100 Super Hot Romantic Text Messages for Him or Her

Hot romantic text messages

In the world we are today, where finding true love seems like a herculean task, hot romantic text messages for him or her is the soothing balm perfect for your partner. Words are like a double-edged phenomenal, sometimes wrecking and sometimes comforting. Being told you are admired can go a long way to make a dark day look so bright.

If you are in a relationship or about getting into one and you never express how you feel about the other person, how would they know your deep-seated feeling, plus if you are not the kind of person that calls or let’s say you are shy, then there is a shorter route; hot romantic text messages to express your thoughts.

Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder, with a few punches on your keypad, anywhere you are and at any time of the day, you can let out your innermost feelings in a few words with these hot romantic text messages.

Your relationship too can be a bed of roses, it all depends on how willing you are to make the sacrifice. Have you given up on love or are you on the verge of quitting that relationship because it has lost its spark? Look no more, quitting isn’t the way of the champions, Feel free to use some of these hot romantic text messages to bring back the light in your relationship or marriage.

Hot Romantic Text Messages for Him

Society and upbringing have configured the male minds that all they need to be is “Solid rock and Unbreakable” at all times, But the myth here is that men are definitely more romantic at heart than women, though they may not show it.

Hot romantic text messages are what you need to penetrate this huge brick wall they set between you and their emotions. Men like women who can reach deep into their emotions specially and that can only happen when you play your cards cleverly.

A good way to do this is by sending hot romantic text messages for him. It can be good morning messages, good night messages, or just some cute random messages for him at any time of the day.

1. When I count my blessings, I remember to count you twice, You are indeed a treasure and life wouldn’t have been more perfect without you in it.

2. I think I am the happiest human being alive, ask me why it’s because I have you. I see you in everything I do, every love song is about you and how I feel about you, I feel special because you are mine. I love you.

3. Everything in my life does not make sense until you become a part of it, you bring your light and happiness into my world and make it colorful and radiant. I don’t want to live in this world without you. So hey, promise me you will be here as long as I am.

4. Every single cell in my body yearns for your love, isn’t it obvious? I am in love with you. I have never felt anything like this before, and I will do anything to make it last. So let’s make it last together.

5. When I wake up this morning, you are the first person I think of, when I sleep at night, You are the last person I see before closing my eyes. You make my whole day something worth looking forward to. Thank you for being there through it all.

6. The first time I saw you, I was afraid to touch you, the first time I touched you, I was afraid to hug you, The first time I hugged you, I was afraid to love you, but now that I love you, it has come to stay and I can’t lose you.

7. Nothing is impossible as long as we are together. The butterflies in my tummy make me feel like there aren’t any mountains high enough to keep me from getting you, and just like the moon, I will always be around you.

8. I have the best man in the world! I don’t know how to keep calm, I want everyone to know that I am a woman in love. You are a dream come true and I wouldn’t have asked for more.

9. Your love is making me become a better version of myself because you keep making me a better person every day, the world needs more of your kind, baby. You are my superhero and will always be.

10. Though I may not say this quite often, I just want to seize this moment to appreciate your amazingness. I love you endlessly. Thank you for bringing lots of happiness that could last me a lifetime with you, I have never experienced a feeling so strong before.

11. They say love is unreliable but I say with you “Unreliable” is just another word in the dictionary because, with you, life seems like a solid rock in which our love can always stand the test of time. Thanks for being wonderful in ways words of mouth can’t express.

12. I can’t believe I have been waiting for you all my life, You are definitely worth the wait, one look at you was enough to fall in love with you.

13. I couldn’t have imagined that a man could be as loving as you, I love you with every fiber of my being, and I will never trade you for anybody else because your flaws are perfect to me.

14 In your arms I have found my home, I can avoid the rest of the world and still feel like I have everything at my disposal, right in your arms.

15. Whenever you hold my hand, something deep inside of me tells me that come rain, come shine, no matter what comes before us, We would never give up being a team. You are my one-man team!

Sweet Text Messages to Make Him Fall in Love

At a point in our lives, we all yearn to fall in love and experience what a great feeling it is. Sometimes it might prove difficult, especially if you find yourself constantly facing challenges in your love life. But, worry not as we take you through the ride of hot romantic text messages. At times, Men do need that little extra push to make them want to reach deep within them to give that love you truly deserve.

Below are some sweet text messages to make him fall in love with you, whether you are single and want him to know how you feel about him, or you want the flame of your relationship to keep burning forever. This is for you!

