140 Most Romantic Good Night Love You Kiss Messages

Good Night Love You Kiss

You just got lucky! Why? Because you located this page. Being in a relationship with that significant one feels so overwhelming. It makes you look for ways to communicate your love to him/her. You can do that by sending your partner sweet goodnight love you kiss messages.

How heartwarming will your significant one feel by seeing a romantic goodnight text message from you before going to bed? Ever imagined? It will make their heart skip a beat just for you. I’ll tell you another benefit. It’ll rekindle your romance.

Every relationship that’s still working has this attribute. Knowing the benefits of this little act of text messaging, we’ve created this article that contains goodnight love you kiss messages to serve that purpose.

How do you wish your lover good night? I tell you, the best way is by sending from this list of 100+ goodnight love you kiss messages. Don’t doubt its potency because it looks simple. That singular and very simple act has kept many relationships going.

I’m sure you can’t wait any further to get into the messages. Let’s get into these Good night messages for someone special.

Good Night Love You Kiss SMS

After a long day at work, it’s soothing to find a text message from the one you love. Text message like this good night love you kiss SMS is your best bet at achieving that feeling. This section contains well thought romantic good-night messages to my love.

How do I wish my boyfriend goodnight? Very simple! Send him from one of these good night love you kiss messages. That’ll be the best thing you can do to make his night blissful. I wish you luck as you put one of the below text messages to use. Let’s get into it.

1. We may not be together in bed, but be confident that you’re always in my dreams till dawn. Have a blissful night my love. I’ll see you in the morning.

2. As you sleep tonight, don’t forget to tell me how much you love me when you see me in your dream because I’ll come. Take little coffee, my love, for we will meet in each other’s dream world. I love you and can’t wait to hold you.

3. With love from my heart, I wish you the best dreams and a romantic night as you dive into bed.

4. Many days have gone by and many are still going to come, but today is special because I have you. I won’t let today go by without sending an expression of my love in this text. I love you dearly my one and only. Have a good night’s rest.

5. I couldn’t put myself to sleep, so I thought of writing you some words. Among all that’s in my life, you’re the best and that’s why you are medicine. I can’t lose you tonight babe. Sleep dreaming of me.

6. Don’t get drunk with wine my love. Let my love for you be what intoxicates you and drives you to bed. Goodnight my love.

7. I’m texting because I know you can’t fall asleep without me. Let this drift you to sleep. Goodnight darling.

8. Don’t stay up so late, there’s so much work to be done tomorrow. Don’t stress out too, and always remember that you are in my thoughts. Have a great night my love.

9. As you read this before going to bed, I wish your dream is filled with pleasure and wonderful things. Sweet dream my own.

10. Go on my babe, sleep tight, and have beautiful dreams. Remember you’re always in my thoughts. I love you. Good night babe.

11. I love every day spent with you. I can’t wait for another day to be in your hands. I love you babe, goodnight.

12. I pray that you dream good dreams and stay tender in your sleep like your warm kiss. Have a great night my love.

13. My love, I’m sending this just to let you know that your thoughts fill my mind as I lie in bed. Make sure you have a wonderful night’s rest filled with beautiful dreams and color. I’ll see you in the dream world. I love you.

14. I hope you keep me in your heart and mind like you’re in mine. Don’t ever forget that I love and cherish you. Have a great sleep.

15. I believe I’ve been favored by God to have gotten the most beautiful woman in the entire world. Thank you for being that significant part of my life. I cherish you above all else. Goodnight my darling.

16. When I’m with you, I’m never bothered about what the future holds because I’ve gotten a hold of the most wonderful treasure in the world. I love you and I promise to stay true to you. Do enjoy your night babe.

17. When things seem to go wrong, I try to fill my mind with the beautiful memories we’ve shared. When all seems unclear, I love to be with you. Before you land in bed, I just want to say thank you for being an anchor babe. You’re treasured and I hope you know it. Sleep tight.

