100 Most Powerful Emotional Text Messages for My Love

Powerful Emotional Text Messages

Building the relationship of your dream is no easy task as every relationship needs mutual inputs from both parties to strengthen the bond. Such inputs can involve many things like going out on a date, shopping, gifting, and something as epic as these powerful emotional text messages that communicate how you feel.

Ever wondered about the power of texting? Well, I’m guessing you already know; how your day can be made by powerful emotional text messages from the one you cherish the most. Oh! How beautiful does it feel to experience such in the right relationship? Yeah, I know the feeling too!

Listed below are inspirational love messages for him or her that have been compiled and designed in the most romantic way to help you communicate love to your soulmate. Do this every morning and see how easy and magical to express your feelings through text messaging.

Powerful Emotional Text Messages for My Boyfriend

Loving the right guy is the sweetest thing, and appreciating him comes in different ways like surprise gifts, evening dates, and surprise texts. These emotional love paragraphs for boyfriend are the best collections to choose from to make him happy.

Yes! You want to surprise your boyfriend but you are stressed searching for the right word combination to text your boyfriend? Stress no longer because I’ve got the solution in these powerful emotional text messages for my boyfriend. Let’s get to it!

1. Your presence in my life is a blessing because you make me happy always, make my day full of grace and bathe me with love each new day. You’ve made me your priority and given me your utmost affection that compares to nothing. You’ve filled my heart with pleasure and happiness, and I’ve got many reasons to smile when I’m with you.

2. Joy and happiness are always the products of our communion. I can’t wait to hear your voice again because it is my dose at night. I love you beyond words can describe my handsome.

3. You’ve got the best combination of a handsome face and a pleasing attitude. Shine on my King.

4. Your entered my heart and took total control of my life. You dominated my heart with affection and happiness. I am so privileged and fortunate to have you in my life enthroned as king.

5. When I’m with you, I’m not scared of whatever comes my way. All I know is that I love you now and always. Leaving you is not an option because life becomes useless we are separated.

6. It’s so funny how my tummy suddenly gets filled with butterflies when I meditate about you. I find myself so loved when I’m in your hands, and every of your smile gives me hope. I’ve locked my heart with yours.

7. When I think of you, my heart misses a beat, and no one has ever made me feel like that. I always imagine when it’s just you and me because when you’re with me, everything else matters less. I love you, my man

8. We are so entangled that I choke when I’m missing you, and every time we meet, I love you over again. You’re my Perfect definition of a lover and friend. I cherish you.

9. Nothing is sufficient to keep me loving you because all I ever need is you. With you is heaven and I’m drunk in love with you.

10. You are my medicine on stormy days. You’ve proved loved to me in the most difficult time, and that is why I have no fear of facing challenging circumstances. Together forever is my assurance of a beautiful outcome.

11. Friends have failed me countless times but with you, it’s a different story. You’re not just a lover but a true friend. I’ll stick with you and always love you my honey.

12. I’m so full of joy when am with you. You’ve shown me unconditional love and it gladdens my heart. You are never divided when you’re with me and I love you indescribably.

13. No amount of words or poem is capable of describing the extent of my love for you. You’ve shown me what true love is and I can’t stop counting the benefits I’ve reaped from it. Your love is all I need.

14. When I get up in the morning, I always say my thanksgiving prayers for having you in my life. Your presence means the world to me and more, and I never stop loving you.

15. You’ve got a fantastic personality and I love that about you. It’s amazing how well you’ve worked on your flaws and have become my Mr. Perfect. You’ll forever remain the picture of my heart. I love you, my Love.

16. You made heaven real to me because you brought me out of my sorrowful experiences and showed me love like no other. No matter my plans or dreams, your place is uncontestable.

17. Am always hopeful and happy whenever a thought of you crosses my mind. Your scent is perfect and it makes me fall in love with you over and again, and even when it’s dark, your love lightens me up.

