120 Monday Morning Greetings and Blessings, Quotes, wishes, and Prayers

Monday Morning Greetings and Blessings

Your Monday mornings are about to get brighter and brighter as we bring you 120 of the most powerful and memorable Monday morning greetings and blessings that we’ve ever compiled.

It’s Monday, my friend and we’re always looking for new ideas for work and all. Trust me, there are a lot of powerful words that we all use every day. Many of them are beautiful thoughts to encourage when others are designed to bless our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Today we bring you the greatest collection of Monday morning greetings and blessings ever. Somebody is about to get blessed by you. Let’s get started.

Monday Morning Greetings and Blessings for Someone Special

You might have been wondering or asking yourself, How do you greet someone on a Monday morning? Worry no more. I understand the fact that many people are special to you, and, you’ll like to bless and greet them on the first day of the week. Below are scintillating Monday morning greetings and blessings to start the week.

1. This Monday morning, I wish you special blessings from above – from the One who knows the best way to bless you inside-out because you’re special to me and eternally grateful for having you in my life. Good morning, dearie.

2. A warm heartfelt greetings to you, my love. May GOD bless this first day of the week and the rest for you. It’s phenomenal that knowing you is knowing peace all the way. I love to the moon and back, babe.

3. Abundant Favor, Grace, blessings, I speak into your life this new week. You’re favored in all your endeavors. Great grace darling. Blessings to you!

4. Monday is a beautiful start of the week, so it is with everyone, from the tiniest insect to the largest elephant; from the poorest slave to the richest king. So I am reaching out to you for you’re more important to me, and because of that, I pray heaven favors you this new week and make it beautiful for you. Good morning, gorgeous.

5. Good morning my exceptional friend, Happy New Week, may this new week bring you all the positive things you ever wished for. Sending plenty of love your way. Stay blessed, beloved friend.

6. Happy Monday Morning my dearest, may GOD bless all your hustles today and always. Keep enjoying the blessedness of the new week. I love you so much.

7.   You are my number one, I pray that God’s favor shines on you this new week and always for the rest of this lovely week. Peace!

8. I pray that this first workday of the week fills you with good tidings today and for the rest of the week. I just want to say this will be beautiful as you. Cheers!

9. Gracious Monday Morning to you, may you be filled with all your positive heart desire today. All I see is unmerited favor and may your work be prosperous.

10. Dear God, I pray this Monday Morning that all my friends and families are favored beyond their wildest imagination. All their dreams shall not be hindered but come true in Jesus’ name.

11. As you go into the new week, I pray for God’s all-round protection on you and all that is yours. Happy New Week to the most amazing person in my life.

12. Good morning my amiable and favorite person, as you journey into this new week, may eternal joy and happiness flow endlessly into all that you do. You’ll surely prosper in Jesus’ mighty name.

13.  May your work this new week bring you favor and blessings. Greater height in all you do. Your name shall be mentioned where people of great dwell. Just know that my heart still beats for you and only you.

14. May your week be filled with unlimited breakthroughs, my inseparable friend. You shall excel in all your encounter. Everything about you will end in praise in Jesus’s name. Go in this strength and proper.

15. This is to announce to you especially to you, my confidant, this new day of the new week will bring you new blessings today. Your stunning voice shall be heard. Never give up on your dreams just as I always stick with you.

16.  In every step you take, you shall excel and the mercies of God shall encompass you this morning and the rest of the week. Happy Monday Morning to the one who gives me so much joy.

17. I declare to you this new week everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper beyond your imagination. Stay blessed cos nothing will be lost in your care. Your profiting will appear to many. You shall be a praise to our God. Have a blessed week.

18. You’re my special friend, may God grant you fulfillment this Monday morning. I hear from my spirit that all your dreams are coming true for good.

19. You’re particularly an irreplaceable friend I pray for you today being the first day of the week, you shall conquer and be victorious in all your battles. Christ Jesus has won the battles for you and your loved ones.

20. A friend like you is rare, my special greetings go to you. Stay blessed throughout this week. Happy Monday. Your barns are filled with blessings untold in all you do.

Blessed Monday Morning Greetings

You are asking what is the best greetings in the morning? Firstly, Monday Morning comes with a spirit and an atmosphere of hope and assurance that the week will be better – That’s how to get inspired for best greetings in the morning.

