120 Best Thankful Quotes to God for His Blessings

Thankful quotes to God for His blessings

Thanksgiving is an expression of our gratitude and appreciation to God for His blessings. Thankful quotes to God for His blessings help you in finding ways to be grateful and appreciative to God for His love despite the season of life you are in.

Thanksgiving is an attitude that all should have, it should be expressed each day, and not when we feel at ease to do so. See every day as a blessing and a priceless gift from God. Thanksgiving words should be used every day and not just when the thanksgiving holiday is declared.

We sometimes get overwhelmed by life, issues, and the constant turning of the tide around us that we forget to pay attention to the little things and the seemingly ordinary things that matter. This makes gratitude hard or almost impossible.

Often times we dwell too long on the mountains that God has not moved, the sea He has not parted or the heart cries He has not answered so much that we forget the many storms He has calmed while we slept in the boat of life.

Perhaps the times when He moved the world and stilled the sun just to prove His love, the place of thanksgiving and gratitude cannot be overemphasized in our daily walk with God.

Take 365 days challenge to express your gratitude to Him. Be thankful to God even when things are hard, this is the right thing to do, and don’t forget all His benefits to you.

Though there are things you are still expecting of Him adore Him and eulogy Him with appreciation and see as the Lord will double your blessings and give you a speedy result.

Effective Thankful Quotes To God For His Blessings

Appreciating and acknowledging God for our blessings is the right attitude to life. It spurs God to action and bestows on us more blessings. With these effective quotes, you are paving the way and opening greater doors for yourself.

If you are overwhelmed by your blessings and you want to thank God for them, you can show them in songs, hymns, prayers, devotions, and quotes. Incorporate this gratitude into your daily prayers.

1. Thank You for giving me the strength to do what is right at all times, I don’t know what it feels like to be sick for a week, even when I feel weak, You stood by me and ministered strength to me, why won’t I count my blessings? Hallelujah!

2. Every time I look at my life I marvel at the tough things You have brought me through and saved me from, I couldn’t have made it this far without You, You blessed me with insights and ideas to create wealth and gave me the strength to work. Thank You, LORD.

3. How could I have been so shortsighted, murmuring and complaining about the things I do not have? While You were actually turning all my disappointments and failures into joy. I am grateful that Your ways are not like mine, and that You never gave up on me. You are the all-knowing one.

4. The devil thought he had me, but You came through for me, You saved me, You covered my shame and clothed me with Your love, You anointed my head with oil and gave me Your name,
You called me Your own, Your son (daughter), Your heir, O Abba!!! I am eternally grateful.

5. What more can I ask from You? Waking up to each new day hale and hearty, I am well in my body and mind. If not for Your grace, I wonder what and where I could have been, There is no amount I can pay for the benefits You daily load me with, for all of these and more I am very grateful. Thank You, my God.

6. Thank You for every second I get to spend on this side of the universe, for Your Spirit at work in me, for insurmountable wisdom and grace to do Your will and live Your life in my flesh I am forever indebted to You. What a blessing to be called by Your name.

7. God, how can I count my blessings on earth and not thank You for bliss and wisdom? I acknowledge that without You I can go about doing many things and still end up achieving nothing and being frustrated, thank You for always being my unmanning fountain of strength and wisdom.

8. Thank You, God, for all the things that have happened in my life, for the circumstances that have brought me here, I see Your hands in all of them, I thank You for the person You are molding me to become, truly all things, good or bad, work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

9. The only wise one I thank You for seemingly bad times and things that You allowed to happen in my life when it happened all I could think of was evil and pain but in the end, You turn it to be a blessing in disguise. I am forever grateful.

10. Thank You for the blessing of a spouse, I can certainly say that You consumed a great amount of time and bypass a lot of people to find this wonderful person for me, life has become a blessing in itself because I have the greatest spouse. Thank You so much.

