Valentine Messages For Kids

100 Trending Valentine’s Messages For Kids (2022)

Valentine’s day is an annual festival to celebrate love, friendships, and relationships. It is often chosen as a perfect day to express love and show our commitment to our lovers and friends. However, our kids should not be left out in the reception of love no matter how young they are, show them they matter by sending them these Valentine’s messages for kids.

While you are racking your head about the perfect present to give to your husband or wife, or you are fantasizing about the date and the perfect word to say to your spouse to make the day romantic and full of laughter, be sure not to leave out your kids by sending them valentine’s messages for kids as wishes and quotes that remind them of how much you love them.

Valentine’s messages for kids help you to express your love and care to your kids beyond paying off their school fees and providing their basic needs. Showing them you love them with every opportunity you’ve got, will not only build their self-esteem but it will also make them feel positive about themselves and relate with their peers in that same manner. You can write it is as a note or print it on a card to express how you feel about them and today is one of the perfect days to express your deep-seated affection for your kids.

It is good to buy them things but notes that if you buy them chocolates they will eat it just for days, if you buy them their favorite flavor of ice cream they will forget the taste in a few days, and if you buy them a teddy bear they will outgrow in a few years. So beyond all of these things emphasize how much you love them and it will be with them for a lifetime. Consider using these Valentine’s messages for kids as quotes and wishes to be added to their cards and watch them blush and go speechless.

Cute Valentine’s Messages For kids

The Valentine’s Messages For kids that you include in your children’s bags, or alongside the present, you wrapped for them on valentine’s day will blow their mind and leave them full of life. It will bring to their memories of how loving you are and how you have always been there for them since they were born, it is Valentine’s Day again, show your children how important they are with these cute valentine’s messages for kids.

1. We are so blessed to have a cute and amazing child like you. Your bright personality drives away gloominess and sorrows, you have given so much love and light to our family. We know that you won’t change or disappoint us. Happy valentine my dearest and darling.

2. Don’t ever have a reason to doubt our love for you, dear. The things we do for you are for you to become the best you can be. The scolding, instructions, and curfew are for your benefit. We love you.

3. I found something worth living for and spending my whole investment on, I found you. You are worth every sweat and every pain I experienced in the labor room. I believe in you, dear and I won’t stop regardless of anything. I love you, my baby.

4. I have come to realize that the richest people are not the ones that have enough wealth or the best of things, they are the ones that have found love. You are more important to me than the finest jewelry, a brand new car or anything that money can buy. You are my priority dear. Happy valentine to us.

5. You always remind me of my childhood and all the goodness attached to it. Enjoy this period of your life and I hope to make your childhood filled with goodness and joy without regrets and pain. I love you.

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6. Who would have called us a parent if you were not in our lives, your presence brings joy and love, you make being a parent worth it. We love you so much.

7. You amaze me with the new things you keep doing and the clever questions you ask. I have no doubt that your brilliance will bring to you many opportunities and accomplishments. Enjoy the day and may it be filled with warmth and happiness.

8. It is difficult to buy a valentine’s gift for a child who is an expression of love and who deserves everything great in this world. You are a blessing and inspiration, an example to many kids. I love you, Happy valentine.

9. What is more fascinating than returning home to meet you, and reading bedtime stories for you. I can’t get enough of you, you are my dream come true and a light in my darkness. I love you, my baby.

10. Whenever you feel weak or confused, be free to call on daddy and mommy and we will give you strength and direction. Our love for you is as deep as the ocean. It can never run dry.

11. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes dear, we will not push you away when you do such. We will teach you how to soar high and walk with your head high, we will do anything for you. We love you.

12. The magic you have brought into our lives is the most beautiful thing ever, always know you have a parent that you can rely on, we have your back and we will always give our support to your dreams in any way we can.

13. Happy valentine dear, you have been a loving and considerate child to us your parents. We are looking forward to seeing you reach every milestone of your lives. And know that we will always be there for you.

14. From the day you were born, we knew you were going to be an amazing kid, you are our delight and joy. It is beautiful to watch you sleep, you are serene and peaceful. Happy valentine.

