150 Emotional Goodbye Quotes for Lovers to Release Your Feelings

Goodbye Quotes for Lovers

Like summer turns to fall and trees lose their leaves, so are goodbyes a part of life. It is not easy for the tree and neither is it for us, sadly it is especially worse for lovers who have to say goodbye to each other at one point or the other. The sobs and sniffles may not let those words come out as poetic as you’d have loved, this is why our 150 emotional goodbye quotes for lovers ease your pain and leave your partner emotional.

In most cases, we had to ask ourselves how do you say goodbye to a lover you still love? It is like cutting a part of yourself, there is a lot of pain in the process but you would heal with time, but the best farewell quotes for lovers leave an imprint on the heart.

But how do you say goodbye to a boyfriend who is leaving? Sadly, we cannot hold anyone down no matter how hot we think our love burns for that person, everyone has to let go at the end. Endings are most times painful unless feelings were numbed before letting go, like getting rid of a mole. This is why goodbye quotes for lovers make it less of a chore and more of a life’s song.

Saying goodbye to a lover is heartbreaking, our throat swells with words or sobs which find difficulty in escaping, we break out in a sweat, get teary-eyed and prolong the inevitable. We know it is never easy to say goodbye to someone special, you would need someone leaving quotes or better still, our goodbye quotes for lovers.

Subtle Goodbye Quotes for Lovers

Sometimes, we don’t even have the boldness to say goodbye, which is why breakups happen before the goodbye messages for ex-boyfriend comes, and then a whole awkward atmosphere forms. If we want to get away with saying subtle goodbye quotes for lovers, we must ask ourselves how do you say goodbye in romantic?

You could say your goodbyes and be off before your lover even realizes you were saying goodbye as they are still blushing over how romantic your message sounded.

It may sound a bit cold but it does not mean that you weren’t in love, it is simply that, saying goodbye quotes to someone you love can be a bit overwhelming for some, knowing that it would cause so much pain to say it directly. This is why our goodbye quotes for lovers are here, for you to do the needful.

1. Waking up next to you every day is the second best feeling to knowing that you love me with every part of your being. I wish it would last forever.

2. I know time isn’t timeless, so things in it don’t last forever, but I cherish every moment with you, my love.

3. I had not known love until you came along. You have imprinted the definition of love I will now carry in my heart wherever life takes me.

4. I knew times would come when I would have to miss you, I just always wish it would come much later.

5. You are like oxygen to my lungs, I can’t breathe without you. Living without you in my life would have to make me change my lungs.

6. You make life beautiful, but even life has its dark moments. And, yet I see you as the rainbow in the clouds, even though rainbows disappear after a while.

7. I have no business trying to make it without you by my side, to do that, I just might have to change my concept of making it.

8. I love you, have I told you so lately? I want you to know it and never forget it.

9. I sometimes wish I could hold time and slow down the minutes when I’m in your arms, but time has no pause button.

10. I always believed life wouldn’t deal me some blows, but the good thing I had was that your smile captured in a photograph, always cheers me on.

11. Have you ever wondered why fishes don’t fly? It’s because it’s not their nature. I was made to love you, but nature itself is evolving and soon we’d probably have fishes who can.

12. Do you know clouds are always in the sky whether you see them or not? So am I always next to you, whether you see me or not.

13. You are the best lover I have ever had, you still give me butterflies till now. Can I ever let you go? I’d have to change location for that to happen.

14. I love you to the moon and back, I just wish I’d been to the moon, maybe I’d fully understand that statement.

15. The years rolled by so fast and are gone but all we have to hold on to is our great memories; you are a great memory.

16. I never found anyone who loved me like you, you were the best lover of all time and I still pray it stays that way. But only time will tell.

17. Love is a cord that binds things together but can also stretch one’s heart like an elastic. I can only say that stretching is good exercise and being with you taught me that.

18. My cheerleader, my biggest supporter, my heart beats for you like I just ran a race. Even though all races come to an end.

