100 Most Alluring Good Morning I Love You Messages Ever Written

Good Morning I Love You Messages

The first good morning I love you messages your partner hears in a day can contribute greatly to their emotional well-being especially when your partner is the emotional type. It makes it crystal clear to your partner that he or she was the first image in your mind when you rose from your sleep.

This most alluring good morning I love you messages for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, and husband going to help you achieve a scintillating feeling with the love of your life. Trust me, there’s nothing as refreshing as a good morning message to your partner who loves you.

It reassures them that you still keep a fresh, renewing memory of them in your mind. We all know that there is almost no feeling like the feeling of importance with our partners. Apart from its ability to turn a normal day into something special, it also makes you feel assured about the level of your security in such a relationship.

Ready to add the extra spark to the day of your soulmate and the love of your life? Here is the most romantic good morning I love you messages ever written.

Funny Good Morning I Love You Messages

Funny good morning I love you messages so your sweetheart can freely do everything throughout the day despite the hardship life may throw at him or her, with head up high, feet well balanced, and emotions well rubbed and pampered.

As we all know that emotions have a lot of contribution to how we react to things. Such words have the ability to provide your lover with the right energy to walk through that day. As little as it sounds, the funny words thereof are strong enough to keep the bound of your relationship diamond-proved.

A message filled with humor and positivity can brighten the face of your lover by projecting a smile on his or her face. If you are on a search for good morning messages, wishes, and quotes equipped with humor and romance, switch off your engine and remove your seatbelt because you’ve arrived at your destination.

1. The initial moment my eyes caught a glimpse of you, I almost hit my head on a rock in front of me because my eyes, mind, and heart were glued to you. I recovered from that mini unconsciousness by an aged passerby who gave me a dirty slap for being too naughty. Good morning my heart stealer!

2. The very mighty and charming smile you stamped on me has made me wake up this morning joyful and hearty. Presently, as a result of the intense excitement, my head is no longer at its normal position – tracing you like plant traces sunlight; a photosynthesis reaction. Good morning!

3. Everything in my inner world craves for an intimate hug with early morning kisses but it is so unfortunate that I haven’t brushed my teeth yet; careless cause after I get that done, you’ll be gasping for breath. Good morning, my sugarplum!

4. I am really a fan of lollipops and you, my angel have proven to be the taste any chocolate or lollipop can ever give. Tell me, is your flavor made in heaven? You are definitely angelic all the way. Good morning, darling!

5. I take it as a delightful duty to plant a deep smile on your face every morning as the only female I’m used to seeing every day;  you believe me that even my sister looked like you today before I got an awakening slap, I discovered you weren’t the one. Good morning princess.

6. Good morning love! Your teddy bear will have no functional complete legs or even brain without you in his journey today. Have a beautiful day sweetheart.

7. My brain has turned to my respiratory organ since the day you grasped and stole my heart far away. Probably, along the journey also my brain might be taken – I just want to be all for you. It’s me saying, good morning baby!

8. You have always remained my socially active parrot, the soul mate that has a very wide and long-mouthed part. I love to taste and feel your love every morning. Just want to say, good morning!

9. A large percentage of my time is used in thinking about every detail of you even when just a percentage of my hour is spent looking. Well, I do enjoy the show with sweet popcorn. You are my golden-feathered parrot. Good morning my love!

10. Comedy cartoons or movies come to waste when I can get all the comedic moves and moments with you my special rib and bone cracker. You could make me laugh my lungs out, lolz good morning baby!

11. The morning is beautiful today with the colorful and beautiful sky. Did you hear the bluebirds chirping? Of cause not, you’re still far away in the dreamland. Wake up!!! Honey, can’t wait to hug you.

12. Morning isn’t the time you get up so I don’t expect you to see this message till noon when you feel there isn’t any need to send a reply. Lol. Good morning.

13. If I had my way and my wish should come true, I would have spent the whole day with you. Unfortunately, the cost of losing my job dawned on me and borrowed me, sense. Good morning, lover. Hope you’re up?

14. I prepared breakfast this morning, don’t thank me too much you’ll be the one to prepare dinner. Good morning, my treasure.

