30 Fun Games for Outside Parties

games for outside parties

Getting outside to have a party is always one of the best things to do in my opinion. It is a fantastic way to relax and forget about everyday life, whether it is with family or friends.

The best thing you can do before you get started with hosting your first outdoor party is to prepare some games for outside parties.

Although, I’ve had my fair share of outside parties and social gatherings. Some were good and others were a complete disaster.

What’s the difference though? These parties had various activities, but also what type of people were at the party. This made a huge difference even though I thought it wouldn’t matter.

The great thing about planning for a party out of the house is you have much more freedom in choosing your games, not just the inside ones, but outside ones as well.

There are so many choices when it comes to games and all of them are different in their ways just as we have tried to explain in this article you’re about to fully dive into.

Fun Games for Outside Parties

Some fun games for outside parties are awesome for every age of guests. While some of them can be specific as to which age group should be involved in them.

Just as we could have some specific outdoor games for teenage parties, some can also be peculiar to gender because of the technicality of the game or how challenging it is.

However, safety comes first, then how fun it could come on second thought. So, let’s get on with it.

1. Bean Bag Toss

This game is a classic. All you need is a bunch of bean bags, some space, and a few friends. Simply toss the bean bags back and forth to each other.

The goal is to be the first person to get all your bean bags into a container. You can use any kind of container, but we recommend using an empty trash can.

2. Water Balloon Toss

Water balloon toss is similar to bean bag toss, except you use water balloons instead of bean bags. The rules are the same: get as many balloons into your team’s bucket as possible before time runs out.

This game can be played anywhere that has enough space for both teams to stand on opposite sides of the playing area and throw their balloons toward the other team’s bucket (or target).

The best part about this game is that after it’s over, everyone gets to take home their balloon as a prize.

This game is a classic for a reason; it’s easy to set up, inexpensive and provides hours of fun. All you need is some water balloons and a place to throw them.

3. Scavenger Hunt

This is another great game to play at an outdoor party because everyone needs to be together in one place while they search for clues and participate in challenges along the way.

The scavenger hunt will make people think outside of their comfort zone and get them moving around more than they would normally do at an event like this. It also gives everyone something interesting to do while they wait for food or drinks.

4. Musical Chairs

This is a classic game that doesn’t require a lot of preparation. In this game, the music is turned on and the chairs are placed in a circle. When the music stops, everyone must find a chair to sit in. The last person left standing is out of the game.

5. Twister

The game starts with one person placing their hand on the spinner and then placing their foot on a spot on the mat. The next player must place a foot or hand on the same color as the previous person, but they cannot touch any part of the color already picked by someone else (other than their own). If you do this, then you have to move your next piece back to an unoccupied spot and start over again.

You need at least two people for this game – one person will spin the spinner, while everyone else takes turns placing their foot or hand where they see fit until all of them have placed all of their pieces down.

This game is great because it requires coordination and balance skills, as well as good eye-hand coordination. Kids can practice these skills while having fun at the same time!

6. Freeze Dance

This game is great for kids because it allows them to get up and move around while still having fun following directions. The person who starts this game usually says something like “Freeze.” or “Stop.”

Then everyone else freezes in place until someone moves or makes noise, at which point they are sent back to their starting position and someone else takes over.

7. Choose Teams

The game of choosing teams is a great way to make sure everyone has a good time at your party. It’s also a great way to get the kids out of the house, so you and your friends can have some fun too.

In this game, you will need a large enough space for all the players to stand in a big circle. If you don’t have enough space, try splitting up into two groups and playing two separate games at once.

Choose one person to be “It” and have them stand in the middle of the circle while everyone else stands outside it. Have them count down from twenty, saying “I see blue” when they reach ten and “I see red” when they reach five.

When they reach zero, everyone runs toward their team color and tries to get picked by their teammates for protection from being tagged by “It” until their next turn as “It” comes up again.

Outdoor Party Games for Teens

Planning a party for teens? Make it a blast with these outdoor party games for teens. I bet it’ll be one of the best parties you’ve ever hosted.

Especially being that teens love outside parties, consider that these are outdoor games for teens parties.