19. Many decisions are never easy for me to make, but you always strengthened and encouraged me to make the right ones, no matter how difficult. It is a part of me now, I will choose what I feel is right, no matter the pain it causes me.

20. Pain is a part of growth; life itself is war. Sometimes we conquer and sometimes we are conquered. I just wish you’d be with me when I’m conquered.

21. I wish I was as durable as gold so I could boast that my love would last forever, but I am human, not gold.

22. Why does it take time to notice the intricacies of a person’s figure? You are so beautiful and I wish I could spend the rest of my life telling you that.

23. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, right? You are the greatest wish that was granted to me. I love you so much.

24. Like the oceans, my love for you knows no bounds. Sometimes, that scares me because have you seen the ocean? Yeah, I love you that much.

25. Your hugs make every nerve that is on edge in my system relax. You’re like a drug and I’m addicted to you, I might have to visit rehab.

Goodbye My Love Quotes

How do you say emotional goodbye? Expertise is shown in being able to handle properly every aspect of life. These ‘goodbye my love quotes’ help you handle the pain and a lot of times uncomfortable aspect of saying goodbye to someone you love.

Here, we have all sorts of goodbye quotes for lovers which all revolve around the fact that we cannot handle some particular pains, we are here to feel them on your behalf. Heartbreak and goodbyes are intertwined when there is a connection of love.

Have you ever wondered about how do you say emotional goodbye? Why is it so painful? Simply try to remove a body part from yourself. Love joins someone else to you and it hurts a lot when one tries to disconnect. We just need these goodbye quotes for lovers to be able to leave the room with minimum damage to ourselves.

26. They say that if you love something, you have to be able to let it go. Letting go is a part and parcel of life, it’s just sad it had to happen to us.

27. I know it’s painful, but I hope that till the oceans dry up, you remember the way I love you and how much it’s hurting me to let you go.

28. Can’t there be more ‘Hellos’ than ‘goodbyes’? Couldn’t I have continued to share my love until the hair on our heads grew grey? Why do I have to say goodbye?

29. Nothing makes the heart wearier than a heart full of goodbye with no way of expressing it. I can’t say my goodbyes because it feels like I’m yanking my heart out from my chest.

30. Goodbye my love, my sweet one, I can’t bear to see your face as I walk out the door. I only hope time will heal the wound in my heart.

31. I never knew this day would come. I could only pray that my heart wouldn’t stop beating. You are so special and I know I’d never find another like you, my darling.

32. What would make a person leave the one who holds his heart? I always wondered, but now I know that life happens and I feel ready to fall apart.

33.   You are one in a million, so unique and loving, I wish I could stay in your arms forever.

34. As much as it hurts to let you go, I am glad at the memory of our time together, my sweet love.

35.  The memories made in the time we’ve been together are enough to last me a lifetime.

36. You were a friend, a best friend, a lover, and had the key to my heart. How did we come to this? Life really does deal some tough blows.

37. I used to tell myself that all my eggs should not be put in the same basket, but loving you was unavoidable putting them all in the same basket. Now that one of us has to leave, a lot is broken.

38. The saddest goodbyes are said to the person you will miss the most.

39. Why are goodbyes so hard? Are they really good?  Or in this case, it is a bad bye because I feel everything but good.

40. When there is a will, there is a way; after goodbye, it can’t all just end. Goodbye can be a new beginning.

41. I’ll miss the sound of your voice the most. No voice touches me like yours do.

42. You meant the world to me; I’m sorry it had to end so soon.

43. Love is a force that took me by force, now I have to by choice walk out of it but I know I’m doing it with many reasons and signs of a terrible heartbreak ahead of me.

44. You have seen me through a lot and I love you for it.  I burned hot for you and it hurts so much to let you go.

45. You don’t hold a butterfly before it matures even if you love it, else you might kill it; I can’t hold on to you until I know you’re ready. Until then, my love, I am here waiting.

