100 Graceful Prayers for Strength during Difficult Times

Prayers for Strength during Difficult Times

It can be very disturbing and depressing when you go through difficult times. The truth is, difficult times will always be an element of life. It comes in different ways to different people, of which yours may be in your finance, marriage, academics, and career, or even if it’s the death of a loved one. In difficult times, like yours, prayers for strength during difficult times are a potent key to giving you the strength to overcome.

The Bible says, “…in the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”. This assures you that such times won’t last, but will you? How do you ensure you don’t get consumed at such times? Praying these prayers for strength during hard times will help you stay motivated in your difficulties, and ensure you ultimately win.

The secret of those who went through difficult times and came out successfully is in the bold step they took to pray some prayers of encouragement, an example is Paul, the apostle. Just as you’re going through those difficulties, others are going through theirs, but prayers such as these distinguish those who will overcome from the majority.

Take a deep breath as you scroll down to see these prayers for power during difficult times. I can perceive that you are so eager to start praying these prayers. Blessings!

Prayers for Strength during Difficult Times Quotes

It is very important to have it at the back of your mind that as a child of God, difficulties and trials work in you a far greater weight of glory. Everything works for your good as a child of God.

Understanding this is very important as it gives you the courage to affirm your victory in Christ with the quotes below, whenever you feel you’re drowning.

Without a doubt, these prayers for vigor during difficult times quotes are an ingredient in your affirmation. Saying them as part of your daily affirmations will keep you on track, ensuring you don’t get swayed into a worse state. Your victory is certain!

1. Heavenly Father, I’ve come to you today to help me. The times are difficult for me, I need you to help me, and give me the strength to keep standing through Jesus Christ your son.

2. Lord, your word says that I should proclaim that I’m strong in my weakness. I proclaim! Lord. Help my unbelief. Amen.

3. I’ll trust in you Lord because my help is from you. I’ll wait on you for my strength Oh Lord. Amen.

4. I will lift my eyes to you Lord in the day of my distress, and I will draw my strength from your throne of grace.

5. I believe! I believe in your word Jesus. I believe you died for my sake. I believe in the victory you won for me, and I bask in your victory. I declare that I am strong. Amen.

6. In the name of Jesus, I refuse to be swallowed up in this difficulty. I thank you father for you are strong when I am weak, therefore, I will rest in your strength.

7. My heart is troubled, and I admit that I’ve allowed fear in. therefore, Lord, I ask that you rain down your strength and give me the conviction to trust in you.

8. I repent of my fears and my agitations. I ask that you strengthen me with the courage to face every difficulty in my life by your Spirit.

9. I choose this day to allow your peace to guard my heart in my times of hurt and distress. I declare that I’ve got the strength of God working in my inner man.

10. Heavenly Father, I confess that I need your strength. My strength is failing Lord. Help me as I go through rough times.

11. Oh Lord, you own my heart and life, and I believe your word that says that everything works together for my good. I ask that you calm my heart and give me your strength to help me.

12. In my hard times, when problems upon problems strike, I’ll put my faith in you, Lord. I’ll focus on you forever. I decree that I’m strengthened. Amen.

13. Just now, Lord, I lay down my burdens at your feet. I refuse to carry them anymore. I receive your provision of strength for me now.

14. I have faith in you because I know my problems won’t get the best of me. I ask that as every problem fades away, you’ll give me peace and help me recover fully from the hurt. That you’ll help me taste your presence again.

15. Dear Lord, I hunger for you more than ever in this time of hardship. I’m almost falling. Help me by your Spirit to keep standing and trusting in you. Amen.

16. I need thee, oh Lord. Every passing hour, I need thee. I need your peace to rule over my troubled heart and comfort me. I am unable to go through all of these turmoils alone. Therefore I ask that you stay close to me.

17. Through all of these troubles, I’ll keep you at the center of my heart. I won’t stop trusting you Lord because my strength comes from you. Hallelujah!

18. I declare your faithfulness over my troubles. I declare that you’re able to save me to the uttermost. Therefore, I rest in your embrace as I receive your power to keep moving till I overcome all troubles.

19. Lord, your word says, ‘do not be anxious for anything, but by prayers, supplication and thanksgiving, make your request known…’ I believe it lord and ask for your help to scale through my hard times. Amen.

