Stopping an Argument with Your Partner

Stopping an Argument with Your Partner: 8 Practical Tips

Breaking up is hard to do, so try not to do it. But if otherwise, make up after the arguments and show each other that the love is still there. Or just avoid the arguments altogether and enjoy a long, happy relationship without issues like infidelity, deception, or addiction. But first, before delving into the 8 practical tips for stopping an argument with your partner, find out what causes an argument between couples the most.

The 5 Most Common Things That Start An Argument

The 5 Most Common Things That Start An Argument

Whether you’re fighting through email or in person, we’ve narrowed down the top five reasons why couples (and friends) get in arguments despite loving each other dearly:

1. Ignoring important details: Nobody wants to feel like they’re not being heard. They prefer to be listened to by the ones they love, especially when they’re talking about things that are important to them. Someone who’s getting ignored can become angry quickly and that’s never good if you’re trying to stop a verbal altercation.

2. Using one-size-fits-all words: The words you use when talking to your partner are important because they communicate how you feel inside. So, try to be honest at all times. And once you establish that honesty, stop using words like “never” and “always” because they paint a false picture of the other side in your own favor. Not cool.

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3. Completely disengaging: They say walking away can help defuse a tense situation and that’s true most of the time. However, it can also be hurtful if it’s done in the wrong way. Partners who walk away too soon may even be accused of stonewalling or gaslighting the other person. That’s not fair and it’s counterproductive to the conversation too.

4. Mocking the other person: Ridiculing, insulting, or insulting your partner will never stop an argument, nor will it win you brownie points with them later on. And while you may feel justified out of hurt sometimes, being reactive instead of proactive is a huge mistake. Plus, you usually don’t even mean what you say anyway.

5. Outright deception: People don’t like to be lied to or about. It can break up a happy home in a flash and tear down foundations that have been built for years. Trust takes a long time to establish but only moments to ruin. Therefore, it’s one of the biggest contributors to arguments between couples.

Poor communication is also a major culprit, but mostly because it causes unnecessary stress and confusion. So, learn how to talk to your partner or write loving letters to show them how you feel. And if you need more information about certain behavioral issues that may contribute to your fights, visit Mind-Diagnostics.

3 Simple Tips For Stopping An Argument with Your Partner

3 Simple Tips For Stopping An Argument with Your Partner


The cause is never as important as the solution. But the solution isn’t always as easy as it seems. Sometimes, it takes some heavy lifting. Other times, it only requires a few simple tips like these:

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1. Learn how to actively listen: Your partner probably just wants to feel heard. They don’t necessarily need you to agree with everything they say. They want to know you understand their position; they’re not always looking for solutions. Tenderly ask which type of friend they need at that moment to be more prepared to give them your good graces.

2. Practice patience and compassion: It can be extremely hurtful to someone if you get impatient with them. Everyone gets aggravated every now and then, but keep in mind that you’re speaking to someone you love. They expect you to be gentle and caring, not careless and irritated. Mind your manners and treat others how you would like to be treated.

3. Don’t use emotions as a weapon: Your feelings matter and they’re valid, but so are your partner’s. You should never use their emotions as a way to make them feel guilty or wrong. Validate their feelings with honest communication and openness, and then address the things you disagree with after they’ve calmed back down.

Arguments can get out of hand quickly if you don’t do something about them. So, don’t ignore the problem just because it’s a difficult one to face, and never let your anger make things worse if you can help it. Also, don’t be afraid to get counseling if you need it to prevent a breakup.

When To Get Relationship Counseling

Seek help from a relationship expert or couples therapist if your arguments become unusually frequent or severe. Additionally, remove yourself from any situation that’s detrimental to your mental health or potentially threatening to your physical wellbeing. Don’t be afraid to call for help if there’s abuse.

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The takeaway
You don’t have to let arguments get in the way of your sweet love. There are ways to recognize the signs before a fight starts, and you can also stop the dispute after it has already begun. Plus, mental health professionals are always around to help sort things out if you can’t do it on your own. So, be patient with one another and show compassion when times get tough. After all, that’s what love is all about.

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