150 Thoughtful Good Morning Messages to Text Someone Special

Thoughtful Good Morning Messages

Mornings can be so hectic, with the hustle and bustle of life’s activities, we do not even have the time to smile when we wake in the mornings. Instead, we’re grumpy and stumbling out of bed half asleep. Here is why our thoughtful good morning messages can help get you through the day with a smile on your face.

We do not even take the time to think about what we want our loved one thinking about throughout the day when you’re not there. But our thoughtful good morning messages are sure to do it. It takes a conscious effort to do this like dropping these little notes around the house to surprise them.

Show your love to your darling with these thoughtful good morning messages for her or thoughtful good morning messages for him. Start your day with this, make it a habit and watch your love blossom.

Inspiration Thoughtful Good Morning Messages for Her

You should want to wake up in the morning and long to put a smile on your boo’s face with some of the best inspiration thoughtful good morning messages for her. It is natural to desire to share your emotions and these good morning messages for her that touches the heart are perfect for it.

1. Have I ever told you how beautiful you look when you sleep? With your lips wide open and those gentle snores. I’m joking, I just enjoy watching you sleep.

2. You’re so beautiful and I find it difficult to get up from beside you in the morning. I wish I could stay in bed and do what grown-ups do.

3. You make me want to skip work today, and every day. Have I ever told you that? But then we would be broke.

4. Being with you is so real and is the best part of my day. I just can’t get enough of you.

5. You make me happy, you are my happy place where I retreat to whenever I wake up because I don’t want to get up. My mornings are better with you.

6. You are my favorite person in the world although mornings are not my thing. I’d spend every morning with you and be happy as a bee.

7. My mornings are usually tumultuous, but your presence makes it peaceful, this is why I love you so much.

8. Monday mornings are the worst, you make them bearable. Good morning my darling.

9. I wish you all the best the day can offer my beautiful love. Good morning, the love of my life.

10. You inspire me so much because my love for you makes me want to do everything possible to keep you with me in the mornings.

11. Good morning gorgeous, life is beautiful. The more I realize it, the more I want to do something to make every day beautiful for you.

12. I’ll make you breakfast in bed if you wake up next to me every day because that is my deepest desire. Good morning babe.

13. You make my nightmares vanish when you lay next to me every night. I desire that your mornings be as bright as you make my life.

14. Good morning my love. Every night with you is an adventure I want to repeat every day and for the rest of our lives.

15. You are a light in the darkness that is my life. I will work to make your mornings brighter than the noon-day light with my love.

16. I cannot imagine a day without you in it. Mornings are the best with you. I wish you a prosperous morning dear.

17. It’s funny how you make me laugh and even look forward to mornings. I desire that your mornings be filled with flowers and the finest food and chocolate.

18. You every day feel like my birthday, Good morning sweetheart. I hope you have a great day.

19. I don’t want to have a normal day, I want you to have a superb day, every day of your life my love.

20. I can’t see you right now because I’ve gone to work but I am dropping a thousand hugs and smooches via this box of chocolate.

21. I know if this was my last day on earth, waking up next to you has left me feeling fulfilled. But we still have so many years to enjoy together. Good morning, beautiful.

Long Good Morning Messages for Him

No one knows what tomorrow brings, some people’s lives are upturned by what tomorrow brings. But each day you have with your lover is a blessing and must be cherished, and this is why our long good morning messages for him are here to show just how much you treasure him.

These thoughtful good morning messages for him only prove to show that he is a blessing to you and you desire to make him smile every day with the most thoughtful good morning messages.

22. Life looked like it wore a smug smile with the hand it dealt me but you showed up my knight in shining armor and I wake up every day desiring you to have the best things in this world. Good morning my knight in shining armor.

23. You make my days full of light and laughter and love and you make me so happy. I can only wish you the best life has to offer my love. Good morning.

24. Can I just say you make workdays bearable because I know we have each other to come home to after a long stressful day. Then we can spend the rest of the day in each other’s arms. Good morning love.

25. I desire to give you your deepest heart’s desire. But until then, let my arms, and my words, and my love be what you live on. Good morning my stud.

