What are the Chances of Having Twins if it Runs in Your Family: 7 Proven Tips

Every home’s joy is that bundle of cuteness we call a baby. It takes devotion, responsibility, strength, versatility, and tenacity to raise one. What if you had to deal with two instead, at the same time? Twins are so much work and take twice the attention. Have you ever wondered though, what are the chances of having twins if it runs in your family?

Some couples deliver twins unexpectedly, it could have been a one-time occurrence in their family, but consider, does it occur often in your bloodline or family history? Do you want to know how to get pregnant with twins? Or your concern is how to figure out chances of having twins. Then keep on reading.

Many rumors and speculations have come and gone about this subject and sometimes they want to even know how to calculate my chances of having twins. But what increases your chance of having twins? It will also be discussed in this post.

Pro Tips: What are the Chances of Having Twins if it Runs in Your Family

Pro Tips - What are the Chances of Having Twins if it Runs in Your Family


While some people feel twins are so much work, some are actively searching for it. Yet, this post will give you some pro tips: what are the chances of having twins if it runs in your family.

If it runs in your family, it already places a probability that it could also happen to you. But before you get excited and begin to buy pairs of baby clothes and other stuff, you should ask yourself, which parent carries the gene for twins? This is because you must identify what are the chances of having twins if it runs in your family.

1. The Twin Gene: The twin gene medically known as ‘hyper-ovulation’ is the increased chance of releasing more than one egg during the ovulation process in a woman which when fertilized results in fraternal or dizygotic twins.

This is not the same as identical twin births which are much rarer than fraternal births. Identical twins are formed when one fertilized egg splits into two, they have the same DNA and outer looks.

This reveals the fact that the twin gene which is a genetic trait that is passed down lineages, is more active in a woman than in a man. So for those wondering do twins come from Mom or Dad? There, you have your answer, though it sounds relative, it is simple, the husband may have the genetic trait and you don’t.

It increases your chances of having fraternal twins when you’re a woman that has the trait because you have the ovaries but your husband doesn’t.

2. Family History: If your family has a history of having twins, it in a way increases your chances of also having twins. We all know heredity is a strong factor in things that run in families, therefore, if you want to know how to have twins naturally, you should consider a serious look into your family history.

Genetic research carried out in recent times has shown that people whose mothers or sisters have had fraternal twin births would also have a likelihood of having twins. This is because the twin gene could most likely have been passed on to them.

Do Twins run in the family? Of course, it can because it is a transferable genetic trait. If it doesn’t run in your family, it is a different case. What are the chances of having twins if it runs in your family on both sides? A very high chance it is.

Calculate my Chances of Having Twins

Calculate my Chances of Having Twins

Would you have thought I could calculate my chances of having twins some 20, 25 years back, thanks to growth in genetics and science, now we can. It is like trying to find out what are the chances of having twins if it runs in your family.

We have some helpful tips that could help you find out how to get pregnant with twins

by calculating your chances.

3. Ethnicity: Did you know that South-West Nigeria had the highest rates of twin births in the world at the time of an analysis carried out in 2008? This is because of the kind of food they ate, this is just a hypothesis that has a measure of truth in it. They ate lots of yams which is an honorable traditional food (which according to science has a natural phytoestrogen which stimulates multiple births).

According to research, African or black-American women have the highest chance of having twin births, while Asian Americans and Native Americans have the lowest twin births. With this estimation, you should be able to tell how high your chances are, although there are still other ways to increase the odds for those with low rates.

4. Weight: Women who have a high BMI (Body Mass Index), which is usually above 30 have a high rate of conceiving twins stated a 2005 study in the U.S. This does not mean that one should begin to stock up unnecessarily to deliver twins.

5. Fertility Treatments: The chances are if you have or are currently having fertility treatments, you can have twins because of advancements in science, medicine, and technology. There are fertility pills for twins that could be recommended by the doctor which would work.

How to Know if You will Have Twins in the Future

How to Know if You will Have Twins in the Future

We cannot predict what the future will hold for us but we can speculate to guide our actions and mistakes. One of these is to know how to know if you will have twins in the future, you can speculate on this and maybe we’d receive a special double surprise at birth.