15. You are the hope of our heart and a joy to our soul. Your presence in our lives makes us glow and we are happy to be your parents. Happy valentine to the sweetest kid in the world.

16. Eat too many sweets today, have too much ice cream if you can, play too many games and have the best time of your life. Happy Valentine.

17. Happy valentine dear, you are a source of joy and not of sorrows and disappointments. I love and admire your innocence. You are my blessing that outruns every materialistic possession that I have.

18. There is nothing in life you can do to me that is unforgivable, that is how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You fill my heart with all joy and warmth.

19. I will never regard you as a baby because you are more than that. You are full of wisdom and knowledge, Your curiosity shows you are an embodiment of knowledge. I have the full assurance that you will grow up to be a voice. You are special and unique. Cheers

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20. You are my dream come true, I knew God must have been thinking of how to bless and increase my joy, then He thought of you and sent you to me in the form of a child. You are simply amazing, happy valentine dear.

Happy Valentine’s Day For Kids

Valentine’s messages for kids help you to bring a smile to your kid’s face and convey your love to your kids. These wishes will stick to their minds and form a great part of their memories when they are grown. Your sweet valentine’s messages for kids will show them they are valued and cherished. Pick from any of these happy Valentine’s Day for kids quotes and light up their day.

21. Happy Valentine to my bundle of joy, you are a joy to the world and a wonder to behold, no matter where you go and how busy learning might be today, never forget that mom and dad you and you are very special to us.

22. What is more precious than you? You are a precious gift to us, dear, you are more to be treasured than gold and hold in high esteem than silver. There is no valentine without you because it was valentine that brought you to us, so it won’t be complete without you. Happy valentine’s princess.

23. May your day be filled with love and joy. I am sending you the sweetest chocolate in the world to let you know how sweet you are and how your life has added sweetness to us. You have made us proud in all ways. Happy Valentine my gift of sunshine.

24. I have made a drawing with your favorite crayon to tell you how special you are, but before you see the drawing, enjoy this note from us to know how amazing you are. Happy Valentine my little prince.

25. Happy Valentine’s Day cutie. You deserve more than a few notes, with each note stating your relevance. As a friend, as a daughter, as my confidante and as dad’s sweetheart. We love you, dear. We are proud to be your parents.

26. Valentine is about celebrating and expressing love, and today will not be complete and fulfilled without you my love, and me telling you how unique you are. Your presence in our lives has changed everything, you are a carrier of love. Happy Valentine.

27. I am sending you a lot of candy today, eat to your fill and share with your classmates and friends. This is what valentine is all about, sharing and spreading love. Happy valentine my happiness. I love you.

28. I am making a drawing in your honor with your favorite color, it might not be perfect as yours, because you are an amazing artist compared to myself. However, it reminds us of your presence and we are waiting till you come from school to us. Happy valentine.

29. No matter how engrossed I can be today, preparing for parties and hosting friends. I can never fail to wish you a happy valentine, you make me laugh with little efforts, you make me smile. Thanks, my beautiful one.

30. Chocolate is sweet, a million scoop of ice cream is sweeter but you are the sweetest of all. Happy valentine my amazing child.

31. Happy valentine my Angel, you are very important to me as your nursery rhyme is important to you. Thanks for blessing us with your love.

32. On this day, I want to appreciate you and tell you how amazing you are, you have made motherhood easy for me and you have shown me how important I am to you by your numerous letters and drawings. Happy Valentine’s day.

33. Happy Valentine dear, I would give you the universe if I have it, you deserve all the love you can get today. I am waiting for you to run to my arms and give me a warm hug. I love you, my baby.

34. You are the most adorable child I have ever met, and you are more adorable when you sing your nursery rhyme and move your body to the rhythm. I can’t have enough of you dear. Happy Valentine dear.

35. Happy Valentine dear, I am sending you a big teddy bear and whenever you hold the teddy bear just remember that I hold you dearly to my heart in like manner. I will protect and cherish you with all of my life.

36. On this day of celebration of love, I hope I can bring you joy and fulfillment just the way you have brought it to my life. You will forever be in my heart and I will always love you beyond the Valentine. Happy Valentine’s day.

