Super Flirty: The 10 Second Text that will Make Him Smile for Hours

The 10 Second Text that will Make Him Smile for Hours

Having a relationship is good, but keeping the relationship is much better. Quite a numbers of people lose their good relationships because of the lack of techniques to keep their mates with them. Nothing works without making a deliberate effort to get it working. A relationship requires certain inputs from both parties to get it functioning. One of the ways to get your guy excited about you is by using the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours – Be That Girl!

Sending an exciting message is one of the perfect ways of expressing your feelings to your partner through words as it helps to show him how much you’re fond of Him. When you love a man, you will seek ways to make a man smile. it’s important to communicate your love expressively. The 10 second text that will make him smile for hours will make him know how much you are in love with him.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together in a relationship or marriage, it’s important to learn how to keep it fresh and new every morning. What you used to do before you tie the knot must continue, to keep the knot tied. When you introduce the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours, you will help to remind your mate how you started your love affairs.

Nothing is too small to communicate love and affection to the person you truly love with all your heart. No matter how little it is, just look for a way of communicating your love to your mate. The 10 second text that will make him smile for hours has been made available for you to help keep the wheel of your relationship running. You can’t wait to take a look at it.

The 10 Second Text that Will Make Him Cry

Sometimes, whenever we hear of cry, what often comes to mind is a negative thing. Not all tears are instigated by pains or agonizing experiences, some tears are inspired by the surprises and wonderful mind-blowing experiences. You can make your man cry for joy by sending the 10 second text that will make him cry for joy.

It’s important to learn how to apply creativity in all you do. Love is not boring when creativity is engaged. The 10 second text that will him smile for hours is a creative way to keep your love-life appealing and attractive.

1. I didn’t know the true meaning of love until you came into my life. You’re a true definition of love and peace.

2. My life won’t be perfect without you in it. Sleeping and waking up with you make me feel like I’m in a paradise. There can never be a better paradise than you. You’re the real paradise.

3. My love for you is inexpressible because I have not felt this way for anyone. I will always love you because my feelings for you transcends fading, it will last till eternity.

4. You made me the happiest woman on earth when you came into my life. The light came into my world and I’m forever grateful for your stay in my life.

5. I will shower you with all the love and care you will ever need and I will always be right there by your side when you need me. You’ll always have the warmth of my affection all over you. You’ll never be deprived of it for one day. I love you.

6. I recognize that having you was the best thing that has ever happened to me, I will pamper you like a baby and treat you like a king. You have all of my cares all the time

7. I’ll not stop loving you even when it seems difficult. I love you affectionately and sincerely, and my heart beats for you and leaps for joy at the thought of you. My heartbeat is all about you, I can’t think a second without you in my picture.

8. I’m determined to spend the rest of my life with you because I belong to you, and life will not make any meaning without you. I love you with all my heart.

9. Thinking of a future with you makes me wish I could make the hand of the clock tick faster. I can’t wait for the future where we will always be together, have our kids, and do all the amazing things we have always dreamed of in life.

10. I don’t know what I did precisely to deserve your inexhaustible love you show towards me, but I am grateful that you came in my way. You are my light and inspiration every single day.

11. For the rest of my life on earth, I will love you like no other. If possible when we get to the other side of life. Until the end of my days, my heart will beat for you as fresh as when it began. Your love will be hotter in my heart by the day.

12. Your voice is very desirable to my soul. I want to hear it every day of my life because of the joy it gives. I love to hold your hands when we speak because it brings comforts to me. The warmth of your love heals faster than medicine.

13. I can’t survive a second without the thought of you being there for me. I am preparing myself to be the best you’ll ever desire. You make me feel on the top of the world whenever I’m with you. You’re Indispensable my King!

14. With the whole of my spirit, soul, and body, I love you completely. I’ll be with you at every given privilege because I find fulfillment around you. I love you wholly and without reservation.

15. Whenever I remember your laughter and your smile, it’s as if butterflies are sent down my stomach. I love you like no others. I can’t start the day without hearing your voice, neither can I end my day until I have heard your voice.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in a Text to Make Him Smile

The relationship with the right person is sweet. There is nothing compare to it. The thoughts of being with the right person can inspire sweet texts to make him chase you.

A relationship thrives when both partners learn how to appreciate each other. As a woman, it’s important to schedule a time when you reach out to your man through the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours.

16. Honey, how are you doing today? I cannot just stay too long on work without thinking of you. The best space in my heart is reserved purely to love on you and appreciate you for all that you are to me.

