80 Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in a Text to Make Him Smile

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in a Text to Make Him Smile

Ladies want their boyfriends to be more romantic. Start by melting his heart with our post on those meltingly sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text to make him smile paragraph, let the texts rush in, and make his heart melt like a marshmallow. I’m kidding. These texts are known to grow love in a relationship.

Since the beginning of time, women have been able to get away with some adorably devious requests by simply whispering some head-swelling, butterfly-swirly words to their boo. And it worked, most times. My point is if you don’t know how to get a guy to text you more often, this is the way.

Men have been known to be the one who pours out the compliments on demand and whenever the occasion presents itself. But when the tables are turned on them with the help of our post on those sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text to make him smile, it’ll turn them into a blushing puddle of romance.

Guys will not ever say it out loud but deep down inside them, they long for their ladies’ sweet words, praises, and appreciations. Not only does it make them feel more macho, but it also gets the ladies whatever they want…well, most of the time. Send him those sweet texts to make him miss you and you’ll see.

Sadly, we’re in a digital age and those sweet love notes hidden all around the house might not work so much since the world is walking with their heads down focused on their phone. The best way to make sure your boyfriend gets that sweet message is to send him a text.

Our post on those sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text to make him smile has been designed to make sure when utilized, you get whatever you want from him. I’m just kidding, but it will boost the sparks and the love in your relationship.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make His Heart Melt

You should never underestimate how much a person appreciates being appreciated. These cute things to say to your boyfriend to make his heart melt will certainly fulfill their purpose. Your boyfriend may even feel under-appreciated and the quotes and texts in this post will send the sparks flying.

Telling your boyfriend how you feel can sometimes be very difficult, trying to make it sound all cute and romantic can be even harder, this post on sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text to make him smile will drive your message home.

Create the sweetest atmosphere with this tailored post that brings an answer to that question you probably asked yourself before clicking this post, ‘what can I text a guy to make him smile?’ These realistic yet romantic answers have got you covered.

1. I don’t tell you this often but you are my best friend and I’m so glad to have you in my life

2. Babe, if the way you love me is any indication, I am looking forward to every second I spend with you.

3. I never imagined that one person would be so mindful of me, I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

4. I never thought I’d find your geeky self so attractive, but it is my favorite thing in the world right now.

5. You are amazing! I just wanted to let you know.

6. Hey babe. I love you. I would say it a thousand times for a thousand years and never get sick of it. My heart would never get sick of you.

7. I know I screamed at you angrily yesterday, but I wanted to let you know. I would go insane if you were not with me. Piss me off a thousand times, it’s still worth having you by my side.

8. Have I told you lately that my heart still does cartwheels when you walk into a room?

9. You have such a beautiful heart, my love, I feel honored to be so close to it.

10. Even though you have a knack for weird dance styles which I don’t fancy, I would join you on the dance floor to do them because you’re so much fun.

11. If had to pick between a pot of gold and you, I’d pick you. Then I’d go back for the pot of gold just because I want us to travel around the world.

12. I used to think love didn’t exist until you twirled into my life.

13. I have poured hot coffee on toast because I was staring at your gorgeousness. It’ll never get old.

14. I am totally in love with you babe, don’t ever forget it.

15. If you’re worried that I’ll leave you, ask yourself, can the sugar ant stay away from sugar?

16. The world used to be colorful to me before you came into my life, now all I see is HD. I don’t ever want to go back to those bland colors. You’re my clarity.

17. Love was a fairy tale to me that didn’t exist to me before I met you. Now, my life has become a love fest with you in it.

18. I might not be able to fly to the moon and back for you, but I can make a mean brunch feast just for you.

19. Honey, cupid’s arrow couldn’t make me love you more than I already do, I love you so much.

20. My heart is so full of love for you, only because of the love you have shown me.

Deep Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

One of the things that solidify a bond between two people is the depth of feelings, depth of experiences, and words between them. We have gathered those deep things to say to your boyfriend that is sure to deepen the bond between you both. These are the sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text to make him smile.

Some words can make us stop and think, and even sober us up. These deep words are written to appreciate your boyfriend in form of quotes to make him feel special, and mix in some of these deep things to say to your boyfriend and you can make him commit even more to you.

Not all of us are poets and can spontaneously speak those cute paragraphs to say to your boyfriend, they’re like magical words that make things more intense in the relationship. But if you’re looking for those quotes to make him think about you more look no further as these cute love messages will do the work for you.

21. Everyone is going to die one day, you’re the reason I don’t want that day to come anytime soon.

22. I’ve seen girls mindlessly falling head over heels over guys. I’m not head over heels in love with you. My mind is very much aware of all your strengths and weaknesses. Yet I can’t leave you, I think we’re just two souls who are lost and have found each other.

23. Life is viewed through perspectives. I accept you either with all of me. It doesn’t matter, as long as I have you.

24. It’s amazing how fast life moves on. I could never move on if anything happened to us. Not because I’m a creep, but I’ve found the other half of my soul. I could never move on if I lose such a big part of myself.

25. I’ve been through a lot but no one has ever taught me as many lessons as you have. Both good and bad. You’re not just a lover, but a friend, teacher, and mentor.

26. What would life be without you? I have stopped to think about it. But I cannot conclude. You stop and think about it.

27. I have handed over a portion of my heart to your care. But you’re going to have to work really hard to earn the rest of it.

28. I thought I was cold, incapable of compassion until I met you and began to burn with an unquenchable love.

29. Love is no longer a fantasy. It is a reality. It is our relationship.

30. I never knew I could love someone so much. Maybe I have read one too many romance novels but even that seems dull in comparison to the love I burn with for you.

