100 Effective Prayers for Family Protection and Guidance

Prayer for Family Protection and Guidance

Prayers for family protection and guidance have always been the most important prayers we will ever pray. It is said that family is the backbone of every society. Everyone’s success or failure can somehow be connected to how prayerful their family is.

Every family should know that there is power in their words. We can move mountains and create a fountain of protection around us through powerful prayers for family and also for protection and guidance.

We must know that God is never tired of our daily prayer petitions. A prayerful family will always have a blessed bond with each other and also enjoy a lot of blessings together. God is very interested in families and their welfare.

As we make supplications for family protection and guidance, we are sure God is there to guide us and protect us. He is our refuge and strength in troubled times. One of the benefits of a praying family is that kids also take it up and continue it even when they are grown and have families of their own.

On this page are short prayers for every occasion especially when you need protection and guidance.

As you pray these effective prayers for family protection in each category, don’t forget to appreciate God and thank Him for the prayers answered. It shows that you believe that God will do just as you have asked.

Potent Prayers for Family Protection and Guidance

Why do we need prayers for family protection and help? Everyone wants to be protected and often thinks about how to go about it. In Ephesians 6:11, we are encouraged to put on the whole armor of God, so that we can be victorious over the devil. “How do we do that?” you may ask, through prayers.

As long as we remain here on earth, we will always need prayers for family protection and support. It is a need everyone should take up. When a problem arises, the prayers prayed to become activated and answered by our heavenly Father.

1. Father, we declare that you are our hiding place. We are protected from harm and kept safe from trouble as we go through our daily activities in Jesus’ name. (Psalms 32:7).

2. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. And we refute every tongue that accuses us as a family in Jesus’ name. (Isaiah 54:17).

3. Oh Lord, our refuge, shield me and my family from harm this year in the name of Jesus. No evil or plague is permitted to come near us. (Psalms 119:124).

4. Lord God, keep me and my family safe from the virus ravaging the whole world. Let psalm 91 protection be upon me and my household.

5. I and my family members enjoy sound health. We are protected from sicknesses and diseases. The balm of Gilead resides in our home. Therefore, sickness is not allowed in our family.

6. Father, I commit every member of my family to you, guide us in your truth, and teach us, for you are our God and Savior.

7. Father, you said you will instruct us and teach us the way we should go and you will counsel us with your loving eye. We commit our steps today unto you, as you have promised, do for us in Jesus’ name. (Psalms 32:8).

8. Proverbs 16:9 says “In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps” Father, this year, we acknowledge that you are the One to establish our steps. In all we lay our hands to do, establish, and settle us in it in Jesus’ name.

9. Father, help us to always lean on you for guidance and not always trust in our understanding so that we can be continuously victorious. (Proverbs 11:14).

10. Oh God and my father, lead us into our fortunes and to where our blessings are hidden. Order our steps aright. Cause us to be in the right place at the right time. We will not lose our time to be favored in Jesus’ name.

Prayer for the Safety and Protection of Family

There will always be evil. Some have sold their souls to the devil and have made a pact with him to kill, steal, and destroy. We do not fight with our flesh but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness. But the Bible says those that dwell in the secret place of the highest shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty (God).

What that scripture means is that those who make God their refuge will be kept safe from the evils of this world. This is one of the reasons we need to make a prayer for the safety and protection of the family.

We have the assurance that whatever we ask in His Name, He will do for us. Whenever you need prayers for safety and guidance over your family, use these powerful prayer points to keep both you and your family safe.

11. Oh Lord, I pray for your mighty protection over every member of my family. As they go about their daily activities, keep evil far from them. They are safe from harm in Jesus’ name. (Psalms 91:1-4).

12. Though my family members walk through the shadow of death, the Lord is their refuge. (Psalms 23:5).

13. Father, protect them from trouble wherever they go. No matter where they are, be their rock and shield, their protector in Jesus’ name.

14. In the name of Jesus, I cancel every plan of the enemy against my family’s protection. It will never succeed in Jesus’ name.

15. Lord, surround my family with your presence. Guard them against danger and harm. Let your angels protect them from evil and keep out of the way stones of the enemy.