Blessed Monday morning greetings are a way of expressing our love and the understanding of humanity to other people. Hence, the need to send Monday morning greetings and blessings to our loved ones, even our colleagues or superiors at work. Below are prayer greetings you can use to register your wishes for them.

21. May the beginning of this new week begin new things in your life. Beyond all calculations, this week is complete in itself for unlimited blessings for you.

22. Happy Monday Morning to you, enjoy the rest of the week with divine fulfillment, grace and, an abundance of joy.

23. Wishing you all the blessings, joy, and favor of the week. Happy Monday to you. Keep basking in the love of God.

24. For the start of a new week, may this new week bring you unquantifiable favor and breakthroughs in all you do in Jesus’ name.

25. In this new week, I pray that God strengthens your faith over your worries concerning the affairs of your life. Have a blessed week ahead. Keep faith alive.

26. Welcome to a new beginning, may God grant you good health and heal all wounds that might obstruct you from functioning and achieving this new week and always. Happy Monday.

27. Good Morning, beloved. May the beginning of this new week be a mark of unlimited divine intervention in all you do. Halleluyah!

28. In your journey throughout this week, may you always be one step ahead of any challenge in your career.  Good Morning and have a blessed day.

29. This new day of the new week shall begin a renewed spirit within you with the power to fulfill every mission you started. God will come through for you.

30. Good morning and happy Monday to you, you shall be victorious in all you do. Get prepared for you about to experience an avalanche of great prosperity.

31. As the chirping of the bird and the rising of the sun wakes you up this Monday morning, so shall the heavens shine on you, and the earth sing with you for joy. Amen.

32. May the first day of this week bring you eternal beauty, good news, and all-round blessings. Much love to you.

33. I greet you with the authority to bless you this powerful Monday Morning, every form of evil plan targeted towards you and all that you do shall be destroyed before their very eyes.

34. Monday Morning greetings to you. May the good Lord give you the courage to face every challenge that comes your way this day and always. Go and prosper in God’s power.

35. May this new day of a new week shower blessings upon and you’ll find help where you least expect. The great news of all time is coming your way.

36. Good morning, have a blessed and stress-free week ahead cos you are marked for excellent and great performance in your job.

37. You’re blessed, all creations from all around the world shall work to favor you. Have a happy Monday, friend.

38. Happy Monday Morning, as you inhale the freshest of the newest breath of today, may you have the freshest and newest of victorious encounters.

39. As this new week opens its doors to you, so shall heaven open doors of opportunities for you. The good Lord who blesses your past shall prosper your future this week.

40. Let it be known that you are blessed beyond measures this week. Every mountain shall give way for you. Hey, the Lord is with you.

Good Morning Happy Blessed Monday

Good morning happy blessed Monday when received or expressed leaves a warm feeling of being loved. You might ask, how do I greet people good morning on a Monday morning without using the regular greeting? Search no more, you have more than enough witty Monday morning greetings and blessings at your fingertips.

41. As you go into this new week. May God light your path and be your guard in all that you do. You’ll never at any time fumble in the darkness. Enjoy the great light of Christ.

42. I pray that you begin this new week with ideas to create wealth in all you do. Noting shall ruin your joy and happiness.

43. In this new week, may your heart and soul be filled with joy from above that no man can give. Happy new week to a rare gem.

44. And it shall be a testimony, that, today and every day of your life is filled with abundant grace and mercy. Keep rocking on the wing of the Spirit.

45. I pray that the opening of this new week brings you all you ever wished for. Happy Monday to my beloved.

46. It’s a beautiful Monday morning, cheer up and be glad for the Angels are bringing good news to your doorstep. Prepare your barn for the outpouring!

47. Good morning and happy Monday, may your past cries and struggles be happily rewarded today and always for prosperity. Have a joyous week, buddy.

48. You shall never lack any good thing, all the blessings of this day shall be added on to you. The wonderful gift of God is coming your way this new week.

49. As you go out this first day of the week, may God remove every obstacle that might be standing in your way in Jesus’ name.

50. You’ll be singled out for greatness today. The best of opportunities are locating you this Monday. Your mouth will be filled with praises and adoration to God.

51. As you enter this new week this beautiful Monday morning, may your destiny helpers locate you wherever you are. You shall work in faith and make it good in all you do.

52. Fear not, for the God of all possibilities will lead and direct your steps this day and the rest of your days. Great peace is your lot, friend.

53. Today is Monday, the beginning of a new work week, may God soften all that seems to be hard for you. Bless your heart.

