What a Woman Wants in a Man [30 Healthy Qualities]

What a Woman Wants in a Man

Just one look into his eyes and she’s lost. What is that or should I say what are those qualities/traits/characters that a woman so desires in a man. What comes to mind when we think of what a woman wants in a man?

We want many things, when one want is met, other springs up in its place affirming the fact that our wants are endless. Isn’t that sad? Yet, there must be some traits to look for in a man else there would be a high level of indecisiveness.

If you think of it, we all have our perceptions on what a woman wants in a man yet we must bring them together, at least the most common so you would know how to choose your ideal man, if you’re lucky, you would know how to choose the right guy between two or even more.

What a woman wants in a man is dependent on many things like background, parenting, nationality and so on but there are some things that every woman wants in a man which we are going to show you in this post.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but then beauty means different things to different people. If 10 women were given a quiz like “describe your ideal man”, you can be very sure 70% of their responses would be different because we all have different tastes. But with that, we are here to touch the 30% that would be identical in what a woman wants in a man.

What a Woman Wants in a Man Checklist

What a Woman Wants in a Man Checklist
What a Woman Wants in a Man Checklist

If you don’t know anything about women, know that every woman has a checklist. Yes, there is a checklist. She keeps it in her heart waiting for her perfect man to come along. This is why we have our “what a woman wants in a man checklist”.

Truth be told, the quickest way to know how to be the man she wants is to know what she wants and fulfill those needs. It’s not that hard. Women surely have that ideal man checklist somewhere inside even if they believe that he doesn’t exist.

That what a woman wants in a man checklist is just what you need to make your move on getting the woman of your dreams by being the man of hers. You simply just have to know what a woman wants in a man.

• Moral Soundness
You would agree with me that this is one important quality a man has to be on a woman’s checklist, a person with sound judgment and courtesy is a desirable person. This is not a rule but it is one of the most common qualities on the list.

People can also pretend to be good and courteous when they are the opposite of that but a morally sound man is always on the checklist of a woman. If you are wondering what a woman wants in a man, it’s going to be in line with this.

Life is not a “Grease” movie as loving a bad boy may not always end well although it does have its perks. Still, you don’t want to be with someone who insults elders or has some embarrassing immoral attitudes and habits. What a woman wants in a man checklist is safer with a morally sound or upright person.

• Intelligence
A romantic relationship does not need too many high – sounding standards. Though a lot of checklists have some “I want him to be tall and with blue eyes” on their list, this ‘what a woman wants in a man checklist’ is not dealing with physical attributes but attitudes and characters that some relationships lack, surprisingly.

A man that ends up on a woman’s checklist has to be intelligent, why? This is because women are very attracted to intelligent men. There is a point when being too intelligent or simply a smart-ass can be annoying, why? No one likes a smart-ass.

Sometimes, what a woman wants in a man is some good old clever wisdom if that exists. At least the average level of intelligence is needed for a relationship to be enjoyable. Witty playful banters and even arguments are interesting to engage in or even watch. It spices up a relationship and makes sure things are not boring.

• Communication
Communication is both ways, being able to listen attentively, and speak your mind and heart to your partner or spouse is gold. Most relationships neglect this key factor because sometimes, they don’t trust each other enough with the thoughts in their heart.

A woman longs for a man who can reason, speak, and understand because men most times are not patient enough to communicate successfully with their spouse, therefore they resort to intimate moments to express themselves physically. This doesn’t satisfy though as women are good at pouring out their hearts to their lover and desire a reciprocation.

This key trait is highly desired in a lot of checklists of what a woman wants in a man. A man who knows how to express his feelings, a man who knows how to approach misunderstandings and can talk things out with his partner is a man to be desired.

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• Sense of Humor
I do not like boredom and the truth is; no one likes being with a boring person. A person who brings laughter to a room is most times the center of attraction and people would want to be with such a person.

A lot of what a woman wants in a man checklist is known to have that humorous character in it because every woman wants a man who can bring a smile to her face without even bringing out elaborate plans but with just a phrase.

Again, this is not a rule for what must exist in a relationship but it is very important because the livelier and more exciting your relationship is, the better your love life would be. It is good to laugh and smile and enjoy life, with the right person.

• Kindness
Kindness is a virtue that can never be done away with. The world needs more kind hearts and if a woman is lucky enough to lay her hands on a kind man, she better keep him. What a woman wants in a man is kindness because sometimes, men can be hard or just unable to express that kind nature due to fear of being a softy.

Every woman desires to be with a kind man because no woman would like having her feelings and aspirations stepped on, tossed aside, or unrecognized. Kindness is very attractive and is high on that what a woman wants in a man checklist.

