130 Prayer for Healing Quotes that Work Immediately

Prayer for Healing Quotes

Sound health is the most important thing to everyone walking on the earth. When there’s no peace in the body progress cannot be achieved in life. God wants you to walk in sound health all the days of your life. How you connect to this divine healing is by praying the prayer for healing quotes.

Sound health is very important to man. Wealth is not enjoyable without sound health. Everyone will give it all it takes to walk in health and vitality. It’s the will of God that you lead a sick-free life. One of the ways you can achieve this end is by engaging in prayer for healing word.

God has given you all it talks to walk in sound health all the days of your life. You need to find them out and turn them into prayer. Intercession for healing quotes will help you establish a good health system as you apply it to your life.

You may be asking how I apply prayer for healing words to influence my health and lead a sick-free life. You’re on the right page. Engage your heart as you read your way into sound health.

Miracle Prayer for Healing Quotes

God does miracles. He doesn’t want your life to be short of them. If you need healing, God is always up to the task to give you the healing you desire as you connect to Him through miracle prayer for help quotes.

The Lord wants you to pray for yourself and also your neighbors who might be sick or facing other health challenges. God often wants you to pray the prayer for healing to keep your health intact. It is always God’s pleasure to heal your body.

1. Dear father, I thank you for all the provision of divine healing you’ve granted me through the finished work at calvary. His sacrifice is for my healing and the healing of the whole world. I rejoice greatly because of the healing made available in you.

2. Your love is great and endless for me and my family. Thank you, Lord, for your healing hands upon us. You have been faithful to us whenever we call on your name. Thank you for faithfulness that never ends.

3. Almighty God, all our times and seasons are in your hands, we have come to you today for healing, perform your wonders in my health system in the name of Jesus

4. Let your healing stream flow ceaselessly in the name of Jesus and let everything that can cause sickness dry off by your grace.

5. May I walk in divine health all the days of my life and live rejoicing to glorify God. Let my life bring praises and glory to your name.

6. Divine healing is my heritage in you and it’s all I need to walk in your purpose for my life. Let your hand stay strong upon my life in the name of Jesus.

7. You are the Mighty God to whom the whole earth belongs, keep me by the power of your might in the name of Jesus Christ.

8. Dear Lord, you are the judge of all things, you’re holy and true. You are the Highest God. You give us life and sound health. Let every root of disease be judged in the name of Jesus Christ.

9. Deliver me from tears, sickness, and weakness in the name of Jesus so that I may live the days of my life in the glory of your name

10. Dear Lord, it’s your pleasure to grant us healing to all our diseases, let your pleasure be performed in my life and families in the name of Jesus

11. You have taken our infirmities and healed our sicknesses. I pray that everything that represents infirmities in my life is taken off by the hand of God.

12. I’m a beloved of the father, He cherishes all that is mine. Dear father, deliver me from pains and discomforts that tend to trouble my body by the hand of your healing.

13. Dear Lord, you are full of mercy and grace, and you’re ready to forgive us for our shortcomings. Forgive me and heal me through the power in the blood of the lamb.

14. Lord Jesus, You’re the miracle worker and the healer of diseases and sicknesses. Do it again in my life as you did when you walked the health by your power that never fails.

15. O God stretch forth your healing hands towards me and let all the pains be forgotten in my body. I walk in sound health all of my days on earth. name of Jesus.

16. The miracle that will make me and my neighbor glorify your name, O God do it in our lives in the name of Jesus. Let your healing power flow without breaking.

17. Nothing is beyond your capacity dear God and father, your word has promised us sound health as our heritage in you. Dear father, lift me and renew my strength in the name of Jesus Christ.

18. As you’ve always delivered your people from sorrow and pains, do the same in my life, and loved ones so that we may proclaim your praise to the end of the earth.

19. Father, I renounce every sickness that can terminate my life and bring sorrow to my family in the name of Jesus Christ. Terminal disease is rebuked for my sake.