54. I greet you specially this Monday morning and pray that you will have cause to celebrate today and the rest of your days. I love you.
55. Happy Monday Morning, may God turn all that gives you shame into what gives you joy.

56. You shall begin this new week merits, all you’ve been waiting for positively will be doubled. Shame shall be far from you.

57. Good Morning, no man who stands again you will conquer you. The spirit of God will fight all your battles. Happy Monday, buddy.

58. In this new week, I pray that you regain all that is lost and God will perform wonders in your life that will wow everyone around you for good.

59. On this Monday morning, I greet you with all my heart and pray that you shall not fall or have any cause to cry. Blessings to you.

60. Let it be known that this first day of the week will be the beginning of greater achievements in your life. Have a blessed Monday morning. Gracias, friend!

Funny Monday Morning Greetings

Monday mornings are always bustling at the office, but this week might not be anything different, since it is a workday but at least you can laugh about it.

To achieve these Monday morning greetings and blessings, you can greet your loved ones, clients, colleagues, and even superiors at work funnily with funny Monday morning greetings.

61. Monday Morning always smelling like trouble, I don’t even know who invented it but grace is available to weather its storm.

62. I was about to put off my alarm and sleep again, then, I remembered it’s Monday Morning. “Not again” I sighed bitterly. This one shall pass cause I can’t wait to see Friday come.

63. If I had the opportunity to erase one day from the week, it would be Monday. The thought of that day alone is emotionally draining. Work! Work!! Work!!!

64. Good Morning this Monday Morning, though, I never wished Monday existed but I will surely pull through.

65. Monday is like Pythagoras theorem. Too difficult to understand. I just don’t want to overthink this Monday.

66. I asked myself why Monday morning is always tough, and then I remembered I had to bathe and head off to work because it’s Monday morning.

67. Going to work on Monday is like not wanting the end of a holiday to ever come. I love holidays.

68. How I wish I can end my relationship with Monday, Monday problem doesn’t finish. Ahhh… Haha!

69. Monday morning gives the result of what we did during the weekend. I would like it if Monday is postponed.

70. Looking at Monday at weekends is like looking at an inferno a mile away. I never want to go close.

71. I was going to ask Monday if it was going to take a break, but, I realized it’s too early on a Monday morning.

72. I made my researches on who gifted Monday so I could return it without ever asking for it again.

73. I would sincerely have loved it if there’s another day between Sunday and Monday.

74. Hello Monday, why have you been so adamant to return after being chased away at the weekend. What’s your problem?

75. I just received a call and I was told it’s Monday Morning already, how did the weekend go so fast.

76. How do I even say happy Monday when I already have lots of work waiting for me. What is happy about this Monday?

77. Good Morning, I couldn’t believe I got a fever immediately after I heard it’s another Monday Morning.

78. If only Monday would have been a dream of a told story, I wouldn’t worry much about the stress it brings.

79. I just heard in the news that Monday has been canceled. What a good news! That’s so relieving I must say.

80. I don’t understand why Monday alone is as long as a month. Hello, Monday, why?

Positive Monday Morning Messages

Having a positive mindset daily helps attract positivity. Do you or any of your loved ones have a bad weekend? If yes, having enough positive Monday morning massages to motivate and inspire you or your loved ones will come in handy.

Are you experiencing difficulty at your workplace or business? At times, it might be so bad you won’t want to leave your bed on a Monday morning because you don’t want to go through that same sometimes embarrassing emotional stress, but, don’t fret, I’ll take you through a handful of messages.

Journey with me as I give you positive messages to motivate and inspire you with these Monday morning greetings and blessings.

81. Wake up to a beautiful Monday morning. It’s time to chase your goals and achieve them. Never give up on your dream.

82. Don’t fret; combine your intuition and energy with your prayers on a Monday morning and every day. It defines the success of the week.

83. Start the new week courageously and boldly that you’re going to excel this week.

84. Nothing is more painful than to fail on some important things, make the best of this Monday morning and your success will be great.

85. Nobody wakes up and then goes back to sleep expecting great success. No, you have to wake up and face whatever challenges the day has for you.

86. Don’t stop moving even when all efforts the previous week seem fruitless, gather yourself together and start again this Monday morning, your dedication and persistence will propel you to the positive end result.

87. Achievement and success don’t come easy, that’s why you have to respect a Monday Morning.

88. Hold tight and be strong, nothing is as hard as it seems. Re-strategize and re-apply those strategies, you’ll surely succeed.