26. Good morning my darling, you fulfill my every desire, making dreams I didn’t even know had come true. Hence, I will always come through for you and make you happy.

27. I know women are referred to as beautiful, but your handsomeness is not ordinary and what comes to mind every time I look at you is ‘beautiful’. Therefore, I wish you a more beautiful morning.

28. Disney princesses aren’t real but you make me dream of being one because if Prince Charming was real, he would be you. Good morning my Prince Charming.

29. Every moment with you is life. With every waking moment, the sun shining on our faces and the early breeze blowing away every doubt of being with you. Good morning my love.

30. Your patience with me is rare and worth more than I can say, you make me more grateful to God for giving you to me every moment I spend with you. Good morning boo.

31. Good morning my love, your eyes in dazzling the morning sun is something worth recording and watching. You are so amazing and I hope you have a great day.

32. I feel as though my heart were about to burst with the intensity of my love for you. With that, I hope you have a productive and amazing day. Good morning to you my beau.

33. Your whispers in my ears and your constant encouragement makes me wake up daily with such enthusiasm to do well and be the best at what I do. I wish you the same this bright morning, do well my love.

34. Good morning love, have I told you that your love is more intoxicating than wine. It’s like I wake up drunk on your love and I don’t want to be sobered up.

35. You have battles to fight all day long, wake up with the strength and determination to do well. I believe in you and encourage you, my dear, good morning.

36. You cannot believe how much I think of you when you’re not next to me. I just go through the day longing for your arms. Here’s another day for me to long for you, I hope you’re longing for me too. Good morning love.

37. I am lovesick every morning, why? You have to leave my side for a day. I hope you are as lovesick as I am. Good morning sweetness.

38. Good morning sweetness, I hope your day drips with sweetness and you have no reason to be bitter. See you at home.

39. Good morning my joy, may your day be full of so many reasons to be happy, enjoy, and don’t forget to keep me at heart.

40. The days of the week drag so slowly but your presence and every moment I get to spend with you makes it tolerable. Good morning my dear.

41. You are a darling, a sweetheart and I pray you to have all the good luck that you need to do well today. I love you and good morning.

Heartwarming Good Morning Messages for Someone Special

It is good to let someone you consider as special be aware of it. We cannot tell what happens tomorrow, why not let that special someone know that you care about them. These sweet good morning messages for someone special are sure to send it across.

Every one of our thoughtful good morning messages proves that you care and are ready to let that special someone know just how much. Waking up to a heartwarming good morning message is one of the best ways to wake up, then, breakfast in bed. Enjoy these sweet good morning messages for someone special.

42. Good morning my sunshine, you make me happy and I love the way I feel whenever I am around you. I wish you the best today.

43. Good morning, you’re always so sweet and thoughtful. I hope you conquer every challenge the day brings your way.

44. Good morning, I anticipate your presence daily and our secret talk. Dare I say that I miss them.

45.  I say a sound good morning to you because every day is a new opportunity to be by your side.

46. A good cup of coffee will go a long way in helping you to have a productive day, good morning my dear.

47. I know that yesterday was exhausting but tomorrow morning holds the promise of a better day, I hope you enjoy it dearly. Good morning.

48. Good morning special one, you are one in a million, someone I look up to, I hope you enjoy the morning sun.

49. You inspire me to be better every day, which is why I look forward to each new day. Good morning.

50. I feel energized for the day with the promise of seeing you. It is enough to take me through the day. Good morning dear.

51. I know you have a tough time getting up in the morning, so I believe this ginseng will be just the thing you need. Good morning.

52. I heard you feel achy in the mornings, a booked and paid-for session with the massage therapist in your building will help out just because you’re so special. Good morning.

53. Good morning, I hope you slept well, if not, I have just the thing for you this morning.

54. The sun greets you ‘good morning’, so do the birds and the fresh morning air. I also give a special whisper of ‘good morning’ to you dear.

55. Pancakes are your favorite, so I had them delivered to you to kick-start your day on a sweet and special note. Good morning.

56. The weather is particularly nice this morning, it makes me think of flowers. Guess what, here are flowers for my special one. Good morning dear.