20. I ask that you wipe away all my tears, pains, and fear that have kept me bound. I refused to hold captives to fears and pains.

21. Every root of sickness and disease troubling the peace of God in my body, dry to the root by the power of Jesus.

22. Father, I receive the anointing that dissolves sickness and enables one to walk in sound health, peace, and vitality.

23. I decree that every virus, parasite, or other disease-causing agent is destroyed in my body. No sickness shall find a place in my body.

24. Whatever thing that is not allowing your healing streams to flow freely in my body, let them be cleared away and be washed off by the blood of Jesus.

25. It’s your will that I prosper and walk-in health even as my soul prospers. I decree that I prosper in my health and grow in wealth. My wealth shall not be spent in the hospital but for the advancement of your work on earth.

26. Every negative hand stretched against my health is destroyed and declared withered in the name of Jesus Christ.

27. Father, stretch your arms of healing on me and let your healings flow. I ask as your covenant child of yours that I will be sorrow and sickness free through the power in your name.

28. I decree that I’m healed, strengthened, renewed, vitalized in my body and I’m immune to diseases by the power of Christ.

29. From henceforth, my body anointed against diseases, and every form of sicknesses in the name of the Lord.

30. I confess that I’m strong and full of life by the Spirit of God, and because the Spirit of God lives in me, sickness cannot live in my body in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Quotes for Healing and Strength

There’s no better way to effectively handle your health challenges better than praying prayer quotes for healing and strength yourself. When you pray to God in faith, you bring God’s attention to your life and make him do what only He can do.

God wants you to pray to him with all your heart without a doubt. God cannot be tired of hearing your prayers, be it a prayer for healing words or for your friends and loved ones. Below are prayer quotes for healing and strength.

31. Father I thank you for the promise of divine health I have in you in Christ. Thank you for the unfailing promises you’ve given to every saint.

32. Your word says, blessed is the man that puts his trust in you, who hopes in your word. I thank you for the privilege to trust you with all things

33. O God my father, it’s in your power to give strength unto your people and heal them. Let your word be made manifest as we pray today in the name of Jesus.

34. I asked that you will heal my body and give me strength like never before so that I may fulfill divine expectations over my life under your grace.
35. As I walk with you and fulfill your purpose for my life, let your name be strong in my life, and let your glory be made visible in my health.

36. Dear Lord, I need strength to carry out my day to day activities, supply me with strength through your living word and blood of Christ.

36. Everything constituting weaknesses in my body, I denounce them, they shall not find a place in my body. My body is forbidden from sickness.

37. I receive wisdom to maintain a balanced diet that will improve my health and keep my body in shape for the glory of your name.

38. I refuse to be a victim of weaknesses and diseases. I shall not be a partaker of the diseases of Egypt. The blood of Jesus keeps me away from every health challenge.

39. You’re the highest God who gives life to your people and strengthens them. Let your hands strengthen me and empower me for healthy living in the name of Jesus.

40. Weakness shall not take over my body. I shall not be found tired of carrying out what’s expected of me. I shall be found fit all the time because of your mercy in my life.

41. I decree that I’m free from pains, weakness, and fatigue that can make me susceptible to the pity of men in the name of Jesus Christ.

42. It is written, I overcome through the blood of the lamb. I stand on the same power of the blood and flush out every agent of weakness in my body.

43. By the virtue of the blood of Jesus that provided for my healings in Him. I’m strengthened by His Spirit which quickens me in the name of Jesus.

44. It’s written, “if the Spirit of Him that raised Jesus from the deaf lives in me, He who raised Jesus from the dead shall quicken my mortal bodies”. Let the Holy Spirit infuse His life in my body and inject the healing virtues of Christ within my body.

45. The Holy Ghost quickens my body, he makes me strong, healthy, and sound in Him. I’m His offspring, I enjoy total peace in my body.

46. My youth is renewed like eagles as your word has promised. I will always be found energetic for the task ahead of me. I shall not break down at the point of a function in the name of Jesus.

