How to Make Him Miss You and Want You Back: 20 Epic Steps

How to Make Him Miss You and Want You Back

It should not come as a surprise when, as a lady, you reach a stage with a man where you wonder how to make him miss you and want you back.

This is because men can be like a maze most times: hard to figure out, have you running in circles, and just when you think that you finally understand the way they think and work, you come across a dead end.

If you are at such a point in your relationship or talking stage with a man and he seems to not care about you at all, or he claims things are over with you. Whatever relationship you have is over, then this article on how to make him jealous is here to help you change that permanently.

With no further ado, let’s dive into these golden tips.

How to Make Him Miss You Psychology

How to Make Him Miss You Psychology

You can not attempt driving a car without learning how to drive beforehand, or else what happens? You crash, injure yourself and damage your vehicle in the process. Before you can understand this step, you must first know how he thinks by delving into his psyche.

This is how to make him miss you psychology is to understand how your man’s mind works so you can relate with him better. When you know how to move the pieces on a chessboard properly, then you can checkmate your opponent.

The same goes for both. If you know how he thinks, then you can make him yours in no time.

Thrilling right? Well, with no further ado, let us unravel the cheat codes to the maze that is your man’s mind with these tips on how to make him miss you psychology.

1. Avoid Chatting To Him Excessively
The world is digital, and there is no shortage of social media apps for chatting. From online voice calls to video calls, and so on, you will be inspired to speak to your man of interest in various ways.

But, take your finger off that send button right now. The psychology of the human mind shows tends to crave what we can not have. You may have found yourself craving an item at the store and spent hours looking at it but, once you got it, you quickly lose interest in it.

It is much worse for a man’s mind. Men want to be the ones pursuing a woman. They love the chase. So when you send him those daily, “Good morning, how was your day?” “Have you eaten? I miss you” and “Goodnight. Sweet dreams” texts, he feels stuffed and is highly likely to lose his interest in you.

As much as you miss him and want to chat with him all the time, give him some space, and focus on yourself. Read a book, clean up, go for a manicure, and have a nice night. The next day you can send him a quick text.

2. Be Your Own Boss
Femme Fatale. Psychology shows that men have a deep attraction to independent women. Have a plan for your life. Set goals and have something to work on every day so that you are not trying to be with your man all day.

This will make him not just attracted to you but also earn you his respect. To him, you are not needy, and this will have a ripple effect by making him need you.

3. Dress To Impress
No matter the occasion, be it a casual date at the movies or a formal dinner party with your man, always dress your best. If there is someone you are eyeing at your workplace or class, make sure you are not sloppy with your outfits.

You may think it vain and want him to be attracted to you for who you are but, not only does dressing better boost your self-esteem and your spirits, it also makes your person of interest want to hang around you more.

This how to make him miss you psychology is so because men like to show off their woman, and when you look good, he will hang around you like a moth to a flame.

4. Have A Social Media Presence
Create a beautiful story or illusion on your social media. Make sure to have someone take stunning photos of you having fun and looking beautiful. Post these on your social media, which will make him enamored by your profile, and he will keep returning to it.

You will also notice that he likes your photos and, sometimes, even reposts them because he wants to be associated with you. It will also make him want to chase after you because he sees you as a catch.

How to Make Him Jealous and Want You More

How to Make Him Jealous and Want You More

There are those frustrating times when it seems like the man you are interested in does not just care about you at all.

If he seems to be unresponsive to you romantically, and you would like to stop being so passive, you will need these tips on how to make him jealous and want you more.

Let us dive into these golden tips to have him eating out of your hand. Here is how to make him jealous and want you more.

5. Talk About Your Ex In His Presence
The ultimate tip for making him jealous and getting him to want to prove himself to you is to rave about your ex in his presence.

You must approach this tactic intelligently. Do not come off as condescending and insulting as this is likely to drive your man away. Instead, feign innocence and bring up your ex casually.

Is there a place where you want to eat or visit? Casually mention how your ex often took you to those places, then add that it is okay if your man can not do so. This is one of the subtle ways how to make someone fall back in love with you.