18. Honey, before you drift to bed, I figured you should know what I think of you. I think you’re the best gift God could ever give a person, I think you’re God’s treasure on earth, and most importantly, I think I’m the most blessed person on earth to have you. Enjoy your night, my love.

19. Together is you and me. Without you, there will never be a perfect me. Babe, you complete me and I want you to know this before your long night. Dream beautiful dreams. I love you.

20. As you sleep tonight, I want you to know how big you are in my heart. Just like the size of the earth, you occupy all of my heart. Let the thoughts of me fill your hearts and mind babe. Good night.

Hot Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

You’ll make her heart race for you if you do this. It’s very simple. It’s sending her from this collection of hot good night messages for girlfriend. You’ll bring a bright smile to her face when you do this. The benefits are innumerable. Even if her day was so hectic and full of brunt, seeing this will get her energized and happy.

How do you wish your lover good night? The best way is by showing her how much she means to you. If you can’t get her on the phone, a text message wouldn’t be a bad idea. Below are romantic good night love you kiss messages that have been carefully put together to bail you out. Don’t struggle, use my expertise

21. Kisses and many hugs from me to you, darling. You mean so much to me and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Much love from this site. Goodnight baby boo.

22. You’re always the source of my joy and happiness and that’s why I won’t trash you, babe. I love you and I want you to know that. Sleep tight, my baby.

23. You’re my shelter when I feel hopeless. There’s nothing in this world that’ll separate me from you my darling. For now, I need you to sleep with the thoughts of my love for you. I cherish you girlfriend. Goodnight.

24. Baby, you’re the only person I need in my life right now. Your expression of love for me blows me away and keeps me daydreaming about you. It’s night now and I know you’re going to appear in my dream. I hope you see me in your dreams too.

25. I’ve got an attitude every night, and that’s to think about you. I love doing this because it soothes me. I hope it’s the same with you. Goodnight babe.

26. I want you to think about the joy I give you, the warmth I bring. I hope we meet my dear. I love you.

27. Don’t be scared of the night, my love. Your beauty is enough light to brighten the room. Enjoy the night.

28. I wish tonight brings you warmth, gives you peace and joy.

29. Stay clear of worries my love because I’m thinking your thoughts. I love you all the time. Good night love.

30. Every word ever developed won’t be enough to tell you how much I care and love you. My heart beats for you and I hope you see this. Sleep well, my queen.

31. I pray that those beautiful angels will protect you when you sleep. Goodnight my love.

32. My love for you is boundless like the ocean and higher than the tallest of skyscrapers. It’s such a blessing to have you as my own. Great night dear.

33. No night will be so dark to cause your fears because the light of my love is as bright as the sun to give you light. Let my love stay with you forever my darling.

34. In the cold, let my love provide warmth for you. Have a wonderful night babe, filled with beautiful dreams.

35. I’ve got so many blessings to be grateful for, and you’re the first thing I thank God for every morning and night. I love you greatly, goodnight my love.

36. My heart yearns so much for you and I can’t wait to see you in my dream. Sleep tight and like a baby. Let’s meet in my sleep. Have a good night, beauty.

37. My love for you right now amazes me because I rarely know when it’s day or night. My love for you is that great. Have a great night my love, I cherish you

38. I don’t get scared of the dark because I know I’ll always see you in my dreams, my love. Sweet dream babe. I love you!

39. Your love makes my world colorful, babe. At night, it gives more light than the sun. Have a great night dear.

40. You’re my contention in the day and the object of my musing at night. I love you so much dear! Goodnight.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Him

“Relationship is everything”, says Gary. I believe this and I’m sure you do too. Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, or your male crush, sending these beautiful romantic text messages to him is the best thing. He’s going to love it. These romantic good night messages for him will make him heels overhead for you, no doubt.

How do I wish my boyfriend goodnight? You can do that on a phone but I’ll advise you rather send a heartwarming, romantic text message. It doesn’t matter if all of its content is good night love you kiss you. Just send something romantic. I’ve prepared something little for you. You might want to check it.