47. As I increase in age so will I advance in strength, figure, and vitality in the name of Jesus Christ. The days of my life shall be fulfilled no matter the harsh condition of the world.

48. The life of the Spirit dominates my whole being and makes me strong all the days of my life. My health shall not depreciate.

49. I declare that I’m strong, strengthened, energized, and encouraged all the time through the power of His grace.

50. I glorify you dear God for the assurance of answered prayers. Thank you Jesus for the healings made available in your blood. Amen

Short Prayer for Healing and Recovery Quotes

You don’t always have to pray long prayers to have answers from God, you can pray briefly and attract answers. God is ever committed to answering prayers as
long as you pray in faith.

Prayer doesn’t have to be very long to have the results delivered. If you apply short prayer for healing and recovery quotes heartily, your healing will spring forth.

Prayer for healing words is not measured by its length but by its Faith. If you have faith in God, no matter how short your prayer is, your healing will be guaranteed. Engage your faith as you pray.

51. God is merciful and gracious in His dealings with you. He doesn’t want your life afflicted with sickness. His faithfulness is worth praising Him for. Glorify Him for healing in advance.

52. Be mindful of His love for your life, how much He loves you without reservation. If you are mindful of His love for your life, you’ll be at rest in your body and you will know.

53. Be conscious of His promises made to you. This is your comfort in times of pain and sickness.

54. The Lord will heal you as you stick to Him and energize your body to function properly in faith in Jesus’ name.

55. His hands stay strong on you for good and heal you from all diseases and infirmities through His name.

56. Be healed by the power in the blood of the lamb that was slain for you and the whole world.

57. Recover from all ailments that have inflicted your body over the years and they shall return no more in the name of Jesus.

58. Receive strength from the Lord’s Spirit to stay invigorated and healthy all the time of your life. You shall not be ashamed.

59. Your body is healed by the stripes of Jesus laid on Him on the cross for the soundness of your health.

60. Let your healing spring forth like streams of waters which fountain flow ceaselessly in the name of Jesus

61. I declare that sickness leaves your body with immediate effect. Your body cannot house disease anymore in the name of Jesus

62. Your body is injected by the blood of Jesus to fight every form of the disease and its causes. Your body shall not be penetrable to no pandemic.

63. Sickness is rebuked for your sake, you shall walk health because you are the Lord your God. Your bread and waters are blessed.

64. You’re healed; you cannot be sick, you are above infirmities and all forms of diseases in the name of Jesus.

65. Recover speedily from sicknesses, get restored, be revived, and renewed through his name. in the name of Jesus.

66. Every source that is springing sorrow concerning your health is commanded to dry off now. You’ll not sorrow over your health anymore through God’s power.

67. Your body is anointed against diseases and illness ravaging the inhabitants of the health. The blood shall single you out in the name of Jesus.

68. God will destroy every root of sickness in your body and enthrone His kingdom therein. The will of God shall find expression in your health.

69. You’re empowered and healed; no more sickness in your life. Your money shall be used to propagate the gospel of Christ, not attend to ailments in the name of the Lord.

70. Your testimony is guaranteed because you believe in the name of Jesus and you shall testify and declare the wonders of God.

Prayer for the Sick Quotes

Medical channels are very effective ways of getting healed when one is sick. God is not against science and medicine. As much as we apply all these, God also wants us to trust Him for the healing of our bodies through the prayer of faith.

Knowing that God wants to heal you will make you see take advantage of prayer for the sick quotes to Him.

Bible encourages us to pray for the sick just as Jesus prayed for the sick through the power of the Spirit. God hears when we pray. Prayer for revival quotes must be part and parcel of our lives whenever anyone is sick around us.

71. I give thanks to God for all He has done for your health in His finished works at Calvary. He was condemned for your sake and was raised for your justification.