37. You have made me proud in different ways, on this special day I want you to know that I am proud to call you my child, your love is forever in my heart and I am blessed of the Lord to have a child-like you. Happy Valentine.

38. Valentine is a day to express our love to someone special and someone who is dear to our heart. My dear, always remember you are my best friend, be rest assured that I will stand by you and with you in all phases of life. I cherish you so much. Happy Valentine to us.

39. I love you more than you could comprehend, I know there are times I scolded you because I was mad at you and your naughty attitude, I did it in a bid to make you get better than myself and that doesn’t change the fact that I love you. You are very dear to my heart. Happy Valentine.

40. Beyond the arithmetic and the music class, beyond your studies I want you to know that I care about every detail of your activities. Don’t ever have a cause to doubt that because I will always love you regardless of whatever happens. Happy valentine, my dear one.

Valentine’s Poems For Grandchildren

Valentine’s messages for kids (children and grandchildren) should not be limited to quotes and wishes alone, kids get tired of having the same thing over and over again. They want to try new things because to them variety is the spice of life.

Have you noticed how happy they are when they sing their nursery rhymes or a song on their favorite television channel? Do you know how they will feel if you write a poem in their card instead of the notes?

They will sing it as a song, and hum it at night. And whenever they do this they will think of you and smile. Writing a poem could be difficult since you might not be a poet, so we have drafted for you some valentine’s poems for grandchildren that you can use along the valentine’s messages for kids to make their day a memorable one.

41. I love you more than all the chocolate in the world
Come, ask me for anything and It will be yours
You are my little angel and love
I love you more as the day unfolds
Happy Valentine’s day to my grandchildren.

42. I will always be right there
Listening to you and lending my ears
When you have secrets you can’t bear
Just look within and know I am there
Happy Valentine’s day, my granddaughter

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43. I wish you are right here
I would hug you and tell you how much I care.
Hold on tightly to your teddy bear
And see how much I care
Happy Val, grandson.

44. I have no fear or doubt
That you will grow and make us proud
So, I will shout your name loud
While others will give you a bow.

45. God said ” I have a gift for you”
I thought it would be a tool
He looked down on me and hummed
And sent the gift “you”.

46. I have got some friends
Of each and every kind
A friend like you I have not found
Strong and intoxicating like wine
Steady and firm like the vine.
I love you, my grandchild.

47. I love you just the way you are
You make me smile as I can be
Nothing can be compared to your grin
So I will catch for you an electric fish

48. You know how to lighten my mood
And make me proud in the hood
I know you will glow and boom
Like a flower in the wood.
Grandma/ grandpa loves you.

49. Nothing in life can hurt you
Because I will always be watching over you
Don’t ask how I will see you
Just think of me and I will be with you.

50. I love you more than you can imagine
The bond is stronger than titanic
Even when you travel to Miami
I’ll still love you than you imagine.

51. You are sweeter than candy
Skillful, strong and handy
My love, on you I will lavish
Just like the way I do to your mommy and daddy.

52. Come, climb upon my knee
And let me watch you grin
Love and peace, your smile brings
Smile, smile for me baby.

53. Right from the start, you blew my heart away
I can’t wait to see you do that again
Come, set my heart ablaze
With your love again.

54. Rejoice and shout with laughter
For God has been gracious
It is another valentine
I love you, sunshine

55. You are my favorite flavor
I love you more than lemon
And the biggest size of a hotdog
You are my favorite flavor.

56. Now the Sun goes down
Into the valley beyond the palms
But my heart would not stop
Praying for my grandchild.

57. When you are alone
Thinking of our memories
Just look high above
And you will see how special you are.

58. You are sweeter than chocolate
Yummy than omelet
You are my sweetest girl.

59. If the world turns black
And the day goes dark
If the dog seriously bark
And my heart goes blank
I still love you the same.

60. You are beautiful and comely
Pretty just like your mommy
Sweet as honey
You shine bright like the star of the morning

Valentine’s Day Quotes For Grandchildren

Grandparents are a special part of every grandchildren’s life, their space is just irreplaceable. Grandchildren are assured of great fun, freedom, and pampering when they are with their grandparents. There is a unique bond between a grandparent and a grandchild and you will agree with me that in most cases this bond is unexplainable.