18. When I’m with you, happiness floods my heart and I become less bothered when I’m troubled. You are a rock to me and that is why I can lean confidently on you. Whenever our eyes meet I’m reminded of love, and I thank God at all times for bringing you my way Hun.

19. I wake up happy all the time and when I go to sleep, my heart is overfilled with joy and this is all because of you. Your arrival in my life has brought all the peace I can imagine.

20. Even if the world is vain, your presence in my life gives me a purpose to live and blossom. I love all that you are and do my King.

Powerful Emotional Text Messages for Girlfriend

You’ve got a girlfriend and you’re eager to make her smile when she sees a text from you, then you’ve got to master the art of writing touching love messages for her, and that is what this post contains; powerful emotional text messages.

Trust me; the post below has got the most beautiful list to make your choice of text messages from, and this will gladden the heart of your girlfriend because this collection contains powerful emotional text messages for girlfriend that she can’t resist.

21. Whenever the sun stands out, am reminded of our time spent together and your sparkling beauty. I miss our time spent together and I can’t wait to experience it again.

22. When we met I realized that you’re a gift to me, a priceless one, and no one can replace your worth. You will forever stay in my heart.

23. Seeing you when I get up from my bed is the most beautiful feeling that makes my day, and without seeing you, am bothered and perplexed. I always wish to have you by my side at all times.

24. It’s so amazing how my love for you grows by the day and I’m never tired of hearing from you. No distance will be so great to separate us. I love you and cherish you a lot darling.

25. I’ll always be available for you, I’ll make my shoulders available for you to cry on and I’ll give you all of me because without you am nothing.

26. Your kisses explain heaven to me, and it takes me on a long journey to paradise. I can’t wait to experience it again my love. I love you.

27. I have asked God for many things, but of all that I’ve got, you remain the best. You are more than a friend, a lover, a mother. You mean everything to me now and always.

28. Am practically unsure about many things, about how our love will stand the test of time, how far we’ll reach in achieving our goals, and what is before us in coming years, but one thing am very certain of is that I’m forever in love with you.

29. When I wake up, I stare at the sun because it reflects you perfectly. Your beauty is overwhelming my darling. Keep being beautiful

30. I always wish we were together all the time because at the sight of you everything else means nothing. You are incomparable to anything because you’ve won my heart. I love you always.

31. What I feel for you fills me so much that I needn’t worry about surviving. You are my oxygen, my life, and my all. I cherish you beyond the stars.

32. Just as the stars remain unapproachable, your space in my heart is so deep. You are in my heart forever.

33. You remain dear to me darling… you are my priority and that is why I’ll never joke with your happiness, your dreams, and your heart. Together forever darling

34. No day passes without the thoughts of you flowing through my mind. I love you as deep as the deepest ocean and I constantly seek that the love we share keeps growing. Amen.

35. At the mention of your name, I feel goosebumps and my heart races. At the scent of your perfume, my breathing becomes fast. I can’t explain these experiences but what I know is that our love is magical.

36. During the day, you are my meditation, and loving you is my project for life. I love you to the moon and back.

37. If I engrave your name on a paper, it’ll get burnt. Therefore, I’ve decided to engrave it on my heart because I love you and I want you forever.

38. Your eyes are so beautiful that they communicate true love. Therefore, I made a promise to love without reservation.

39. Your love has healed me from my past hurts; it has saved me from my past calamities. This is why I know that you’re the answer to all my prayers. I’ll hold unto you always, my love.

40. I’ve searched through all the recent dictionaries; I’m yet to find a word that describes you perfectly. Your worth is beyond description. Thank God I found you.

Long Emotional Love Messages for Husband

Do you wish to surprise your husband with some powerful emotional text messages? Are you searching for the text message that expresses how you feel about him? Then here you have it. Yes! I traveled into your mind to help you fetch out the right words to use.