11. What more can I do than to be thankful? If I could describe Your blessings and benevolence, I would say it’s mind-blowing, but even mind-blowing does not do justice in describing the many heart-melting things that You have done for me.

12. Father Lord, sometimes I can’t help but stand in awe of Your wonder, Your breathtaking miracles, the many blessings that I doubted that I could ever deserve, and the outworking of Your grace, I don’t deserve You Lord, thank You for seeing me through Your eyes of love and not giving up on me when I gave up on myself.

13. I have gratitude overload, if I write You a million poems or buy You a dozen flowers, it won’t still be enough. You are consistent in loading me with benefits and blessings. Saying thank You a million times will never be enough.

14. My life has not only gotten better with You in it, but I also stopped counting my blessings because I have lost count, I am in awe of what You have done. I am privileged to receive Your kindness and benevolence.

15. Thanks for how You came into my life and made a difference in my life, thanks so much for tipping the scales for me, You strengthened my feeble knees, then You blessed me with people, for all of these and more I say a big thank You.

16. My heart is inditing a good matter, praise is bubbling up on the inside, You have done right by me, You have given me double honor for my shame, I give You the whole of my heart because of Your help. You lavishly bless me. Thank You.

17. If I could say thank You in a million ways and styles I will say it, You deserve every “thank You” that I can scream, whisper, and sing. Your blessings in my life are just too much.

18. My heart is flooded with gratitude, what else can I do to express how I feel than to praise You. I will enter Your gates with thanksgiving and Your court with praise.

19. You are the God that never fails, from generation to generation You have remained faithful. I can depend and bank my life on You, there is no failure in Your scheme. Thanks for another blessing added. I am very grateful.

20. This day, I am grateful for the blessings of quality relationships, You have placed people in my life strategically to bless me and add value to my life. For the blessings of great friends, I say thank You. You have made my life richer and merrier.

21. If blessings were to be on merit, I would have stood no chance of receiving any from You. Sometimes, I am amused and I am left to wonder about what I did to deserve Your generosity and showers of blessings.

22. Thank You for Your kindness and graciousness. My blessings are immeasurable, still, You have not to stop blessing me.

23. God, all the things You’ve done have blown my mind, and the way You did them makes me wonder at the depth of Your wisdom, with all the mistakes and mess I’ve made of my life, with all the scars I’ve acquired through my disobedience You still find a way to carve out a masterpiece, oh Lord I am in awe of You.

24. When I count my blessings, I name them one by one, You have been so good to me I will not forget Your love and gift, You are my provider and Savior.

25. 25. Lord, I am grateful for the blessings of sound health, I am hale and hearty because You made it possible for me.

26. Lord, You are the source of my joy, the center of my peace, You are the sole indispensable factor in my life, without You, I certainly will fall apart, You are the glue that holds my soul together and You give meaning to my life. I am proud to call You Lord, I am blessed to know You.

27. It is amazing how You make me feel important out of the Nine billion people on the planet, it’s amazing to know that I am at the center of Your will and that You will not relent till Your love’s intent is accomplished in me. Thank You, LORD.

28. I can never thank You enough for the things You do for me. Blessings upon blessings and miracles upon miracles, while I was still counting the ones You’ve done, You keep adding to it. A thousand words are not enough to praise You.

29. Whenever people ask me what is my secret to unlimited blessings and success, I just look into the inner recess of my heart, where You dwell and then I smile. Thank You for everything.

30. You have done so much for me, I cannot tell it all. If I write You a whole book it still won’t be enough.

31. Thank You, God, for all the blessings You have bestowed upon me and my family to richly enjoy, I thank You for the joy You give us each day and for making our lives meaningful and worthwhile.

32. Thank You, God, for giving me another day, another testimony, another blessing and another privilege to worship You.

33. What is the right word to say with all of these things You have blessed me with? Saying thank You is too minute compared to all the blessings You bestowed upon me. Thank You, my Lord, You are the greatest.

