Quotes About Being Happy With Yourself

72 Best Quotes About Being Happy With Yourself (2021)

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Quotes about being happy with yourself are here to give you back your power. Placing your happiness in another person’s hands can be quite dangerous as they are liable to become the controller of your emotions.

When you allow someone to be responsible for your happiness, it means you will not feel complete on your own. Whoever you give such power will control your sanity and peace of mind. What happens if they leave you or pass away, what happens to that joy?

If you are going through a break-up, mourning the loss of someone special in your life, or have been feeling out of touch with yourself and need a boost of confidence and clarity then these quotes about being happy with yourself will have you bouncing back in no time.

Self-love is a journey and you are taking a vital first step towards that goal by reading these quotes. With no further ado, let us dive into these quotes about being happy with yourself.

Happy and Contented Life Quotes

Happy and Contented Life Quotes
Happy and Contented Life Quotes

Quotes about being happy with yourself are very vital to each and every one of us because we are all subjected to rainy days.

As human beings traveling on this journey of life, especially with the geographical boundaries between borders and countries being significantly reduced by social media, we can often feel like we are not good enough.

You come in close contact with what appears to be the glamourous and glorious lives of others and begin to wonder where it all went wrong. You go through social media and begin to feel the seed of unhappiness taking root inside you and sprouting. Thus, one needs these happy and contented life quotes more than ever.

These happy and contented life quotes are here to remind you things are not always as they seem and no matter how still you think you are standing, you are actually in a constant state of motion; a constant state of progress.

Without further ado, let us dive into the following happy and contented life quotes.

1. Be content with all that you have whilst being excited about and working hard towards all that you are yet to have.

2. To be truly happy and content with your life, you must have a firm understanding of the fact that the very life you hate is what others wish to have more than anything in the world.

3. The key to being truly happy and content with your life is to realize that there exists no greater blessing a person can have other than a contented mind.

4. You will never be as content and happy as when you come to see that peace lies in understanding you were not placed on this earth to satisfy the expectations of other people, no matter who they may be.

5. Every morning that you wake, think of what an honor it is to be among the living and then begin your day with a grateful heart and an excited spirit open to the received blessings and favors. This is how you achieve true happiness and contentment.

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6. What is unhappiness but the weed that emerges in your life from wanting to be happier? True happiness and contentment stem from nothing other than being happy with what you have now.

7. You open the doors to limitless happiness and contentment when you understand the interesting thing about life is that it does not give you what you want but what you need at every given point in your life.

8. The secret to a rich and full life is learning to find happiness and contentment in all that you do.

9. The truth about wealth is that wealth is not characterized by having many wants, wealth is characterized by not having many needs.

10. True happiness and contentment are achieved through the comprehension that there exists no happier person than a truly thankful and content person.

11. No one will drag more disappointments to his or her grave than someone who always craves the approval and validation of others.

12. Someone else is happy and grateful with much less than you have.

13. True contentment and happiness lie in being who you truly are. This means that you must live a life devoid of any and all comparison nor competition with anybody else. By living your life holding on to these core values, you will earn the respect and adoration of everyone you come across in little to no time.

14. Contentment and happiness lie in having a firm understanding that not everyone will understand your journey, nor do they need to. True contentment and happiness emerge when you understand that the journey of your life is for you to pave on your own accord.

15. Raw happiness and contentment will be yours when you continue to practice the habit of not caring about what other people think of you. You must embrace your uniqueness and individuality and shine according to your own definition of light.

16. The moment you choose not to dim the voice of your intuition, true contentment, and happiness will be realized. This is because the person who only obeys all the time without question does not listen to the voice of his or herself.

17. To achieve true happiness and contentment, live your life according to one simple rule: accept yourself and love yourself as you were designed whilst understanding that you can be a better person than you were yesterday and working towards that effect.

18. True contentment and happiness can be found in the realization that the very moment you give up searching for approval, we earn respect.

Quotes About Being Happy With Yourself No Matter What

Quotes About Being Happy With Yourself No Matter What
Quotes About Being Happy With Yourself No Matter What

Quotes about being happy with yourself are as important as bathing, you need to read these quotes every day to reinforce your confidence and reaffirm your sense of self-worth.