57. A glass of water every morning helps your body system; a useful tip to a darling. Good morning dear. Have a wonderful day.

58. The world is a beautiful place, I hope to travel there one day. But I’d like to begin every day with the sight of your face, that’s how special you are to me. Good morning.

59. Your beauty is a well I drink from the first thing every morning. I desire to see your face all day, every day. Good morning my beauty.

60. A darling and so much more, I wish you so much joy and favor today, my darling. Good morning and enjoy your day.

Special Good Morning Quotes for Soulmate

That one person that you feel connected to above all else, should get the special good morning quotes for soulmate that is crafted to make sure that it stays in the heart and mind of that special person all day long.

Amongst all the thoughtful good morning messages in this post, this one is probably the most cheesy. The sweet good morning message this post has to offer will make the day your special one.

61. Ever since I met you, time with you has been such a breeze, quick and refreshing. It makes me wish I could hold the hands of time to be with you more. Good morning my love.

62. You are so careful with me, so loyal and real. I love you till the end of time. I hope your day holds good things in store for you. Good morning.

63. If only time didn’t move so fast. If only there was something I could do to slow it down. I find you special and every moment spent with you is special. Good morning, here’s to a new day.

64. Good morning, I heard you were feeling down. I wish you sound health and blooming flowers and everything sweet. Take good care of yourself.

65. Good morning, I am here to take care of your every need. A special person like you deserves all the nicest things and services.

66. I hope you rested well last night, I desire to pamper you like the special person you are to me. Good morning dear.

67. I find you very rare, I find you very special and I want you to know just how special. I pray everything will work to favor you on this bright day. Good morning.

68. You are irresistible to me. I see you as a rare gem, and on this particular morning, your freshness has a strong effect on me. Good morning, from a special admirer.

69. Good morning dear. In a room full of people, you stand out, your uniqueness is beautiful. I wish you the best today.

70. Every morning, the sight of you gets me smiling from ear to ear. Anyone should feel brighter after seeing you, you have that effect. Good morning sunshine.

71. Good morning dear, I hope you have a great day, even better, I hope you have an amazing day.

72. Good morning, I desire every day to put a smile on that beautiful face. I hope you let me on this bright and clear day.

73. I wish to see you every morning even if it is just to greet you good morning because seeing you is the best part of my day. Good morning dear.

74. Good morning my dear, have I told you how beautiful you look? Just like a princess, and I hope all your dreams come true today.

75. Work calls in the morning but more than it, my heart calls for you. If I can’t have you to myself all day, I at least wish you a productive and effective day.  Good morning.

76. You make my world that goes round to become balanced, oh how I love that. I now look forward to mornings thanks to you. Good morning my love.

77. Good morning sweetness, every second with you is special, and I enjoy it so much. I hope you feel my presence in your heart till you see me again.

78. Good morning dear, I know you miss me so much, just know that I miss you more.

79. I find that the day is difficult to get by without your soulmate. I guess it takes some getting used to before I’ll be calm. I miss you, dear. Good morning.

80. Good morning. Those beautiful eyes are what I see when I smile that secret smile, I can’t wait to hold you at the end of the day.

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages for Friends

It takes some time to get used to not seeing your friend with whom you have previously done everything together, but have no fear, that is why we’re here. These heart-touching good morning messages for friends are just the thing you need.

These heart-touching good morning messages for friends are capable of kick-starting your day on a positive note because you just made someone smile as they begin their day. Always keep in mind that thoughtful good morning messages are part of what you need to stay happy while making someone else happy.

81. Good morning my friend, I know you slept well. I’m glad I can greet you this morning as many friends don’t even get the chance to do so.

82. Good morning dear, we’re blessed to have each other. I  already miss you.

83. A friend is just what I need to end each day and begin a new one. I’m grateful for you in my life dear. Good morning.

84. Good morning, I know it’s tough to go through the day without us cheering each other on, or cheering each other on. But the good news is that I get to make you smile every day.

85. Good morning amigo, words will fail me to express just how important you are in my life. Just to let you know.

86. I just want you to know that it shows gratitude when you awake with a ‘thank you Lord for life’ daily. Always be grateful, my friend. Good morning.