46. You are loved, I love you, so much. It pains me to think you’re not going to be by my side anymore.

47. How does one leave a loved one? I always wondered. But apparently, it is very possible.

48. Your sense of humor is what I’ll miss most about you, you don’t miss a chance to tease me.

49. You are a very important part of my life, whether we’re lovers or not.

50. Your smile is like a rainbow, it lights my heart with its beauty. I see how much I’m going to miss you.

Parting Quotes For Lovers

One moment we are together, the other, we find ourselves far from each other. Lovers encounter this difficulty all the time and they don’t know what to say to each other. It is usually a heartbreaking moment but with our parting quotes for lovers, we ease you of this discomfort.

The awkwardness in saying goodbye is normal, so is the pain, but our goodbye quotes for lovers make it so much easier. If you ever wondered why one of the sad cry-fests shows in history involves how do you say emotional goodbye? Also, if you ever wonder if you can give a positive answer to the question, how do you make someone cry in goodbye messages? Keep on reading.

51. I have always cherished every moment we’ve had, you are the best thing that happened to me at this point in my life.

52. I will always miss you, but I enjoyed the time we spent together. Thanks to you, I have so many wonderful memories to carry me on.

53. It’s like we are on two boats on a great big river, but I know we’ll cross paths again if luck sees fit.

54. I don’t regret any moment with you, I will do it all over again if given the chance. You are like a rollercoaster my love, full of so many unexpected but exciting turns.

55. Life with you is colorful, now I have many colorful memories thanks to you. Our paths may separate now, but it’ll never be boring because I met you.

56. I don’t do boring things, or talk to boring people. I found peace once I found you, my love, I’ll miss you so much and you’ll always be in my heart.

57. If I come back to this moment in time again, I’ll choose you over and over again. I’ll keep on missing you until then.

58. Have I told you how wonderful you are? You are amazing and I’ll miss this part of you most. You laugh and your smile will be my memory.

59. There are many things I felt I wouldn’t want to ever tell you, one of them is goodbye. Now that it is unavoidable, I want you to know I’ll love you more than slice bread.

60. Who’s going to throw popcorn at the t.v with me as we watch corny romance movies? Or watch a foreign movie without subtitles just to have fun? I’ll keep you in my heart in all that I do.

61. Life goes by so fast, moments you never thought would come, are now here, but I don’t feel ready. But your love strengthens me to make the right decisions, so I’ll hold you tight now and then do the right thing.

62. I wish to hold on to you for longer, but the time has come for us to part ways. Your love, for the record, was the best thing that ever happened to me.

63. You light up my world. Who’s going to do that when you’re not around? It’s okay, your amazing self has made enough memories to last a lifetime for me.

64. A friend for days, a lover of all times. You win the championship for my heart. No matter how large the sea is, my heart is always tied to yours.

65. It will hurt, but I will find solace in all the wonderful and comforting words you whispered in my ears.

66. You bring so much creativity to my space. You empower me, you encourage me. As you leave, just know all I’m going to do, you are my muse.

67. It is never easy to say goodbye, but you don’t make it hard either. Yet, you are so joyful and you find strength when there is none, you give comfort when I have none.

68. I’ll miss your arrogance, your confidence, your smart-mouth, your funny smirk, everything about you. Go and be great my love. I’m cheering for you.

69. I’m your number one cheerleader, and you are mine. No matter the miles between us, we know we’ll always be each other’s greatest encouragement.

70. You are a beautiful person and a wonderful cook. I’ll miss your cooking and the extra care you put into taking good care of me.

71. I’m not looking for anyone to take your place, you can be the number one in my life. This goodbye is not a forever one, it is a today one as we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

72. I’m not looking for much. I just want to be in your heart, no matter the distance or time difference.

73.   I am yours, and you are mine. No matter the era, age, or season, we’ll always find our way back to each other.

74. I love the way you loved me, and I’ll miss that the most. But they say if you love something, you have to let it go. It is from a heart full of love that I let you go.

