How to Write a Letter to Someone You Love and Miss [Best 10 Tips]

How to write a letter to someone you love

A love letter is a letter written to someone you love, which aids you to express your deep-seated feelings in a written form. It is an ancient form of communicating with someone you love but it has never gone out of vogue and style. It is evergreen. You don’t have to be a prolific writer to know how to write a letter to someone you love.

Though there are modern ways of expressing our thoughts now, writing a love letter still remains a unique romantic indication that cannot be swept out. Writing your loved one a love letter in this age and period where there are modern means will sweep him or her off their feet and make him or her cherish the letter and even keep it to reread it subsequently.

Can you remember writing a love letter to the love of your life since you have been together? I guess the answer is probably negative. Don’t let your loved one lose out on the ecstasy and the delight that comes from a love letter.

Now that you are together and you know him or her so much, learn the nitty-gritty of how to write a letter to someone you adore and let them have a feel of your love in a spectacular way.

Knowing how to write a note to someone you love is not as hard as you think, so long you can sit down and pen things down, you are on your way to writing a fabulous love letter. There are no strict rules and regulations to follow. Follow your heart.

Have you been thinking about how to write a message to someone you love since you are not a poet and you are wondering what you are to do? Hence, to save you out of this uncertainty of what to write down, here are some tips to help you.

Captivating Presentation: Writing a letter to your loved one should be special, don’t mind if you have to draft and rewrite as many times as possible until you are satisfied with your letter, write the kind of letter you want to receive. Use a beautiful and soft stationary with a distinctive pen with a black or brown pen.

Date: I can assure you that letters are dearly treasured by our loved ones so letters should be dated well, write the day, month and year on the top side of the letter, anytime they read the letter they will remember the first time you sent the letter.

Greetings: Don’t be too formal, this is a personal love letter, not a business letter, let the greetings show your intimacy and closeness to your lover.

Serenity: Before you write a letter to your loved one, be calm and go somewhere secluded, so you can have ample time for yourself and concentrate on the letter. In addition, you can stimulate the environment you are to condition your heart and make you think of your lover alone. If music is your thing, play some romantic music as you write, be alone then write.

Purpose: This is your intention for writing the letter, tell your lover why you are writing to him or her a letter. This is the beginning of the letter, avoid being casual with words and let your love letter convey your deep-seated emotions from the heart.

Closing: This is the end of the love letter, Don’t end your letter shabbily, remember this is the last part. It could be a paragraph or just a few sentences, It should be captivating and thrilling.

How to Write a Love Letter to a Girlfriend

Women don’t have a problem with writing a love letter and penning down their emotions, they are love beings by nature, and that is their love language. They express their love via every conversation, and not just by actions but it is not always the case for men. So it is understandable if you don’t know how to write a love letter to a girlfriend or wife.

A great percentage of boyfriend and lovers don’t know how to express his feelings in writing, don’t let this extend to your girlfriend, the love letter you write to her will become a great treasure in the history of your love story. She will hold onto it for life, she might even sleep with it, it is that serious!

A woman cannot get tired of hearing you tell her that you love her or get wearied by your compliment, that is how she is wired, she still wants to receive a written love letter from you regardless of how verbal you are about it.

Here are guides on how to write a note to someone you love, to the woman in your life.

1. Make your intentions known: To start writing your letter to your girlfriend, start by stating the purpose of your letter, starting your love letters with a quick but detailed explanation will prepare her mind as she reads the letter, this expresses your intention in clear terms. It can either be a long or a few paragraphs, it is up to you.

2. Remind her of a romantic and special moment: For every relationship between couples and lovers, there is always a special moment, it could be a shared history, such as how you met or one of those times spent together. A history that is unique to your love and very special to her.
Doing this makes her remember the past and that’s a plus for you. Women don’t like it when their men are forgetful.

3. Tell her what you love about her: Don’t stop at sharing histories and the lovely memories you made together, as beautiful as those memories are they were all in the past and no longer fresh.

Move from your memories of the past to the present, and let her know that time and seasons have not affected your view and disposition of her.