87. Good morning, a shot of adrenaline in your system will knock the drowsiness out of your eyes. Get up my friend and take a cup of coffee to kick start your day.

88. Good morning, don’t forget I’m here cheering you on. I wish you the best today and every day.

89.  Good morning dear, a day is calling out to you to come and explore. Explore to your heart’s content.

90. Morning dear, it is a good day for an adventure. You have every second of the day to fulfill your heart’s desire.

91. A new dawns and you have once again found grace and favor to be alive. I’m also grateful to be able to live another day with you, my friend. Good morning.

92. In the dawn, my thoughts go to the friend whom I treasure. I’m so glad I have you. Good morning my dear.

93. You make the sunshine in my mornings shine brighter. I’m sure the smile on your face is brighter. Good morning.

94. Good morning friend. There is a whole world of opportunities just waiting for you outside the door.

95. Good morning my dear friend, it is such a beautiful day, you should get out there and enjoy it because I wish you only the best.

96. Good morning, all the memories I have with you are a part of my life I never want to forget, but the memories I can make with you are something I never want to miss.

97. The day is so fresh and bright, I want to see a new one every day, especially with you. Good morning my friend.

98. Every day is a new opportunity to live and do what you couldn’t yesterday. BE ready to excel my friend. Good morning.

99. I admire your strength and your ability to pick yourself up whenever you fall. It is a much-needed life skill. Do again every day my friend, I know you will succeed. Good morning dear.

100. Good morning my friend, always be positive, you never know what the day will bring to your table, but I wish you all the best dear.

Good Morning Messages for Lovers

The morning is an interesting time for lovers, they wake up next to each other and relieve moments when they recall why they chose each other. These good morning messages for lovers are perfect for helping lovers connect beyond what they have normally encountered.

A time when thoughtful good morning messages go a long way in helping to secure the foundation of the relationship is now. There are so much of sweet words involved because there are sweethearts

101. I wake up next to such beauty and I give God the glory because of you. I love you so much my darling, good morning.

102. It is a good time to get out of bed and enjoy the day together, it is simply too beautiful to ignore. Good morning my love.

103. Good morning my beautiful lover, your beauty has a brightness that competes with the morning sun.

104. Good morning my muse, you are my inspiration in the day and my reflections in the nighttime.

105. The day holds so much promise of good and we could explore it together, good morning my dear one.

106. The day has blessings in store for us, let’s get up and enjoy the blessings of the day. Good morning my lover.

107. Good morning sweetheart, the mornings bring a sense of refreshing because I get another day to spend with you.

108.  Good morning love of my life, I enjoy every moment I spend with you. You are very interesting to be with.

109. Good morning dear, you are my infatuation, crush and love all in one. You make me so excited.

110. I’ve never been more nervous yet excited when I’m with someone, this is how I know just how much my heart loves you. I wish you a blessed morning dear.

111. Every day is a blessing, we must take in the contents the day brings for us. Good morning dear, it is another time for us.

112. Good morning my love, naturally because of my love for you, I would take care of all your problems but I know how much you love to deal with them, I’ll sit back and watch you.

113. On this day, I feel so much joy because your love brightens up my love with rays of happiness. Good morning.

114. Like a creek gently rolls by, you bring so much peace to my life, good morning my darling.

115. Honey, you are so sweet and your sweetness has affected my life in many ways and I’m glad. Good morning honey.

116. I love you my beautiful dove, you are gentle and pure. Your influence in my life is visible to everyone that surrounds us. Good morning my dove.

117. Good morning dear, I know I long for you all day long, so every morning I get to greet you is a chance to share my love.

Good Morning Messages for Him that Touches the Heart

Morning has a promise of ‘more’ which life has to offer, a morning that holds the promise of sweet greetings has more. These good morning messages for him that touches the heart take it a step further to concretize the show of love and is sure to touch his heart.

Just like all thoughtful good morning messages bring comfort because you know you are constantly in the heart of your loved one, these good morning messages for him that touches the heart affirm your love and commitment.