A grandchild treasures every spoken word by the grandparents and every presentation given by the grandparent. It is that time of the year again and amidst the cards and valentine’s messages for kids and wishes they will get, they are already thinking of the special quotes they will get from their grandparents.

Looking for cute valentine’s day quotes for grandkids? Surprise them above their expectations with these valentine’s day quotes for grandchildren to be used in a card or added as a note to their present.

61. What can be more comforting than to see you my grandchild laugh and play around? I love you dear, happy Valentine.

62. Just name anything you want in the world and be sure, you will get all of it. Happy Valentine’s Day to my cutest grandchild, you will grow to become someone of great impact. I love you.

63. What can make a grandparent happier than seeing you smile, doing your little funny acts and calling my name? All the things you do make you unique and special. You are one in a million. Happy Valentine’s day, adorable.

64. I have seen many amusing things in the world, I have lived life and I am now aged but there is something unique about how you make me laugh wholeheartedly. I am proud to be your grandparent. Happy Valentine to you, my champion.

65. On this occasion of Valentine, I want to thank you, my grandchild, for waiting on me to scoop your ice cream and candy. I know you would grow up to be someone with a large heart, accommodating people and caring about the need of others. Valentine would be incomplete without you.

66. You have grown from a cute little boy to a prince in shining armor. I thought it only existed in movies not until I saw you exhibit those traits. Your genes are filled with goodness and love for humanity regardless of their color, race, and background. I am proud of you.

67. We are always eager to hear your sweet angelic voice, nothing can be compared to it and the pleasures it brings to us when you call our names. It’s more satisfactory than all the things we have acquired for ourselves. Enjoy the day, happy Valentine.

68. We have always shared a special kind of bond since you were in your mother’s womb, I was filled with joy when I held you in my big hands and when you smiled at me. What else could have mattered? Happy valentine my favorite. I love you.

69. May your Valentine day be colorful like your crayons and sweet like your candy just like you are. There is none like you, never forget that. You make everywhere around you colorful. I love you, my dear grandchild. Enjoy your Valentine.

70. You are a special part of my life, words will never be enough to tell you how important you are to me. There is nothing more interesting to me than cooking your favorite meal and watching you eat the meal with joy and great delight. Happy valentine.

71. Wishing my loving and adorable grandchild a spectacular Valentine’s Day. Have fun, reach out to people who are in need and know that your granny is here thinking of you. I love you.

72. We have loved you from the minute we found out you were coming, as each day passes our love for you grows stronger and deeper. On this day, I want you to know we still feel that way about you. Happy Valentine’s Day our grandchild.

73. I know I am not going to be there with you today, but I want you to know that I will be watching over you and make sure you have just fun. Though I can’t see you, I know what you are going through, grandparents are like that, we have superpowers. Smiles. Happy Valentine’s Day.

74. Happy valentine my favorite, I wish I could find a card that could give you a big hug on my behalf, however, I will wait till you come visiting again. I owe you some valentine hugs and cuddle when next we see. Happy valentine my grandchild.

75. I don’t need to brag about how much you mean to me, you are very special to me and I hope you understand this and hold it dearly to your heart. Enjoy your sweet treats today. Happy valentine dear.

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76. Although I know you are already aware of how much I love you but I still want you to know that my love for you just grows and grows bigger. I love you this much. I hope your day is as special to you as you are to me.

77. No fairytale where every dream comes true could have made my dream of having an awesome grandchild like you come true. Thank you for filling our lives with love and happiness.
Happy valentine my grandchild.

78. Your memories are among the sweetest memories which we have kept dearly to our heart over the years, your tender hug and laughter are worth recalling all our lives. It is great to have you as our grandchild.

79. Thank you for listening to my stories and laughing at my old jokes. This is the perfect time to tell you how much you are loved and how much I want to see you come first in everything. Happy valentine dear.

80. I love your dad and mom and you are not left out. I love you also. My heart is filled with pride and joy when I think of you, my face glows with much brilliance when I see you. Happy valentine to you my dear.