You could do this with a line, or a few words. It will be a great compliment if you can quote someone she admires either a favorite poet or author, It will be a great plus and a beautiful way to communicate it.

Don’t just say a few things, tell her specifically what you love about her, it could be her personality or character. It can even be how she makes you feel. Just list them down, so that you won’t forget anyone of it.

4. Let her know what changed after meeting her: We meet people daily and meeting some people serves as turning points in our lives. Tell your girlfriend what changed after you met her.

It could be physical advancement, emotional stability, or even spiritual depth you’ve gained over time with her. Tell her how her presence has turned you into a better person, don’t feel she knows those things already or it’s needless to say.

You will agree with me that everybody performs better and give in their best to something when their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Telling her will motivate her to have your best intentions at heart and to push you positively.

5. Assure her of your love: You might be asking yourself why I need to do these again, I just told her I love her in a few paragraphs above in this same letter.

The truth is a woman doesn’t get tired of hearing those words “I love you” even after hearing it a billion times. I know it might not always be easy to express your love, but your girlfriend must not be left in doubt for a while.

In fact, you will need to learn to add the phrase “I love you” to every single sentence. She wants to be assured that your feelings for her are intact. Reaffirm your love and commitment, let her know she can count on you regardless of anything. Tell her you will be there for her in thick and thin, that you will uphold your vow to her.

6. Summarize with a captivating close: You are writing a love letter, the tone of the letter should be filled with love, end up by saying a promising word that will summarize your love, like how you are so sure to grow old with her and to love her until your last breath.

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How to Write a Love Letter to a Boyfriend

Writing a love letter to your boyfriend or husband is first something of the heart, the letter must be a reflection of what is in your mind, write from your heart without holding any word back, this is how to write a letter to someone you adore.

Men and women are different from each other, ranging from how we think, how we interpret things, and how we perceive things. They are just totally different from each other in all spheres.

You will agree with me that a man is quite logical while a woman is emotional in their approach to things and reasoning. Saying men and women show love and commitment via the same judgment in a relationship and expression is not totally true.

You don’t need to read a whole textbook or the most refined literature before you get his heart, he is not complicated at all, you just need to know the right thing to say. Exchanging love letters with your boyfriend or husband is great but will be ineffective and meaningless if it doesn’t convey the right thoughts and language. In this piece, you will learn how to write a love letter to a boyfriend.

1. Communicate via his language: As women, we most want to express love to our husband and boyfriend, this is beautiful and right but you need to do it in such a way that he will understand and appreciate. A man is logical by configuration so he doesn’t go all emotional about words like a female, but this doesn’t he can’t be touched, you only need to convey the right word in the right way to him.

Don’t expect that what makes you smile we do, so while writing a love letter to your husband or boyfriend, don’t write to impress yourself or write the type of letter you will want to receive from him, instead write a letter that conveys you respect him and cherish him.

Men see respect as love, so set the tone of your letter to relay your respect for him, when he feels respected by you he will feel loved by you. Convey your respect to him in whatever means you can.

I know you tell him you respect him but that is not enough, just like the way you want to be assured of his love for you, he also wants to be assured that he has not lost his respect. For emphasis, respect means a lot to men so be smart to show it in your letter.

2. Prove that you respect him: This is something you must be willing to do, now that you have told him that you respect him in all things, prove it to him by telling him you respect him and what you greatly respect about him.

Don’t assume everything he does to you are mere obligation and duties that are not worthy of Thanksgiving. Appreciate his effort and work, let him know what you admire and cherish greatly about him, scream it and don’t stop saying it.

Men sometimes go through some lonely moments and might refuse to tell you because they don’t want you to be worried or disappointed, appreciating what they do to you will help relax their anxiety and worries, he will feel relevant and respected.

You are his partner and help meet, you should help him feel the vacuum in your lives, by letting him know how appreciative you are and how amazing he is.

3. Don’t complicate things: When writing a love letter to your boyfriend, write it in a simple term, bear it in mind that you are writing to someone with a different perception of words and affection that is totally different from yours.

Be practical and plain with your words, you don’t need to write an anthology of poems to impress him, he might not be moved by those words, instead of that write in a language that he will understand.

