How to Fast and Pray for a Breakthrough in 20 Surefire Steps

How to Fast and Pray for a Breakthrough

The life we live is full of circumstances and happenings that challenge our faith in God. These challenges and circumstances often affect our emotional health, our relationship with people, and our work life. If not handled, one could lose faith.

Learning how to fast and pray for a breakthrough is God’s way out of these trials. Prayer coupled with fasting is God’s nuclear weapon against any insurmountable problems.

Fasting is abstinence from all forms of pleasure to seek the face of God concerning any matter. The forms of pleasure range from food, water to sleep. Here, we’ll emphasize abstinence from food and water.

Whether you need a breakthrough in your finance, work, or relationship, you’ve got to know how to get it. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to fast and pray for a breakthrough in any aspect of your life that you desire.

What is a good scripture to read while fasting? Isaiah 58 is the scripture you should read. It has full detail of fasting, and this will help your fast tremendously.

Things to Avoid When Fasting and Praying

Things to Avoid When Fasting and Praying

As I explained earlier, fasting is abstinence. To fast effectively, therefore, you need to know the how, why, what, and when of fasting. Apart from these, you must also know the things to avoid when fasting and praying.

Avoiding these things does not only make your fast effective, it is how to fast and pray for a breakthrough, and it ensures that your fasting experience is not jeopardized. This is because when you fast without avoiding the things I’ll be listing, you’ll only complicate matters for yourself, and make your fast ineffective.

What is a good scripture to read while fasting? The Psalms are a good portion of scripture to read while fasting. I’m sure you can’t wait to learn the steps, see it for yourself below.

1. Avoid food: Avoiding food is what makes your fast a real one. In this context, it could be some kind of food, which is a type of fast (Daniel’s fast), or total avoidance of food. Avoiding food helps your spirit gain more strength over the force of your flesh.

Jesus showed us how to fast and pray for a breakthrough correctly. The scripture says, “And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry” (Matthew 4:2). This indicated that He avoided food. The product of His fast is seen in later verses of that scripture.

If you want to learn how to fast and pray for a breakthrough, you must be willing to avoid food.

2. Avoid distractions: Distraction is a killer of focus, and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you don’t avoid distractions, you’ll only be wasting efforts. This is very important if you are going to learn how to fast and pray for a breakthrough.

Common distractions that come when you set out to fast are invitations to dinner, television, social media, and all sorts of other activities. When you avoid distractions, you have more time to seek the face of God during your fast.

It becomes something other than fasting when you don’t pray during the fast period. For me, whenever I set out to fast, I shut down most activities because I want to do it effectively.

I avoid television, and meetings that can hold at a later time. The essence is so that you have enough time.

3. Avoid sin: The third thing to avoid when you set out to fast and pray is sin. Sin will do every other thing but help your fast. You don’t want to joke with this. When you willfully sin during a fast, you only jeopardize the fast.

Your spirit indeed becomes energized when you fast. Therefore, it’s important to be aware that the internal battle between your flesh and spirit is enhanced, and the one you yield to will have the power.

Little wonder why temptations are more during this period. What then do you do? Yield more to the Spirit, and avoid temptations that’ll lead to sin. Doing this will help your fast.  Gal 5: 16 “I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”

4. Avoid stress: Another thing to avoid when fasting is stress. Do everything in your power to limit work and other activities that aren’t adding to the overall success of your fast.

When you take a fast, you should also take out more time to be alone with God in worship, prayer, and bible study. To do this and be effective at it means you’ll cut down on other activities. I hope you understand?

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and fasting generate tremendous power when done correctly. It’s an ever potent weapon against even the toughest life situation. Jesus explained this to his disciples who couldn’t cast out the deaf and dumb spirit (Matthew 17:21).

This means some trials and battles we face won’t just leave. Most times they require the application of what you know on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough. Prayer and fasting also bring us closer to God.

Moses is an amazing bible character that illustrates this. He fasted so much and became close to God. He became so close that whenever he came down from the mount, his face shined too much that he had to use a veil.

What do you do during a spiritual fast? You pray, study God’s word among many other things. Continue with me to learn the steps to generate the power of prayer and fasting to give you victory.

5. Decide on your request: This is a crucial step to fasting and praying correctly. You don’t want to start a fast without deciding what exactly it is that you want, else, that’ll be a waste of effort.

Deciding on your request is how to fast and pray for a breakthrough because it’ll help you align your heart towards an expectation. It’ll also help you pray the right prayers. This is why this step is the most important one.