15. Sweetheart, I’m on my way to assist you since your little thumb got a bandage and I didn’t get a response to my message. Have a good day!

16. Good morning, beautiful. I know you’re a beauty but hope you didn’t escape from heaven just to find me. I want to be all yours, my darling angel.

Long Good Morning Messages For Him

When it comes to guys, a common idea often comes to our mind; we tend to see text messages as feminine and only done to the female part. Especially in Africa where men are supposed to the seen as strong and muscular, a common question like “Do guys like good morning text?” may be asked.

This question may pop into our subconsciousness because we have only thought that – food is the only way to a man’s heart. Yeah, that’s right but a guy is just as human as a lady is. Long good morning messages for him are a way of reassuring your partner that you still have him in mind, and as I said earlier, everyone loves to feel special.

So if you really want to give your man reassurance, then leave the former belief and ride on with me. Here we go, good morning I love you messages for him

17. Thinking about my prince charming every passing day makes peace and assurance occupy the deepest part of my soul. Thinking about you brings about a blinding brightness into my life and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for the gift of a wonderful and caring king like you in my life. Thank you, the king of my heart.

18. The love I have for you has a place in my heart that keeps growing wider and stronger every passing second. I promise to always cheer you, regard you and reverence you every single day. Have a blessed morning, my sunshine.

19. As you venture into a new day today, may God bless you with weather that will favor you, and may your day be filled with blessings and productivity. I love you, right? Well, I do. Good morning! Your love tastes so good.

20. Every single second with you is like a gift packaged with affection and happiness. You are so paramount to me and I place you in a very high position in my life. I feel protected when I’m with you, you are more than the sweetness that could ever exist in this world. Have a beautiful day ahead of you, my love.

21. Having someone special like you is the best thing ever and I’m really lucky to be with you. I pray that the amazement you’re filled with extends to your outer world today as you venture out today to another awesome experience.

22. All the dreams you’ve aspired to achieve will reveal themselves more and more to you in reality. Let every moment today be favorable to you. My love for you surpasses your biggest imagination. Good morning, my knight clothed in shining armor.

23. Ever since you came into my life, you brought blessings and expansion with you. I’ve never been the same ever since your arrival, cause you made me a better me. Every moment that passes by reminds me how special I am because of your treatment of me. Blessings to you this awesome morning.

24. A possibility coupled with a world filled with varieties of opportunities of greatness is what the atmosphere of my life is filled with. I considered myself to be so fortunate to have such a gentleman like you walking with me in my world. Good morning, handsome.

25. The gladness that fills my heart as a result of the realization that you’re mine is beyond description. You’ve made me a better person, Thank you! And I wish you a fruitful day today. Good morning to you, my most heartbeat. My love for you can’t fail.

26. I’ll give you the best I have because you’re the best gift that has been offered to me in my lifetime. You surpass my dream man, Oh! What limitation I placed; you are more than what words can utter and pronounce, you surpass the sweetest phrase. I love you now and forever. Good morning, gent.

27. You’ve made me better than I was, thank you for your arrival and contribution. Have a favorable day ahead filled with lots and lots of possibilities. Good morning, sweetheart. I am sending this to tell you that I love you to the moon and back.

28. The best thing that has ever happened to me is you. Yes! You are my greatest gift apart from salvation. My love for you is till the end of my lifetime. At every moment life throws a difficult situation at me, you’ve always been there to care for my wounds and I want it to come to your realization that I’m favored to have met you. Blessed morning, love.

29. I will always be your inspiration and your brightness in the darkness. I wish you productivity as you go out today. I love you to the galaxies. Good morning to you handsome. Wake up to the blessing the Lord has for you.

30. My full desire is you, my prince charming. I prayed for a man, but you brought extra as you walked into my life. I can’t believe life has a man like you in it; I thought this only exists in heaven. You make my life have meaning and complete.  Have a wonderful day, babe.

31. You are the best and sweetest thing that has happened to me. Thank you for being there for me when no one was. May your day be filled with greatness in full capacity. I pray that today become your best, remember that I love you more than you think you know. Forever, I will. Good morning my prince charming.