16. No matter how stressful my day goes, I know that at the end of it all, I have you, and that is enough to take me through the day feeling like a champion. You are my stress reliever baby!

17. You are my rock, on whose feet I stand firm, my muse on who’s moral I act on, and my life coach on whose life teachings I hold dear. Thank you for bringing out the best in me because I owe all achievements that I have made in my life to you.

18. The more years go by, The more I learn to love new things about you because you keep evolving. You are the most amazing man to me. I love you now and will always do.

19. Your kindness and care are second to none, and sometimes I can’t help but wonder what life could have been without your beautiful soul in it. You are my greatest cheerleader and I want you to know that I don’t want to live a life you are not in it. I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and days to come.

20. How can the world be scarce of true love when you are here, I never knew life could be beautiful until you walk into my life. If I have the opportunity, I want to live a thousand times, die a thousand deaths, only for you.

21. When I say your love is more than mere words to me, I mean it, because it’s so real and intense that I can’t get enough of it.

22. With you I can be anything, I can be a kid without appearing like something else. I am not afraid of being me around you, you filled my life with a good aura every day.

23. When I close my eyes I see you, when I open my eyes I see you, I don’t think I can ever do nothing without seeing or thinking about you because you are always part of everything I do.

24. There are two times I want to be with you, Now and forever. I love you, sweetheart.

25. Whenever I am with you, I want to tell the time to stand still, because time tends to past without us knowing, but since we don’t have it forever at our disposal, I can love you from this life to the next.

26. When I look into your eyes you are like a gateway into the world I want to be a part of. All in all, I love you.

27. If I could ever be anything, I will be your gorgeous smile, so I could be born in your happiness, travel down your way in joy, and see your handsome face as it is, a perfect life reality I dream all day for.

28. I drop a tear in the ocean and the day I ever find it is when I will stop loving you.

29. Loving you is something that comes to me naturally, just like I crave air and food to survive, I don’t struggle to love you, It just happened effortlessly.

30. I love you as I have never loved another or ever will again, I love you with all that I am and all that I will ever be because loving you is making me strong.

Texts to Make Him Think About You

When you are in love with someone, it feels like you cannot get him off your mind. Right from the moment you wake up in the morning till when you drift off to sleep at night, he is the only thing that you think of. Even when you dream at night, your dreams are always filled with thoughts of him.

So it is only natural that you would want him to think about you as much as you think about him. These texts to make him think about you can be sent any time of the day.

You can use these hot romantic text messages to make him reflect on your relationship together. Do you have friends or colleagues who need their partner to reflect on their relationship more often? Then share these texts to make him think about you.

31. Do you remember those times I run into your arms and place my head on your chest without uttering anything, and you will assure me that everything is going to be alright…! That was one of my favorite memories with you.

32. I don’t ever think anyone in this world will want to put up with my mysteries, how you do it, I don’t have an idea, but I thank you for it.

33. I am in dire need of hugs and kisses, and you know what? You are the only one who can save me in this situation.

34. I don’t like scary movies, but I feel safer when I see them next to you, in you, I find the strength to look at demons straight in the eyes.

35. I am watching impatiently for the second to move along the clock as I count the moments until I can get your hands wrapped around me and stroke my hair.

36. The only way my life could become more perfect is to have you in it. Every time I am in your arms, life makes more sense, and there is no other place I would rather be.

37. Hey handsome, what are you up to right now, can you come over, all I need is to see your face?

38. Every single moment I see you smile, or makes my heart melt like candy, can you just keep smiling forever and let my heart melt away.

39. I wish that you are not so far from me. If I had superpowers I would jump into your arms right now.

40. How can my life become a fairytale after I met you, when they say fairytales don’t exist in real life, You are indeed a game-changer.

41. Every time I see you, my world stops and all I can think about is you, I feel life should just stand still so I keep seeing you because that is the best feeling I have ever had and I can’t help it.

42. The day might look gloomy and cloudy, but do I care? The only brightness I need is seeing you smile. You are my therapy to dark times. I love you!

43. Do you know you are one of the most intelligent, handsome, and hardworking people I have ever met? Know you know!

44. You make me feel like I am living the greatest love poem of all time, I never get tired of opening a new chapter every day.

45. You are my Romeo and I am your Juliet, But let us conquer our fears and obstacles together without flinching. I miss you.

Hot Romantic Text Messages to Make Her Feel Special

When you’re learning how to text a girl for the first time you are going to want to try several different approaches. What works will often depend on how you like to communicate and the type of woman you’re texting. It would be great if we could give you suggestions that work for everyone but that just isn’t how the dating world is right now.