34. You gave me more than I bargained for, You blew my imagination and left me with my mouth wide open. For the blessing of Your Son, I prostrate and hallow You.

35. I have fallen short of many things in life before I found Your mercy, ever since You smiled on me You have become my ever-reliable guiding light in the storm, Your counsel has made my life better. Thank You.

36. I may not be where I want to be, but with You, I can be certain my every step is ordered, and that You have positioned me at the receiving end of Your grace, there’s no other place I’d rather go. You are the source of my blessing.

37. Health is wealth is not an understatement but the truth of all ages. I am thankful to You because I am one of the richest people in the world, You gave me a blessing of sound health over the years, and You still ensure this blessing never stops. Thank You.

38. Oh, Lord, You are my lot, and my portion in the land of the living, I am contented with Your peace and joy, I am not asking for anything else, I just want to thank You for giving me Yourself without holding anything back.

39. Every disappointment has turned into a blessing for me, even amidst my trials. I will thank You.

40. Of truth, You are the giver of gifts, the best present is not the one with the most expensive price tag but it is the one from You. Every good and perfect gift comes from God alone. Thank You for giving me the perfect gift that everyone desires to have.

41. It is painful that there are just 24 hours in a day because using the whole of the day to thank You for Your numerous blessings to me cannot ever be enough. I am very grateful to You.

42. If I pick flowers in the garden and deliver them, it will not be very effective. My praise goes on and on.

43. Your goodness in my life gives me strength and succor, it gives me the ability to dive through life because I am assured that I am never alone. Thanks for the blessedness of Your love, it is an honor knowing You.

44. Dear God, I just want to thank You for my life, the greatest blessing that I could have.

45. I will praise You at all times and sing Your love for mercy and joy.

46. I will sing of Your goodness forever, for numerous blessings, and gifts of men. I adore You.

47. Thank You, Lord, for the fruit of the womb, You gave me out of Your goodly heritage, a child. my family and I sing Your praises. Thank You for this blessing that can never be bought.

48. Thank You, Lord, for the blessings of a spouse. You made my life better than I could imagine.

49. Who is like unto thee? You are tirelessly blessing me. How will I praise You? Thank You, Lord.

50. Thank You Lord for my blessings, pressed down and shaken together. I can’t stop counting.

51. Your blessing has left me teary-eyed and speechless. Thank You, God.

52. Thank You, Lord, for mercies. If I was to pay to access Your blessings, I would have experienced a financial shipwreck. I am grateful.

53. God, I thank You for Your blessings even for the ones I have not seen. Thank You.

54. I will offer the sacrifice of my lip continually. Thank You for Your unlimited love.

55. I will give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, He is worthy of my praise and my thanksgiving.

56. For the dews of heaven, for the fruits of the earth, for the blessings of the field and for wealth without worries, I say thank You. My heart is full of thanksgiving.

57. My cup runs overflow and my barn is full. Thank You, Lord, for abundance. I am full of thanks.

58. I thank You, God, upon every remembrance of my life. I won’t be where I am without You.

59. Heavenly Father, I am humbled by the blessing of promotion. I doubt my strength could have brought me this far. Thank You.

60. Children are the heritage of the Lord. I thank You for blessing me with Your heritage. Thank You, Lord.

Thankful Quotes To God For Another Blessing

Blessings are God-given, it’s unmerited favor, sometimes you don’t have to do anything to receive a blessing from Him, it just comes to you. “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy”, but aside from mercy it cannot be earned and received.

Thanking God for His blessings is a strong and potent factor in inciting and paving the way for another blessing till there is an avalanche of blessings that your barns can not contain. If are you in a dire need of a blessing then here then read on.

While you are in the hallway and expecting God to show up, or you want to thank Him for another blessing that He just brought your way, get busy in thanksgiving with these thankful quotes to God for another blessing.