32. I fail and I’m short of words at the description of how my life and heart beats for you because the definition of my own version of love isn’t found in the world’s dictionary. My love for you is something I haven’t shared with anyone in my entire life before, my heartbeat. Go and prosper, my love.

33. Every woman dreams to have a man like you in their lives. You reveal the most interesting aspect of life. You are my dream come true, I appreciate you for being that! May you have all reasons to thank God today as your day is filled with great accomplishment. Good morning, sweetheart. Have a glorious day.

34. Heaven has become my everyday life experience since you walked into it. I feel so full of energy and gladness. Calling you mine seems to be the best thing ever, I’m so honored to have a man like you. All my dreams and hope have a sure assurance of coming to reality since the day you stepped in to hold my hands forever.

35. My inspiration, courage, and strength are found in you. I appreciate you for being my backbone. May all your dreams come through as you journey today. May you be successful today. I love you passionately and do have a glorious day ahead. Good morning, my sweetest vibe.

36. My knight in shining armor, my prince, and my greatest muse, you inspire me daily. I couldn’t have asked for someone like you, it seems like you exist in heaven. My life has experienced a great turnaround the second you appeared, you are my everything and beating heart.

37. Life has more meaning, the world has become a place filled with beauty and peace, and the atmosphere in my heart is filled with love, laughter, and life. You are my backbone, Thank you for that! Happiness followed you the moment you came. My love for you increases and I pray that you have a great day ahead. Good morning!

38. Honey, you’re my inspiration when I’m down, my muse when I feel lost, my strength when I feel weak. I feel honorable and extremely blessed to have a blessing like you. When I’m with you, there’s no place I’ll rather be. Almighty God will continue to bless everything you do. Good morning to you and I love you dearly.

39. I wish you all-round success in everything you do today as you walk through that door this morning. You are the beauty behind my existence. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Have a glorious day ahead! I love you to the brim. Good morning, my darling.

40. Every moment I spend with you, I feel so blessed and extremely loved. You are my favorite part of my life and my love for you grows rapidly and stronger as seconds pass. I appreciate you for all you’ve done and I wholeheartedly wish you a lovely day ahead. Good morning to you, my one and only man.

41. I’m recklessly in love with someone so special, someone so rare, someone too good to be true, that someone is you, handsome. You are definitely my soulmate. Every day I wake up feeling lucky and special, you made me feel this way! You’ve added to my heart, compassion, and love. I love you deeply. Good morning, handsome.

42. Your thought in my heart projects a dashing smile upon my face as I wake up daily. As you go about your business today, may your day be full of new ideas and positivity. Do have a pleasant day and I love you completely. Good morning!

Good Morning Messages To Make Her Cry

If we have an amazing woman in our lives either a wife or a fiancée, we should always think of brightening their day with an amazing good morning text message.

Here, isn’t talking about a good morning I love you messages that’ll make her cry over your recent breakup, but one which would touch her inner soul and convince her about your love for her.

Every woman deserves this after all they’ve been through. You can make her escape from that moody morning she’s about to wake up to. She deserves it!

So, without further illustration, let’s jump into the main business. Listed below are sweet good messages to make her cry. Here we go!

43. Darling, you are the sunshine that brightens the darkness in each day. You are important to me! I will never forget what happened the day I looked into your eye, and I had a start over! I love you in every way, and I hope you know how much you mean to me!

44. I love you, dear. You are a person filled with wonders, and I am so fortunate to have met you and walked you into my life. You make me complete in every aspect and your simple affection projects a deep smile on my face. Good morning handsome.

45. My prayer to Jehovah is that He helps our bond to be stronger every passing day and second. I will always care for you and never will I cause pain to you deliberately. You are the best gift that has ever been given to me! Enjoy your day, love.

46. I trust in everything about us. Conquering the world becomes easy with God by our side. Whatsoever may hinder us, I promise you to stand and be there for you no matter what it may cost me. I am so happy to know the kind of man you are becoming.

47. You are my dream come true on this side of eternity, the one who makes tomorrow easy to live and plants your signature on my everyday life by making it the best. You are my every beautiful thing. Good morning beautiful.

48. My love for you surpasses every other thing.  I became a better person the moment I love you. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for coming into my life and changing it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Enjoy the rest of your day. I can’t wait to see you again after work.