Whether it’s a breakthrough you need, a partner, or healing from cancer, you’ve got to be definite with your request.

Were you not baffled when Jesus asked for what blind Bartimeaus wanted? He was blind! He must have certainly wanted his sight back, still, Jesus asked. Therefore, decide on your request before you plan a fast.

6. Choose your kind of fast: This is the next step; choosing your kind of fast. From the scriptures, we’ve seen different types of fast.

We have the Daniel’s fast, here you’ll abstain from sweet food, meat, spicy food, and general junk, and eat unpleasant food. We also have partial fast. The one Jesus did. When you do this, you’ll only take water for as long as you want to go.

Whatever fast you choose, make sure it’s something you can do. Also, check with your doctor to make sure you’re not putting your health at great risk.

7. Prepare to fast: After you’ve chosen the kind of fast you want to do, you have to prepare to fast. The reason for preparation is to make sure you have an effective fast.

In learning how to fast and pray for a breakthrough, you have to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mentally, you have to set the date of your fast in mind and prepare your schedule for the period of your fast.

Physically, you’ve got to deal with distractions and avoid those things spoken of earlier. You also have to downsize your food intake slowly before the set date. While spiritually, you’ll have to pray in anticipation of your fast. Doing this will ensure an effective fast.

Ensure to practice the steps outlined in this article. I await your testimonies.

How to Fast and Pray for Beginners

How to Fast and Pray for Beginners

If you’re just getting introduced to fasting, then you should read this portion carefully. Much has been discussed earlier about fasting, in case you skipped that, you can go back to check it. Whether you’ve tried it before and it didn’t go well or you are new to it, I’ll advise you to try the steps I’m going to share in this portion on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough.

My first experience fasting was so funny. I had set my mind to fast without a focus. Of cos, since it was my first time, I didn’t know all these steps then. I only abstained from food, without prayers, or even basic expectations.

How long should I fast for prayer? There’s no yardstick for this, it all depends on you. I don’t want your experience to be like mine that’s why I’ve created this post.

The steps on how to fast and pray for beginners are below, take few more scrolls.

8. Identify the why: This is an initial step on how to pray and fast for a breakthrough for beginners. Why do you want to fast? This needs to be answered. Many people fast for the wrong reasons. Some fast religiously, others fast to get the praise of men. This is why Jesus instructed on the right way to fast (Matthew 6:17).

The reason for your fast must be clearly stated and must be in alignment with God’s will. This sponsors the drive and passion you need to see it to the end and get your desired result.

9. Start small: Start small. When you want to try fasting for the first time, don’t go on a 3 day fasting and prayer for a breakthrough, else, you’ll be discouraged before you even finish. Fasting has so many benefits and it can be learned. So I always advise beginners to start with a 12-hour fast, preferably, 12 am – 12 pm, or just any 12-hour fast you’re comfortable with

Every person that you’ve heard fasted for 3-days or even 21-days started with something small. Your understanding of this as a beginner will help you grow into one who has mastered the art of how to fast and pray for a breakthrough.

10. Utilize your fast: Utilizing your fast is dependent on the activities you engage in during the fast period. Let’s take a 12-hour fast period for instance. Since you already have a target for your fast, activities such as reading the bible, staying in close touch with God through prayers, singing Psalms and journaling will help you utilize your fast period to get your desired result.

Journaling your fast experience helps a whole lot, especially for beginners. It contains the experiences you had, the results you got and this affects your faith towards fasting. If you follow these steps, you’ll be amazed at how intriguing and effective your fast will be, even as a beginner.

Fasting for Financial Breakthrough

Fasting for Financial Breakthrough

Prayer coupled with fasting is indeed God’s nuclear weapon against any and every stubborn problem facing any area of your life. This includes your finances too. That is why I’ve created this section on fasting for financial breakthrough.

Specifically, you need to know how to fast and pray for a breakthrough in your finance, and other aspects of your life. This knowledge will always come in handy on rainy days.

Your finance is a crucial area of life that the devil attacks relentlessly. He does this to believers to make them lose faith in God. But thanks be God, you have God’s word on His expectations as regards your finances. Even Jesus went ahead to become poor that you may be rich.

How long should I fast for prayer? How long depends on your desperation and your capacity. I’ll advise that you start with a 3-day fast as regards your finance. See how to fast and pray for a financial breakthrough below.

