100 Best Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Lover

heart touching birthday wishes for lover

Heart touching birthday wishes for lover provides every devotee or ardent believer of love an opportunity to express his or her love and affection to the most important person in their lives.

The thought of sending a lovely happy birthday text to someone special to you can be overwhelming sometimes because it happens once a year and you want to make sure it carries depths and linger in his or her heart even forever.

Hence, the choice of romantic words to use to enthrall your better half or loved paragraph that will convey the exact intents, wishes, and desires of your heart in every way possible must be well scripted and tailor-made for you in every way possible. And these touching birthday wishes for lovers will surely do this magic for you.

So, whether you’ve been trying to pen some cute wishes for a lover and thinking of which one can really describe your undying love for darling your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband and it seems a little bit difficult to write down, no worries! You’ll surely find the perfect word to share with your lover from this extensive list of emotional birthday wishes for lovers below.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover

A romantic relationship is an avenue where all the emotions and feelings can be expressed or explored to any extent as you want. Charm your soulmate today with emotional birthday wishes for your lover and wait to see the glow on his or her face.

1. Even if I am drenched in the rain or elated in the dew of the morning and if there are feelings of refreshing these bring, they are nothing compared to the sweetness of your heart for me; it comforts and refreshes me more than words can say. Honey, I love you! Happy Birthday to you.

2. It’s another unique time to celebrate my one and only love and happiness. No joy comes close to knowing we are made for each other. Bringing your way today my ocean of love. Babe just dives in to see the rhyme of my heart for you. I love you to the moon and back, sweetie. Happy Birthday, Angel.

3. Many come and before the wink of an eye they are gone but you have stuck with me through thick and thin. Sweetie, I have you to thank for contributing to my progress and success in life. You are simply a gift from God to me. Happy Birthday, honey pie.

4. Some say “get a life” but I will add to that phrase “get love and you’ll have every good thing that life offers.” Darling, because I have you, I have everything and I have no lack. You complete me! Have a blast birthday, dearie.

5. No one knows me too well as you. No one else understands the cadence of my heart as you do. No one loves me unconditionally like you, sweetheart. You are just too perfect in every sense. May the birthday brings you great joy like never before. Happy Birthday, love.

6. Baby, I could not ask for more. What a special personality you are to me. I asked for love, I got a friend like no other. I asked for a soulmate I got a life partner for life. I am the luckiest person on earth. Happy Birthday, lovely.

7. One more badge for your unwavering commitment and affection today darling as you mark your birthday. May your birthday anniversary usher you to new heights and milestones of success that you’ve desired. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

8. Beauty and charm are good but a heart of gold is far above all. I keep wondering what I have done to deserve this gift as the person you are. Your person is just beyond words can convey, words failed me to describe how pleasant you are from the inside out. Happy Birthday, my love.

9. Every sign today is pointing to the fact that a rare gem is celebrating a special birthday. All these signs show that nature is just responding to a good heart of love and respect you carry. Babe, I join every voice to sing a melodious happy birthday to you, honey.

10. Sending your way an eternal blessing of joy, happiness, and love for every bit of it you have also given out to me through these years. No wonder I am called the blessed one because I have you. I love you forever, sweetheart, happy birthday.

Advance Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Lover

When you share advance birthday wishes for a lover with your partner what do you think he or she will say to you? I believe there will be a lot of “thank you” in return because he or she feels you are pretty much abreast of their special day even when it’s still some weeks or days ahead.

Thrilling birthday wishes for lover in advance will help you relay this amazing gesture of yours to him or her perfectly.

11. If a minute will not pass without me thinking about you, then how could it be possible to be approaching your birthday in days and I will not color the air? Happy Birthday in advance sweetheart. I will be here counting the days with you, my love.

12. Even now, it feels like your birthday has come earlier than the expected date. When it’s you, babe, your birthday seems to be every day to me because every moment spent with you is full of celebration of love and happiness. Happy Birthday in advance to the love of my life.

13. Like my cousin will say: “Go change the world.” Babe, let’s paint the world with the excitement of your birthday anniversary from now till that date. You are also worthy of all the celebration and accolades for all you have been to me. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance, my love.

14. As I think deeply, in between my thought process I see a soulmate whose life is not just one in a million but one in a lifetime. Loving you excites me like I am drunk with new wine. You are a lover, a supporter, and a definition of good choice. Happy Birthday in advance sweetie.

