100 Painful Love Text Messages to Release Deep-seated Feelings (2022)

Painful love text messages

Are you in that situation where it seems like everything is turning or has turned upside down? Or maybe you’ve gone through a rough time and just want to put it out freely. That’s why I’ve drafted these painful love text messages from the heart to release deep-seated feelings.

The heart carries lots of feelings and emotions that it seems writing or sad love messages is the best way to show it. We know we love someone through our hearts. We easily convey words with emotions (from the heart). This I’ve compiled for you painful love text messages from the heart.

Therefore if you are in need or on a quest of finding sad romantic messages or know someone who might want some messages on this, then these sad love messages for boyfriend (husband) or girlfriend (wife) will no doubt covey your emotion.

Painful Love Text Messages to Release Deep Emotions

The heart like I said carries lots of feelings and encompasses deep emotions. Human beings are filled with diverse kinds of emotions.

I’m sure you reading this shows that you want to release and share your deep emotions with someone. Looking for words to express and release deep emotions can be quite difficult.

Hence, I have for you painful love text messages to release deep emotions.

Without further delay, let’s begin;

1. If I’m asked why I love you, I won’t find a perfect answer. I love you and you won’t know the end of my love.

2. We may fight every time but I want you to know that I’ll never forget your love. It may seem that we are opposite of each other, I love you regardless.

3. Relationships are fragile and I think it safer to leave them in their state than take the risk of breaking them.

4. I wanted to feel, but I got hurt because I feel too much, I love too much and I even care too much.

5. I just wish some thought could easily be replaced so I can finally have peace of mind.

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6. I’m in pain, it’s killing me. All I can think of is crying and screaming.

7. If I couldn’t have your love if I couldn’t have a place in your life at least give me your heart.

8. If only forgetting someone was as easy as falling in love.

9. Pain and love are opposite and you feel hurt when there is no more love. You wish to discover a way to show the vacancy you are feeling inside.

10. I never felt so tragic and now I realize that being with you was the most exceeding thing for me.

11. The most painful thing is the thought I constantly have when you were deluding me.

12. You left me but it still hurts when I see you with someone else.

13. Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t enough for you, It still hurt when I think about it.

14. The hardest thing I’ve had to go through is clarifying how much you mean to me. Anyways you don’t grasp because I’ve never had any effect on you.

15. I deserve to be happy and to have someone who loves me regardless because I’ve tried to make others happy but all I got in return was loneliness.

16. At times every relationship is difficult. The way you handle those difficulties, heartbreak, and pain is what matters.

17. Communicating your broken self isn’t simple but these few messages will assist me in expressing my pain. I still love you!

18. Seeing you for the first time in that pink dress… I thought you had complete me once you are mine but now I feel like I have lost it and it hurts when you are around.

19. When I think about you I always get hurt, It’s like a cut, though it will heal there will always be a scar.

20. Each day I try to find a replacement, someone that will make me forget the pains but still it hurts when I think of those scintillating moments.

21. If I knew there will always be heartbreak in a relationship I wouldn’t have considered entering one with you.

22. I had dreams of us living in those moments but now I am drowning, drowning in pain. I guess we are good at being apart.

23. I promise myself never to forget you but the pain you caused me has taken away my love from your path.

24. If you realize one day that I haven’t spoken to you in a while, it’s not because I don’t care, it’s because you’ve driven me away and left me there.

25. All I wanted was to be loved by someone, but you didn’t even care for me. I was always alone in our relationship.

26. I eventually got over you and truly believed that I didn’t need you. Eventually, I embraced a life without you. You grinned at me then and ruined it all.

27. We’ve been through a lot together, after all, it’s unbelievable that we’ve found room to part ways just for a single cause.

28. Seeing you with other guys really hurts me. The pain I feel when you ignore me and the heartbreak you gave me when you left is really killing me.

29. At times when I think about some painful thing you did it hurts me more than I can imagine.

30. I thought every wish is a blessing when it comes true but I feel like taking the wish I made for you to be mine.

31. You make this hurt more painful, and one day, when you leave me, I will be able to let go.

32. Now I love you more than hurt. But once I endure it, I will stop loving you and make you regret it.

33. Maybe I can’t hate you, but this feeling can’t lie. I was really hurt by you.

34. Must our love be filled with tears? I’m tired of all this.

35. Love should be a beautiful thing. But you make me doubt it. All I get is love hurting.

36. You cannot claim to love someone and like to make them suffer.

37. At first, I thought it was love but now all I see is infatuation. Loving you makes me feel pain.

Express Your Feelings Through Text Messages

If you are still reading this article, then I’m pretty sure you’re already getting relaxed with these painful love text messages.

You may also want to express your feelings through text messages but don’t know-how. That’s why I’ve come in to help you.

Communicating your feelings to a loved one can be quite tricky. What to say, how to say it can be another problem.

You have feelings about something, but you don’t know how to express it. You’re scared your tone or body language will fail you. For this reason and to help you, I have scripted these to express your feelings through text messages. Read on…

38. If only I could travel back in time. I would discover you sooner and love you longer.

39. Without you positively alongside me, it would be incomprehensible for me to be a large portion of the individual I am presently.