72. His stripes have made you whole and perfected your healing before you were ever born. His name is praised.

73. As I pray for you and you connect your faith with mine, your healing shall manifest by the name of the risen Lord.

74. I pray that the hand of God come upon you now and deliver you from diseases and sicknesses through His blood.

75. I released the blood of Jesus upon you right now, get healed and whole in the name of Jesus Christ.

76. I invoke the blood of Jesus on you to flush out every agent of sickness hiding in your body through the power in His name.

77. I decree by the power of the Lord Jesus that you’re delivered from these ailments now and forever.

78. I cut the root of everything that is not glorifying the name of the Lord in your life, in your health, and in your family.

79. Every source that is fueling sicknesses in your life is destroyed to the root and foundation in the name of Jesus.

80. Every attempt of the wicked ones to dry your financial streams as a result of persistent sickness is cut off to the root now.

81. The same of Jesus that raised the dead shall make you alive in health, wealth, and peace all around.

82. Let divine healing from heaven and through the Spirit within flow into your body right now and let your body receive life.

83. The Lord fulfills the numbers of your days, and makes enjoy your life like never before. The days of your life shall not be cut short in the name of Jesus.

84. You shall live, you shall not die and you’ll declare the works of God. The purpose of your existence shall be fulfilled.

85. The Lord bless you and recover all you have lost through sickness. May the pains you once went through be forgotten in the name of Jesus Christ.

86. I decree that your life receive divine energy to resist sickness, the cell, tissue, and organs in your body shall be able to fight against diseases.

87. Your immune system is energized by the holy ghost to fight against every foreign element that wants to fight down your health.

88. Healing is your heritage, healing is your portion, and you shall not be sick anymore because the death of Jesus has made healing available to you.

89. Lord we give thanks for sound health, strength, and recovery. We believe in your ability to exceedingly and abundantly above all our asking.

90. Thank you Jesus because this sickness shall not return unto this body. This vessel shall glorify your name from now and forever. Amen.

Healing Hands Prayer Quotes

The hand of God communicates healing to the sick. Bible says, “the right hand of the Lord is strong, the right of the Lord does valiantly. When the hand of God is stretched forth towards a sick person, the healing power of God flows ceaselessly.

As you engage the hand of God upon your life through healing hands prayer quotes, your body shall be healed and you’ll be on your feet again.

Nothing can stop the hand of God. No power in heaven or on earth can stop the operations of His hands. I encourage you to exercise prayer for healing statements in your life when you’re sick and your loved ones as well.

91. Lord Almighty, your hand is strong to heal and saved those who call on your name. Thank you for the authority in your right hand.

92. O God stretch forth your right hand upon me and deliver me from sicknesses that trouble my body in the name of Jesus.

93. O Lord, I believe in your words and the miracle your right hand can perform. Show me the operation of your hand so that I can tell others of your good dealings with your people.

94. In you is a fountain of life and in your hands are the healing virtues, father releases them upon me and makes me experience your divine touch.

95. Your hands work miracles and do wonders without numbers. I ask that your hands perform the same wonders in my life through your power.

96. Your word is medicine unto us, it heals everyone from their diseases. Let the wonders of your words be made visible in my health to the praise of your name.

97. Help me Lord to put my trust in You. You Lord are my greatest physician in this world, heal me, Lord, as you have promised in your word.

98. You’re a father who heals, protects, and shields your loved ones from sickness and diseases. Do so in my life according to your mercy.

99. Your word says, that you heal all diseases and whoever believes in you will not perish but have eternal life. Strengthen me, Lord, in this time of illness and lift me by your hands in the name of Jesus.

100. Dear father, it was seen in your word that you went about doing all good, healing all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. Do the same in my days through Christ.

101. God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, you healed those who had diseases when you were on earth. I believe in my heart that you can do the same in our days because you’re the same yesterday today and forever. Show us your wonders again by your power.

102. Father, I pray for as many that are sick or afflicted that you heal them. Let your power remove all sicknesses and evils that roam the earth.