11. Ensure your requests are in line with God’s will: This step is to ensure that your requests are parallel to God’s will. Praying and fasting over money request that is outside of God’s will or with a negative mindset is futile. To learn how to pray and fast for a breakthrough in your finance, your knowledge of God’s will is important.

“And this is the confidence that we have in him that, if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” This verse of scripture makes it clear that your asking must be according to his will. The will talks of His interest.

Let me share a little secret at this point. Whenever you want to take a fast for any area of your life put God’s interest into consideration when making your request. This way, God answers you speedily.

12. Apply the biblical principles of finance: Prayer and fasting can become futile if you neglect God’s ways and principles. The bible is a wonderful book that contains God’s principles for success in every area of a man’s life. When you locate any in your fast period, your next line of action is to apply.

This application sets you apart as one who has mastered the art of fasting and praying for a breakthrough in his finance. You should know at this point that no principle of God substitutes another, rather they complement each other.

How to Fast and Pray for a Relationship Breakthrough

How to Fast and Pray for a Relationship Breakthrough

Relationships are ladders to greatness. Therefore, learning how to fast and pray for a relationship breakthrough is something that should be taken seriously. Whether it’s friendship, dating, or even a casual relationship, a relationship breakthrough adds to the overall success of your life.

I’m sure you don’t want to hop in and out of relationships in search of the right person. This is why you need to know how to pray and fast for a breakthrough in your relationships. This may seem unnatural because you seldom do it but it’s never wrong to try.

How long should I fast for a relationship? For your relationship, do it as often as you can. I’m of the school of thought that relationship is everything and the rest is detail. This is because we constantly relate with people and things, and you never know who the breakthrough is.

Let me walk you through the steps… see below.

13. Gather scriptures for your request before the fast: When planning a fast, it’s advisable to gather scriptures that address your request. As regards your relationship, whatever the goal may be, gather scriptures. What do you do with them? You meditate on them till it becomes a reality to you.

This act breeds faith, and faith is essential whenever you’re seeking God. You also pray using the scriptures. With the faith you’ve built during meditation, your prayers have more effect when you pray with the scriptures.

Do you know what the bible has said concerning your request? If no, sit with the scripture till you find one.

14. Pray and fast with faith: Faith gives access to every benefit in God. Praying and fasting with faith requires that you take important actions regarding your request. If you are praying and fasting to find the right man, then you should start with checking your association, are all the men you’re relating with godly?

Praying and fasting with faith also requires that you trust every prompting that God gives you during the fast period. You could get a prompting to visit a friend or even leave a particular relationship. To maximize this step, avoid being too rigid, and religious.

When you follow these steps, you’ll slowly learn how to fast and pray for a breakthrough in your relationship.

Fasting and Prayer for Marriage Breakthrough

Fasting and Prayer for Marriage Breakthrough

Marriage is an institution established by God, this makes it susceptible to the devil’s attack. In case you’re experiencing a problem in this area of your life, then you’ve got to continue reading this.

You see, no matter what your beautiful wish for your marriage is, you’ve got to do some warfare because the devil will send his attacks that way. Learning how to fast and pray for a breakthrough is the first step.

Every good marriage you see today experienced one issue or the other, some were childbearing, and others were finance.

Fasting and prayer for marriage breakthrough is a must for you to experience heaven on earth marriage. What is a good scripture to read while fasting? Isaiah 34:16 is a good place to start. Read, meditate and pray with that scripture.

15. Pray the scriptures: It’s so fascinating to be a Christian. This is because Christians have so much under-utilized advantages over the devil and his tactics. One of these advantages is the scriptures. When you take a fast and pray the scripture, miracles happen.

Your fasting and prayer need to be strengthened by the Word. Search the scriptures for God’s promises regarding your marital breakthrough and pray it. I mean it. Pray the scripture. This act has its way of getting you your answer.

When you pray the scripture, you pray according to God’s will. When you do this during your fast, you get a quick result. This is how to fast and pray for a breakthrough.

16. Take bold steps: Every Christian needs to understand that prayer gives the power to do. In learning to pray and fast, you’ll experience many things among which is a graduating pow to do God’s will or generally act in the right way often.

When you pray and fast for marriage breakthrough, you’ll slowly get promptings to move out, dress more elegantly, and do other kinds of stuff; right things.

The step is this; do those things. Some may look too simple, others may seem stupid, just do them. Take bold steps towards your desire during and after your fast.