After this, give it a little while and watch him book reservations at the restaurant you wanted or get tickets to the concert you wanted to attend. Do not forget to show him how much you appreciate the gesture.

6. Praise Other Men In His Presence
If the man you are with is not acting right, you may feel the need to nag and yell at him. Doing so not only stresses you and raises your blood pressure but also pushes him away without any change in your behavior. His attitude may worsen.

Instead, change your tactics by speaking highly of other men in his presence, particularly men he does not like or with whom he has some rivalry. Doing so will keep him on his toes and have him trying to prove to you he is better than them without any stressing from your end.

7. Occasionally Ignore His Calls
Another golden tip on how to make him jealous and want you more is to avoid picking up his calls all the time. Especially on those Friday nights, let him wonder why you are not picking up his calls, who you might be with, and where you might be.

The next time you meet up with him, make sure to look good, smell great, and welcome him with a bright smile. He will find it difficult to be angry with you while also feeling jealous and possessive over you.

8. Make Him Understand You Can Do Without Him
No matter how much interest a guy has in you, the moment you become dependent on him and continuously crave his time and attention, all that interest will fade into resentment or disinterest.

Men like the chase, and when you become too dependent on him, he will not give you his attention, not willingly and happily. To avoid this, make sure to prove to him you do not need him. Have something going on for yourself work-wise and play-wise that does not involve him.

When you ask him for something, and he does not provide it. Make sure to ask the help of some other attractive male while subtly dropping details to him about how he helped you. Your guy is sure to be jealous and step up for you.

How to Make Him Miss You and Commit

How to Make Him Miss You and Commit

Sometimes men can be very cryptic and leave you feeling like you are the only one in the relationship. Especially when you have feelings for him and are trying to understand how to make him jealous.

Most men avoid commitment like the plague. If your man is in that category, you may have pushed him away by trying to make him commit to you. This may have you wondering how to make him miss you and commit.

To avoid making the wrong move and losing your man permanently, take a look at the following tips on how to make him miss you and commit.

9. Show Him There Are Other Fish In The Sea
If your man is dangling your relationship status over your head like a giant question mark, then you need to let him know there are plenty of other fish in the market looking to swim with you.

Dress to impress and treat yourself to a date with another attractive guy. When he asks, let him know it is not a big deal. This will make him want to set boundaries in your relationship and commit to you. Make sure not to overdo it on your date.

10. Be The First To End Your Conversation
Leave him wanting more of you by always making sure that you are the first one to end the calls with him and also make sure he is the last one to text you.

11. Ease Your Engagement On His Social Media
When you always like his photos on social media, it gives him the idea that you are a needy person obsessed with him.

He is less likely to want to commit to you because many men hate to feel suffocated in a relationship. He will also find it hard to miss you when you are always popping up on his feed by liking his pictures, commenting on his posts, and always tagging him. Make him want you, girl!

12. Hangout With Your Friends
Your world should not only revolve around your man; pining after him will not work. You have to get him to miss you by spending time with your friends. Whether by going on an adventurous trip or the movies, go out and have a fun time with your friends. Make sure to document this with one or two social media posts.

You will find him missing you and even wanting to tag along for the next trip or plan a fun day out with you alone.

13. Give Him Personal Space
The best tip on how to make him miss you and commit is to allow your man to have alone time, even if you badly miss him and want his attention and affection.

By giving your guy space to attend to his own needs and relax, he will not only appreciate you more for your understanding and level of chill. He will also miss you and want to be with you more.

Long Distance Ways On How to Make Him Miss You and Want You Back

How to Make Him Miss You Long Distance

Relationships can be quite tricky when you see each other frequently and have you wondering how to make him jealous.

Relationships are even trickier when you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship. If you feel as though your partner is drifting away from you, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to make him miss you long distance.

14. Make Him Excited To Communicate With You
When in a long-distance relationship, communication is critical. If your man is not happy communicating with you, he will find it hard to miss you and sustain your long-distance relationship.

Just as how you would be unhappy if all your man did was complain about his day, his friends, his job, and his home. As much as you care about him, you would be hesitant to pick up his voice or video calls, and even be annoyed to see him.

Likewise, your man will not be happy to talk to you if all you do is complain, especially if that complaint is him.