• Romance
As I always say, what is a relationship without romance? Friendship or as people call it, the friend zone! Friendship is good in a relationship and is important, but when it is just a friendship without romance? Where’s the fun in that?

That “what a woman wants in a man checklist” is not complete without romance. Romance is a flame in a relationship that should burn higher as time goes on, not the other way around.

What to Look For in a Man for Marriage

What to Look For in a Man for Marriage
What to Look For in a Man for Marriage

There are many adventures in life as we know; one of the longest rides you don’t get off is marriage. It is normal to hear things about marriage like; look well before you leap. You need to be sure of what to look for in a man for marriage as you can’t jump out of the boat once you’re in it.

Well, some people do, but there is no joy and satisfaction when that happens, it’s always better to know yourself before marriage and what you want to achieve. Marriage is not a Disney movie, if it wasn’t there wouldn’t so many wrecked homes.

This is why our post on what a woman wants in a man is so important. If men didn’t know what they needed to be like, and women didn’t know what they wanted, it would be chaos meaning there are things you need to understand about the qualities of a good partner in marriage.

We all know our parents even though they may not say it out loud, they are constantly wondering if we know how to choose the right man to marry, or how to choose the right woman to marry. They want us to be happy, and this is why our compilation of what we believe is very important to know when asking about what to look for in a man for marriage.

• Is he Faithful?
You might trust someone who is not worthy of your trust, but that doesn’t work out well when you want to get in the marriage boat. The truth is that what a woman wants in a man is trust, faithfulness. They don’t want a man who gives them heart palpitations for all the wrong reasons.

You must consider this trait closely when considering any man for marriage. Disappointment is not a good experience, a relationship that is not built on mutual trust is no relationship. Unfaithfulness or disloyalty is one of the qualities to avoid in a partner.

Proof of love is faithfulness, and it is also based on a foundation of values. What to look for in a man for marriage is not to be taken lightly as it is a life-long relationship.

• Is he Understanding
How can a man claim to love you if he can’t understand you? Understanding is an oil that brings an effortless touch to life and relationships. If you don’t know what a woman wants in a man still, just remember, every woman wants an understanding man who can relate and perceive things they don’t say aloud.

This is one of the most beautiful qualities to look for in a husband. Sometimes, you look at old couples and wonder how they are so calm with each other. It is as a result of years of learning to understand each other.

• Is he Sacrificial?
What to look for in a guy for marriage is ‘compromise’, otherwise known as ‘sacrifice’. Is he able to let go of things that are less important for the benefit of more important things?

Life is known for its unpredictability, even if you are well to do today, you cannot tell what life will throw at you. If you don’t have the right partner at your side, consider it as the toughest time of your life because your partner must be someone who can make sacrifices.

• Is he Emotionally Matured?
“Can you imagine that hot guy says he’s crazy about me?” Before running to your friends in excitement about the best thing that could’ve happened to you, take a moment and remember this, sometimes we get distracted by the shiny parts or the so-called good qualities in a boyfriend and we forget he isn’t perfect.

Immaturity can be hard to spot in a picture-perfect relationship sometimes when we look closer, we see signs that our beloved partner is not matured enough to handle the kind of relationship we are aiming for.

Make sure whoever makes you think of him as a potential spouse meaning he makes you think of church bells, is emotionally matured because marriage will test and put pressure on that aspect.

• Is he your best friend?
I don’t know what is better than getting married to your best friend, do you know? Being best friends with someone is being as comfortable as you can be, in your element, natural, real, and yet not be scared of judgment.

Marriage can sometimes be full of pretense because someone is trying to be what he/she is not, to impress. Marriage is a place where all gloves and masks should be off. If you can’t be yourself with someone you’re going to be with for life, why marry at all?

Make sure your list of what to look for in a life partner includes marrying your best friend because it is the best part and one of the most important in my opinion.

• Is he God-fearing?
As a Christian, I saved the best for last. You might want something so bad but that may not be what is in the books for you. God knows what is best for you, you have to trust Him to lead you to your soul-mate.

Is your potential spouse God-fearing? If he’s not, I can assure you, he is not the one. A man that fears God is wise, as “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” and no one wants to marry an unwise person.

Qualities of a Good Man in a Relationship

Qualities of a Good Man in a Relationship
Qualities of a Good Man in a Relationship

Every woman wants a good man, I mean who doesn’t? Every man wants to be a good man, maybe except for the bad boys who thrive on being bad and happen to be the desire of some other women like in the movie “Grease 2”.

But my point is, there are qualities of a good man in a relationship and you need to watch out for them. A good man is sometimes hard to find and it’s a bit sad, when you spot these qualities, hold unto him.