49. I never knew what love was until I met you. You are my bestie, my soulmate, and the most amazing girl I have ever encountered. I cherish you so much, and the love that exists between the two of us will last for eternity no matter what we face.

50. I see the wonder and sweet passion in your bright eyes. I hear hope, promise, and life in your voice. Your words are beautified with love, warmth, and comfort. You are my best friend, my better half, my lover, and my princess, all packaged in one beautiful person.

51. Good morning my sweetheart. All those fun times we had at the park yesterday repackaged themselves in my dream! You are the woman of my dreams whom I can’t get tired of loving. Just merely observing you and looking at you springs up the happiness that no other source could give. Thank you, babe. Good morning.

52. It’s a rare blessing to have the most wonderful woman in the world in my world. Words can’t really express my love for you even if I continued talking for eternity. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and wake up beside you every morning.

53. Only an extraordinary woman can bring out the best in a man like me and you’ve proven to be that woman, baby. Yes! I’ve been made a better man, and I am so grateful to have come across and have you in my life, as my soulmate, my bestie, and my only true love.

54. The love of my life and the best friend I can ever find is all wrapped up in the woman you are. I treasure you and love you increasingly daily. You are important to me that I can’t deliver me from falling in love with you daily. We have been together, and I can’t wait for the future with you by my side.

55. My dark days are brightened by your love. Your love is the beauty of every season. Without you, I have had no improvement in my step. Without you, I am guideless. With you, I know I can achieve my dreams.

56. Always remember that I love you more than your favorite chocolate bar, that I can’t wait to kiss you every day, and that I will always be here for you. I can’t wait to spend my happy ever after with you. We are one of the most fortunate ones whose paths found each other.

57. Good morning, my love. I always wake up every morning to thank God for allowing you to be part of my life. Every morning, waking up to see you project a bright smile on my face. You are the light that makes my world go smoothly, and I will always be here for you, no matter what you face we’ll face it together.

58. You are everything I could ever desire desperately. You make my heartbeat when you enter the room. You take care of me in diverse ways, and I pray that I can be there for you too. Every day is an improvement of the last because I get to grow in love with you.

59. Good morning beautiful. Greatness when I open my eyes in the morning to see the woman of my dreams. My eyes are filled with the light you give; my face is stamped with the smile you give. Every day with you is another reason to live life productively because you are my muse to do so!

60. I’m sending you my love this morning. You make me feel lovely and I love it. I hope you have the knowledge of the level of importance you are to me. The world desperately needs more people like you, you would definitely make the world heaven on earth. I am so blessed for the gift of you in my life, and I hope every morning I wake up beside you.

61. You walked into my life and made it a more hearty and happy place. Every morning, I turn over and think, “Oh, look. She is still with me.” This single thought makes me the happiest man in the world. I love you so much, sweetheart.

62. You are the sun in my morning and my star in my night. Your candle lights up my life. You are my shield that protects my heart. I love you above all other things. I can’t wait to be with you every day for the rest of our lives.

63. I would do mountain climbing for you no matter how tedious it may be. Your love is the reason behind my daily growth and experience. Our companionship is filled with the capacity to the brim. There is no one else that I would rather share a wonderful experience with if it isn’t you. My love for you grows daily.

64. You are the most passionate person I’ve ever encountered. You let me realize that I could be loved by someone. I love waking up to behold your face; I don’t want it to just be a few mornings, I want this to be everlasting.

65. I will always be dedicated to you anywhere and anytime. My love for you is for eternity. I want to hold and comfort you when you’re moody, someone who could change your tears to joy with just one look. I want to show how much I care about you. Promise me that I can be your “forever”.

Romantic Good Morning Love Messages For Girlfriends

A romantic message keeps the romantic feelings in a relationship burning hotter and hotter daily. A relationship that wants to lead to marriage but lacks romance must be checked very carefully. Hence, this good morning I love you messages will help you spice things up.

You know you really love your girlfriend, but does your girlfriend know? So without creating doubt in her heart this morning, written below just for you are powerful romantic good morning love messages for your girlfriend. Apply and re-ignite that feeling in her. Here we go.