118. I know women are beautiful and men are handsome, but you have an inner beauty that is spreading to your outer look, I love it. Good morning my love.

119. Good morning my love, have I told you that your smile gives me joy when I see it in the morning, it brightens up my day and makes me happy.

120. I pray that the strength you need to conquer the day is given to you, be a warrior every day. Good morning handsome.

121. You make me inspired so I’m right here cheering you on, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader in life, that’s how much I love you. Good morning dear.

122.  Good morning my love, your kindness to me every day makes me always want to leave you a sweet good morning message just to make you start your day with a smile.

123. Good morning pumpkin, life is a wonderful gift I get to share with you and I’m grateful.

124. How many people can love me as you do? It makes me swell with so much gratitude for being with you. Good morning, the love of my life.

125. You are kind, you are strong, you have such a great character that I marvel at how lucky I am to have you. Good morning the champion of my heart.

126. Good morning my faithful lover, in a time where there is such uncertainty and fear, you are my rock and comfort.

127. I find stability with you and I know my heart cannot be easily scared when I’m with you. Good morning, enjoy your day.

128. I hope you drink in the very essence of each day in your life, but begin with today, my love. I’m here wishing you all the best. Good morning darling.

129. Good morning darling, you were in my dreams, I am excited because your person is better than my dreams and I get to be with your person today.

130.  Your love is sweeter than syrup, it’s good for me because it lowers my sugar level. Good morning, the world’s sweetness.

131. Good morning honey bear, your love is sweeter than honey and it draws me in like a bee to honey.

132.  Your hugs make my day; a hug from you a day keeps the doctor away. Good morning my sweetheart.

133. I know I have strength when I’m with you, it brings peace to my heart. Good morning my darling.

134. Good morning best lover, I instantly feel better when I’m around you. I think it’s a sign I should be around you more often.

135. My love, the sun may be high up in the sky but my day does not truly begin until I see that handsome face of yours. Good morning.

Deep Good Morning Messages for Her

These deep good morning messages for her help you connect to your lover more deeply, and it is a great way to start the day. Don’t waste time putting these words in sticky notes and placing them around the house to put a smile on her face.

It is a great season for thoughtful good morning messages, it is healthy to make someone else smile to make you emotionally healthier, how much better is it when you’re making your love smile. Get to it, put a smile on her face this morning.

136.  Your eyes hold such depth and when I look at you, I’m swimming in the beauty I see lying there. Good morning my beautiful lover.

137.  They say the eyes are the door to a woman’s soul, so don’t be surprised if you see me looking more intensely into your eyes. Good morning dear.

138. I am fortunate to have you and it makes me want to show off at times, but I hope I’ll be content. Good morning my joy.

139. You are lovable, sweet, and smart. You are the whole package, I love it. I miss you already, good morning.

140. I love you very much and I want to tell you that every moment I see you, I hope you understand. Good morning dear.

141. I don’t find many women like you, and even among them, you stand out, beautifully unique. This ‘good morning’ holds so much gratitude.

142. I don’t know what I would have done without you as you bring with you peace and stability. I love you and good morning dear.

143.  Good morning dear, I hope you have a wonderful day and have an even better time when we get to see each other later on.

144. At dawn, my thanks rise to my maker for being blessed with a gift like you. Good morning sweetheart.

145. How many sweet girls who are respectful do we have in our times? It makes me feel so lucky to have you. Good morning.

146.  I want to keep you to myself sometimes, but then I want to show you off to the world also. Good morning my blessed love.

147. Anyone who has you in their life is blessed. I consider myself highly blessed to have you to myself, enjoy your morning my desire.

148. You are the object of my desire and it makes me glad that I have you. Good morning my beau.

149. In times of doubt, I’m grateful that I have you. I pray for our future that we find the strength to overcome everything life throws at us. Good morning my cupcake.

150. I know that as long as I have you by my side, the strength to overcome all will come. Let’s enjoy the journey. Good morning my muse.

I hope our post on “150 Sweetest Thoughtful Good Morning Messages for Someone Special” has helped you to know how to make your lovers smile by prioritizing them above yourself.

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You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships. Be happy and spread love. Thank you.

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