75. Paths cross each other more than once, in the past or future. It is with an earnest desire and a burning heart I pray we cross paths again.

You Left Without Saying Goodbye Quotes

What hurts more than saying goodbye? It is when we get to make the statement ‘you left without saying goodbye.’ Our relatable you left without saying goodbye quotes allows for the heartbreak to be communicated and the betrayal to be deeply felt.

Goodbye quotes for lovers don’t just come in shy, or sorrowful tones. These quotes come with a hint of anger and a lot of disappointment, rightly justifying and expressing this is our someone leaving quotes.

76. I had the whole day planned only to come back to a home without you? Why did you leave me, my love? I thought everything was okay.

77. Never in a million years did I think you were capable of this. You left without saying goodbye? My heart is in a thousand pieces over this.

78. I love you now and I love you forever but I am so disappointed in you right now. Your actions are incorrigible. If I saw you right now, I couldn’t even look at you.

79. When did we come to this? I didn’t see this coming, what were the signs? Was it me? Or was it you? What happened?

80. Were you toying with me? How could you leave without saying goodbye leaving me stranded and confused? I am so angry at you.

81. I feel really hurt and betrayed by you, yet I cried and I’ve gotten over it. But I can’t make any promises when I see you, I might throw something at you.

82. Time must have gotten the better of us because I never imagined that we would be so terrible together that one of us would want to leave without saying goodbye.

83. Fire and ice, is that what we are? So much of a contrast that you would want to leave without saying goodbye.

84. Goodbyes hurt, one might come to accept them at the end but they still hurt. Not to mention leaving without saying goodbye, that is a bad move.

85. I refuse to think this was my fault, I just can’t believe manners failed you when it came to saying goodbyes. Hence, I leave you to think about your rude actions.

86. Has life come to a point when regard and respect levels drop to this level? Have all our memories together become nothing in your eyes that you couldn’t say a simple goodbye?

87. It’s incredible how your concept of goodbye has been painted. I never knew you were this scared of leaving a relationship. That says a lot.

88. Who said goodbyes had to hurt? I don’t know but your version is not hurtful, just really annoying and childish.

89. If this was your idea of causing a bad day, just know that I’m having coffee right now, forgetting all about how you left without saying goodbye.

90. Who knew goodbyes were so creative? You even invented one where you don’t even have to say goodbye to say goodbye. You simply leave, that is legendary.

91. I have appended my signature on every dull decision you make and this is by far the dullest. Leaving without saying goodbye is a new low, even for you.

92. Look at you making history and creating new memories. This new memory should stick forever as the one time you chickened out of a relationship by leaving without saying goodbye.

93. Hastily, I looked at the empty spaces you left in our shared living space and I wondered, ‘I never noticed you had such coward-ish tendencies, I should have paid more attention.’

94. It is amazing how much you can cover in knowing someone. I at least got to cover a major highlight of your personality which involves cowardice.

95. If I see you again, I will sing the lovely song I composed for you which involves a partner leaving the other partner without saying goodbye and how courageous it makes you seem.

96. Cowardice does not look good on you, by the way. I just wanted you to know that because I expected a lot more from you.

97. I always felt you could never do anything that’ll let me down. But leaving without saying goodbye is a first, perhaps you had a good reason.

98. Chances are, I’ll spray you with a fire extinguisher when next I see you just to let you be aware that I care about extinguishing the flames of your cowardice.

99. The day came, I thought you couldn’t be more childish but you proved me wrong. Just what I need right now.

100. I do not need to know more about you, this is the peak of your dramatic prowess. Perhaps I should write a book on the partner who left without saying goodbye.

Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love Over Text

Hardly do you find it easy, saying goodbye to someone you love over text, that is. We all feel too scared to say goodbye to someone we love because no one knows tomorrow. Hence, we are here to help you with the best goodbye quotes for lovers that you will find.