Make sure always to look your best when you are on a video call with your man, offer him warm smiles, and a listening ear. With this approach, he would be racing to speak to you and anticipate your next call.

15. Be Less Active On Social Media
The top tip on how to make him miss you long distance is to be less active on your social media. When you regularly update your social media networks with posts, he will continually see you, and the feeling of being in a long-distance relationship with you will disappear.

If you want him to miss you intensely, then make sure to post rarely. When you update your social media, let it be with stunning photographs of you having a ball of a time. Doing so will have him missing you and wishing to be with you while he is away.

16. Offer Him Sweet Gifts
To make your man always have you on his mind and remember what a gem he is, you need to remind him by offering him sweet and well thought out gifts. Men like to be spoiled too. Even the most seemingly aloof ones want to be babied from time to time with sweet gestures of love and affection.

These gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive; you do not have to empty your pockets and break the bank to show him that you love him.

Find out when he has a free schedule, then book tickets to a movie he wants to see and then surprise him with it. You could also renew his Netflix subscription or whatever streaming app he uses instead.

Is he a gamer? You could order him some gaming merchandise and have it delivered.

Suppose you have a much smaller budget, no need to worry. You can find a food or snack vendor close to him and order him breakfast, lunch, or dinner at his home.

If there is a particular place he likes getting his coffee or treats from, you can call ahead or book an order for him online. When he gets there, the attendants will inform him that you already paid, and this gesture is sure to have him melting with love and missing you more than ever.

17. Switch Up Your Look
Kill two birds with one stone by solving your problems on how to make him miss you long distance and also feeling good about yourself by switching up your look. You can do this by upgrading your wardrobe with new styles, getting a new hot haircut, or using both tips.

Upload your social media feed with not more than two photos and a quick teaser video on your stories. You can forward it to him in his direct messages or simply leave him to find it himself. Doing so is sure to drive him over the edge, wishing he could be there to see you in person and missing you more than ever.

Doing so will also remind him that he has a special someone waiting back at home.
By switching up your wardrobe, you also boost your confidence and get a new bounce in your step. That is a win-win situation, is it not?

How to Make My Boyfriend Miss Me and Want to See Me
Relationships can get to a very frustrating point where your man begins to act like a stranger who does not have time for you. This might have you wondering how to make him jealous.

Once upon a time, your man was all over you like butter on warm toast, fawning over you like you were the most incredible thing to grace the world since he arrived in it. He would shower you with attention and affection, and you felt it would last forever. So, where did it go wrong?

Worry not, for things may not be as dreary as they seem, and the following posts are here to answer the one problem that has been bothering you since your boyfriend changed his behavior, “how to make my boyfriend miss me and want to see me.”

18. Chat To Him Less On Social Media
If you reply to his messages instantly all the time, he will eventually get bored. Being in a relationship does not change the fact that men like the chase. When you give him the idea that he has caught you and you are his, no matter what, he is bound to lose interest.

His change in behavior will make you start wondering if you did something wrong, perchance. Your boyfriend’s aloofness may even send you down the Rabbit hole of excessively texting him, calling him, and pushing your boyfriend to know why he is the way he is. These actions will only chase him farther away, and you are likely to hear the dreaded words, “I need some space.”

The truth is, your man is just bored. No matter how much you are dying to talk to him, take your sweet time responding to his texts. Let him see that you are online, yet taking a while to respond to his messages. He will begin to worry about who you are talking to instead of him and do a better job communicating with you.

19. Always Look Stellar Around Him
Men love it when their woman looks good for them. It makes them look good and earns them bragging rights with their squad. The truth is your boyfriend has very critical male friends whose approval and respect matter to him a lot.

You need not spend time searching the web on “how to make my boyfriend miss me and want to see me.” When you look stunning around him, he will want to show you off to the world and want to be around you often.

20. Make Him Feel At Home With You
When you allow your boyfriend to let his guard down around you, he will want you by his side more often.

Even when you feel like judging him or complaining about his constant game playing, eating habits, or whatever he does that regularly bugs you, know that it may push him away. Embracing his flaws and way of doing things will have him eating out the palm of his hand.

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