Use a language they feel and can comprehend, don’t complicate things for him. It is better to write a love letter full of what you admire and cherish about them, appreciating his presence in your life and stating the gravity of what his absence will cause to you. This moves him to the choicest words of affection.

4. Be concise: A man doesn’t have the patience to read a letter for a long time, he is not configured to do so, he will lose interest before you know it, and this doesn’t mean he hates you or he is tired of you. Likewise, he can’t read an overly long letter, it will bore him out and make him lose interest. There is no reason to write your boyfriend a long letter, cut the chase and get right into the point.

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How to Write a Love Letter to Your Crush

A crush is a very strong attraction towards someone. Anything can be the cause of such strong attraction, it could be their intelligence or beauty. It could be anything and it’s not a bad feeling to be rejected. You can have a crush on a stranger, a classmate or colleague.

If you admire someone, there is a need to tell him or her, a crush will remain a crush until you open up and tell your crush what you feel about him or her. It’s no fun to be the only one in the love triangle, it leads to unrequited love, you are really in love but you are not loved in return.

To avoid this you should talk to your crush about how you feel to know what is there for you, but if you are too shy to have a face to face talk with your crush, writing a love letter to your crush is the best option to save your face.

Be brave enough to give your emotion a voice and communicate to your crush how you feel about him or her but don’t stop there, deliver the note also. It will be a sheer waste of time and energy to write a letter to your crush and not give it to them. Here are tips on how to write a love letter to your crush and deliver it to him or her.

Though you might not be taught in school, and you don’t know how to express your emotions via note, there is no cause for alarm, you can still learn from this post how to write a letter to someone you admire like a pro and in no time you can be sipping your favorite drink as you write.

1. Be brief: When writing a letter to your crush, be brief with the letter. You don’t want to bore your crush out with your visit to the beach or your summer holiday, your crush doesn’t need to hear that, it is not a letter to a friend.

Keep the letter simple and let the tone of your letter be simple, don’t go all hard on your crush, they hardly know you. It could scare him or her away or give them a wrong impression of you, remember the first impression matters a lot.

2. Make your intention known: For every letter written, there is always a purpose. Make the purpose of writing the letter known, tell your crush the truth, don’t write a letter to your crush and refuse to convey your feelings to them.

Don’t be scared of admitting you like them, let them know how you feel about them but keep it simple. Don’t write with the same tone you will use while drafting a note to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Say things from your heart but don’t be ambiguous and offensive with your words.

3. Tell your crush what you like about them: Before writing a letter to your crush, you should have drafted what you like about your crush, it could be how she smiles or her core value. Think deeply about what you love about them and indicate it in the letter in a captivating way. Are they ambitious or principled? Don’t hold it back and let them know. Don’t overdo it though.

4. Be in control: Writing a love letter to someone else who is not your boyfriend and girlfriend can be very scary because you don’t know what they will think of you or how they will respond to your letter and note.

Nevertheless, this should not cripple your emotions and feelings. Be in control and in charge of your emotions, suppress the fear and refuse to give in to the scary thoughts that are already welling up in your mind.

Whatever tension you are feeling while writing the letter, don’t let the letter show it, be brave and face your fear. Show your crush only what you want them to know and how you feel about them. You can indicate that you will like to know how they feel about you.

If you can successfully control your emotions and fear while writing the letter, when your crush read through the letter they will applaud you and be amazed at your confidence.

5. Don’t reveal too much: Don’t include things you don’t want people to know about you in the letter, keep it simple and limit it to what you love about your crush, and how you feel about him or her. Don’t talk about your weaknesses and urges when you think about them.

Don’t delve into your personal information it’s for your consumption only. There is a high probability that your crush might show the letter to their friends or even throw the note away and someone gets to see and read the note. Save yourself the trouble.

6. Neatness counts: You don’t have to spend much to write a letter to your crush, but let your letter be neat and presentable, you should use your best handwriting so that your crush can read It, but if you have bad and illegible handwriting like mine you should type the note. If you feel the note is rumpled, rewrite it until you are thrilled by your handwriting. Make sure your crush is able to read your writings.