Here is our list on the qualities of a good man in a relationship you should watch out for in a man;

• He is attentive
It is easy to feel your partner doesn’t care when he doesn’t give you attention, even withholding the occasional compliment. This is why the qualities of a good man in a relationship must include an attentive partner.

The main reason for some girl fights in high school we can recall is trying to get the attention of the so-called “hottest guy in school”. This is why this quality is quite important. Envy is not far away when you have an inattentive partner.

• He is supportive
This beautiful trait is a must-have in the qualities of a good man in a relationship list. A man who can support his woman without the need to take the spotlight or put her down is like gold.

This is what every girl wants in a guy, the secret desire of every girl with a dream. In life, we can all feel hopeless without someone there to help us, support us, believe in us.

Encouragement, support, edification should never be absent in a relationship because they are important qualities of a good man in a relationship.

• He is gallant
A gentleman is rarely to be refused, well unless you’re the bad-boy-loving-type. No judgment here, love. A man that has dignity, worth, attentiveness to his woman is one that will be greatly desired.

The good news is that these qualities can be developed, no one is born with them. No matter the kind of mindset of a man, if it is not one that resists change and growth, it can be developed and more happy relationships will bloom.

• He has value
In our society today, looks and the shiny things people go for don’t matter as much as the value they expect to get from it. Light has dawned on many of us as we begin to stay close to anything that adds value to us.

The same goes for romantic relationships, we all desire valuable relationships, relationships that add to value to us are a must-have. If you are still curious about what a woman wants in a man, you have got one of it, value. A woman wants to get value for her time with a man.

It is not a good feeling to spend so much of your time (months, even years) with a man and at the end of it, you are drained with the knowledge that you have been cheated out of opportunities and value.

• He is open to communicate
Our lives revolve around communication. In a relationship, one thing in every list of qualities to look for in a man that women have kept somewhere unknown to men is the trait of being communicable.

A man must be able to express his feelings instead of letting them fester. He must be a good listener and must be willing to communicate. It’s not a palatable situation if, in a relationship, it takes an argument or a fight to get words out of your partner.

• He has passion
This last quality to be discussed on what a woman wants in a man is to be regarded highly. As a dear friend once told me, “any relationship that lacks passion is like a fading flower, it gets boring.”

A bond has to be strong for it to last, the same way passion which is a strong intense feeling has to be present in a relationship for it to last, that flame must burn and burn high.

Characteristics of a Man Who Loves You

Characteristics of a Man Who Loves You
Characteristics of a Man Who Loves You

“I love you” are three words people use carelessly for different purposes, to get in someone’s pants, to get back at someone, and the list goes on and on. But as we all know, actions speak louder than words, and you must be able to tell when a man is in love with you.

We have lovingly decided to tell you some of the characteristics of a man who loves you. If you have been confused because you feel he’s playing a game you don’t understand, look no further and x-ray him with this post.

We all know that what a woman wants in a man is summed up in the word “love”. Everyone needs to be loved, that is why we go out seeking that person and that is why it hurts so much when we lose the one we love. Find out if that man loves you today with our list on the characteristics of a man that loves you;

• He is protective
One sure way to tell if he loves you, “is he protective of you?” It means he cares a great deal about you and doesn’t want anything or anyone to harm you. He is mindful of what comes near you and what doesn’t.

He sometimes wants to always be around you because sometimes he’s scared of losing you. He can be aggressive to danger. Honestly, women sometimes want that alpha, macho part of a man to appear, protect her.

• He is selfless
A sign of ‘love’ of oftentimes is selflessness, he loses concern for himself as he begins to put you before himself at all times, well, except for when there is danger.

Love makes us put the one we love before ourselves, it makes us more compassionate, caring, it can be overwhelming. This is one of the main characteristics of a man who loves you, as everyone by default loves himself/herself before others.

• He is proud of you
A man that loves you is proud of you, he is ready to show you off, not like a trophy or achievement, but because he knows what is inside you and he believes others too should see it.

What a woman wants in a man is certainly not someone ashamed of her. She wants someone proud to show her to his friends and family, someone who can express why they appreciate and love her.

• He trusts you
How can a man love someone he doesn’t trust? He can’t, love is on a foundation of trust or it is not true love. Forget all the corny romance movies we’ve watched that told us otherwise, that’s why they are movies.

The characteristics of a man that loves you are that he trusts you. He can entrust things into your care, he believes in your ability. Why do I know so? It is because he wouldn’t love you if he couldn’t trust you with his heart.

• He’s not abusive in any way
This may touch some spots but a man that loves you WILL NOT abuse you. Abuse and love are two parallel lines that never meet. Abuse can never be a product of love, whether verbal abuse or physical or mental, whatever form it takes.