One of the kindest things you can do for that special someone in your life is to surprise her with hot romantic text messages. Women generally are romantic beings and they love hearing about how their partner feels about them now and then and nothing brings her more happiness than knowing she is loved and cherished.

Women need to feel appreciated just like men. Perhaps it’s a stressful week and you want to lift her spirits, or on the flip side, you might just want to send a quick lovey-dovey text to let her know that she just crossed your mind at that very moment. Take from these hot romantic messages to make her feel special to sweep her off her feet and make her desire you more.

46. I asked God to give me my soulmate, he answered my prayers and sent me you, a friend, a passionate lover, and a caring partner. From the moment I set my eyes on you, I knew you were made for me alone.

47. I know that I don’t deserve you, but God gave me you and I am willing to become a perfect person for you.

48. I hope this message gives you a cute smile, I just want you to know that while the world keeps changing, my love for you will last forever because I have come to stay.

49. When I realized that forever is too small to be with you, I quickly want to make you my home.

50. Dear God, thank you so much for the amazing partner you crossed my path with, I couldn’t dream of a more romantic, caring, and loving partner.

51. I wish I had met you earlier, but better late than never, I am glad I met you now because I have learned to appreciate you more over the years.

52. If I give you the most adorable flowers as a sign of my love for you, they can’t match up to your beauty, If I compare you to a star, The brightest of stars are dim compared to your sparkling eyes, So I will just tell you in simple words that your love is incomparable to anything that ever existed.

53. I have always thought that happiness can only be experienced once in a lifetime, but with you, I realized that happiness isn’t a mirage or illusion, and with you, I can experience it every second, minute, and every time I spend with you.

54. I hope the bliss we feel today never ends. come rain, come shine, know that I love you so much.

55. Some say and believe that love makes one vulnerable, to me, love makes a person strong and courageous. Your love made me a choice person, having you in my life, I have grown into the better version of the person whom I always wanted to be in life. Thank you for being you all the way!

56. You are my first, last, and only love. Having you makes me want to throw caution to the wind and live in the moment. My only dream is to watch the sunrises in the morning and watch the sunsets at night for the rest of my life with you, babe.

57. When I am on cloud nine, you are there with me, when at my lowest ebbs, you are there to lift my spirits, You are with me on both rainy and sunny days, and you are a reminder of how wonderful life can be.

58. If there is a next life, I will face the storms and arrows of life to find you faster, So I get to spend every second of my life with you and not waste a minute.

59. If wishes were horses, beggars will ride, I wish to own all the riches in the universe so I can put the world at your feet. Alas, I can’t, so I give you the most valuable thing in my life, my heart!

60. There is nothing more appealing and romantic in this world than to see your sleepy eyes every morning when you wake up. If you promise me yet another fifty (50) years, Then I think I am the most fulfilled person on earth.

61. You are so close to me yet far away, I am longing for the day I will have you close to me and hold you in my arms, I will never let you slip off again.

62. You are my dream come true, I never believed in dreams coming true until I met you, I promise to love and cherish you till the end of time.

63. My moments with you are magical, I don’t think I ever want to live without you, You are the angel of my life.

64. I wish I could send you a kiss through the phone, I could do it every second, every day.

65. Every time of the day, You are always on my mind. I love you endlessly with everything I have.

Texts to Make Her Miss You

We all get to that point in a relationship where the vibes are all gone, especially if the relationship is not new or if the relationship is a long-distance one and you find it sometimes difficult to stay in touch, Hence the need for hot romantic text messages.

Making someone miss you is not about manipulating their emotions to get what you want, It’s a great technique for bringing the lost spark back into a seemingly dull relationship to make it stronger. These texts to make her miss you will make your relationship more lively, Ignite the lost passion, and bring it back to life.

66. I am going to write on all bricks that “I miss you” and I hope one falls on your head so you can realize how much it hurts when you miss someone.

67. If I am given a second chance, I will choose you over and over again till eternity. Having you in my heart gives me peace of mind and endless happiness.

68. Everyday my love for you wax stronger and better, I love you more than you can ever imagine.

69. All my life, I have prayed fervently to find true love, read about it, waited for it to show, cried for it when it seems to never happen, fantasize about it to give myself hope, but now that I am with you, I know in you I have found the right partner. Please walk the journey of life with me.