16. Father, keep my family members safe from those who scheme harm against them. They may know them but You Lord knows everything. Guard them against fake friends and any wolf in sheep’s clothing planning evil against them.

17. There is power in the name and blood of Jesus and I raise it as a standard against every arrow of harm and danger concerning my family in Jesus’ name.

18. My family escapes from the snare of the Fowler and the trap set by the evil one in Jesus’ name.

19. Father put your hedge of protection order about my family.

20. Father, I ask that you protect my home and family from danger, especially against thieves and natural disasters. Shelter them from the storms of life in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points for Protection against Enemies

We have been given victory over the devil by the blood of Jesus, we need to still make prayers for family safety and guidance to enforce our victory over the enemy because they are relentless.

Whether you need to engage in spiritual warfare prayers for protection from danger or just need family prayers from the Bible, our God is a prayer-answering God and nothing is too hard for Him to do.

The Bible is replete with His promises to protect us when we make prayer points for protection against enemies if only we ask. Protection is one of the blessings we have in Christ. I implore you to make these prayers for you and your family that are sure to be answered.

21. Father, deliver me from my enemies. Nullify their plans and schemes targeted at me for my downfall. Help me to be wise than them in Jesus’ name.

22. Father, I pray that you confuse the camp of my enemies.

23. Every power that is not of you, working in my life, by the authority I have been given in the name of Jesus, I destroy them!

24. I come against all powers working in the air, in the sea, in hidden places, against me. Their powers are destroyed in the name of Jesus!

25. No weapon fashioned, created, or made against me will stand in the name of Jesus.

26. You spirit of fear, failure, stagnancy, I reject you in my life, I am protected from you in the name of Jesus.

27. Every stronghold in my mind, causing me to think backward, causing me to have a wrong mindset, you are terminated today in the name of Jesus.

28. Enemies in my family, from my father or mother’s relatives, your works are hereby nullified in the name of Jesus!

29. My life is hidden in Christ Jesus; I am protected from every thought of harm or danger against me.

30. Whether my enemies like it or not, I am covered and protected from harm in Jesus’ Name. My going is blessed, my coming in, is blessed!

Prayer for the Safety of a Loved One

One of our greatest fears is the fear of something bad happening to a loved one in our lives. We wish we can always be there to protect them. But we can’t do that, we can hardly protect ourselves! And who doesn’t love that feeling of knowing someone out there is praying for us?

A prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of a Christian. Prayers for the safety of a loved one are the best thing we can offer them, even the Bible commands us to do so (Romans 12:10). In The same way making effective prayers for family protection and help is very important.

Don’t also forget that praying for loved ones is a labor of love that God is sure to reward. Why not use these short prayers for family and friends who are dear to your heart?

31. Lord, I ask for your protection upon my loved ones (you can include the name of the loved one), I pray that as they move around, no evil cause them to stumble. (Matthew 7:7).

32. Father, I lift (names) to You, bless them, and let them be protected from harm. Watch over them at all times and cause us to always share testimonies whenever I am in contact with them.

33. I pray that (names) never have an accident, small or great. None of his/her bones are broken. Cause them to enjoy your all-around protection daily.

34. Father, I pray that the heart of my loved one is guarded against evil thoughts. Evil thoughts are far away from him/her.

35. Whatever danger my loved one is going through right now, Father, let them come out of it unscratched. Show forth your power in their lives.

36. Oh Lord, save my loved one from terminal diseases and sicknesses. They are healed already by the stripes of Jesus.

37. Lord I entrust my loved ones in your loving arms, guide them and keep them far from any form of oppression in Jesus’ name.

38. I reject premature and untimely death for my loved ones. You will live to a full old age to declare the mighty works of God.

39. Father, keep my loved ones safe from the deadly virus, I decree that it doesn’t come near them. I plead your blood on their doors and gates in Jesus’ mighty name.

40. Oh Lord, I pray for the safe travels of my loved ones. Protect them from the danger of the way and let them reach their destinations safely.

Prayers to Keep Safe

The Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked and no one can know it except Him. Our last card in this case is to make prayers for family protection and aid.

God will protect us from harm because He is our Good Shepherd. These short prayers to keep safe have been thoughtfully and prayerfully written for you.

