of the house. So I asked them for their suggestions and put together this list of fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home.

There are many things you can do when you get bored at home. But sometimes, it is hard to think of something fun to do. In this article, I suggest some fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home. These ideas can also be used by older teenagers and adults.

Activities for 13-Year-Olds

Since 13-year-olds are at an age where they’re starting to get bored with being home all day, you must provide activities for them to do — especially when they’re hanging out in the summertime. Here’s a list of some fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home alone to keep their boredom at bay.

What are the activities for 13-year-olds that can entertain and keep them excited about the next day? I’m sure there are a lot of things that you can think of, but here is a list of great ideas for your 13-year-old.

How is it that the second school’s out for summer, kids start whining about being bored? There’s no need to get into a panic, though. Below, we’ve got 15 fun things for 13-year-olds to do when they’re bored at home. The good news is, you might even enjoy doing some of these activities with them!

1. Have a spa day

2. Make a movie

3. Put on a play

4. Write and illustrate a book

5. Put together a puzzle, or solve a puzzle online.

6. Take apart electronics and put them back together again

7. Create your own board game, or play a classic one online like Cribbage.

8. Create a time capsule

9. Build something out of Legos or K’nex

10. Have an indoor campfire (no fire necessary)

11. Play balloon tennis (or any other indoor sport)

12. Make up your own dance moves (maybe even choreograph an entire routine)

13. Learn how to make friendship bracelets, then make one for everyone in the family!

14. Play charades with the family or host your own game show like Family Feud or Jeopardy!

15. Design and send out invitations for an afternoon tea party and serve food on fancy plates with real talk

If you’re a 13-year-old with nothing to do, you might feel like all your friends are busy, but there’s no reason for you to sit around bored at home. Check out this list of 15 things that 13-year-olds can do when they’re bored and see if any sound fun.

16. Play computer games

17. Watch funny videos online

18. Do a puzzle

19. Get on Instagram and follow some friends’ accounts

20. Learn to play an instrument

21. Write a song or poem

22. Go on vacation—take a road trip!

23. Text your friends and make plans for the weekend

24. Clean up the house—your mom will be thrilled!

25. Start a blog about your life or interests

26. See if there’s anything good on TV, like a funny sitcom or action movie

27. Make a collage from old magazines and newspapers lying around the house

28. Research colleges for when it’s time to think about where you want to go

29. Bake cookies with someone in your family (and eat them all)

30. Send someone postcards from places you’ve been—it’s fun to get mail!

It’s easy to be bored when you’re stuck at home. But there are plenty of things you can do to pass the time without getting in trouble, and even have fun in the process! Here are 15 essential things for 13-year-olds to do when they’re bored:

31. Get creative with a new hobby: Get some friends together for a game of tennis or badminton, or start your own DIY project like sewing your own clothes or growing an indoor herb garden. Just remember that if you get into any trouble, your parents won’t be happy about it.

32. Read up on current events: Read the newspaper or go online and research trending topics such as politics, sports, or celebrities. It’s important to stay informed so we can discuss these issues intelligently with others throughout our lives. Make sure you check out all sides of an issue before forming an opinion though; don’t just take someone else’s word for it!

33. Exercise every day: Exercise is good for both body and mind; it releases endorphins which make us feel happier.

As a person who was 13 once, I know that the last thing a 13-year-old wants to do is sit around and be bored. Here are creative ideas to help you pass the time:

34. Write a book!

35. Make a movie!

36. Play video games!

37. Go outside!

38. Make up a game of your own!

39. Do something creative, like painting or drawing or making music!

40. Get a job if you’re old enough to and save that money for something awesome!

41. Volunteer somewhere for the sake of doing good in the world!

42. Learn how to make something cool out of duct tape or wire hangers or whatever it is you have lying around!

43. Learn how to do tricks with cards—it’s really fun, and you can impress your friends!

44. Get into scrapbooking because it’s pretty much the best activity ever and you can show off all your photos in one place!

45. Try learning an instrument—you can even get lessons online!

In a friendly tone: Being a 13-year-old is not easy. You’re at that awkward in-between stage where you’re not quite a teen but no longer a kid, and it’s hard to figure out what to do with your time.