89. Happy Monday Morning, your efforts would be worthless if you don’t have proper planning, a proper pattern to executing your plans, and then persistence and perseverance.

90. Don’t get tired yet, you’re just a little closer, keep going. Have an inspired Monday.

91. The real successful men and women don’t joke with carrying out their responsibilities on a Monday morning.

92. Make sure you don’t waste your energy during the weekend. Monday will demand twice and, that’ll be tough.

93. Every Monday and every other day comes with fresh opportunities, but, Mondays particularly, prepare yourself for one of those opportunities.

94. Don’t relax or relent in your efforts thinking about what people are saying about Mondays. Your goals are different and so will your achievement be.

95. The first traits of seriousness and work responsibility lie in how you handle your tasks every day, especially on a Monday morning.

96. You can only tell what the rest of the week might look like with your dedication and plan execution on a Monday morning.

97. It’s best to decide on an out-mapped plan for the week on a Monday Morning. It helps you sail the week successfully even in storms.

98. A successful and rewarding weekend results from the foundations laid on a Monday Morning.

99. This Monday morning, try to develop and equip your passion to drive your goals to a successful end.

100. Beautiful morning this Monday morning, remind yourself that you have to prove yourself worthy of the efforts you made to achieve what you achieved.

Monday Morning Wishes for Friends

There are times we get obliged we just want to wish our friends well, yet, we don’t have the right words to express our feelings and prayers to our friends.

What are some good morning quotes? It’s a good gesture to send regards to our friends using any of these Monday morning wishes for friends as it leaves them warm and inspired to start the week afresh.

Feel free to use these Monday morning greetings and blessings.

101. Dear friend, I wish you a lovely Monday Morning filled with excellent performances. Good Morning.

102. Good Morning Lovely, I just want to wish you the energy and strength to take you through the stress of today. Happy Monday Morning.

103. Happy Monday Morning my best friend, I gift you this beautiful morning with surpassing grace and mercy to out-perform your competitors.

104. Roses, fragrance, lovely heart, a kind spirit I offer you this blessed Monday morning.  Have a blessed week ahead.

105. You are my great confidant and so I wish you safety and nothing but the best in all you do this beautiful morning and beyond.

106. My incomparable friend, you’re marked for unquantifiable success today and always.

107. Good Morning Friend, this new day, I hope and pray all you lay your hands on will yield good fruits today and always.

108. Good Morning dear, your significance in my life leaves me speechless, your significance in the presence of God be filled with heavenly light, I wish you greater heights.

109. I wish you uncommon miracles, mouth-gapping good news, and overall success in all your endeavors.

110. I want to welcome you my special friend to yet the best of the Mondays you’ve experienced, it will be filled with all the good things your heart ever wished for.

Positive Monday Blessings Quotes

You can never underestimate the power of quote, they help us have intimate reasoning, deeper understanding, and clearer knowledge of what seem to be bogus.

How would you feel with these positive Monday blessings quotes that are motivating and also answer your long-asked question? Here are some Monday morning greetings and blessings to convey your deep-seated thoughts.

111. I pray God grants you all you need to conquer all challenges that come your way this week. Have a blessed week ahead.

112. God shall minister into you and all that is yours this beautiful morning and beyond. Bless your heart.

113. Relieve yourself of your worries; God is already here to put an end to all that bothers you. Enjoy your week, buddy.

114. With faith, trust, hope, and love, God has promised that this week shall be your week of fulfillment. Happy Monday to a  beloved.

115. Beat your chest and tell yourself, this Monday morning and the rest of the week I shall be favored all round. Amen.

116. All thanks to GOD you witnessed another Monday morning, alive, hale, and hearty, may you witness more in good health and wealth.

117. I pray that as this new week starts, may your health, strength, and energy to pursue your goals be doubled unto you.

118. As you enter into this new day, may the joy and peace of God surround you and all that is yours in Jesus’ name. Amen

119. As you labor, this Monday morning, may your blessings be uncountable and your gratitude limitless.

120. The Lord has declared that He will prosper you, and so, I pray that every dead area of your is brought to a newer and fresher existence this Monday Morning.

It’s obvious that we all need blessings and greetings, we all do feel someone should check on us. It creates a great feeling of self-worth and lovely bonding.

Yes! That’s it. A whole 120 powerful Monday morning greetings and blessings. You have it all at your fingertips. God bless you this Monday morning and always. Cheers.

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