41. Father in the name of Jesus, protect me from evil plots. Let them not stand, let them not prosper. (Psalms 64:2).

42. Oh Lord, I come against traps of the wicked one. I will not fall into them. I escape as the snare from the Fowler.

43. Father, I decree that my coming in and going out is preserved in Jesus’ name according to your word in (Psalms 121:8).

44. Father, I declare that you, the mighty one who saves ever with me. I will not be afraid of the dangers in Jesus’ name. (Zephaniah 3:17).

45. Oh Lord, my shield and buckler, I decree that your protection is round about me as a shield. The darts of the wicked bounce back to them in Jesus’ name.

46. Father, keep us safe from the pestilence that flies around by day and the terror by night in the mighty name of Jesus.

47. Viruses, big or small are not permitted around me. I am kept safe from the sicknesses and diseases that befall the world in the mighty name of Jesus.

48. Father, I arrest every power assigned to cause me and my family bodily harm in Jesus’ name.

49. Father, I decree that your supernatural protection is upon me all through the year.

50. Father, orders my steps to always be in the right place at the right time. I will never walk into danger in Jesus’ name.

Prayers for Guidance in Decision Making

Prayers for guidance in decision-making are very crucial. Anyone can be in a dilemma. But the good news is that God has promised to guide us. That is if we ask him (James 1:5) When any member of the family is confused about a matter, prayers for guidance will deliver him or her out of the snare of the Fowler.

Such prayers have a way of sending help where guidance is needed for whoever needs it. If they are at a crossroads, help will arise for them.

There are times when all we needed is to be in the right place at the right time. Many people have been blessed by this. Genesis 24 recounts the story of how Rebecca came at the right time when Abraham’s servant prayed to be led by God.

When the Amalekites came to David’s town and made away with his families, livestock, and other properties, it was a prayer for guidance and direction that made him get everything he has lost restored. We are to pray without ceasing asking in prayers for family refuge and guidance.

God’s ways are always the best (Is 55:8-9). The Bible says, “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Pray these prayers for guidance and decision-making with all your heart and see God guiding your path aright.

51. Father, give me wisdom concerning my career. Help me to know what to do at every point. (Isaiah 30:21).

52. Father, You have the best plan for my life. Help me to trust in you and stop depending on my thoughts and ways.

53. Father, concerning this confusion (you should name it), guide my steps and keep me from making mistakes in Jesus’ name. (Isaiah 58:11).

54. Father let all things go according to how you planned. I bring everything concerning this decision (name it), to the obedience of your will.

55. Father, take away anything that might make me impatient to make good decisions for my life.

56. Father, when I am at a crossroads, show me the path to take. I will not be confused in Jesus’ name.

57. Lord, What should I do concerning this matter? You have promised to guide me when I ask in humility. (Psalms 32:8).

58. Father, I want your will to be done, not mine. This issue must glorify Your Name.

59. At the end of the day, Father, let this decision be your decision for me. I trust you to let this issue work for my good.

60. Father, I need to make a great decision right now. Open my eyes to see the right way to go in Jesus’ name.

61. Father let Your Spirit lead me and guide me into the truth of this issue (name it).

62. Father, help me to make the right choices for my life. I don’t want to be carried away by my friends’ and family’s wrong decisions.

63. Father, there is nothing I can do without you, instruct me, and lead me every step of the way.

64. Father, lead me to the light. Let your word be a lamp to my feet. (Psalms 119:105).

65. Let your word direct me and establish peace in my heart.

66. Search me, Father. If you find any wicked way in me or if I am treading any wicked path, turn me away and lead me in an everlasting way. (Psalms 139:23-24).

67. Father, I want to know You more. I want to know more about Your Ways. Guide and lead me in Jesus’ name.

68. Father, I need you to help me make a wise decision right now. I am so confused and anxious. Remove my confusion; let my thoughts be aligned with your will for my life.

69. Father, go before me and make every crooked place straight again. As you do, help me to walk with you.

70. Father, help me to be sensitive to your leadings at all times. Help me to be still to hear your voice guiding and directing me.