8. Water Gun Tag

This game is perfect for teens who love to run around. In this game, you will need; water guns and a large open space where everyone can run around freely. Players line up on one side of the field with their water guns in hand and wait for the signal to start shooting each other.

 When someone is hit by a stream of water, they become “it” and must chase down another player and tag them before they can continue running around free. The last person standing wins!

9. Four Square

Four square is a great outdoor party game that will have your teen jumping around wild. All you need is four cones or markers that are set up in a square shape on the ground, with each player standing behind one cone or marker.

The person who goes first starts by bouncing the ball on top of their marker, then they have to bounce it over one marker without hitting any other markers or players before they bounce it back over the first marker again where they started from originally.

The next person then goes after them by trying to bounce the ball over their marker without hitting any other markers or players before bouncing it back over their original marker again where they started from originally as well, etc, until all players have gone once through each round of turns.

10. Slip ‘n Slide Races

Slip ‘n slides are a lot of fun, but they can be expensive if you buy one ready-made. Instead, grab some kids’ pool noodles (or pool noodles cut in half), duct tape, and a plastic tarp or plastic tablecloth to make your own slip ‘n slide.

You can even add other items like buckets or trash cans full of water as obstacles along the way for added fun.

11. Tug of War

Tug-of-war is another classic outdoor party game that’s great for groups of all ages. Just find two long sticks (or rope) and divide your group into two teams.

Give each team one end of their stick/rope and have them try to pull the other team across the finish line first.

12. Name That Plant

If you’re having an outdoor party, it’s a good idea to have some plants around. Make it easy for your guests by placing a few pots on a table, and then asking them to guess what kind of plant is hidden inside each one.

The twist? Make sure the plants are all different kinds, don’t just place a bunch of ferns in pots.

13. Gardening Charades

This is less about gardening and more about guessing what people are trying to say. Team up into two teams and play by charades through a series of prompts (e.g., “I have something green in my hand”).

Each team gets to guess what the other team is trying to communicate, with points awarded for each correct answer. The first team to 50 wins.

14. The Watermelon Roll

You will need a watermelon, paper towels, and some chalk.

Cut the watermelon in half, lengthwise. Cut one end of each half so they’re flat on one side. Put the flat sides together and roll the watermelon into a tube shape.

Draw a line on each side of the watermelon about two inches from the edge. Have everyone line up behind the line and race to see who can roll their watermelon over the finish line first.

15. The Silly String Game

You will need some silly string (or something similar), small balloons, and a spray bottle filled with water.

Set up three rows of balloons about ten feet apart from each other (or however many you want). Then have everyone stand behind one row, taking turns spraying silly string at another person’s balloons until they pop them all.

If someone pops their balloon before hitting someone else’s, they are out of the game. The last person standing wins.

16. Red Light, Green Light

This is a classic game that will keep everyone moving and laughing. To play, divide the group into two teams and give each team a head start. When you say “green light,” both teams begin to run towards their finish line.

When you say “red light,” they must stop where they are and stay completely still until the next command. The first team to make it to the finish line wins.

17. Bocce Ball

This game is similar to lawn bowls, but it’s played with small balls and on a shorter court. If you want your guests to feel like they’re playing tennis, this is the game for you.

18. Croquet

Croquet is another lawn game that involves hitting wooden balls through wooden hoops into more wooden hoops. It’s not as easy as it looks. But if you have enough people playing, it can be tons of fun.

Summer Party Games for Adults

In summer, the weather gets hot and people want to spend most of their time outdoors. So it is a great time for an outdoor party.

There are so many things that you can do to make your party memorable. Here are some ideas for summer party games for adults.

19. Frisbee Golf

This game is fun because it combines two things that people love, golf and Frisbees. All you need is a golf mat, some Frisbees, and some friends who want to have some fun outside.

The goal is to get your Frisbee in the hole using as few throws as possible. Each hole has different obstacles like trees, bushes, or ponds so it makes each hole unique and challenging.

20. Giant Chess

This game works best when there are lots of people playing at once but it can also be played by just two people if there aren’t enough players available (or if one person wants to play against himself).

21. Lawn Darts

Lawn darts are another classic outdoor party game that’s easy to set up and play. The only thing you need is a lawn big enough to toss them onto.