15. Moments come and go, but looking forward to your birthday party creates an awe-inspiring feeling that even each day to your birthday celebration feels like a holiday providing us an atmosphere where we get to bond more and more. I love you, my adorable. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

16. May this season bring you joy unspeakable, laughter in the face of all changes, and good tidings in place of every unfavorable circumstance. May your mouth be filled with praise unbroken from now till the day of your birthday. Happy Birthday in advance.

17. I am in love with you is not just a cliche, it’s a word I have found to be true between us, and that has been our strength in the face of life and all. It’s my joy to count down to your birthday dearie. Happy Birthday in advance and thanks for being there for me. Love you plenty!

18. What makes me know for sure that we’re meant for each other is how your thoughts and my thoughts always sync together. Dearie, even in the face of misunderstanding we always find a common ground where we push through together. I am thankful to God for you. You complete me like no one else. Happy Birthday in advance, babe.

19. It’s really amazing to me how the month of your birthday sets the tone for the whole month with each day to your birthday smelling like Christmas is around the corner. Even mother nature favors you well, my love. Happy Birthday in advance.

20. One gift for sure I cherish from the innermost part of me after the gift of life every day it’s you, my darling husband. Let the countdown begins for your birthday celebration. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday in advance, sweetheart.

Advance Birthday Wishes for Husband

Make every moment count till the very day of your sweet husband’s birthday anniversary with this excellent list of advance birthday wishes for your husband. Your heart will thank you as you share this lovely happy birthday text with him.

21. Every of your heartbeat says things that drive me crazy like I am on cloud 9 and I am loving it by the day. Your love and affection keep my vibe alive like no other. What can I possibly do without you, Mr. handsome? Happy Birthday to you in advance.

22. I even wish your birthday come early because the euphoria it creates around me, our children, and our loved ones is really awesome. Let’s count down prince charming to your amazing birthday party. Happy Birthday in advance.

23. Lines shall fall to you in a pleasant place as you approach this big day ahead of you, my love. Sending love and appreciation your way as we approach D-Day. Congratulations and happy birthday to you in advance.

24. Your love and support have been immensely great. I think of myself to be the luckiest woman on earth. Your heartbeat fits so well with me on this journey of a lifetime. Happy Birthday in advance my lovely husband.

25. Every moment shared with you is like heaven has come to kiss the Earth. My one and only hubby with whom I am well pleased. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance. I call you blessed.

26. Truth is higher than fact! Every fact is relative but the truth is universally accepted in every place. For a fact, love exists in different ways to people but the truth is to love is God and all about God is divine. You’ve undoubtedly shown me, love, in this degree and dimension. I love honey. Happy Birthday in advance.

27. How I wish I can fast forward to the very date of your birthday because of the impression it creates in my heart for you. I love you, darling. Happy Birthday to you in advance.

28. Hubby, how do you want it? A treat for you to count down to your big day or a variety of honeymoons at the best places you could ever think of? Just ask, and it shall be given to you. Signed: the love of your life. Happy Birthday to you in advance.

29. You’ve shown me that love is a personality and these qualities love display prevails in our relationship, I am eternally grateful to God for sending you my way, my love. Happy Birthday in advance darling.

Advance Birthday Wishes for Wife

Being married to a woman is similar to having breath in your nostrils in a way because of her support and commitment to making sure life continues.

Starting today she’s on the receiving side from you since her birthday is in days. Why not share your intention, wishes, and prayers through these advance birthday wishes for your wife and let a grin burst from her lips?

30. It’s another perfect time to tell you that your contribution to my life has given birth to a man that’s completely in all admiration. You are a wife who completes me on all sides. Sweetie, I am thankful for your love and care. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

31. When I think of joy and happiness you are the image I see. When I think of love and affection you are the darling I see. When I think of my future I see you in it as clear as crystal. Let the countdown begins for your birthday in days. Happy Birthday to you in advance, my love.

32. All my desires find their fulfillment with you, You are my valuable jewel, and I will adore you for all the days of my life because you are worthy of my very essence, baby. I wish you the happiest birthday in advance, my treasure.

33. I don’t want to kiss any other but you and don’t want to grow old with any other but you. You complete me so much and I find you a joy to my very heart. Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance.

34. It’s impossible to live without your love and affection. It’s a blessing to have you by my side every day. Babe, you are the oil that lubricates my heart. I love you so much. Happy Birthday to you in advance.