41. Just as your day was excellent, I wish your night becomes more prominent and filled with love dreams, and beautiful scenery. I love you, babe.

42. I know of your struggles in the day. You do so much because of me, and I wish your night is restful. I’ll be well dressed, waiting to meet you. Sweet dreams my boyfriend.

43. I hope the beautiful scenery of the setting of the sun and the emergence of the moon bring a beautiful smile to your face. Stay cool as always my love.

44. I’m sure you’re going to get engaged staying up all night. I just wanted to let you know that I love you. Don’t stay too long. Get some rest babe.

45. If it was a bad day you had, I want you to know that the love we share is a bail-out for a beautiful night. If it’s a good day, then I hope you reminisce on our love and have the best night ever. Goodnight handsome.

46. May the night bring all its blessings to you as you lay in bed to sleep. Don’t forget that I love you.

47. I hope you have the perfect night where everything is restful, full of love and beautiful scenes. Stay charged LOML.

48. I am sure of your capacity to shoulder every pain for me. Therefore, I hope the night brings you no more pains to carry because my heart feels what you feel. Have the best night boo.

49. You’re a jovial, loving, and special person to me. I wish this night rewards your excellent personality.

50. May you enjoy the warmth the night brings. May every star in the sky remind you of what we share. Goodnight my love.

51. I know one thing, and that is what the night has for you. Blessings, rest, and a perfect dream where we kissed. So stay restful, my prince. I love you. Do have a restful night.

52. I just want to let you know that you can bank on my love. It is always available for you to make sure that you’re good. I love you. Good night dear.

53. May tonight bring you the peace, healing, and joy you need to stay healthy always. Goodnight!

54. The light the moon brings at night and the beauty of the stars explains my yearning for you. I love you my universe.

55. Honey, I want you to stay cool and restful because all that you’ll ever need is my love. This I promise to supply endlessly. Goodnight babe.

56. I’m doing what’s fitting. I’m saying that you have a blissful night. I hope the night brings its best to you.

57. Tonight belongs to us. I promise to make it up to you babe!

58. I wish you’ll dive in straight to bed with the most amazing love scenes in your heart. I love you, babe.

59. If you need anything, I’ll be just a call away. Goodnight!

60. I hope you enjoy the arousal my love brings to your heart and mind as you leap to bed.

Lovey-Dovey Good Night Messages for Lover

Everyone will always have that special someone whose voice can take away anxiety from the heart, and bring relief and peace. If you’ve also got one of such person in your life, you might want to leave a beautiful smile on his/her face. These lovey-dovey good night messages for lovers will sort that out. All you’ve got to do is copy from here and send.

Of course, you send them at night; before bedtime. How do you say flirty goodnight? It’s as simple as sending from the text messages below. You don’t want to skip this. These good night love you kiss messages pierce right through the heart and send out warmth. Check it below!

61. I hope tonight brings you ease from all the day’s trouble. Goodnight darling.

62. Our hallmark is joy and pleasure. I promise to do all that’s in my power to make you experience that tonight. See you on the other side. I love you.

63. I know I’m obliged to tell you goodnight. I’m doing it with a difference tonight. I love you, babe.

64. The hustle and bustle of the day won’t stop me from wishing you a blissful night. Nice night.

65. The universe was made for us to show love and care. You’ll always be my muse babe. Goodnight

66. I’m using this chance to wish the love of my life a splendid night. Goodnight pumpkin.

67. I only see the future when we are together. Can’t wait to be with you again in your sleep. Sleep quickly, baby. Goodnight.

68. May you be wrapped with the love the night brings. Can’t wait to see you again tomorrow. Do have a wonderful night beauty.

69. I dream of you all night. I wish you do the same.

70. We made a vow to last together forever. I need you, so enjoy your sleep babe.

71. I can’t tell anymore the difference between the night and day; your love intoxicates. Can’t wait to have more of that in the morning. Sleep tight babe.