103. Thank You Dear Lord for giving me another day to see the beauty of your creations with the eternal promise of healing and sound health. Let the same promises be evident in my life in Jesus’ name.

104. Let your hands deliver me from hospital beds and give me freedom forever from body weakness and health issues.

105. You are my light and hope in the time of sickness. Lord give me the hope of life again and restore me in your name.

106. Almighty Father, Thank you for your grace, mercy, and love. Let your hand turn my pain into profit, my sorrow into joy, and sickness into health.

107. As your word has said, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” And he “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. So you’ll heal me, Lord, in the name of Jesus

108. Let your hands eradicate everything obstructing my healing from flow into my bloodstreams by the living power of Jehovah.

109. You’re a father in whose hands are power and might, let me not be ashamed of my hope in you so that your name be glorified through the name of your son.

110. Your name is a strong tower to the righteous, as I have come to seek refuge in your name. Save me to end as keep looking up to you.

Healing Prayers for a Loved One Quotes

You’re so important to God, so are your loved ones. Pray for yourself and also remember to extend your prayers to your loved one both those who are nearby and those far away. Healing prayers for a loved one quotes will help you to secure divine healing over them without their foreknowledge.

When you pray for yourself, you do well, but when you pray for others, you do better. Your loved one requires your prayer for healing restate to stay healthy in their body. No gift is more important than praying for your loved one. Prayer for healing for a friend quotes is so important for their well-being. You must never desist from doing this.

111. Dear heavenly father; I come to you to give you thanks on behalf of my family, friends, and loved ones. Thank you for your faithfulness over their lives.

112. I come to you today seeking your refuge and safety on their behalves. Keep them in your arm of mercy in the name of Jesus.

113. I pray that your hand will be upon my loved ones and make their healing evident in the name of Jesus Christ.

114. I rebuke diseases over my family and friends so that they serve your purpose on earth as it is written concerning them.

115. I declare that loved ones are immune to diseases. Their bodies are forbidden for sickness, no foreign agent will penetrate their body.

116. I bring to an end every spring of sickness in the life of my loved ones, none shall be feeble among them through the strength of great God.

117. Every long-standing sickness that has been drying the purse of my loved one comes to an end today in the name of Jesus.

118. I decree every broken heart healed, every sick body delivered, and every worn-out tissue are repaired in the name of Jesus.

119. I pray that none of my associates shall be lost prematurely to terminal disease, they shall be shielded by His shadows. The blood of Jesus sets every one of the free.

120. I decree mental wellness, happiness, and emotional balance over my family, friends, and loved ones in the name of Jesus.

121. I ask for good health, happiness, the prosperity of everyone in my house, my friends shall be blessed in their health, and loved ones shall be at peace.

122. I declare that all my long distant friends be blessed with perfect health, energy, joy, and vitality in the name of Jesus.

123. The Lord blesses and heals the body, souls, and blood of everyone connected to me by the resurrection power of Christ.

124. I stand in the gap for everyone in my life that the agenda of the wicked shall not prevail against them. They shall be saved by the hand of God in the name of Jesus.

125. Everyone struggling from among them is delivered by the hand of God in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

126. I decree a healing and sick-free life upon my household in the name of Jesus Christ, and of us shall be at peace in our body

127. Let the finger of God be evident over all my household to destroy every work of the enemies and disappoint every expectation of the wicked ones.

128. My family is marked by the blood of Jesus against every work of darkness in the name of Jesus Christ.

129. I pray for my nation and the nations of the earth that you’ll heal every broken heart, strengthen the discouraged, and give life to those who are downcast by your mercy and grace.

130. Receive all the glory and let your name be glorified through Christ our Lord and king. To you be the glory throughout the whole world. Amen

Prayer for healing words are very essential for our healing and must be prayed to connect to God’s power to heal us and to save us from all our diseases.

This must not only be prayed for ourselves alone but also for our loved ones. God is faithful enough to make provision for our healing, we need to be faithful enough in the application of it to our lives.

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