66. I can’t take this anymore and I can’t wait for the day we move in together. Texting you good morning isn’t enough and has little satisfaction. My heart is long for you, I just want to be with you and no one else, babe. Good morning, darling.

67. There are brighter and twinkling stars in your eyes than there are in the sky. I’m so happy, my royalty, that I found you. Good morning, my angel.

68. I never knew I had the great capabilities you made me realize when you met me. You helped me to grow up wings like a young eagle and soar above all problems. I wish you all the best, dearie.

69. You beautify even my ugliest days with your amazing grin in the morning. Oh, my queen, good morning!

70. My head is filled with all your thought; I can’t stop thinking about you. My heart is filled with just your love, I can’t love anything else than you. Sweet good morning, my babe.

71. My heart burns with a fierce lovely fire just for you. Babe, I believe in you and all that our love stands for.

72. You get me moving, every single day I’m addicted to breathing you. Good morning, my queen! Have a great ahead of you.

73. I miss you every day. I need you every hour; I need to feel you every minute. I desperately want you every second that passes. I love you till eternity. Good morning, my lady!

74. I have my own addiction, a beautiful one! That is you baby. Good morning.

75. I would start missing you the second you leave even if we had spent the whole day together. Good morning my baby

76. I don’t have to motivate myself to be happy because I have my happiness right here beside me. Good morning, my muse.

77. You are the dream that I had always wished to come true. Good morning!

78. The moment I saw you, I knew you would be my favorite music of all time. Good morning, my sunshine.

79. I need you desperately dear, stay with me. Good morning

80. The feeling I loved the most is the feeling of love towards you each passing day. Good morning dear.

81. The ray of the sun that rises is not up to the beautiful light I see in your dazzling eyes. I can’t take away my eyes for a second.

82. If I had never fallen in love with you I wouldn’t have known that there is a love that exists which is true. Good morning, enjoy your day, my dear.

83. Waking up to you by my side is an assurance that my day would be beautiful because you’re still in my life.

84. You were created as other women, but you’re the most beautiful beauty I had ever seen. enjoy your day, sweet.

85. Even the sun becomes jealous of the brightness of your smiling face. I love waking up to see and text you each morning. My angel.

86. My heart beats for you alone. I think you’ve stolen my heart away and I am not asking you to return either.

87. You are my dream that happens in reality. I love saying good morning to you, darling.

88. You are my rainbow that came after the storm. You heal me from all hurt. Good morning, my treasure.

Good Morning I Love You Messages For Her

The power of the good morning I love you messages for her can’t be underestimated and that is the reason why most girls are glued to their men. It’s a routine love story of messages that’ll add that extra spark you need for your relationship. So, to satisfy your hungry search, we have compiled powerful good morning messages just for her alone.

89. The best feeling in the world is the knowledge that we made for each other. Every morning that is enough for me to have a good day.

90. You are the one who keeps satiating me after a very busy and tedious day. Have a fresh morning!

91. Waking up to the reality of seeing your beautiful face, your eyes that penetrate, and your lips filled with sweetness. I can’t wait another morning to see you again. I love you, dear.

92. I was thinking about you and my day was illuminated. Good morning my sunshine.

93. You look more beautiful at the first gaze in the morning. Good morning, my beauty.

94. Even though I don’t like to text, I am encouraged because you’ll read it and put on a smile.

95. I will be the happiest man in the whole world if I spent this whole beautiful day with you for you are the one who made it beautiful. Good morning, my lady!

96. You are my guiding star and light. I would have been lost without a sense of direction if you didn’t brighten my day. Good morning sunshine.

97. I pray that your greatest desire becomes a reality soon. Good morning, beautiful.

98. My heart beats your love alone, your inspirational voice gives me life, and you are the choice word that gives me strength. Good morning sweetest.

99. Even if the morning is cold and cloudy with no ray of light but as far as I set my eyes on you, I’m satisfied.

100. Good morning to the awesome queen that made me a triumphant king. I love you forever.

Awesome most romantic good morning I love you messages for boyfriend and girlfriend, right? To ascertain that, kindly leave a comment and share it with your social media friends.  Thanks for doing so!

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