20. Lord, I ask that you guide me on my way. Help me in my trials as you stay close to me today.

Prayers for Strength and Courage in Difficult Times

The mighty men have fallen, and convictions are changing, yet you wonder why. That’s the direct result of those swallowed up in their moments of difficulty. Little wonder why the bible has instructed us as Christians to be strong in God, and not to rely on our strength because it can fail.

You need prayers for strength and courage in difficult times to sustain courage, and not fail.

As I said, everybody must experience some difficult times now or later. Why not take these prayers for strength during tough times seriously, and pray them earnestly? Be it financial difficulty, emotional or marital difficulty, these prayers will address them. They are tested and potent prayers to give you strength over hard circumstances.

21. I thank you Lord because you’re the God that never fails, all things are possible with you. Teach me to rely on you, help me to receive strength, and face all the troubles that seem to overcome me. Amen.

22. Jesus, you are the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I ask that you fight every circumstance that wants to take me far from you. I declare my faith in your word, I’m free! I am strengthened.

23. By the power in your name, I receive strength over every trial I’m facing. It won’t consume me. I’ll come out stronger and better, in Jesus’ name.

24. I come before your throne of grace, I obtain mercy this day, and I make a decree that my problems will surely pass. I stand on God’s word, and I speak to the issues of my life, cease! Amen.

25. Dearest God, my feet are failing, I can’t tell what’s going to happen in the next minute. I ask that you grant me sufficient grace to break through my hard times. Help me not to fail.

26. I am open to your help, Lord. I open myself to you. I don’t want to hide anymore. I’m weak, and I need your help. I ask that you hold my hand and walk me through this time. Amen.

27. Compassionate Jesus, I come to you today. I ask that you strengthen my heart. Just as you suffered shame and came out triumphantly, help me to come out of my problems triumphantly too. Amen.

28. I ask that you breathe upon me the breath of power. Help me to stay glued to you, and take strength. I receive your breath, in Jesus’ name.

29. I lift my eyes to you, Lord, touch me, and let virtues flow from you to me. Virtues of strength, virtues of vitality, and courage. Amen.

30. I worship you, Father. I thank you for your power that is at work in me, for your strength that is at work in my weak self. Thank you, Lord!

31. Balm of Gilead, I ask that you heal me, help me stand up to my problems, and conquer them. Do not let my lamp go out Lord. I believe in your power to keep and sustain. Hallelujah!

32. I’m weary and tired. Therefore, I come to you Lord, I ask that you keep me going. Take me and put me on your shoulders, lead me through this fire, and help me come out refined. Amen.

33. I will keep pursuing you Lord, even if I faint. I’ll pursue you because in you lies my strength. You are the strength of my life, and I’ll keep drawing from you.

34. Dearest Jesus, purify my heart of worries. Help me to see that you are working behind the scene, and trust in you for more strength. Amen.

35. Keep me standing, keep me standing Lord. Help me not to fall from your grace. Amen.

36. Lord, forgive me for being anxious. I ask that you help me stay strong in my trying times. Furnish me with strength. Amen.

37. I stand in awe of you Lord, I come before your throne. I pray that you give me a courageous heart, one that can stand and conquer in times of pain and trouble. I receive the heart. Amen.

38. To you be glory, Oh God. You have formed me and numbered my days, that is why I know that you’re watching over me, even in my hardest times. I ask that you keep me and hold my hands through it.

39. I’m broken and lack strength Lord. I need you, more than ever. Let my prayers rise to you, and bring me the ability to walk through my difficulties without hurt. Amen.

40. Shine upon me, shine your strength upon me, Lord.

Prayers for Family Peace and Strength

Is your family going through a hard time? Where it seems as though love is lacking… and bonds are breaking. I can almost visualize all the fears ravaging your heart, the uncertainties. You might be wondering if love can be restored and peace established. Certainly! It can. All of it is going to happen through your intercession for your family.

Compiled below are prayers for family peace and strength. These are very powerful prayers that will give you the strength to scale through this hard time and restore peace in your family. Continue reading to see the prayers for firmness during difficult times.