The object of the game is to hit your opponent’s dart board without knocking over any of their cups, but you’ll want to avoid doing that because whoever knocks over all of theirs first loses.

22. Kan Jam

Kan Jam is another outdoor party game that involves throwing a Frisbee at a target and trying not to knock over any cans as they stand in a pyramid formation behind it.

This can be played by two people or teams, and if more than four people are playing, you can add another set of cans for each team member until there is enough for everyone playing.

23. Tarzan Swing

It’s time to get wild with this Tarzan Swing game. The game requires a large tree or pole, a sturdy rope, and two people. One person stands on the ground while the other person swings from the tree and grabs onto their ankles. The goal is to see who can last the longest without falling off.

24. Who’s the Baby?

This game is perfect for any outdoor party where there’s plenty of space. Each guest gets a headband that says “baby” on it, but one person doesn’t have one, they’re the baby. The guests must find out who the baby is through various clues given by the host. Whoever guesses correctly wins.

25. Potato Sack Race

The potato sack race is a classic game that can be played by anyone. To play the potato sack race, have everyone stand in a line at one end of the room with their potato sacks in front of them. Have each person get into their potato sack and tie it around their waist before they start running toward the finish line at the other end of the room.

 When you say “go,” everyone will run toward their goal as fast as they can while trying not to fall out of their potato sacks! If someone falls out, they are out of the race. The first person to cross the finish line wins.

26. Steal the Bacon

For this game, you’ll need cones to mark off squares on a field or grassy area. Each team starts at opposite ends of the field.

One player from each team runs toward their opponent’s cone and tries to grab a piece of bacon from their cone before they can get back to their own. The first team to collect five pieces wins.

27. Capture the Flag

This classic game is always fun for all ages. For added difficulty, try playing with multiple flags or take some time out of your day to prepare an elaborate fort for your opponents to try and break into. Just remember, don’t let them get all four flags in one round or they win automatically.

28. Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

Killer Bunnies is a fantastic card game that you can play with up to 8 players. It requires a lot of planning and strategy, but it’s also fun and easy to learn. If you’re looking for a new game to play with friends or family, this is one of the best options available.

29. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is an incredibly popular card game that’s based on Russian Roulette. The goal of this game is simple: avoid exploding kittens at all costs. If you love games that are fast-paced and exciting, then this is something worth checking out.

30. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has become one of the most popular games in recent history because it allows people from all walks of life to enjoy themselves without offending anyone or causing any trouble at all.

This is one of those games that everyone should have in their collection; especially if you want to have some fun with your friends or family members.


What outdoor activities are famous?

Bowling – Bowling is one of the most popular games for adults. It is also a great option for outdoor parties because it does not require much space.

Bocce Ball – Bocce ball is another fun outdoor game that can be played outside if you have enough room. This game is similar to bowling but with smaller balls and shorter distances between your pins and the target area.

Volleyball – Volleyball is a traditional outdoor game that is great for all ages and even better when played with friends. You can find volleyball nets at most sporting goods stores or online.

What is the most fun game to play outside?

Games such as hopscotch, tag, and jump rope are great for outside games, especially for younger children. For older children, Frisbee golf and badminton are excellent choices.

What is a fun game to play with adults?

A fun game to play with adults is Charades. There are many different versions of this game, but the basic idea is that you have to act out a word or phrase without speaking. The other players will try to guess what you are acting out.

What games are good for big groups?

A great game for big groups is Taboo. The idea behind Taboo is that there are nine categories and each player has a card with one of those categories on it.

It is really an interesting game to play with large and big groups of people

What games can you play with a large group?

Here are some great ways to play games with a large group:
1) Charades
2) Twister
3) Red Rover
4) Dodgeball

What is a large group game?

A large group game is a game that involves many people working together or against each other. They can be competitive or cooperative, but they always involve lots of participants.

The best way to get started with your own large group game is to start small and work your way up. You can start with just a few people and gradually add more players until you have the ultimate team on your hands.

Final Thought

Parties could be fun and safe at the same time; so when planning your next outdoor party, the above ideas should encourage you that outdoor parties could be harmless and enjoyable all the way.

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