71. Father, as I face a tough situation, help me to remember that you will guide me, all through

72. Today let me speak the right words that will pave the way for favor and blessings in my life.

73. Father, I receive the humility to obey your directions and guidance. (Psalms 32:8-9).

74. Father, I give to you all my worries and anxieties. Even at this period of my life, guard me on the right path to take.

75. Father, direct my steps to people meant to be in my life.

Prayers for Direction and Clarity

The need for prayers for family shielding and guidance in our walk with God cannot be overemphasized. God is our Shepherd and we need Him to put us through, give us wisdom and give us clarity in confused and dark areas. The Bible says as a Good Shepherd, He desires to lead us and bring us to a prosperous place.

When we are guided in life, we will receive peace that surpasses all understanding. We will be at rest, assured that He got us every step of the way! Pray these prayers for direction and clarity whenever you need it.

76. Father, You are my light in the Darkness, shine your light in every dark area of my life.

77. Lord, let me see things around me. Open the eyes of my understanding. (Ephesians 1:18).

78. Lord, open my ears to hear You. Help me to listen when you are directing me. (Psalms 25:4-5).

79. Father, let there be clarity in this situation. Show me the way as I give you my undivided attention.

80. Father, help me to be patient enough to tarry in your presence so that I can know your plans for me.

81. Father, I receive clarity concerning my purpose in life. I am not one that beat the air; I know exactly what you plan me to be in Jesus’ name.

82. Father, I thank you because you have promised to direct my steps if I ask, let Your Holy Spirit be my Guide as I go out today. (John 16:13).

83. Father let me be a light to the people around me. Let them see clearly and make good decisions because of me in Jesus’ name.

84. Lord, I receive the grace to discern and make good judgments this year in the name of Jesus.

85. As I sleep tonight, let my heart instruct me of your thoughts and plans for my life. (Psalms 16:7-8).

86. Lord, help me to discern your voice speaking to me amidst the voices ringing in my head. Help me to identify your voice.

87. Father, I pray You to help me to choose my friends wisely. Lead me to the right people that will add to my life.

88. Father, I want to know your perfect will concerning ____ (name the situation). Lead and guide me Lord.

89. Father, guide my thoughts and sharpen my discerning ability. Help me to think only good thoughts in Jesus’ name. (Phil 4:8).

90. Father, deliver me from my selfish thoughts. Help me to steer clear of sentiments when making major decisions in my life. (Psalms 73:24).

91. As a child of God, I declare that I have a sound mind, fear is not in me. I make the right decisions in Jesus’ name.

92. Father, the future may look bleak to me, but I trust you to bring clarity and direction in Jesus’ name.

93. Lord, Help me to follow and trust in whatever you direct and lead me to.

94. Father, prepare me for the journey ahead. Take my hand, and help me never let go no matter how stormy the way is.

95. I confess that my thoughts are clear and pure, noble, just, and praiseworthy.

96. Lord, You said that we will go through troubles in this world but you will be with us every step of the way. Help me to always feel Your Presence with me as I journey through life.

97. Father, help me to understand the situations I face with much clarity. So, I can know that you are always there for me.

98. Father, help me to realize that I cannot rely on my wisdom. You are my wisdom. You are my strength.

99. Father, I receive the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of You and every situation I face. (Ephesians 1:3).

100. Henceforth, I declare that I walk on the path of righteousness; let your word lead and guide me. I will not be afraid for you to be with me.

These powerful prayers for family safe-keeping and guidance are guaranteed to make you testify in grand style. It’s a great assurance to know that God will not leave us. He will always remain faithful to His Word.

You don’t have to worry, instead, turn your worries into prayers. He has promised to answer us as we pray for our family, protection, and guidance. If this has been of great help to you, be sure to drop a comment in the comment section below. I will be so glad to hear from you.

I pray you will testify of His goodness as you make these prayers for any situation you are faced with requiring clarity, guidance, and Protection. You are so blessed.

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  1. These prayers are Great you are a true man of God your prayers has always Blessed me for sure… I wish everyone will take their time and read these prayers they will definitely Bless you… The prayers have Blessed me I can testify to that.

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    I thank almighty God that made it possible for me to pray this prayer for family protections in Jesus Christ name we pray Amen.

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