41. Heavenly Father, I come to you on behalf of my family. All that’s happening is breaking my heart. I’m crushed on all sides. I ask that you restore peace and love in my family. Help everyone to live accordingly, I ask in the precious name of Jesus.

42. I come before you lord, I ask for your peace in my family. I ask that you quench the rage of strife in my family, and establish your peace. Amen.

43. Guard my family against the deceptive plans of the devil. Help the members of my family to see the need to end the strife. Let your peace reign oh God!

44. I pray that you will restore the bonds in my family oh God. I know we have angered you by allowing strife but help us, lord. Help us to stay connected. Amen.

45. In Jesus’ name, I pray that the Holy Spirit will put love in the hearts of every person in my family.

46. Father, thank you for my family. Thank you because it is a family of God, but Lord, it’s malfunctioning. Therefore, I invite you Lord to take charge, to take full control, and revive my family, in Jesus’ name.

47. Lord, help my family to have a change of mind, and give us the strength to seek peace always

48. King of kings, we know your word says we will have great peace. We claim it and walk in love with my family. By the authority in your word, we bind the devil causing strife, in Jesus’ name.

49. Jesus! I thank you because you are the Prince of Peace. I come asking that you will descend and dwell in my family. Give us the heart to accommodate you. Amen.

50. I believe in you Lord, and I ask that you help our hearts to know your perfect peace, not as the world thinks and knows peace to be. That you will keep us from trouble and shield us from fear. Thank you for your care of my family.

51. Spirit of God, I ask that you will come into my family, and take control of our minds. Please Lord, compel us to love as it is in your will, and open our eyes to see the victory you’ve won for us over strife.

52. O’ Lord, help my family to make decisions that are in alignment with your desires. Help us to make a decision of peace, and strengthen us to abide by your truth.

53. Father, I pray for my family, that you will give us the resolve to keep the unit of your spirit, which is in the bond of love. Amen.

54. Great God, I come to you praying that you will fill my family with the strength to surrender our life and will to you so that you will give us life and peace.

55. Gracious God, please send to my family, your angel of peace, and save us from anxiety. Keep us, and help us to remember you in every circumstance. Help us to pray. Thank you, Lord.

56. I have come to you today Lord, I ask that you permit your peace to rule in my family. Give us the strength to yield to your Spirit always.

57. Lord, your word says, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God’. Therefore, help my family to be peacemakers. Amen.

58. Father, I pray for your strength to overcome the strife in my family. Send help to me, to be like Jesus and show love. Amen.

59. In the hardest times, I’ll run to you Lord, I pray you to furnish the hearts of everyone in my family to obey your word that says we should love one another, in the name of Jesus.

60. Cleanse our hearts and mind, help us to see one another the way you see us, and restore peace to my family.

Prayers for Someone Going Through a Hard Time

Just as Jesus prayed for Peter, you ought to follow in his steps by sending prayers of comfort to someone you know who is going through a hard time. Love is displayed when you’re not only thinking of yourself but others.

This collection contains prayers for someone going through a hard time. Don’t just confess love, act it by saying these prayers on behalf of that person.

We’ve been made to know that Jesus still intercedes on our behalf. Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to take a stand next to Jesus today as you intercede? I think the best way to make Jesus smile is through your intercession. Therefore, partner with him today as you pray these prayers for power during difficult times for that one who needs it.

61. Heavenly Father, thank you for your word that says that you have given us the power to come out of trials as gold. I pray for my friends and ask that you stand by them as they go through their refining moments.

62. Dear God, thank you for my friends. I pray that you watch over them by your Spirit. Protect and hold them by the hand as they experience the hard life.

63. I pray for my dear friends, that you Lord will create paths for them when all things are hard, and it seems there’s no way.

64. I commend my friends to you Lord, comfort them. I beg that you will bless them with the strength to break through their difficulties.

65. When my friends call on you, please Lord, answer them. Do not let them get weary and faint in their trying times.

66. Thank you, Lord, for my good friends. I ask that you fill their life with peace and satisfaction in them. Help them to drink from your cistern of strength

67. Just as you remembered Joseph, remember my friends. Cause your face to shine on them and help them heal through their pains.