Powerful Prayers during Fasting

Powerful Prayers during Fasting

Fasting is sacrifice, and God doesn’t look away from sacrifice. In this section, I’ll give sample prayer points to pray during your fast, whatever type of fast you’ve chosen notwithstanding.

Every fast that the bible has recorded except the fast the children of Israel chose that wasn’t according to God’s will had a turnaround effect. You too can be free. By fasting and praying correctly, you can overcome every lack.

These few powerful prayers during fasting will yield unspeakable effects for you if you pray them. What do you do during a spiritual fast? You simply engage in spiritual activities like praying. Continue to see the prayers and the steps on how to pray and fast for a breakthrough.

Father, I recognize your love for me, and I acknowledge the benefits you’ve given me in Christ. I come before your mercy seat today as I fast. I confess my wrongdoings and I ask that your mercy reigns over every judgment in my life. I pray that you grant me the desire to know you more and do what you want me to.

Great God, I look to you as my helper. I know that the world seems to provide all sorts of help but I rather seek help from you than what the world will give. I need your miracle in my life, O Lord, as I fast. Thank you because you’ve answered me and proven yourself as the mighty God. Amen.

17. Pray with the right consciousness: Praying can become futile if the right consciousness is missing. Since praying is many things and requesting, take for instance a child who has the wrong perspective of his father as a hard man. Such a child will request from his father with the consciousness of that belief and will beg for what is rightfully his.

This scenario also applies to Christians. If you want to plan a fast and you’ve followed the steps outlined above till this point, I’ll advise that you understand this step because it can make or mar your fast.

Set a right consciousness when you are about to approach God in prayer. Don’t beg for what you should demand. I by no means mean that you should be arrogant, rather be confident in God’s ownership of you. This consciousness means a lot and it’s a crucial step in learning how to pray and fast for a breakthrough.

18. Pray and believe: Praying is impotent without believing. The bible says, “Therefore I say unto you, what things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them” this suggests that prayer is followed by believing.

Believing what? Believing God’s promise. Believing that God has heard you. This compels the universe to bring to you your heart’s desire.

How do you believe… you believe by filling up your mind with the right words that help you trust God. God can be trusted. You can have faith in Him.

Learning how to pray and fast will help you believe too.

How to Fast and Pray for a Breakthrough with Prayer Points

The weapon in fasting cannot be over-emphasized. David did it and got the dividends. Moses did and got the dividends also. Much has been said about how to fast and pray for a breakthrough earlier in this article. Here, I’ll give some prayer points to include in your prayers during your fast.

These prayer points can be prayed anytime or it could even be your 3 days fasting prayer points. The essence is that you pray to them. What do you do during a spiritual fast? You pray. You get closer to God in worship amongst many other things to do.

The prayer points are below. Take a scroll down

Father, I confess my dependence on you. In a world where seeking you seems unnatural, you’ve blessed me with a hunger for you. Thank you for your unending blessings and love. Thank you for your HolySpirit in me, and help me yield to his promptings.

Dear God, you’re faithful and true. Thank you for the grace that Christ brought through his death. Thank you for helping me to recognize this great gift on time. I ask, dear God, that you’ll show yourself strong in my life. You’re the God that dwells between the Cherubim, and you’re full of might and strength. Guide me, give me wisdom and help me to trust your power more.

19. Fast without premeditation: We all have certain things we desire when we approach God in prayers. This step helps you discern God’s voice correctly from your voice. Premeditations will make you hear what you want to hear. This is not an expectation, it’s different.

Premeditations are those answers you give to yourself, and you want God to consent to it, rather than listening to God’s voice for his answer or direction.

For instance, when you get concerned about meeting the right man for your life, that’s the expectation you take to the place of prayer. It’s different from when you’d already chosen a man after your evaluation of him, and you go to prayers asking God for his “opinion”.

When next you fast and pray, do it without premeditations in your heart.

20. Add some aggression: Aggression is simply a state of mind that attacks whatever hinders. It’s been said that the best form of defense is attack. Therefore, in your attempts to pray and fast for anything, add some aggression. The reason for this is because of the resilient nature of our adversary, the devil.

Just because you want it and start a fast doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Aggression positions you to always get whatever it is you’re praying and fasting for. This is how to pray and fast for a breakthrough. It never just happens. This is the full mix that helps you fast effectively.

The art of fasting and prayer has numerous benefits and it works all the time. Stop surfing the net endlessly and follow the outlined steps above on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough to get what you want. It’s finally your time. If this has blessed you, share with your friends and family, and help them learn these steps.

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