In this present generation, more hearts are broken because they can do it without facing the person involved, with the present inventions. So, the thought pops up often in our minds, how do you text goodbye to someone you love? Or more often, What do you say in goodbye text?

101. I love you so much. Believe that. It is not just easy to look you in the eye and say the two most difficult words ever.

102. I know in my heart you are hurt. I’m doing this over a text, but understand that I’ll never be able to do this if I was looking into your eyes.

103. You remember how moms have to look away from their crying babies to do the right thing. I feel like that right now as I could never say goodbye in person.

104. You are my heart, you have my heart. You make my world a better place and a much happier space, I love you and know I couldn’t say goodbye in your presence.

105. I’ll always love you, never forget that. But your dreamy eyes could never let me say goodbye and forgive me but this is less heartbreaking for me.

106. I knew this decision had to be made, seeing you would be overwhelming, hearing your voice would make me cry. I’m sorry it had to come to this, especially at such a level, but know that I love you so much.

107. Crying was never my thing but the moment I heard your voice over the phone, I knew I couldn’t call you to meet up. I had to do it this way, but I want you to know that it was painful for me also, I love you.

108. Life isn’t a bed of roses. Roses have their thorns. I knew but saying goodbye to you just made it seem 10,000 times more painful and I can’t say it in person, I’m sorry.

109. Goodbye, my love, indeed I never thought I would say this, much less over a text, but this was inevitable after the basins of tears I cried last night. I love you forever.

110. I pray our paths will cross again so I can tell you how embarrassing it is to say goodbye over a text. That was on a lighter note but I’ll miss you so much, darling.

111. I know you’ll possibly be disappointed by this goodbye text, but I’m sorry, I couldn’t do it any other way without fighting every word that resembles goodbye.

112. Roses are red, sapphires are blue, nothing compares to how I love you. Hence, I cannot look you in the eye, or hear your voice and say the one thing I never want to say to you. Goodbye.

113. In time, I hope you will understand that this is not an easy decision for any of us, and it is too painful to say goodbye to you. So, know my heart is bleeding at the thought but this text makes it easier for me.

114. Who would have thought a confident, headstrong me, would say goodbye through a text? Seeing you would make it impossible so bear with me my love. Goodbye.

115. I’ll miss you so much, your laughter, your snores, and your cooking. But I can’t say that in person, goodbye my dear.

116. I feel you would forgive me very quickly, please do. I love you and I can’t say it in person.

117. Life goes around, people move on, but this moment right here is excruciating. It makes me imagine how it would be if I said goodbye in person. Goodbye sweetheart.

118. Honey, this is very hard but I believe that this medium of saying goodbye will be overlooked. Goodbye honeybear.

119. My beau of many years, I couldn’t just do it. I have to say goodbye, yet I still love you. Have you ever wondered how to say goodbye to someone you love in a text? I know you haven’t so that’s why it is so weird.

120. I fear so much, yet you are my motivation. Weirdly, even in goodbyes. Goodbye dear one, I enjoyed every moment I spent with you.

121. I will write a poem while eating ice cream about heartbreak after this text because I discovered saying goodbye to a loved one is the worst. Goodbye to an amazing person.

122. You are a joyful person, full of energy and strength, so you can see how difficult this is for me. I love you and goodbye.

123. I believe everything will work out for our good. I just know these words I’m about to say, through this text is not easy. Goodbye.

124. I can’t imagine the thoughts going through your mind right now. I just know that I love you too much to say goodbye.

125. This text could have had one million words to say about what a wonderful person you have been, but in a few words, you are simply amazing. Goodbye, my angel.

Goodbye Quotes For Friends

Friends are people you’ve been with forever and you want to spend the rest of your life with. They can be the most annoying set of people on earth but you rather spend your time with them than with any other person. Here are our goodbye quotes for friends, as you choke up and lose words to describe this amazing person, don’t forget to check up our goodbye quotes.