72. Even when the sun sets, my love for you never wanes. I just wanted you to know. Goodnight.

73. Things change, people change but the love we share doesn’t. I love all that we share. Night darling.

74. I’ll be with you all the time. Whether it’s day or night. I want you to know this, so sleep confidently, my love.

75. The fire of the love we share is enough to keep you warm through this cold night. Sleep confidently.

76. I get butterflies in my belly when we are together; can’t wait for another experience. See you tomorrow. Goodnight.

77. Even if all fails, our love won’t. I want you to sleep, knowing this. Great night.

78. It’s only real when it’s with you. I don’t want to stay longer in the lie. See you tomorrow my love.

79. All I ever want is to be with you forever, even in your dreams. Beautiful night

80. The night is for rest. Let the thoughts of me give you a smile and warmth while you rest. Goodnight.

Sweet Good Night Messages for Her Long-distance

There are so many things you can do to put a smile on her face; ranging from dates, going for romantic vacations, and text messaging. All of these will add up and keep the fire of love burning in your relationship.

But how do you sustain your love in a case when she’s a long distance from you? Yes! You guessed right, occasional visits, calls, going on Skype, and text messaging. Because of this, I’ve put together this piece that contains sweet good night messages for her long-distance.

How do you wish your lover good night? Especially when she’s far away, text messaging amongst other means will be your best bet at doing it the right way. Let’s dive into these romantic messages. It’s the best for saying good night love you kiss.

81. Your presence is the strength I need to continue living. Don’t die, babe, only sleep. Have a wonderful night.

82. I only knew true love when I met you; can’t wait to fall into your hands again. Have a great night where you are.

83. Our future is secured because our love is. Even if you’re far away, I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I love you, darling. Night

84. Tomorrow is another day to get on a call with the love of my life, I can’t wait. Sleep quickly and enjoy it.

85. Flesh and blood may fail but our love won’t because it’s divine. I miss you, babe. I just wanted to say goodnight.

86. I’m the world’s luckiest man because I have you. Forever is us; stay confident babe. I love you. Night.

87. You fill my heart babe, that’s why I can’t stop loving you. Wherever you are, just know I love you. Have a great night.

88. Our future won’t change because I’ve promised to stay true. You’re loved, far or near. Goodnight babe.

89. I wish you were close. Notwithstanding, I love you. Goodnight.

90. You’re my definition for living. I love and cherish you. Night.

91. You’ll remain my inspiration. I love you, babe, even if we are far apart. Goodnight.

92. I’m saying a warm goodnight to the one woman who makes me feel good. Stay confident.

93. I know me because I’ve known you. Have a great night, my better half.

94. Tomorrow is another busy day. Don’t stay up too late. I love you and I’m thinking about you.

95. Distance will never wane my love for you. You remain the love of my life. Goodnight baby

96. I’m me because you’re you. I love you, babe, beyond the distance barrier. Goodnight.

97. You’re the best to be loved. You reciprocate it in every way irrespective of distance. I’m saying I love you. Goodnight.

98. Thoughts of you bring warmth in the cold night. I cherish my babe. Night.

99. You and I are bound together forever, even the distance can’t pull us apart. Goodnight baby.

100. You’re my best friend baby. I’ve got stuff to tell. Splendid night. We’ll talk in the morning.

Good Night Honey I Love You Messages

No amount of sacrifice’s too big if you’re in love. That is why texting your significant person shouldn’t be a bother. Goodnight text messages like the ones below are the best romantic, well-designed messages that you can pick from. How do you wish your lover good night? Sending from this collection of good night love you kiss messages is how you do it.

Even if it’s good night honey I love you messages, that simple five words can mean so much. I advise that you sustain the act of texting in your relationship. Take a quick peep as we see these good night messages to my sweetheart below.

101. Goodnight honey. I love you now and beyond.

102. I’ll continue to love you again and again because you complete me. I love you sugar. Night.

103. If it’s you, every other thing can wait. That’s how much you mean to me. Just saying goodnight.

104. Everyone’s going to die someday but we’ll continue to love each other in the world beyond. Sleep confidently knowing that I’ll never stop loving you.