All you have to do is to keep scrolling down to see these long emotional love messages for husband that I’ve specially designed because of you. Even if he’s far away, these deep love text messages will send good chills, strengthening your commitments to each other.

41. Every day of my life starts on the best note because I get to see you first. It also ends perfectly because I get wrapped up in your arms… my point is, I can’t go a day without you. I love you.

42. You remain the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I say a big thank you for accepting to spend the rest of your life with me. I love you hubby.

43. That fateful day I said ‘I do’ marked the beginning of the most beautiful season of my life. The care you give is more than what can be described with mere words. I’m rooting for you always Hun.

44. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I say a big thank you to nature for giving me such a perfect man to live with me throughout my life. You’re divine and I love the love you love me with.

45. My breathing is for you, my heart’s motion, and everything that works in me works for your sake. You remain the best husband in the world, and I’m proud to be your woman. I’ll shout and sing about it anywhere and any day.

46. Your eyes are so beautiful that I get lost in thoughts of you whenever our eyes meet. My mind knows this so well and never forgets to strike your thoughts in me. Your love overwhelms me, honey.

47. Before meeting you I had day-dreamed about so many things; how I’ll get married to a perfect man, the kissing scene on our wedding day, of how we’ll bear children and their names. I want to say thank you for being that perfect man that has made it all come to reality.

48. Meeting you has changed the way I think. Formerly I had thought “there is no perfect man” until you came and made all the imperfections in my life perfect. Thank you for completing me, Hubby.

49. At every dawn of a new day, I’m always grateful to God for my past mistakes and heartbreaks. He had it all in His plans, God brought me to you, and ever since my life has gotten better. I’m proud to call you my husband.

50. I am aware that you never loved me first but I want to be your last lover. I want to be the one with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

51. My dearest husband, I boast about you everywhere, always telling the story to everyone I find of how you caught me with your pure show of love and how you’re still keeping me because you’re the perfect man I’ve always prayed for.

52. Every time I stare at you, I ponder on the mighty workings of God, how he created a man so fine and perfect. You’re the miracle I waited for.

53. There’s no better way to spend my life if it’s not with you. My love for you will scale through every hurdle; through every problem till what is left is you and me.

54. You’re the best husband, the best father, and the best lover, and I’m glad our children know this too.

55. You’re the best part of me and losing you will mean losing my mind. That is why I pray to God always to keep you and always bring you back to me.

56. I chant your name in my heart always because I don’t trust my mind to retain the memories we share. I am so in love with you my own.

57. Thank you for making me the 21st century Barbie my Prince.

58. No matter how long we live together, and the number of kids we bear, I just want to let you know that I’ll always love you till death do us part.

59. Whether in the crowd or the thickest forest, I’ll always find you because your heart is with me and you’ve got mine with you.

60. Whenever I say I miss you I mean the time spent without you is like a cold hike on Mount Everest.

61. Even if earth becomes unable to accommodate the love we share, we’ll keep loving in the world beyond

62. Every dose of love you communicate to me says something different. This is why I can’t lose you to anybody or anything. I love you my King

63. I’ve not had regrets since I said YES. Thank you for keeping the marriage vows and loving me in the best of ways

64. Little did I know that I was stepping in joy unending. Saying yes to you has brought every peace of mind.

Long Emotional Love Messages for Wife

Your relationship with your wife requires more to keep the love glowing and lasting. Even if you do so many other physical and demanding things, such things as sending powerful emotional text messages will give long-lasting effects on her heart.