Feeling bored is normal, but you can still have fun while doing so. Here are some suggestions for how to fill your time without getting into trouble or feeling restless:

46. Build a blanket fort: This can be as simple as draping sheets over some chairs and making an impromptu tent or as complex as using duct tape and cardboard boxes to create a multi-room structure. If you have younger siblings, encourage them to join in on the fun, too! Make sure to include plenty of pillows and blankets for comfort inside. Once your fort is complete, grab all of your favorite snacks and watch movies together in there.

47. Make more friends by inviting them over for a sleepover (or go to their house): Sleeping over is a staple of childhood fun (and let’s be honest—adult fun, too). When going somewhere new, though, it can feel intimidating because you don’t know anyone there. If you have friends at home who would be willing to come along with you, that can make a lot of sense.

Things for 13-Year-Olds to Do When Bored at Home Alone

Being 13 years old and bored at home, with no real friends to talk to or hang out with, can be a very lonely experience. I know this from personal experience. But now that I’m a grown-up with a job and responsibilities, I remember those days fondly—and I realize that even though it felt like I was missing out on all the fun in the world, it was actually an opportunity to have fun in new ways.

If you’re not sure what you should do when you’re bored at home as a teen, try one of these ideas for interesting and fulfilling activities.

It’s summer vacation and you’re out of school. You’ve already played all your video games, watched all your favorite shows, and spent a week at the beach. Now what? The good news is that there are plenty of fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home alone. Here are 20 ideas to get you started

48. Become a movie maker: Gather up the family or round up your friends and make a movie together. You’ll have fun making it and laugh for days watching it later!

49. Learn to crochet: Whether it’s a blanket or a scarf, crocheting is relaxing and can be really fun once you get the hang of it—plus you’ll end up with something cool to show for it!

50. Write a book: Maybe you love to write, or maybe the idea has never crossed your mind—but now is the perfect time to try writing that story that’s been hiding in the back of your mind. You might end up enjoying it more than you think!

51. Play an instrument: If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument, why not take summer vacation as an opportunity to learn? Once school starts again, you’ll be able to join the band or orchestra!

52. Volunteer: There are lots of organizations looking for a young and vibrant teen like you. You’ll definitely feel on top of the world knowing that you contributing and helping others to do something meaningful.

Here are boredom-busting activities for 13-year-olds stuck at home:

53. Find a new recipe you want to try and make it for dinner.

54. Take out your old baby pictures and see if you can make a slideshow video of them with music.

55. Watch a movie or TV show that’s based on a book, then read the book and compare them.

56. Go through all your clothes and donate any that don’t fit or that you don’t wear anymore.

57. Look up a bunch of DIYs to fix things around the house and try them out!

58. Make funny videos with your siblings or friends to post online or just keep as memories.

59. Learn how to play the guitar, or maybe another instrument you’ve always wanted to learn.

60. Download an app on your phone (like Duolingo), and learn a new language!

61. Declutter your room by getting rid of anything you don’t need, want, use, or love!

62. Do some yoga in your backyard with your dog (if you have one)!

63. See how many different ways you can do 10 jumping jacks then go outside and practice some.

If you have any 13-year-olds at home, you know that they can be both a delight and at times a challenge. They’re not little kids anymore, but they’re still not quite adults. So even though sometimes the best thing for them is to get out of the house, there are also definitely times when they’ll be perfectly happy with some activities right in their own home.

Below are 20 fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home:

64. Make your own board games using supplies you have around the house (chalk, tape, paper, etc.)

65. Play fun card games like Uno or Go Fish

66. Bake cookies together and then share them with friends and neighbors

67. Write letters to relatives or friends who live far away

68. Have a movie marathon—or put on a play for family members

69. Do some crafts together—there are lots of ideas on Pinterest!

70. Try new recipes together—maybe even create your own!

71. Read a book together out loud (you can take turns reading chapters)

72. Go through old photos and make scrapbooks

73. Host a dance party— teens’ evening get-together.

What to Do When You are a Bored Teenage Girl at Home by Yourself

You’ve seen every movie and every episode of your favorite show. You’re over shopping with your mom, and you really don’t feel like playing your typical video games. What do you do now? We’ve put together this list of activities for 13-year-olds to help you pass the time, or to find that one thing that’s going to get you hooked.

If you are asking what to do when you are a bored teenage girl at home by yourself, here is it, If you’re still searching for that one thing that makes your heart beat a little faster, keep trying new things until you find it!

Luckily enough, there are plenty of fun things for 13-year-olds to do when they find themselves in this situation – girl things to do when you are bored at home. They can keep themselves occupied while also making the most of the time they have alone until their parents get back home and they can hang out with them.