105. The future is ours to keep. Don’t stop dreaming because I do too. Have a great night dreaming about us.

106. In all that’s good, you appear. I can never stop missing you even for a second. I love you and I wanted you to know. Night.

107. How else can I tell you I miss you. Kisses babe. Night

108. It’s never this or that, only what we share. I love it; can’t get enough. Sweet dreams.

109. You and I were created to spend all our lives together. Have a fun-filled night dreaming of us again.

110. Now is the time to tell you I love you. Beautiful dreams girl.

111. You’re in every of my dream. I hope it’s the same for you. Goodnight.

112. I never want to stop dreaming because all of it has you in it. I wish you feel the same. Great night, my love.

113. I’ll answer whenever you call, even in my dreams. I hope you will too. Goodnight.

114. Let’s be frank! We were meant for each other. I love you a bunch, my love. Night kitty

115. The future has you in it; that’s a whole lot of joy for me. Kisses babe, and have a wonderful night.

116. Because I’ve got you as the only reason for living, I can’t do without you. Goodnight babe.

117. I can’t wait to be in your arms once again. Goodnight babe.

118. If the future seems blurry, we can sleep again to see clearly. I love you, babe. Sleep well.

119. You’re the blessing, and I love you. Sweet dreams

120. Smile babe because we are going to meet again in your sleep. It promises to be a cool ride.

Good Night Wishes for Lovers

Do you know that romantic wishes are best said at night? Yeah! When you send some romantic wishes to your lover, particularly at night, it yields loads of love for you.

Whether you’re far away or on the same bed, it gets more romantic when you send some good night wishes to lovers. How do you say flirty goodnight? The perfect combination of words is just a few scrolls below. She’s going to love it.

It’s not enough to say good night my love when you can add some sweet words to communicate your wish. If you want to see the perfect combinations, then continue with me as we see some good night love you kiss messages.

121. Let’s stay in each other’s arms until the morning. Good sleep darling.

122. I’ll fight for you whenever, even in my sleep. I love you forever. Goodnight.

123. IF everything crashes, I know you’ll still be there. That’s why I can’t afford to tell you to have a goodnight.

124. You ravish me with love. So excited to have fallen in love with you. Let’s have some more fun tomorrow. Goodnight

125. Wherever you go, I’ll follow after you; in your sleep too. Sweet dreams, sweet

126. You’re my greatest luck. I wish you never spend a night without me. Notwithstanding, I’m saying you have a wonderful night.

127. I wish we get to see again in your dream world. Love ya.

128. It’s going to be a wonderful morning tomorrow. Take enough rest tonight babe.

129. I’ve never loved a one like you. You’re so special and I wish you spend tonight resting peacefully.

130. Goodnight my love! I love you is what I have to say.

131. You’ve got the beauty, and it glows brighter at night. I wish I was laying by your side right now. I cherish you. Have a great night.

132. Just as the bright and shining sun goes resting. I hope you find sufficient rest tonight.

133. Completion is only possible when it’s you and I. Let’s complete it again tomorrow. Night.

134. Love is nothing except it’s shared between us. I hope we share more. Goodnight

135. Even when I wish wrongly, your love brings me back. I love you beyond comprehension babe. Pleasant night.

136. I hope you find comfort in my text. Sleep tight!

137. When it all seems like it’s going south, we find each other in finding what we share. I hope you always find that warmth and comfort when you sleep.

138. It’s got to be you, babe. You’ve got to be the one I see always in my sleep. Is it the same with you too?

139. Cheers to a better life with you. I hope that life continues to bless your heart and give you a peaceful rest tonight.

140. It’s your beautiful face when you’re in bed for me. I love everything about you. I wish you wear the same smiling face to bed tonight.

You only get to put a lovely smile on your lover’s face through text messaging when you select from the carefully designed bunch of text messages above. Either you’re dating or even married, you’ll find the best fit for your special one. These are very powerful good night love you kiss SMS. Also, you can share on your social handles, and don’t forget to leave feedback.

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