17. Reminiscing on every moment spent with you makes me feel elated all the time. There’s never a time I don’t feel the warmth of your embrace. You’re the best.

18. I just can’t risk you finding someone much better than I am. May you never find anyone who will love you better than I do because nothing can exhaust the love I have for you in my heart throughout the lifetime.

19. You have demonstrated to me how amazing it is to love and be loved. The care you lavish on me compares to nothing in the world. I’m blessed to have you.

20. My love for you is exceedingly stronger than what you know. You’re always with me because each time my heart beats, I’m reminded you are always with me.

21. Baby, I’ll do everything for you because you deserve all my affection. I can sacrifice my comfort to make you pleased. I love you forever.

22. You constantly tell me how gorgeous I am, you may not understand how much that implies to me. I adore you with all of me, my sugar.

23. Whenever I see you, I do realize that love is as a wind we can feel it but can’t discern it. Now that you are in my life, I don’t want ever to lose you for any reason in the world.

24. I consider myself to be the most fortunate woman in the whole world to have owned your heart. I love you like no other.

25. You make me feel nice about myself, this is the reason I always want to be around you. You’re so sweet to my soul.

26. In my weakest moments, you know the right words and the pacifying things to do that will lighten my mood. You are just too sweet. I love you, dearest.

27. I constantly want to be all over you because my life would be empty without you. I am fortunate to have you in my life. Whenever I see you, the most handsome person in the world is who I see.

28. I’m obsessed with you and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you in my life. I want to be in your arms forever because I find ecstasy there.

29. You make me feel comfortable and secured with you. I can be vulnerable around you because of the sense of security you instill. Only you understand my shortcomings and my flaws.

30. The extra mile you have gone to make me yours has established your love in my heart permanently. I will go to any length in making you happy.

Long Text Messages for Him to Make Him Smile

Just as you can send a short and exciting text to make him smile, so you can send long text messages for him to make him smile endlessly. Long text messages require some time and creativity to put them together. But there is nothing you do to express your love to your man that isn’t worth it.

The 10 second text that will make him smile for hours is very good and effective to spice up your love experience. But it is also important to engage the long text messages for him to make him smile without cessation.

31. Dearest, I delight to bring to your notice of how endless my love for you is. Your love in my heart is deeper than the deepest ocean and higher than the highest heights. In short, it cannot be fathomed.

32. Whenever we are together, I do feel the world is spinning much swiftly than usual. You are the sweetness my life needs daily, and your happiness gives me a life fulfillment that is not obtainable elsewhere. You’re all I desire in life, and nothing is strong enough to come in between us.

33. You’re so unique in the things you do, the way you call my name, and hold me tightly. You have convinced me beyond a reasonable doubt that you are the man of my dreams. Missing you is always regular even when you are right in front of me. Life is good but I won’t be perfect without you. I love you.

34. Hey, baby, I need to hear your voice every second. I can’t stop thinking about you at the slightest opportunity. I feel like I’m in paradise whenever you pour out your love for me. You make me feel like the queen that I am, and I am grateful for the love you shower on me.

35. Many ladies desire you but could not have you. They only have you in their dreams. It’s such a privilege that I have you in my life. I often do feel that the heavens had mercy on me and sent you my way. A future without you is not bright, and I am ready to journey into that future with you.

36. Honey, I can never be tired of loving you for who you are. I cannot love you enough. Loving you is my primary assignment. I consider you as more important than everything in this world.

37. You have demonstrated to me how love should be, and I am grateful to God for making that a possibility. When I am with you, all my worries go away, and my heart rejoices. I love you exceedingly because you are my dream come true.

38. You remain my king and my champion whom I cherish. Your flaws are very exciting to me. You have won my heart without stress, and I know that you are intelligent enough to handle my heart with so much care and caution. I love you with all of my beings.

39. I’m so excited about you and I can’t wait to be all yours. I want to be the woman of your dreams, the one you can’t wait to make your wife and the mother of your kids. This is a major goal I crave to achieve. You are everything to me, I am improving on myself to be the best for you.

40. The light of my world and the crown of my head, I appreciate and cherish you from now and forever. My love for you is denser than blood. It is hotter than a furnace, no one can quench it.

41. Some lovers are fair-weathered. They only love when things are fine, but when there is a decline, they take off. I have proven beyond doubt that you’re far better than such. You’ve loved me in a good and also in difficult times. You’re the real man of my dreams.