You know the saying; little things can cause big changes. Little things like sending these long emotional love messages for wife will sweep her off her feet. Do you want to show her that you care? Then send from the list below:

65. You’re so irreplaceable baby, and that is why I can’t stop loving you. I’ll be all you’ve ever wished for.

66. The best gift God can give a man is you. You’re a good wife, a good mother, and a lover.

67. Just as we grow together, my love for you grows. This is why I know that nothing can separate us.

68. You’re not only my strength but you are also my special babe. I’ll cherish you till eternity, my Princess.

69. With you as my wife, the past years spent together have been the best yet. Thank you for showing me care and affection

70. Loving you gives undeniable peace. I promise to love you in good and bad times.

71. When I look at how much care and support you’ve given, I always wonder if I’d done God a huge favor that he repaid. You’re the answer to my petitions

72. I can be myself only with you; my worst and best because you complete me. I love you mine.

73. Ever since the day, you said ‘I do’, I knew you were Heaven’s best for me. I cherish every time spent with you, my love.

74. This time is too short for me to prove how much I love you but I’ll keep reminding you of the magnitude of love I have for you. I love you to the moon and back.

75. I’ve always known work and a hectic day until you came into my life. You’re a true source of happiness and all mushy emotions. Thank you for teaching me love, my love

76. I never knew true romance until that very night. You mean more than a million-dollar to me. I’ll stick to you now and always

77. I’ll endure any pain, any stormy weather just to be with you. You’re all that matters to me.

78. You reflect me perfectly, and I’m never shy to introduce you as my wife. Please stay in my heart forever because there was made for only you.

79. The love we share is one of a kind, very unbelievable. This is because you’ve proved unbelievably to be the best wife. I love you, darling.

80. It’s always new and beautiful when it’s with you. I wish to remain in your embrace when it’s good and much more when things fall through. Oh! How I long for your warm embrace.

81. It’s only with you that all my dreams and desires have seen the dawn of a new day. You make my dreams come true baby. I cherish all you do.

82. Your eyes are so beautiful that in it lies the river of the love we share, so deep the love we share. I never want to be free from what I’m feeling for you, love.

83. Every second spent with you means so much to me. I’m happy I found you, much happier you said YES.

84. I sought after you as the woman to spend my life with, but I got you as a wife I couldn’t do without.

85. Ever since you said yes, there’s been peace and progress all-round. This is me saying, you’re my one.

86. Even when we don’t agree concerning few things, all I see is me fighting myself. I can’t do without you baby. You’re my life.

87. Your presence always inspires me. You’re my drug baby

88. Even when many years have passed the sight of you still felt like yesterday. I still get the chills and my heart still skips a beat. I’m so lucky to have you. Can’t trade you for anything.

89. With the passing of the years, we’ve spent together, there’s only one thing I always learned of you, and that is your amazing part darling.

Emotional Messages on Relationship

Are you in a relationship and you are yearning to make it work? Sending these emotional messages on relationship will help preserve the flames of love in your relationship. Scroll down to see for yourself these powerful emotional text messages
90. Whenever you’re present, I get strengthened to pursue life and work. This is why you’re all I need.

91. I always want to spend the best time of my day with you, even the worst. I just want to be with you because I only love you.

92. Whenever I go out, I never hesitate to speak boastfully of you because you’ve been the only reason for my living.

93. Even if circumstances say no, I’ll always say yes to your love for me.

94. Knowing you has taught me what true love is, this is why I can’t stop loving you because loving you is loving me.

95. They say love is blind but I disagree. The love we share has seen your commitment thus far and this why I keep loving.

96. My portion is with you, you own my heart and mind baby.

97. My life hasn’t meant so much until I met you. Your presence has given my life a new and beautiful meaning

98. As time passes I often wish I could be with you all the time, covered in your embrace.

99. The way you love is magical and it’s my dream come true. Love you sweetheart.

100. Your encouragement has done so much in helping my achievements, and because of you, I’m where I’ve always dreamt to be.

Oh, what great power lies in a group of carefully designed words that can set love ablaze in the heart of its reader and receiver? Whatever relationship you might be involved in, sending from these powerful emotional text messages is a guarantee to keep love in the heart of your partner.

There’s so much for you in this article to help you express your feelings through text messaging. Do not forget to share with your friends and also on your social handles. You can send in your comments as well.

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