7. Leave an hint: When you are done with writing the letter, either handwritten or typed, leave an hint for your crush to know you are the one who wrote your letter, it doesn’t have to be your full name or your autograph and it might be, as long as it leaves hint for your crush.

Not leaving hint after writing the letter will be a total waste of time and your crush would think you are just a secret admirer that doesn’t want to be known.

8. The note should be addressed: Addressing your letter will save you the misconception of who the letter is for. After writing your letter, address gently fold the love letter and place it in a neat envelope. Address the envelope, and put your crush name on it. Even if you chose to deliver the note by a friend you can be sure it will get to the right person.

9. Have a shock absorber: For a relationship to start, the two parties must agree, it takes two to tangle. This is why you wrote the letter in the first place. To express how you feel about your crush and make your intention plain to them.

However, your crush has a great decision to make, they can either like you too or not feel the same way about you, congratulations to you, If your crush finds you attractive also, but peradventure they don’t feel that way about you, wear your shock absorber, accept the rejection and walk with your head high.

Having a shock absorber aids you to prepare ahead of time before you hear the verdict of your crush, no matter how beautiful and well crafted a note is written, you cannot compel your crush to like you in return.

Accept it in good fate, congratulate yourself for your bravery remember you have successfully laid the feeling of your chest by expressing it, then move on.

How to Write a Letter to Someone You Love and Cherish

How to write a letter to someone you cherish is not only for folks in romantic relationships but one can write a well-deserved love letter to a friend like brother or sister. Ready? Then sit in your comfy seat as I take you through on how to write an emotional letter to a friend.

1. Start with greetings: I know you are eager to talk to your friend and feed them with what has been happening for a while, but before you delve into it, start the letter with a salutation, as “Dear” or “dearest” It shows the level of intimacy and relationship to the friend you are addressing the letter.

Though there are fixed patterns and guidelines to follow while writing a letter, there is an exception in personal writing to your friend. So, don’t be glued to just using “dear”, use whatever you are comfortable with and both of you are used to.

2. Purpose of the letter: We are in a modern age where there is a great use of modern technology to communicate, which is fast and easy, receiving a letter might be a great surprise and also make your friend anxious, so state the purpose of the letter.

Don’t leave this part till the middle of the letter, you will leave them in suspense, Once you have written your salutation and greeted your friend well, explain the reason for the letter. It doesn’t have to be serious, it could be because you are getting married or you just got your dream job. It could be anything, just tell them.

3. Begin by asking questions: You can never go wrong by asking questions, asking questions allows you to have a glimpse into the heart of your friend, although you might not get a response to the letter as you write, start the letter by asking questions.

Asking questions, in the beginning, will create a solid ground for the remaining body of the letter, your friend will know they are on your mind though you are miles away and this will spur them to respond to the letter promptly.

4. Give update: Write a letter to your friend as though they are right there with you in the room, imagine the way you will say it to them if you were together, though you might not want the letter to be too wordy.

Give an update about what is happening in your life at the moment, let your friend have a share of your life and experience, don’t hold your emotions back but be careful not to add happening that is centered around pain and tragedy. Your friend is not a psychologist.

5. Intensify the discussion: You are writing a letter to your friend and not a stranger, intensify the discussion by talking about something both of you are interested in. Talk about things that are amusing to you. You are writing a personal letter so be free, you can ask more questions in correspondence to the last letter or update you received from your friend. Remember asking questions will spur your friend to reply to your letter.

6. Write your last paragraph: Your last paragraph is as important as the first paragraph so put your best into it. Write it in a way you will want to be remembered, you might indicate that you are hoping to hear from your friend soon this will spur him to respond and also tell your friend to extend regards to his or her family.

7. A complimentary close: After you have penned down the last paragraph, close the letter by ” yours sincerely” with your name or any name that is common to both of you on the left-hand side of the letter.

Remember all of this is a draft and a guide on steps to write a letter to someone you love, follow the whole guidelines carefully while you write and you will write a perfect love letter that is irresistible.

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