42. Your love is so real and authentic. You don’t write me off and judge me for my weaknesses. You rather stayed and embraced me into your loving arms and showered me with pure and unconditional love. Your love in my heart is deeper than the ocean. You have given me the sweetest devotion. I love you, my baby

43. You are a healer and medicine to my heart. My once burdened heart became overwhelmed with joy and ecstasy the moment you walked into my heart. You wiped off every sadness in my heart and replaced it with love. You leave me with no option but to fall deeply in love with you, dearest sweetheart of my life.

44. The way you love me recklessly is so exciting. I was once scared to love until I met you. There is no regret of any sort. Loving you is the real blessings of the heavens to my life.

45. Despite my weakness, you opened your heart to me and showed me love in all your ways. Your impact on my life is countless. I love you!

Texts to Make Him Smile in the Morning

There is nothing as exciting as waking up to the sweet messages of your lover. It’s important to learn how to give your lover texts to make him smile in the morning. Surprise packages make a romantic relationship very exciting. Your soulmate needs your text messages to wake up in the morning and you should be there to send such messages.

It doesn’t take a too long time to structure a soul captivating message to give your darling a wake-up call from the bed. The 10 second text to make him smile for hours will not only make him smile, but also make his day.

46. Hey, honey, good morning to you. I hope you had a sweet dream? I guess you saw me in your dreams, caressing you all over! Smiles!

47. Just to bring to your notice. I had a sweet dream about you last night. I can’t wait to set my eyes on you today. Have a romantic day!

48. Taking a walk to shower this morning, I wish you were there to help me have a warm bath. My head is filled with such an imagination. Love you, darling!

49. Good morning my honey, I’m currently dressing up now. I can’t wait to have you take off all of these dresses with your romantic fingers. Have a romance-filled day!

50. I hope your morning workout wasn’t as stressful as it was last time. Good morning and enjoy your day.

51. I’m so eager to see you, my darling. Even though I deeply miss you right now, I’ll wait to see you tonight. Good morning sweetest!.

52. It’s my utmost desire to offer you breakfast this morning but since I’m not there, my text message will have to do it on my behalf. Be reminded, I love you!

53. I seem to hate it, waking up with you on my mind, but not in my bed. The imagination is exciting and yet disturbing. Anyway, good morning honey!

54. I cannot understand satisfaction until I have all of you with me. I want a feel of you on my body. Good morning, my essence!

55. You will not understand the depth of my love for you until I move in with you. Darling, you’re my world!

56. How long can I sleep without having you in my mind! You feature in all of my dreams. Good morning!

57. You’re the best any lady could ever have. I cannot imagine not ending with you! I love you, darling!

58. It’s getting interesting thinking of every moment we have spent together. Having you in my world is my greatest goal! Have a blast, darling!

59. Shout out to my king and lover! I can see you woke up great this morning thinking of me. I’m just saying good morning to you.

60. Honey, what if I told you I was pregnant for you in my dream and woke up to find it true! Smile! Good morning, my addiction!

Text to Make Him Smile at Work

A man must work. There is dignity in labor. A man who doesn’t work doesn’t deserve a woman. Reaching out to your man with a text to make him smile at work will increase his energy level and productivity. how to make a guy laugh really hard over text is by going out of your way to reaching out to him through a text.

Have a good day at work text for him can make him leap for joy amidst the stressful day. Beyond the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours, you can also construct quotes to make him laugh as drafted below for you.

61. I appreciate such a diligent man that you are. I acknowledge everything you’re doing to put food on our table. Thank you, honey.

62. Your attitude to work has strengthened my sense of security in you. The level of diligence you deploy at work is amazing. Thank you for all you do, I love you!

63. I know you’re busy at work right away. I just care to know how are you doing over there. Cheer, dearest!

64. I guess you might be tired at work right. Be rest assured that a deep romance awaits you at home. Love you, baby!

65. Baby, don’t you think you need a vacation from all the work you do. When you come home to me tonight, and I’ll give you a feel of paradise.

66. I love the fact that you are working hard, but I love it, even more, when you play hard. I will offer a hard play tonight, dearest

67. I think about you all through the day and sleep next to you all through the night. It’s such a remarkable experience!

68. I have never had enough time to show you how much I love you, but when you come home tonight, I’ll try to demonstrate it to you better than before.

69. The best part of my life is you. I wish I had you close to me all the time. I can’t wait to see you after work.

70. It’s quite frustrating finding it hard to find the right words to express the depth of my love for you. You mean everything to me.