35. Wishing you grace for every race, and speed for every single day to your birthday. Congratulations my love. Happy Birthday in advance.

36. You come first in everything, babe, I am not mincing words you have become the true expression of myself and the same is true for me concerning you. I love you forever, happy birthday in advance.

37. When you came into my life, my quest to understand what love really entails was answered by your affection. Even now your lovely heart teaches me the depths and heights of love more words can say. My love, you are a miracle to me. I love you so much. Happy Birthday to you in advance.

38. One thing that gives me happiness and joy is you. One thing that satisfies me is you. One thing I admire more than anything after God is you. Same God sends you my way to show me a dimension of Him. You are an Angel. Happy Birthday to you in advance.

39. You are a dream come true, my love. You are designed to complete and enrich me. Life is so beautiful with you by my side. Darling, for every wish of your heart, may this birthday bring them to reality, and may it wow everyone around. Happy birthday to you in advance.

40. I am so elated that your birthday is coming in days. It’s amazing how your birthday party sets the tone for our family reunion. So much that we get to see our families far and near. Babe, I reckon that you are as amazing as your birthday. Let the countdown begin. Happy Birthday in advance.

Amazing Birthday Wishes for Lover

One of the special ways we get to appreciate our partners is on the occasion of their birthdays. Enthrall your sweetheart on his or her birthday with these amazing birthday wishes for lovers.

Whether you want to send it as a text message or share it on your social media to appreciate your lover this excellent list of touching birthday wishes for your lover will do the job for you.

41. It feels like your birthday should not end. I get to know your birthday brings so many blessings and beautiful moments of fun. Darling, I love you. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

42. I respect and honor the time we share together. It has made me the better person I am today. When it comes to knowing the right to do, you are just the first-ever to talk to. Lots of love dear. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

43. May this day be as beautiful as your heart and as gorgeous as you are. You blossom every day, but on this day you will glow like never before, my better half. Happy Birthday, Angel of my life.

44. You made me want to ask why am I so favored this way. You’ve shown me love that has left me wondering if I must be the luckiest person on earth. Loads of love, my darling. Happy Birthday to you.

45. I can’t but say you are one in a million. You are the “sent” and it fits well to call you the truest definition of love in all ramifications to me. You are my better half and I am thankful it is so. Thanks for loving me, dearie. Happy Birthday, babe.

46. I am yet to meet an individual who is as adorable as you are. On this day, I am glad to celebrate your sweetness by munching loudly on that sweet cake and drinking some pure wine with you, my love. Happy Birthday, babe.

47. You make my life wealthy with your love because to have love is to have wealth. What can I do without you? You are so priceless, my love. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie.

48. You bring a genuine smile to my face even through every up and down. Your gaze shows me how much you love me and care for me in every way possible. You are my companion and my love. Happy Birthday, dearie.

49. May your birthday be gorgeous and full of warmth as you are. You earn it and worth only the best birthday blast, babe. Bringing your way my love like never before. Happy Birthday, beautiful.

50. Happy birthday to the one who makes me laugh and smile at the same time. You are so amazing to be with it. So on this day, I wish you what you wish yourself. Love you to the moon and back.

Romantic Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Being romantic comes easy for lovers! Here’s another birthday for your boyfriend, you can make the day memorable with these birthday messages for your boyfriend.

So why not pick one or two of these sentimental birthday wishes for lovers to create the best experience ever for your boyfriend?

51. When two persons are in love nothing is able to separate them even if they’re in distance apart because love is stronger than death. I really love you from the depth of my heart. Happy Birthday, handsome.

52. One way to attest to the fact that I am blessed every day is waking up next to you. With you by my side, I can accomplish anything under heaven. Your birthday here is my superhero, let’s celebrate an icon. Happy Birthday.

53. You mean the world to me, but much more you satisfy my very heart and I am loving this as my life depends on it. Plenty of love, and happy birthday to you.

54. Every spring you are my warmth and even in winter, you are my shelter. With you by my side, I can face every season with your comfort. Lots of love. Happy Birthday, my superhero.

55. Where people meet does not really matter but what matters is how they connect. I connect with you on a pedestal of love that can never fail. I love you, and happy birthday to you.

56. Falling in with you comes easy like ABC because you make life easier for love to strive well with an iota of limitation. I love you forever sweetie. Happy Birthday to you.