68. I give all thanks to you Lord because of my friend. I trust that you are building them. Help them to stay and rely on you as they go through their building process. Help them to come out better.

69. Jesus, save my friends as you saved Peter. Cleanse them from any sin that has brought hard times into their lives, and give them the strength to not fail in the process.

70. Father, please keep watch over my friends. They are the apple of your eye. Help them to go through their hard times by your grace.

71. May your word live and bear the fruit of patience in the lives of my friends. Amen.

72. Almighty God, I put my friends in your care. I trust in your power to keep them. Help them to stay alive in you, and scale through difficult times.

73. Lord, send support to my friends. Bring cheer and happiness to their faces. Amen.

74. O’ Lord, keep my friends safe from the tricks of the devil to take them far from you.

75. Hallelujah! My friends are safe in your hand. Thank you Jesus because you’ll keep them

76. Lord, make my friends bold and courageous to face their hard times. Help them to come out as conquerors.

77. Lord Jesus, you told me to love my friends. Therefore, I pray that you help my friends know about your love, and help them stay strong knowing that I love them.

78. Heavenly Lord, fill my friends with your power. Help them to overcome whatever temptations that’ll come their way in their hard times.

79. Father, I bring my friends into your care. Uphold and feed them, take away sickness and poverty from their lives.

80. Jesus, give my friends strength for today and help them to trust in your power to save.

Short Prayers for Hard Times

Okay! Life will always happen, the good, the bad, and the ugly times will come, ‘but must I go through it? Must it be this hard?’ I see you when you say all of these. Firstly, I want you to know that there are times and seasons to all that happens.

God is not against you, that’s why he made provisions, just like these short prayers for hard times. God’s provisions are to help you stay at your best.

The following prayers for strength during difficult perods will position you to get God’s provision to help you stand, even in the most difficult situation. Ready to get yourself in a position for God’s help? Let’s dive in!

81. Lord, you are my provider. You can provide for the fish in the sea, and the birds in the air. I pray that you will provide all that I lack, that you will feed and keep me, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

82. Thank you, Lord, for sustenance. I pray that you will heal my wounds and give me strength over pains.

83. Dear God, help me as I go through this hard season of my life. Keep me as you walk with me on this journey to my shining.

84. I lay down all my burdens and care at your feet Lord, I come to terms that I can’t help myself. Please, help me, Lord. Help me to find rest and comfort in you.

85. Lord, you own my spirit. Revive my crushed spirit Lord. Anoint my spirit with the oil of gladness. Amen.

86. Father, I approach you this day. I ask that you will take rejection far from me. Bring me peace and healing.

87. Thank you, Lord, for the authority in your word. I take the advantage of that authority and I declare that I’m free from every turmoil, in the name of Jesus.

88. I believe it’s in your will for me to enjoy the best life has to offer. Therefore, I claim my blessings. I call them forth. Amen.

89. I come against everything that’s delaying God’s blessing in my life.

90. By the Spirit of God, I position myself in the will of God, and I receive his favor.

91. Lord, my knees are weak, send your angels to my rescue. Help me from getting weary.

92. Dear Lord, I feel lost and broken. I am at the end of myself. Come to my aid O’ God. Do not let me be put to shame.

93. Help me to believe in your word again, and give me hope. Breathe your strength in me, Lord.

94. Lord, help me to trust you and not in my abilities. Save me from self-confidence, and help me in my hard times.

95. Give me strength in my weakness, Lord. Help me to experience your love in my downtimes. Amen.

96. O’ God, my refuge. I run into you today because your word says, ‘The name of the Lord is a strong tower, and the righteous runs into it and is saved’. Save me, Lord!

97. Lord, you have the greatest name in the universe. Help me to find peace in your name, and bring my problems to its knee by your name.

98. Creator of Heaven and the Earth, uphold my hands in this time. Don’t let me drown in my trials and troubles.

99. Christ Jesus, send your healing into my heart, cleanse my heart from anxiety, and cause me to rely on your potent name that can save.

100. Eternal Lord, protect me from trials that will take me from you. Cause my eyes to see your salvation. Amen.

Faithful is God who has called us unto himself, to fulfill his purpose. He’ll certainly not leave us behind in hard times because he’s the ever-present help in a time of need.

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