Love is gentle, kind, careful, and also truthful. But we cannot claim to love and be abusive. One major part of the characteristics of a man that loves you is that he is not and will not be abusive to you or anyone for that matter.

• He’s always interested in you
Love is amazing, in that you can be in love with one person for 50 years and not get tired of loving that person. Love never gets boring, love brings creativity and makes life colorful.

It is beautiful and it is one of the characteristics of a man that loves you. Life can get boring sometimes, but love doesn’t. Life can seek to dampen love, but love is a force that simply must win.

• He lives to make you happy
One beautiful sign of a man that loves you is that his concern, his joy is to make you happy. Love does not seek to make a person sad. What a woman wants in a man that makes her go on dates and go to the spa and do all sorts of stuff is happiness. To find a man that is willing to do anything to make you happy, you have found a man that loves you.

10 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man

10 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man
10 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man

We all have lists of everything from favorite cars, to favorite houses, to favorite places to go on a vacation. But one very important list that we don’t talk too much about until someone asks and then we begin to think, is the 10 things every woman wants in a man.

We decided to make it 10 because 10 is an awesome number, and as humans, we want so many things, but these 10 things every woman wants in a man are the necessary or the basic things or characteristics that every woman wants in a man.

• Admiration
A woman desires a man that admires her. Women love looking at their man from the side of their eyes and noting that his admiring eyes are looking right at her. No woman wants to be with a man who doesn’t think she deserves to be admired. Note that.

Everyone has that desire to be admired, it just happens that we seek that in relationships. And this is one of the top 10 things every woman wants in a man that you cannot ignore.

Not that women are creatures that cannot live without admiration but women are naturally designed in a way that brings admiration, and that sometimes, they want others to see what they already know, that they are ‘strong and awesome’.

• Attractiveness
Come on, one sure thing out of the 10 things every woman wants in a man is going to be someone they are attracted to. Like what is the point of being in a relationship with someone you are not attracted to. I honestly don’t know how you’re going to work it.

This can be tricky because attraction is not supposed to be all that makes a relationship move, it is simply an oil that makes it glide. If you are still wondering what a woman wants in man, know that she wants someone she’s attracted to.

If she’s not attracted to you, you are probably in the friend zone. It is funny but it is true, two people should not get married if they are not attracted to each other, so also in a relationship. That person just has to have the ability to give you good shivers.

• Humor
I always say that I love being around someone who makes me laugh, especially someone who makes me laugh till my ribs ache. But guess what? So does everyone, people love being around someone who makes them laugh, who makes them smile.

This is one important character in the 10 things every woman wants in a man. You want to be with someone you can have inside jokes with, smile at each other, break out in spontaneous laughter like I sometimes like to do.

• Motivation
If you are thinking of the 10 things every woman wants in a man, you cannot leave without adding motivation. Someone who motivates you is what we seek, when we don’t have them, we have to motivate ourselves.

If you are in a relationship and the person does not inspire you to be a better person, you should have a rethink of the purpose of that relationship. Can you guess what a woman wants in a man that makes them such an awesome team together? They motivate each other.

• Respect
You cannot love someone you don’t respect, and you are not going to sit and stay in a relationship with someone that does not respect you.

Respect, mutual respect is one of the layers of the foundation that makes a relationship stand strong. And it is going on our 10 things every woman wants in a man.

• Financial Responsibility
A financially irresponsible man is one that will bring sadness and frustration. No one likes being broke and no one will rejoice in the face of financial irresponsibility unless they don’t know what it means to be financially irresponsible.

It is a necessary part of the 10 things every woman wants in a man. Even if he isn’t rich, but he is responsible with what he has now and can manage it properly. He is better than the men who are rich and can’t manage their wealth.

I hope our post on “what a woman wants in a man” has helped you to know what women want and that you had some insight as to how to love by knowing what she wants. If you liked this post or if you felt it has helped you, you can comment on what you thought about the post and how it helped you. You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships.

Be happy and spread love. Thank you.

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  1. Wowww! This post hits the proverbial nail on the head, plus a lot of women honestly want a lot of the qualities mentioned in the post.

  2. What a beautiful and sweet article! I really found it interesting, educative, helpful and meaningful. Because it pointed out some areas which I didn’t have in mind as factors of what a woman could want from a man. So am happy to come across this article, and hoping to see more on the sides of “knowing who truly loves you and how to build a good relationship again with someone who has been emotionally down etc. Thanks!!!

  3. Hmmn….what is love without trust and what is marriage without loyalty.

    These two are great qualities on which great relationship are centred upon. Thanks for sharing.

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