Our goodbye quotes for lovers bring up so many words to describe the person that makes your heart beat faster, in love or anger. Your best friends know just where to click to make you furious and excited. Saying goodbye would be really hard, and that’s why we’re here.

126. All the years we’ve been friends I never imagined we’ll be apart. Childish, I know, but the thought that we have to say goodbye to each other is gutting. Goodbye, my Bff.

127. Goodbye to a wonderful friend, you’ve given me many reasons to laugh over the years, also many to cry and throw a fit about. I will hold on to all the memories we have together.

128. People pass through our lives, some become memories, fading away, but the thought of you is ever-fresh. I love you my friend and with a teary eye, I say goodbye.

129. Being friends with you over the years, you have in a way become a part of my person. Saying goodbye to you is like saying goodbye to myself which would be part painful and part strange. Goodbye, my dear friend.

130. You are not perfect my dear friend, but you have become a big part of my life. We will meet again, I promise you. Goodbye.

131. I’m really going to miss you and all your gimmicks. You are so much fun and I will miss it. I cherish all the time we had together. Adieu, my friend.

132. You better not forget about me because I will burst out in tears if you do. I love you so much. Goodbye.

133. I find my lips unable to say goodbye but I hope all the hugs I gave you recently will make up for it. I’m going to miss you so much. I love you, my friend.

134. We’ve been friends since we were both in diapers, this is going to be so hard. But because I love you, I’ll be strong and make the best out of this time apart. Goodbye bestie.

135. I have wanted to do everything together with you since we were children but I guess this is a time we need to be apart and discover ourselves. I love you so much my friend and I say goodbye.

136. Keeping up with you hasn’t ever been easy, but I’ll do my best in making sure I don’t chicken out of saying goodbye. I love you, my dear friend.

137. Those who say heart attacks are painful must not have felt the pain of saying goodbye to their best friend in the world. I love you so much and it is hurting right now to say it, but goodbye my love.

138. I’ll not be able to express this without waterworks and I wish I could skip it but it’s unavoidable. Goodbye to a caring, amazing friend.

139. Sometimes, some goodbyes are so hard to do. It’s saying goodbye to your past, but I know it’s leading to a new beginning. Goodbye bestie.

140. It feels so weird to leave without you but that’s the point of goodbyes. One of us has to leave eventually, just know you have a duplex in my heart, and you’re not moving out.

141. I will always call you when I miss you, and I know it would probably be every hour because I’ll miss you too much. Adieu, dear one.

142. I wish goodbyes didn’t have to happen. Goodbyes are inconvenient, and I could keep on saying that but who am I kidding? I can’t avoid it. Goodbye, my dearest friend.

143. I love you too much to say goodbye but right now, I have to say it. Goodbye my Best friend, I’ll miss you so much.

144. I feel like my heart would beat out of my chest. Goodbye, my beloved friend, I’ll miss you till I see you again.

145. Can I just say goodbye in like 100 years? Unfortunately, you’re leaving and we have to say those provoking words (because it is to each other), although for a moment I’ll miss you amazing human.

146. You are incredible, kind, patient and so loving, I find it very hard to say goodbye. But goodbye to you, incredible one.

147. You have so many characters I will miss and I have embodied, hence, I will look into my heart when I miss you because I will find peace.

148. I thought I was going to go unconscious when I realized we’d have to say those dreaded words. Goodbye, yet here we are, goodbye my friend.

149. I hope we see each other again very soon. I’ll miss your funny-looking face most. Goodbye, my lovely friend.

150. You are the most adorable and interesting person I’ve ever known. I love you so much, and goodbye to the world’s most amazing BFF.

I hope our post on “goodbye quotes for lovers” has helped you to know that saying goodbye is easier than you thought, it might hurt but with us, it doesn’t have to be so sad or painful as thinking endlessly.

If you liked this post or if you felt it has helped you, you can comment about what you thought about the post and how it helped you. You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships. Be happy and spread love. Thank you.

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