61. Thank You, Lord, for Your promises and Your blessings. I believe Your word even more in the coming days.

62. Although my eyes can’t see, my heart holds fast to Your promises, and I lean on Your faithfulness and Your ability to keep Your word, I will still believe everything that You have spoken to me. I thank You, God.

63. I won’t wait till I see answers to thank You. I know blessings are on the way, and I’m a miracle waiting to happen, Thank You, Lord.

64. My life is full of Your blessings, what more can I say than to thank You. Thank You, Lord.

65. God, I thank You for another blessed day full of love, joy, and happiness.

66. Thank You, Lord, for another day. A privilege to be alive and breathe through my nostrils.

67. I am thankful, while I am still counting the blessings of the Lord, You added another one to the list of my blessings. I am honored, thank You, Lord.

68. Thank You, God, for adding to my family. We are thankful for this bundle of joy. We are grateful.

69. For a new year added to me, I say thank You. I am grateful. You are God, You are not just big but You are a great God.

70. For my shame, I have received a double blessing, thank You for newness.

71. I go to bed every night with no assurance of the next day but You kept me alive. Thanks for another blessing.

72. I have little hope left in me, but I will hold onto You and awaits my blessing. Thank You in advance.

73. Day by day, new mercies I see. Thank You for a truckload of blessing.

74. I thank You, Lord, for a new year and another privilege to set things right. Thank You.

75. For new opportunities at work, I thank You. Of a truth, You are a miracle-working God, forever faithful to Your own.

76. I will not be dismayed and troubled by the things around me, I will thank You and receive my blessings.

77. For the salvation, which You wrought for me on the cross, which I see playing out each and every day, for the rod and the staff, in every instruction and leading of Your Spirit, in every dealing and chastening of my soul for my good. I say a big Thank You.

78. While I already gave up on myself, You perfected my healing and brought newness of life to my bones. Thank You, Lord.

79. Thank You, Lord, for our new house, we thought it won’t happen this year but You surprised us and blessed us again. We are thankful.

80. Anytime I see another breaking of the day I say thank You Lord for a new blessing.

81. To the mighty one, who doesn’t stop blessing me and lifting me up, I am grateful. Thank You, Lord.

82. Your blessings are not hard to come by, I will not wait till when I have it all figured out. I thank You, Lord.

83. Receive my praise Lord, with my whole life will I praise You for Your great interest in my life.

84. Sometimes, I just marvel at how much You have locked up inside You, waiting to be explored and unraveled, eternity will certainly never be enough, and though You dwell in a light unapproachable, thank You for the privilege to know the mysteries of Your person.

85. I won’t get tired of waiting on You, for I know all I need and hunger for is in You. Thank You in advance.

86. You are magnificent God, and You bless me according to Your intent more than I could ever ask or think. Thank You.

87. Your love has set me from evil, where would I be without Your mercy? My life is evidence of Your blessing.

88. You wrapped grace in Your Word and gave me insight into it. Thanks for the blessing of insight, now I am blessed.

89. For the gift of friends and family, I thank You. Life would be meaningless without them.

90. There is no perfect speech that can capture the expression welling inside my heart, You blessed me beyond measure, eternity will never be enough to tell how good You have proven Yourself, faithful God, I say thank You.

91. While I am still unwrapping the layers of presents called Your blessing, You extended another again. Thank You so much.

92. Who could have thought I would be favored like this? With all my foolishness and stubbornness in disobedience, Your love stood consistent to the end. Thank You, Abba.

93. You are ever committed to changing my life for good and bringing me into Your rest, my heart is full of praise for You

94. Waiting till thanksgiving day to thank You will only make me a fool, every day is full of a thousand reasons to thank You for.

95. I want to shout ‘thank You’ until it supersedes the worship of Angels. I am so blessed to know You are jealous of me.

96. I have made many mistakes that could end my life abruptly, yet You stood by me, stepped into the ring, and fought for me, I am immensely overwhelmed that You are jealous over me, Thank You, Lord, for the care.