If you have ever found yourself thinking such thoughts as “I just want to be happy with my life” or “Will I always be lonely and sad? then you know enough about depression and would greatly benefit from these quotes about being happy with yourself no matter what.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the following wonderful quotes about being happy with yourself no matter what.

19. To be imperfect is to be beautiful and it is better for you to be unique than for you to be anything else. People who try to fit in are absolutely boring and life is too short to live it as a boring person.

20. You can not change the person you are, you can only change what you do. So, begin each day by looking forward to bettering your actions.

21. Do not allow anyone’s words and actions to stain your mind the way dirty feet stain a home. They are not worthy to hold such a position in your life.

22. Do not live your life holding on to another person’s thoughts, beliefs, values, and behaviors. Live life according to your own beliefs.

23. You will be happy with yourself no matter what when you realize that you do not need acceptance or validation from others to be happy in life, you need acceptance and validation from yourself only.

24. Always say what you feel, how you feel it, and not what you think someone else needs to hear.

25. If God wanted you to be other than what you are, he would have made you other than what you are.

26. To apologize for saying how you feel is to apologize for the truth and you should never apologize for speaking the truth.

27. Considering that the majority of people in the world have poor taste, it is better not to try to go with public opinion and forge your own path.

28. Be who you are without explanation or inhibitions while holding on to the understanding that everyone else is already taken.

29. No matter what you think about yourself, there is something very special you bring to the table just by existing that no one else does.

30. The type of happiness that is derived solely from fulfilling your material desires can never be permanent or enduring.

Quotes About Being Yourself

Quotes About Being Yourself
Quotes About Being Yourself

Sometimes, the world may pull you in so many different directions that you fail to know where to fit in. Quotes about being happy with yourself are here to help you release the pressing anxiety that comes with trying to find yourself and establish your identity in this whirlwind of a world.

Rediscover and fall in love with your individuality by perusing these inspirational
quotes about being yourself.

31. Anyone who lives his or her life based on acquiescing to the wants and choices of others is one who lives a very depressed and dissatisfied life.

32. Always remember that there is a time limit to your existence on this earth. Therefore, do not waste as much as a second of your time living your life as someone you are not.

33. Never forget that you are the one who is responsible for the discovery of your self-worth; it is not the place of other people to validate your existence.

34. You will be an inmate in prison if you spend your life caring about what other people think about you.

35. Your individuality is a quality that is worthy of utmost celebration. Do not be embarrassed by the possession of a unique blueprint of your own.

36. You stop being worried about what other people think of you when you come to the realization that most people, in fact, rarely think of you in the negative ways you imagine.

37. The moment you accept yourself for who you truly are, others will begin to love you.

38. One of the bravest things you can ever do is to own the story of your life and love yourself through every chapter of that story. Rather than regret the choices you made and beat yourself up over them.

39. When you pave a path of your own, you will come across some people on your journey who might try to convince you your path is wrong. Do not pay them any mind. Forge ahead.

40. The only lasting way to be the most beautiful person in the world is to simply be yourself.

41. Never be afraid to have a different opinion from others. The fact is, every popular opinion today was once a different one yesterday.

42. To be outstanding in life, you must at every point be ready to bet on yourself and abilities. You do this by venturing, with confidence and trust in yourself, towards a path that other people are afraid to follow.

43. One who creates their own lane and sticks to it will come to find that there is no traffic. That means you will succeed faster with little competition when you forge a path for yourself and stick with it.

44. When you cease caring about making an impact in the world and, instead, shift that focus towards making the best effort daily, you will realize that you have in fact made an impact in the world.

True Happiness Quotes and Sayings

True Happiness Quotes and Sayings
True Happiness Quotes and Sayings

When you are in search of true happiness, you may turn to quotes about being happy with yourself as a compass to locate the elusive gem that is true self-love. This is a very healthy approach with lasting, positive effects.

If you are wondering how to achieve a state of permanent bliss then look no further. Here are some true happiness quotes and sayings to uncover the secrets on the most effective way to be happy with yourself.

45. The truth about happiness is that it does not come with feeling the need to show it off to the world. True happiness is humble in nature and does not gloat.

46. True happiness washes over you when you realize that not meeting the expectations that other people have set for you is not a mark of your failure. It is their mistake for expecting you to live your life for them instead of for you.