40. If you didn’t pass through my thoughts a day, my day wouldn’t go well.

41. When I look into your eyes, I know I’ve found my perfect soul mate.

42. A day without you is like a thousand years without my eyes.

43. Your smile alone gives me the courage to stand firm. I’m nothing without you.

44. If I’m given an eternity, I will keep choosing you.

45. I feel warmer and light with your arms around me.

46. Sometimes I laugh and wonder what my thoughts were before I met you.

47. I can spend forever falling and falling in love over and over again with you.

48. My angel, you are the definition of love.

49. I never knew the meaning of true love until I met you.

50. Seeing you beside me at all times makes me feel great about myself.

51. What I love about you is your smile, it’s like seeing myself in a Dreamland.

52. I just wanted you to know that you live in my thoughts.

53. You make me cry and laugh at the same time. Sometimes I wonder how I would have been without you. I love you.

54. I never believe in love until I met you.

55. I’ve never thought about what it will be like to have you in my life, but now I can’t even imagine a day without you.

56. You loved me when no one else could, I just want to say thank you.

57. The best things I get to see each day are your eyes. It lit up my day.

58. I love you in the morning, I love you in the noontime, I love you forever baby.

59. I always find happiness in your smile. I can’t stop loving you.

60. I wish each day you could see yourself how I see you. Since I consider you to be awesome.

61. Hey darling, hope you good? There is something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I really do like you, like really really like you.

62. I don’t know if this is right, but I’ve got to let it off my chest. I love you.

63. You are like the most amazing woman I’ve seen all my life and this has captured my heart but I haven’t been able to tell you how I really feel about you.

64. I have feelings for you and I would like us to be more than friends.

65. My emotions are as deep as the ocean, as bright as the shining stars, as white as the fresh snow. Everything’s because of you. I love you.

66. Everything I see you I get goosebumps. Everything about you is perfect. Am I losing my mind? No! I just want to make you mine and never to let you go.

67. The charm from your smile is so attractive that it captures my heart. I feel attached when I am around you and telling you how I feel means a lot to me. I love you.

68. The love I have for you will never fade away. I want you to be mine today, tomorrow, and forever.

Broken Heart Messages to Your Girlfriend

Sometimes our feelings and emotions get the best of us, and for this reason, I brought to you painful love text messages.

Every relationship passes through a phase. It can be quite difficult. And going through a heartbreak is never easy especially when you loved her with all your heart.

Expressing your broken heart might also be a problem. Nevertheless, let’s dive into broken heart messages to your girlfriend.

69. I will always remember our good times and the times we had a good laugh.

70. Thank you for giving me the best time of my life. You gave me memories that I’ll always cherish forever.

71. I always thought the worst thing in life was being alone. But it isn’t, the worst thing is when someone took your heart alone with her.

72. The saddest thing is the point at which you are feeling genuinely down, you glance around and understand that there is no one for you.

73. Living a day without you would mean having no life by any stretch of the imagination. However, if losing you is the best thing to satisfy you, at that point I should live without a day-to-day existence.

74. I promise to always love you and be of assistance to you till the day I kick the bucket.

75. Totally devastated and squashed yet making an honest effort to adapt. I still love you!

76. At times allowing somebody, another opportunity resembles giving them another time to them since they missed you the first run-through.

77. Holding on for the future; what will be will be. I wish you all the happiness you crave for.

78. I loved you more than anyone I’ve ever come across, I cared for you more than myself. But now I will try to give myself happiness.

79. I never thought you’d leave me, I never thought our love would be short-lived. But I hope you find joy.

80. Realizing we were not meant to be was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through.

81. You didn’t wish to stay but I kept holding onto you, but now I’ve decided to let go.

82. I never thought you would be my biggest pain knowing we once shared happiness I thought it would last forever.

83. You didn’t value our relationship, I was all alone.

84. Sometimes I need to cry for my happiness to surface. When you left, you took away the one thing I treasured.

85. I never knew waking up will be so difficult. All I wish for is that you were here by my side.

86. You broke my heart into a million pieces. I get hurt trying to pick it up.

Sad Love Messages to Make Him Cry

So you’ve been looking for text messages that can make your boyfriend cry. No worries, I’m here with sad love messages to make him cry.

You have been searching for ways for him to open up to you, for him to show you his emotions. An emotionally cold-hearted man isn’t good for you.

So let’s dig into the following sad love messages to make him cry you can use as love pain SMS or sad love messages for husband after a fight.

87. Love is sometimes not enough. I love you but I think I’m also addicted to you. When you’re gone I look through our photos and smile, and I just keep on looking towards the time you’ll return.

88. Give me a pen and I can never stop writing about how beautiful you’ve made me. Every day is like a new page in our love story.

89. I can never think of another place to find happiness rather than in your arms.

90. You’re the source of my joy and you are the most handsome man in the world. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.

91. It doesn’t matter what I go through, I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

92. You are the treasure that I’ve been looking for. I’m glad I found you on time.

93. You are the only thing in my heart and the one true thing I care about. I love you baby boo.

94. We are like twins, we are so alike. I understand you the way you understand me, I look out for you the same way you look out for me. We are so intentional.

95. The most amazing thing is that whenever I’m with you, I get to be myself. I don’t have to pretend around you. You bring out the best in me.

96. I never knew what love is until I met you, I’ve never felt so complete in my life. You are my everything.

97. I’m not a queen but you treat me as one, I love you with everything within me. I wish to grow old with you.

98. Many times, I pray for our love to last forever, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. My life is empty without you.

99. I can’t stop thinking about you for a single second, you’re my heartbeat.

100. Thank you so much for your impact on my life. I was a girl without purpose but when you came, you showed me the light. Thank you, darling.

So there you have it, painful love text messages from the heart to give you the courage and boldness to talk to anyone and to help you express your feelings in the most positive ways. I hope this helps you more than you could imagine.

I hope you had a lovely time reading this. So what do you think about these messages? What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with others, so they too can be a beneficiary.

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