97. A strand of my hair doesn’t fall without Your consent, You don’t even allow me to lose my properties. Thanks for saving me from disaster.

98. I thank You, God, for all the little things You have done in my life, as small as they might seem I couldn’t have accomplished a single one without You. I will shout Your praise on the rooftop and await the bigger ones to come.

99. Thank You, Lord, for teaching me how to make wealth, for the treasures in the dark places of the earth, for insights, new innovations, and ideas I say a very big thank You, You have made me a blessing to many generations.

100. After long years of waiting, You have rewarded me with an arrow from Your quiver, a goodly seed, a son of more than seven, You have prepared my womb for this, and because of this child, many will call me blessed amongst women. What other blessings can I ask You for? Thank You, Lord.

101. Before I knelt down to pray, answers are already on their way. Thank You for another blessing fetched on my knees.

102. You have done it again, I am the happiest person on Earth. Thanks for Your numerous blessings.

103. Thank You, Lord, for my parents, the blessing I can never buy with money. I am very grateful.

104. Thank You, Lord, for the many things in my life that my imperfection is not even aware of, thank You because You are at work in me both to will and to do of Your good pleasure. I might not see it yet, but You will show up on my account.

105. I recognize Lord that nothing in my life has to be coincidental or haphazard, I am forever grateful that You’re intentional about my life to bless me beyond my wildest imaginations.

106. For all I have accomplished in my life, I am grateful. It’s all due to Your blessings. Thank You, Lord

107. For the loving family, You surrounded me with, words are not enough to say thank You, a beautiful career with which to show You to the world. I cannot help but say thank You.

108. I am thankful Lord, You have proven time and time again that obedience is profitable, and that waiting will only weary the flesh, all that patience paid off Lord, Thank You for bringing me into Your rest.

109. Thank You Lord for the gift of change, for the gift and grace to grow, for adorning my age with wisdom, and for covering me with grace, I am not scared of facing the hurdles ahead, Your right hand is leading me all the way.

110. Today, I am grateful to God for opportunities to put food on my table again. Thank You, Lord.

111. I slept and woke up because You sustained me. For the gift of life that was the breath that You gave, I say thank You.

112. Thank You, Lord, for the many blessings of Your love, nobody loves like You. You have earned my love and deepest reverence, My heart is full of Thanksgiving.

113. Thank You, Lord, for teaching me Your ways, showing me the way to go and bringing light to my path. My life is full of Your goodness, thank You.

114. Those that know their God will be strong, and they’ll do exploit, for training my hands to do battle, for the many dividends of knowing You I say a big THANK YOU.

115. It’s amazing how easily I trivialize the fact that I never have to go the hospital, when You said “God does not fall sick, Your body is my eternal abode” I didn’t understand, thank You for divine health, for the soundness of my mind and the prosperity of my spirit. I am forever grateful.

116. You are my strength when I am weak, You preserved me when all hope was lost, when all the light went out, and I wrestled in the darkness, it was Your touch that quickened me, it was Your voice that led me home, such a blessing is far beyond me. I am forever grateful, Thank You.

117. Even if You chose not to bless me with anything aside from the blessings I already had, I will still thank You because You’ve given me Yourself, and all that pertains to You. I am Your betrothed and all that is Yours is mine. Thank You, my Lord.

118. Who am I, how come Your mind is so full of me? Right Before I call, You already have the answers waiting for me. My heart just can’t praise You enough, I am full of Thanksgiving. Thank You, Lord.

119. You have caused all blessings to abound towards me when I was least expecting them, You are my standby and provider, and because of You, I have sufficiency in all things. What more can I say than to thank You for being my El Shaddai.

120. You’ve always been behind the scene, working out all the events for my God, so that in the end I will arrive at the very place that You have purposed for me. For all these and many more, I say Thank You, Lord.

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