47. If you cannot sit for one hour without the need to click something or do something then you are addicted to stimulation and you can never be truly happy.

48. The key to unlocking the doors of happiness is none other than having a sincere appreciation and likeness for all that you have in your life, no matter how small others might think they are. Rather than pining after all you do not have with dissatisfaction and regret.

49. True happiness can be located by being able to find happiness in all the little everyday things. From sunlight streaming in through your window to a cup of hot tea in the morning, or even seeing flowers blooming around you.

50. Happiness is not a place you arrive in the future, it is a place you create for yourself today.

51. There will always be stress and frustrations in life; it is inevitable. True happiness requires possessing gratitude in those moments, regardless of the situation of things.

52. When all that you do, all that you think and all that you say are in complete unison, you will have achieved the greatest gift one can achieve in this world. A gift many searches for but are yet to find: true happiness.

53. True happiness is knowing and affirming that it is only you who wields the power to choose what you accept and what you let go of in life.

54. You must become a master of yourself and train your mind to see the beauty in all things around you. This is because true happiness in your life depends a great deal on the nature of your thoughts.

55. You are more than worthy of a life that makes you feel alive and fills you with undiluted joy and true happiness. You are worthy of it all and can achieve it if you work towards it today.

Inspirational Quotes About Being Yourself

Inspirational Quotes About Being Yourself
Inspirational Quotes About Being Yourself

Life is a journey filled with so many bumps and bruises, heartbreaks, and heartaches. Thus, these quotes about being happy with yourself can serve as a soothing balm to relieve you of your worries and doubts in such trying times.

The following inspirational quotes about being yourself are here to inspire originality and help you be yourself without apology.

So, without further ado, let us dive into these inspirational quotes about being yourself.

56. When you have the courage to live life unapologetically as yourself, you inspire others to find the courage to do the same.

57. Your job in this world is not for you to make everyone around you happy with the version of who they want you to be. Your job in this world is to be who you want to be.

58. Never tiptoe around the edges of who you want to be. Dive fully into who you are.

59. When you come upon the realization that it requires way too much energy and pretense to go about living your life like someone else, you will understand it is better to let go of such a disastrously heavy burden and be who you truly are.

60. The greatest accomplishment you can have can not possibly be measured by accolades nor can it possibly be measured by wealth. The greatest accomplishment you can have is measured by none other than the level of your ability to be yourself in a world that never stops trying to make you look like, talk like, act like and think like someone else.

61. To be your truest self, you must do your very best not to live your life as a mirror person who treats people the way they are treated, whether it be good or bad.

62. To be your truest self, you should become the embodiment of a torchlight. That is a person who illuminates everyone around them with radiance, warmth, guidance, and light.

63. To realize true happiness, you must hold on to the understanding that you will fail to see the true worth of yourself if you measure your self worth by what you have. To realize true happiness, you must hold on to the understanding that your self worth is only measured by what you have done.

64. To be your truest self, you should always say what you feel because the people who are worthy will not be bothered and the people who are bothered are not worthy.

65. To be your truest self and find lasting happiness you must remember this quote: You may admire your parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, friends, mentors, and the likes; and hold them at high esteem. But you must not become them. That is to say, you must forge your own path in life.

66. Never forget for a single moment that you are unlike anybody else, you are special and unique. With this in mind, you will achieve the ability to be yourself every passing day.

67. The first day of your life is not, in fact, the day you come into this world. No, the first day of your life is the day you make the decision to live your life according to your own beliefs, values, passion, and rules.

68. To be your truest self, you must realize a very vital fact of life. And that is none other than the fact that it is not what you have that makes people around you look up to you. Rather, it is what you do that makes people around you look up to you.

69. You become nothing short of your truest self when you realize that before you can make a difference in the world, you must first be different from the rest of the world.

70. The closest thing to perfection is happiness and happiness emerges from being your truest self.

71. Nothing imprisons a person’s freedom and compromises growth and imprisons peace of mind more than conformity does. So, be unapologetically true to your unique identity.

72. Your goal in life should not be to make yourself common amongst the common people, your goal in life should be to make yourself uncommon amongst the uncommon people.

There you have it, 72 Quotes about being happy with yourself to uplift your spirits. Read more if you’re looking for professional help to lift your spirits.

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