57. If I am asked who makes my life worthy of all admiration and beauty, babe is definitely you. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday, my man.

58. Thank you for everything, my love! Just reminiscing, I remember the first time I set my eyes on you I knew the answer to my quest for love has come. Babe, no regret since you come into my life. This is wishing you a happy birthday, my best friend and lover.

59. If it is possible to replace the word “LOVE” with a person then I will be just right to say you are the best definition of true love. You are so perfect for me. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

60. As heaven kisses the Earth so is my heart so knitted together with yours. Babe, I’ll always love you. Happy Birthday to you, handsome.

Romantic Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Looking for that meaningful romantic birthday message for your girlfriend that’s tailor-made for your better half on this awesome occasion of her birthday? Then using any of these cute birthday wishes for lovers will just be right for you.

61. You make my heart beats for you, and you make loving you a fun thing to do. Every day seems like heaven on earth for your love for me runs deeper in my heart than my very thought. Happy Birthday, my Angel.

62. You’ve wielded the greatest influence on me since the first day you came to my path. Ever since then I have had cause to be thankful to God for sending you my way. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

63. For every kiss that runs way down my heart, thank you. For every gesture of love and affection that keeps me wanting more, thank you. Happy Birthday, my woman, my everything.

64. Friends have asked me “what is the secret to the glow on my face every day at work?” Without wasting time, I just say it out loud that you are the one behind the scene. You made my world, girl. Happy Birthday to you.

65. For everything, life throws at me, you have been my encourager through it all. Even your composure in the face of everything astonishes me. You are definitely a gift from heaven. Happy Birthday, my love.

66. Wishing you a happy birthday, my sweetie pie. Your voice is like the dew of the morning because it soothes me like the daylight. Let’s eat some cakes as you blow the candles. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

67. Thanks for constantly standing by my side, you are so romantic in every sense and your humor is the one that makes me feel rejuvenated when I am tired from the day’s work. I love you, baby. Happy Birthday to you.

68. Life is worth living with you for the rest of my day on this side of eternity. I love you to the moon and back. If even your faith in me amazes me. Happy Birthday to you, my love.

69. I have seen that I have been better because of your contribution to every detail of my life. You are so sweet and lovely in every way I can think of. I love you, babe. Happy Birthday,

70. You are the best thing that has happened to me. You bring me fortune and a sound mind because you are peaceful. It’s forever to go, babe! Happy Birthday to you.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband from Wife

Make your husband’s birthday colorful with this extensive list of romantic birthday wishes for the husband from the wife. If you don’t send him something romantic on his special day who will?

You don’t need to worry about what to send just find below the list of emotional birthday wishes for lovers.

71. One thing I am sure of is that I am so lucky to have you. You have been everything to me; your words and actions are truly profound. Thank you for being a choice of wisdom to me in everything. Happy Birthday, my super hubby.

72. Like I used to say fondly “your advice is capable of turning things around for good” you are as important to me as my breath. I love plenty, my darling husband. Happy Birthday to you.

73. Sweetheart, you’re my everything. You have the most adorable nature, and I can’t think of a life without you by my side. Here’s wishing you a beautiful birthday ever!

74. No one can ever take your love from my heart because is forever etched like a work of art. You make me happy like no one else. Love you plenty. Happy Birthday, my handsome hubby.

75. All my love and longing are for you on this unique day of your birthday, baby, waiting for you, let’s have a blast. May you enjoy all the good things life has to offer even in this season. Love you, and happy birthday.

76. Everything looks just perfect with you by my side. No anxiety or worry of any sort. I am comforted by every word that proceeds out of your mouth. You are the Angel of God. I love you. Happy Birthday Mr. Handsome.

77. Far beyond every word I write to you now are my undying love and unwavering commitment that is capable of seeing us through life. These two things I have learned from you also. Thank you for being an example. Happy Birthday, my love.

78. To my dearest husband, you are my primary source of encouragement and motivation. I love you with all my heart and wish you many more glorious, prosperous, and peaceful years ahead. Happy Birthday.

79. Words failed me to recount your impact on me and our kids. You are a model and a figure everyone will love to pattern their life after. For every effort, you have put in place to make the world a better place thank you. Happy Birthday.