71. Every spare time you have at work, that’s the moment I want to seize to express my love for you.

72. The most important moment of my day is the one I spend time with you. Sitting next to you, makes me feel worthwhile.

73. The thought of you has filled my heart all day, but you are not here. All I can say from afar is that I love you.

74. Without you, my royalty is not complete. Truly, I’m a princess, but I will be without a crown without you. You are my completion!

75. I’m overwhelmed and drown in your love, come home soon and rescue me, my sweetness, and my king.

76. You are so industrious my darling, you’re doing so much to take care of me. I never knew I will find a man as lovely as you are, even though, it’s been my dream. I love you, darling.

77. Love was one of those things I never understood. Your presence in my life has shown me what it means to be loved. I’m yours forever.

78. Several people have crossed my path and shown me love. I never knew I was missing, until I found you. You’re the best, dearest.

79. Honey, guess what? I have a request! Please ensure you don’t entertain any lady at your place of work today. Smile! That’s how much I’m jealous of you.

80. My sugar, come home. I reserve a special gift for you. Don’t think you know it. Just come home! I love you, dearest.

Texts to Make Him Smile Long Distance

A man will never let go of whatever or whoever interests him. Every man loves to keep whatever makes him happy. How to best keep your man is to learn how to instigate excitement in him. It’s important to know what to text your boyfriend to drive the wheel of your relationship. A lady should learn how to send texts to make him smile long distance.

You may start with the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours, but don’t stop there. Send quotes to make him feel special also. You will never lose anyone who feels special around you. Busy boyfriend long distance can be brought very close if you can apply the techniques of texts appropriately and constantly.

81. Baby, everything I was looking for was put together and wrapped up in you. When I met you, you gave me joy I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

82. Being with you is a dream come true. Living with you by my side forever is a long time desire I cannot wait to see come to pass. My candlelight, I cherish you.

83. You are the most loving person I have ever met, and you have made my life much better in countless ways. I couldn’t imagine my life without you around and all over me.

84. Nobody has a love-strength that can take your place in my heart; you’re the only one who can do what you are doing to me. You are all I need in my life and destiny.

85. I feel loved whenever you call me and get me involved in your daily adventure in life. I’m so privileged to be part of your life. I patiently await the day I will share in those experiences tangibly. There is no one like you, my world.

86. I’m looking forward to that wonderful day that I will get to share life with you without interruption. You are my desires all day, darling.

87. Everything you do is acknowledged and appreciated. You make me feel relevant and needed. I cherish you so much, darling!

88. Every relationship is ordained to be tested by time. I’m so happy to see that our relationship is standing the test of time. We’ve come a long way and nothing can break us. Thanks for loving me wholeheartedly.

89. I don’t think living longer is possible without you. I want to be held close to your side all the time. I’m missing your loving embrace right away.

90. I wish that you were here right by me. I don’t need to see it in the dream to know that you love me. Be rest assured that I love you in the same manner. I’m yours forever.

91. I have missed everything you represent to me. Every part of you is desirable. Rush home right away, baby.

92. Baby, you cannot get used to me. I’m becoming creative for you to make you freshly see the love. Come home, take kisses.

93. Whenever I’m with you, I feel so safe and secure, and it gives me a sense of specialty. I’m the most blessed woman among women.

94. Since the first day that we began our love-life, I knew you were the right man for me. I miss being with you. Your presence is heavens to me.

95. My one and only, you don’t want to keep missing me sing for you. You need to rush home to have a feel of it. Your honey awaits your arrival. I love you dearly.

96. Lately, I have been dreaming of you frequently. I feel you have been having the same experience. Why not come home to concrete our dreams?

97. You are a man who lives at a long distance but yet very close. You are nearer to me than my eyelids. I love you more than life.

98. The amazing things about you are scarcely seen elsewhere. I’m here to stay with you regardless of how distant you are from me. We’re beyond separation!

99. Your love resonates very deep in my heart, I know you are mine and nothing can take me from you. We’re for each other for life.

100. I will woo you home my baby, no matter what it requires. I’m ready to spend and be spent for you. My king, you’re so special.

To cap it all, Love and relationship don’t work by accident, intentionality is required to keep the wheel of your relationship alive. Whatever you don’t keep, you lose it. Whatever you don’t nurture, will rupture.

The 10 second text that will make him smile for hours has been made available to keep your relationship alive. Be kind enough to share with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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