Cute Kid Valentine Sayings

Time moves fast, there is always something to attend to and sometimes you don’t get home early enough to meet the kids awake or let alone tell them how amazing and special they are to you.

I know that feeling where it seems as though life moves with great speed and the hours in the day are barely enough for you, not to talk of hanging out with family especially your kids and telling them how much they mean to you. Hence, the need for these valentine’s messages for kids to make the moment count.

It is February 14, while thinking of the best present to give to your kids or what flavor of ice cream to buy to celebrate the day and also make up for those busy days you couldn’t spend with them, add these cute kid valentine sayings to make the day different for them and show them how much you love them. Check our extensive list of valentine’s messages for kids to share with your son or daughter.

81. Happy Valentine my adorable child, your awesomeness and brilliance are out-of-this-world. Your understanding is rare and I admire your courage. Enjoy the rest of today with your classmates and best friend in school.

82. I had a greater understanding of valentine when we gave birth to you because valentine is about true love and true love made more sense to us when you came into our lives. May you never lose your sweetness. Enjoy the valentine.

83. Since we gave birth to you, We had never regretted our decisions, you are our gift of sunshine and you light up our world. Do you know what we celebrate on Valentine’s Day? It is you, our love. Happy valentine.

84. Be bold, swallow your fears and face the world. Dream all you can and never lose your laughter, because we are solely behind you, supporting you on everything step you take. Have fun, today.

85. We are happy we get to celebrate valentine with you as a part of the family, we hope you have the best day today. You are the sweetest kid any parent can desire to have. Happy valentine to us.

86. Happy Valentine my sunshine, There are many words to describe your personality and how wonderful you are but there is just not enough space in this card to write it. Enjoy the day and make it an unforgettable and memorable one.

87. No amount of money can bring a smile to my face and warmth of love to my heart just like the way your thoughts do the magic to me, you know how to make me laugh till it hurts. Happy valentine my God’s gift.

88. It is impossible not to think of how blessed I am to have you as my child. May your day be filled with goodness and joy just like the way you have filled my heart. Happy valentine.

89. Valentine’s day is a special day to spend quality time and create memories with the special people in your lives, my dear child you are one of the special people in my life and one of the best things that have ever happened to me in my entire life. I love you, dear.

90. You deserve the best in life, You are so tender and special. Have a fun-filled day and enjoy today to the fullest.

91. Happy valentine my adorable, I can do anything for your smile because when I see you smiling, I feel the world is just perfect and fine, wear your smile always, it is your best accessory. You are beautiful

92. You might not know how lucky we consider ourselves to be because we are your parents, we are proud of you and we love you so much. What is better than having you around? Nothing, you are simply the best.

93. I loved you from the first time that the doctor announced that I was pregnant, I was always consumed with thoughts and imaginations of you in my arm. It is three years now and I still feel that same way about you. I love you my sunshine.

94. My love for you is not a love at first sight, it started since the day I accepted the proposal of your dad, I was always picturing what you will look like and how amazing you will be. Happy valentine, my love.

95. I can’t get enough ways to celebrate you on this occasion of valentine, you are amazing my darling daughter, you make our family more beautiful in your own little way. Happy valentine, my dear.

96. I love you, baby, even when I scold you and frown at your mischief it doesn’t negate the truth that I love you. Happy valentine.

97. From the day I held you in my arms at the hospital I knew my life was not going to be the same, the moment I looked upon you I forgot the pain I went through in the labor room, your presence fills my heart with love. You are my valentine. Happy valentine to us.

98. No matter how busy it might be today, never forget how special you are to us your parents. Our love for you transcends beyond today. We love you today and every other day.

99. I prefer to watch you play, eat and do all the things you do instead of scooping a million ice cream because you are my favorite flavor. You are my world dear. Happy valentine to us.

100. Happy valentine dear, I know you might forget the chocolates and candy that we bought for you today, but always remember that we care for you beyond your favorite flavor of ice cream and the teddy bear we got for you. I want this to be etched in your heart forever that we love you and you are dear to my heart, this will not change in years to come. Happy valentine.

I know these valentine’s messages for kids were useful and stirring. Go ahead and send it to your kids, your foster children, and grandchildren. Don’t forget to leave comments in the box below.

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