70. Before I met you, I always feel this huge space in my heart, It was always like something is missing, But since you came into my life, everything seems perfect, I felt happiness that was never there before, I don’t wish to live any moment of this life without you because you complete me.

71. Ever since the day I met you, I started believing that wishes do come true, You are a wish I always made whenever a dazzling star pass.

72. In my time of chaos, your lamp of live guides my wandering heart straight to the safety of your affectionate haven. Love you loads.

73. I see happiness, I see hope, a certain future, I see all of these, and more whenever I see you.

74. If I have to choose one person to be with for the rest of my life, I won’t have to think at all, I will choose you over and over again without missing a breath.

75. Distance is nothing between two heart that shares something great, You may be out of my sight but not out of my mind, You dominate my world.

76. Silver and gold rot away with time, but these feelings I have for you I am sure will never stop because ours is a match made from heaven.

77. God saw my need, He took my rib, and you were made, and I had a helpmate. You are my better half. I love you so much.

78. This fire of our love, I will keep it burning no matter the circumstances, we will both walk through all obstacles together, and smiling through everything.

79. Yesterday has passed and a new day has come, I am not the same man I was because I love you more than I did yesterday.

80. I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever till a day after infinity because you are my reason for waking up every day and never quitting.

81. Roses are red, violets are blue, the best definition of love is what brings us together. I cherish you.

82. I may not understand the reason for your silence nor the source of your pain, But I promise to stand by you and hold your hands until the clouds lift and everything seems perfect.

83. If I could wish for one thing, I will take the smile that you bring because your smile is enough to illuminate even the darkest of places. Thank you for making my world a better place to live in.

Text Messages to Make Her Want You More

Times are changing, although it might be traditional for men to do the chasing. However, women love to test the waters just as men do. Some beautiful women who are confident about themselves and with various dating options on their plates won’t admit it but they want a man they had to work for, not just some “YES” man.

Since humans only value what we have to work for. Hot romantic text messages will make a woman enjoy your company and appreciate your moments of laughter together. Mind having beautiful and successful women chasing a relationship with you? Want her to fall helplessly in love with you? Then you haven’t missed the road, pick from these text messages to make her want over you more, If you find it helpful, Kindly like and share with your loved ones.

84. If you want to know how much I love you, Then stay with me the whole day and watch as I radiate with happiness with you by my side.

85. I am the richest man in the entire world, not in terms of material things, but in terms of blessings, I count my blessings twice because you are a part of it all the way and will always be.

86. My greatest achievement in life is the times I have been able to put a smile on your face because no one does it better than me. I love you.

87. Those moments we spent together are the best moments of my life, I feel like writing a book made up of all the memories of us in it, those moments can never be forgotten.

88. If loving you is expensive, then I want to be the most wanted expensive lover man the universe has ever heard of.

89. You are the one I have been waiting for and you are worth the wait, I don’t ever think I will find someone so sweet and loving as you. You are my irreplaceable!

90. When you look deeply into my eyes, you will see a reflection of you, but when you look into my heart, you will see yourself, you are firmly rooted in there because you are my heartbeat.

91. The happiest place in this world is being lost in your love, I don’t ever want to be found, in you, I finally find a home.

92. I want to sit with you at night and count the stars, even on cloudy days when everything is dark, your presence alone is enough to light up the darkest of places.

93. More than a billion people in the world, I choose one person to love, cherish, and protect, I promise to always be there for you come what may. I love you.

94. When you are far away from me and my hands can’t reach you, I hug you with prayers, May our love last a lifetime sweetie.

95. When the world is asleep, I am awake thinking about you, wishing you were by my side both morning and night.

96. Falling in love with you was accidental, but I am so happy I did, now it feels like I had a lifetime to planning to meet you. I love you to the moon and back.

97. Now, I have got the reason to want to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment there is to it, You know why? Because life gave me you!

98. To the one who rocks my world and makes butterflies turn in my belly all the time, I love you more than I love any other thing in this world.

99. You are the wave that calms my rage, the medicine that heals my soul, the song that I want to put on repeat all day long, with you is a perfect life.

100. Believe me, When I say your love is everything to me, It’s so real beyond my imagination, But if it’s a dream, I never want to wake up from it.

As you journey through life hoping to fall in love, find a soul mate or keep your relationship relevant, these hot romantic text messages are here to equip you with the right tools necessary for you to have that perfect relationship you always wanted. Therefore, ensure you share with friends and family.

Kindly drop a comment below if these hot romantic messages for him or her has been helpful, you can also share on your social media platforms. Thank you.

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