80. As you add another year today, I am happy to share in your joy of celebration. You mean the whole world to me. No one can take your place from my heart. Happy Birthday to you.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife from Husband

Using any of these romantic birthday wishes for a wife from her husband on her special day will definitely create a perfect euphoria that will last a lifetime because women generally keep memories of a special day like this in their hearts.

So, these heart touching birthday wishes for your lover present you with another opportunity to let her know the depths of your love for her. Women are never tired of hearing how much you love them.

81. I have looked all around me, and no one matches up with your kind of heart. You are surely an Angel to me in every aspect of life. Wishing you a fantabulous birthday, my love.

82. A few things come to mind today because is your birthday celebration but most important among all others is the touch of perfection you are decked with from heaven. You are so beautiful inside out, wifey. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday.

83. For anyone asking if there are gorgeous women with a heart of Gold? I will tell them, no need to look elsewhere you are the perfect definition of beauty in every way possible with a heart of gold. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

84. I chose you among millions of female folks because you are uniquely designed to fit perfectly into my heart and soul. Babe, my heart beats for you. I wish you great joy as you mark another birthday today. Happy Birthday.

85. Just as the dawn of the day brings newness to the world so is your presence in my life brings freshness to everything that concerns me. I am so in love with you. I wish you a prosperous birthday celebration.

86. Looking at you every morning as you wake up right beside me shows how favored I am in everything. I can’t ask for more. You are my woman and my everything. I wish you a beautiful happy birthday.

87. When life hurls at me different things to discourage me you have been my number one encourager and inspiration. I am in love with you, darling, I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration.

88. Today presents me another great opportunity to recount how incredible and amazing you are to me. You are the one person who knows how to fix me when I am out of vibe. We were made for each other. Happy to be the woman of my dream come true.

89. Just for the record, babe, you are more than just a wife to me, you are as important to me as the breath in my nostrils. Life will be nothing without you. Wishing you a prosperous happy birthday, my love.

90. I was just looking for a friend but God favored me so well by bringing someone like who’s now my wife with whom I am well pleased. Big thanks to you my love and best friend. Have an awesome birthday celebration.

Birthday Wishes to your Soulmate

I take it that it’s a miracle to have someone as your soulmate; meaning you are knitted together in everything and that’s so cool. Here are my birthday wishes to your soulmate. Read, and use any of them to appreciate and convey your thoughts today.

91. When you hear that this life favors some folks more than others then I count myself to be one the luckiest person to have you. I can boldly say that life has favored me so much. Happy Birthday to my soulmate for life.

92. On this day, I am super ready to take a road trip of the sweetest adventure with you because you mean everything to me by singing and chanting a melodious happy birthday song to you, my love. Happy Birthday, sunshine.

93. People make choices and they later get to regret them but the reverse is true for me because ever since you came into my life I have seen a tremendous change that I am so thankful for. Babe, our love is forever to go! Happy Birthday to you, darling.

94. It gives me joy getting to know your heart and the beauty of the future waiting for us as the day comes by. The adventure is for a lifetime, baby. Happy Birthday to you, love.

95. I am so crazy about you and I want you to know that nothing can come between us. We were made for each other. I love you, dearie. Wishing you a beautiful birthday.

Birthday Messages to My Fiance

Here are well-written birthday messages to my fiancé to help you express your touching birthday wishes for lovers on a special day like this.

Feel free to use any of these heartfelt birthday messages to make the day a memorable one for your fiancé (groom-to-be) or even fiancée (bride-to-be).

96. I wake every day with my heart full of thanksgiving to God for sending you my way. You have totally made me a new person with very good admiration on all sides and you have added beautiful colors to my life. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

97. No doubt, God was thinking of me when He created you because I have never seen a perfect match like you. You fit so well in my life. I am so glad to walk this journey with you, my love. Happy Birthday to you.

98. You are so endowed in everything and that has made me counted myself lucky to have you by my side. You are real and there’s no iota of insincerity with you. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday, lovely.

99. I have searched the whole earth no one is like you in character and virtue. You are simply a person of great honor and moral excellence. I celebrate with you today. Happy Birthday my love.

100. Yes, I am so sure today is going to an incredible birthday that you will live to remember for the rest of your life because I am going to be giving you all my love and affection like never before. Happy birthday to the one who makes me happy. Lots of love.

101. All I want is to wake up by your side at the dawn of the day with kisses all over your face. You are the one who knows the depth and height of my heart for I am captivated by your love for me. You remain my Darling. Happy Birthday.

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