74. Learn a new language

75. Go on a bike ride

76. Take some photos with a friend

77. Find out more about your family history

78. Do some volunteer work at an animal shelter or nursing home

79. Grow an herb garden in your backyard and cook with them

80. Build a fort inside or outside and then read books in it

81. Write short stories or poems about what’s going on around you (or make up your own worlds!)

82. Go fishing with a friend

83. Put on a play with friends or siblings using costumes from Goodwill stores or even old clothes from your closet!

84. Play chess online against someone from another country (or teach yourself how to play first if you don’t how)

It’s a Friday afternoon and you’re home alone, bored out of your mind. You want to text your friends, but they’ll be busy with their own stuff. You’re stuck at home with nothing but your own wits to entertain you.

If you’re 13 years old, that usually translates into a few hours of boredom before your parents come home and you have some quality time with them.

What can you do? Here are fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home: If you’re a 13-year-old who is looking for something to do, here are some options:

85. Watch a movie: If you don’t know what to watch, IMDb has a ranking of the top 250 movies of all time.

86. Write something: Ideas include a journal entry, an email to an old friend, or maybe even a poem.

87. Build something: This could be as simple as assembling a model car or designing something with Legos, or it could be as complex as making something out of wood in your garage.

88. Read a book: There is no shortage of books in existence that you can read, just ask your parents or go online if you need help picking one out. The library is another great place to find books and magazines for kids your age!

89. Create artwork: This could mean anything from drawing with chalk on the sidewalk outside (or inside on paper) up to painting with acrylics and oils in your studio!

90. Learn from YouTube videos: You can learn how to fix things around the house, play an instrument, cook food, do art projects, etc., by watching videos on YouTube! This is also good for kids who want to become more in life.

Things for 13-Year-Olds to Do When Bored at Home with Friends

What can a 13-year-old do when bored at school? Whether at home or school, when it comes to having productive teenage activities, there really are no words to describe how much fun that can be. You get to spend time with your friends in new ways and try out cool new hobbies.

But what happens when you get bored while sitting at home? I know that no matter how much fun your friends are, sometimes you just want to do something a little different – things to do when you’re home alone teenage boy.

But boredom doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It can actually be an exciting time for you to learn new things about yourself and what interests you. So if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do when bored at home, here are fun things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home with friends that will help you make the most of your free time (and maybe even help you learn something new).

91. Make a movie with your friends: If you have a digital camera, use it to film a short movie. You can make the script up as you go along or write it out ahead of time. Make sure that everyone takes a turn being in front of the camera and behind it (holding the camera). Let your parents watch when you’re done!

92. Start a neighborhood sports league: Organize your friends and their families to play sports like baseball or soccer. Invite neighbors who are not related to you so that they can join in on the fun.

93. Take a walk with your family dog with friends: Get out in nature and enjoy some fresh air while you bond with your dog.

94. Write a story with your friends: Take an ordinary, everyday event, then write about it from a different point of view, like that of a person who was there, or someone who wasn’t there at all, but wishes he or she was. You could also write from the perspective of an animal who was present.

95. Play hide-and-seek: Hide-and-seek is a great way to pass time with friends! It’s best played outside if possible, but if you’re stuck inside, just be sure to hide somewhere that isn’t dangerous or off-limits (like doing it in a super friendly environment).

96. Visit a local animal shelter and play with the cats and dogs there (you’ll feel good because you’re helping them too).

97. Play pool, foosball, table tennis, or other games at home or in an arcade-like Dave & Buster’s™ or Chuck E Cheese’s®.

98. Turn your garage into a mini-cinema.

99. Make your own ice cream (without an ice cream maker).

100. Write short stories or poems and share them with friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., so they can read what you create too!

Whether you’re a 13-year-old or the parent of one, we hope that these ideas give you some inspiration for how to make your time spent at home more interesting. When you’re feeling bored and stuck at home, it’s easy to lose all sense of motivation, so our goal with this list is to provide lots of different suggestions from which to choose.

There are many fun things 13-year-olds can do when they’re bored at home. From playing pranks on family members to crafting, there are plenty of ways to pass the time interestingly and unexpectedly.

And that’s why they’re so much fun…because they’re unexpected! So when you next find yourself wanting to shake things up a bit, try one of these things for 13-year-olds to do when bored at home. I guarantee it’ll make you smile.

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