6. Maternal Age: This is great news to those who are over 30 or in their 40s, as Mayo Clinic confirmed that women who have gone past their prime birthing age (sorry for that expression) which is usually around the age of 35 to over 40 have an increased chance of having twins. This is wonderful as older women have increased chances of having twins after 35.

The hormonal changes the body needs to have as the woman approaches menopause can cause the body to release more than one egg at a time at ovulation which can bring about a fraternal twin birth or even more. Women in this age range can even have triplets or more.

7. Previous Pregnancies: A woman who has also had previous pregnancies has a higher chance of conceiving twins. This might be because she has grown older with each birth, but the factor that she has had previous occurrences of fertilized eggs which resulted in a baby, the body may not find it difficult to now release two at a time, and voila!

For those wondering how to release 2 eggs during ovulation naturally, it is not in your control. If it is going to be natural, then it may not be in your control, your body genetics and other factors mentioned would have to align to produce the expected result.

Some Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

If My Dad is a Twin What are My Chances of Having Twins?

If My Dad is a Twin What are My Chances of Having Twins?

A lot of traits are passed through genetic lineage and the chances of having twins usually lay in this path also. This helps those who desire to know if my dad is a twin what are my chances of having twins. If you are also asked the question what increases your chance of having twins? You can continue reading.

What if my dad is a twin what are my chances of having twins, this can be answered straight and direct. The twin gene usually lies with the female (as she is the carrier of the egg), in both the maternal and paternal sides of the family as it passes down through heredity, it follows the women in the family.

Although the ‘twin gene’ which is another expression for the hyper-ovulation trait has also been proven that males can also carry this gene especially if they were twins. This means that if a dad has this genetic trait if he has daughters it can be passed across also.

This reinforces what are the chances of having twins if it runs in your family, a high likelihood since it is a recurring factor in your family.

Some other questions concerning this subject are in your heart which we have answered to make sure you are well enlightened on the subject, continue reading and have your speculations cleared up.

Do Twins Skip a Generation? Here’s A Simple Plain English Answer

Do Twins Skip a Generation

Some might wonder if it is true the question others ask that do twins skip a generation in a family? It is not accurate although it does seem like it, a couple may have twins now and the next set of twins that are born in that family is about 3 generations later.

This was explained above as if a parent that has the twin gene by inheritance cannot find a means which is usually a female child who can receive this inherited trait, the twinning family heritage pauses until it finds one.

It is not a mystical event that twins skip a generation as they do not skip generations, the pattern is majorly determined by whether the child that inherits the gene that carries the hyper-ovulation gene is male or female.

Chances of Having Twins if Husband is a Twin

Chances of Having Twins if Husband is a Twin

Our issues are entirely different, while some are trying to stop having children, some are trying to find a way to have more (at once if possible also). We don’t judge but if you’re searching for your chances of having twins if husband is a twin, you’ve come to the right place.

If your husband is a twin, it might not increase your chances of having twins as he might be carrying the hyper-ovulation gene but he cannot transfer it to you through intercourse. He can only transfer it to his children (who would have twins if they were daughters)

So, the likelihood of you having twins because your husband is a twin when you do not have a history of twins in your side of the family is low.

Who Determines Twins Mother or Father

Who Determines Twins Mother or Father

Research conducted by geneticists in 2011 showed that the hyper-ovulation gene can be passed down a family tree (to both male and female children), but until it finds a female with ovaries that can use this trait, as men don’t ovulate, it will remain silent.

Therefore, it is the mother who determines the birth of twins as she has the ovaries that can split after fertilization, or she is capable of releasing two or more eggs for fertilization at once.

I hope our post on “What are the chances of having twins if it runs in your family: 7 Proven Tips” has helped you to know what your chances are in having multiple conceptions and deliveries.

If you felt it has helped you, kindly share your thoughts about this important topic and how it helped you. You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships.

Be happy and spread love. Thank you.

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