31. You make me a happy person. That’s a lot considering what I’ve been through.

32. A lot of people say ‘I love everything about you’, they don’t mean it… It is because I love you that I will learn to love everything about you. Including the not-so-cool parts of you.

33. I won’t jump off a plane for you, I would think very smartly so we wouldn’t have to be faced with such a decision.

34. You’re my umbrella in a storm. I know you may not take care of every problem but it sure feels better when you are there.

35. Love is very deep, like an ocean, it is deeper than you know it to be. I would love to be deeper in love with you until we know what is at the bottom of that ocean.

36. You can’t fly, or paint, or do a lot of cool stuff I imagined my dream boyfriend would do, but your presence means so much to me.

37. I feel that we are in love. Not because you said it, but I watch you closely. Not like a creep either, but I have seen your actions speak louder than your words.

38. Every girl deserves a ‘YOU’ in their lives, as a brother/father/husband…whatever. You’re that awesome.

39. I love you, I more than love you. I love loving you.

40. It’s amazing how 5 years can pass by and it all feels so natural, not because we didn’t face challenges, but your perspective on life makes it a whole lot easier.

Texts to Make Him Laugh

Everyone needs some good old humor in their lives. You and your boyfriend need it too because humor, laughter, joy brightens faces, hearts, and homes. These complied texts to make him laugh will have him chuckling in no time.

Cheer him up with those texts to make him smile in the morning and he wouldn’t be able to get his mind off you. Here, we have awesome make him laugh quotes that can displace his broodiness and those awkward moments in a jiffy.

If you don’t know how to make a guy laugh really hard over text, chillax… you don’t have to. That’s why these texts to make him laugh are here just for you. These funny things to say to your boyfriend will not only brighten those gloomy times but also deepen intimacy.

41. You are one hot bag of ‘boyfriend’.

42. Have I told you that I love you lately? You probably have realized it with the creepy yet adorable stares I give you. I just can’t help it. 😉

43. The Boyfriend Corporation told me they’re out of boyfriends… Turns out they lied because I still managed to find you and keep you.

44. I know you can’t resist me. You’re lucky I feel the same way. 🙂

45. I’m awesome, I know. You’re awesome too. We make a pretty awesome team.

46. You help me achieve so many things my lazy self wouldn’t do alone. Love you.

47. Knock-knock. Who’s it? Me. Me who? Me-ow, boy you’re hot!

48. I am getting you a shirt that says “He’s mine, don’t even think about it”.

49. Babe, I think I might need a fire extinguisher because you + me=fire.

50. I heard it is National Boyfriend’s Day. I can’t wait till we celebrate National Husband’s Day. I know you just swallowed your tongue. Ha-ha.

51. You made the best decision ever when you chose me. Happy Anniversary.

52. I’m sorry. I’m just following the trail of smoke because someone is on fire. Oh looks like it was you because you are smoking hot.

53. I love hearing you snore at night. It reassures my heart that you didn’t walk out of a Greek art masterpiece.

54. You are my favorite music. Especially when you bring on the snores at night.

55. Don’t you find it strange sometimes that you ended up with such a beauty with a great sense of humor? Yeah, keep thinking about it cause it never gets old.

56. Love is not a fantasy, it’s not what I watch in the movies either, it’s you and me together. But a movie about our love wouldn’t be bad either.

57. You are so sarcastic. I love that about you. You challenge me to step up my game.

58. Being with you is like going to McDonald’s, I can’t stop that feeling. It’s just so exciting.

59. You still make my heart flutter and my knees weak. When you’re not pressing all my buttons and nerves.

60. You’re the coolest person I’ve ever been with.

Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in a Text

Guys aren’t the only ones who know how to be romantic. Ladies! Get your notebooks and let’s learn the art of putting together those romantic things to say to your boyfriend in a text. Use these texts to turn the tables around with our post on romantic things to say to your boyfriend in a text.

These sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text to make him smile will have him blushing and wondering when you got so romantic. They keep his mind on you and make him more passionate about you. They’re sweet, they’re short and they are very effective.

61. Love wasn’t real to me until you showed me that it was in the sweet way you love you.

62. I love you so much, you’re the rhythm to my heartbeat.

63. I never want to have to let you go. You’re the most lovable person I know.

64. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me after McDonald’s.

65. Meeting you was the best gift the universe could send me.

66. Life is a dull grey until you walk into the room. You’re my HD color.

67. You are so worth it. All the challenges, everything, you’re worth it.

68. My heart is yours.

69. You are my love, you are the reason I love.

70. I wish that I could freeze the time every time you look into my eyes and tell me you love me.

71. You are everything to me.

72. Your heartbeat is my favorite beat.

73. You are what I think of in those dark moments, and like a light in the dark, the thought of you chases the darkness away.

74. You are the main character in my dreams. I’m lucky it is the same in reality.

75. Words cannot accurately describe how much you mean to me.

76. My heart still skips a beat when I see you.

77. You walking into a room will never get old.

78. I still pinch myself to prove that you are real. You’re way better than I imagined.

79. No one is perfect but you are pretty close.

80. You holding on to me is the best part of my day.

I hope our post on “sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text to make him smile” has helped you to know how to navigate, build new relationships and groom old ones, and that you now have more insight as to how to love by letting your man know you appreciate him and can also be a romantic.

If you liked this post or if you felt it has helped you, you can comment about what you thought about the post and how it helped you. You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships.

Be happy and spread love.

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