150 Sweet Valentine’s Day Quotes for Family

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Family

Oh, I can sense the thrill of the season as it approaches, therefore, let’s start your valentine’s day countdown with these valentine’s day quotes for family, friends, spouses, and even colleagues.

Although we should express love each and every day to people that are unique and close to us, especially our families, special seasons like valentine’s day should come with uncommon and passionate love quotes to families like the one prepared here for valentine’s day words for the family.

Valentine’s day is not complete without the people closest to you, just like the people who brought you into the world, received you, and watched you grow. As well as those you have been able to welcome into the world.

It seems strenuous to go through it all? Just think of it as essential relationship nutrients that you must include in everyday conversation to make your relationship with your family healthy.

By picking one of the valentine’s day quotes for the family for each day, you’ll be surprised to soon be looking for more of the love quotes to send to your special ones even when it’s not a valentine.

It takes a lot to show and appreciate love, but it requires also little but sensational and heart-touching words from quotes such as valentine’s day notes for the family to express affection in a special way during this period.

Appreciate, capture and envisage more of sweet memories and moments with the family with these awesome valentine’s day words for the family.

Note: You’ll get some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with Family at the end of this interesting post. Enjoy.

Best Valentine’s Day Quotes for Family

Families are the ones who could paint so many in-depth images in our minds. No matter what happened in the past, you have to know it all occurred because of love. The screams and quiet responses, cries, and laughter, were all shouting and painting one thing in your heart, that’s LOVE!

So, for all the love inscribed on your hearts during the past few years, take from this list of best valentine’s day quotes for the family to make a shout-out to your family that you love them so much.

You can send the messages as a general note or in-person to each family member, by directing it in particular to your husband, wife, mother, father, cousin, sister, brother, nephew, or uncle.

Every sentence of a message expresses something unique and creates a memory too beautiful to be ignored. See the instances below as you go through and send the latest and best valentine’s day lines for family.

1. Being born into this place is one of the best things to have happened to me. I look around me all day long, and with the smiles and even screams I hear, I feel the love in different dimensions. I’ve got the best folks! Let’s have a felicitous celebration!

2. There’s no full expression of love if various sides of it are not shown. I have seen this in you all, and this is making my experience of affection an explosive one.

3. You feel like you’re swimming in a pool of love when you’ve got a family like mine. From the moment you wake up till you sleep, there’s love all around the house. Happy Valentine’s day to the most precious family!

4. The plans we have made together will be easily executed because there’s a binding force of love amidst us. It pushes one person to go on in pursuit of achievements and pulls other people along. May this day mark the moment when our love for each other would become an inspiration to keep us going.

5. Through thick and thin, the family makes the path of life easier to thread through. This is why on this special day of love, I want to celebrate the people who have clouded my heart with affection and made depression an impossible thing to occur to me. I love you all and wish you a happy time today.

6. If the world thinks valentine’s is for lovers only, they’re actually right. You’re the most loving mother one could ever have, what more do I need to call you my lover? Happy Valentine’s day dear mother!

7. The best association that could change one’s life is family. They’re always around to influence you through each day’s activity. I’m happy to be with the best ones.

8. I’m not praying that your day brings just what you want, but that it ushers in more blessings than you can imagine. Happy valentine’s day uncle, I wish to see you soon!

9. I cherish all of our moments together. You all possess the best kinds of hearts that one could ever surround him or herself with. Have a happy valentine’s day! my mate.

10. Friends could come into your life and go, but families are forever part of you. I’m happy to have grown with you and still look forward to more beautiful years with you all. Happy lovers’ day to my loving family.

11. Even if I thought of leaving you, it’s impossible. Distance alone could bring a little gap, but our hearts are too connected to be separated from loving each other endlessly. Happy Valentine’s day folks!

12. We’ve got no choice but to stick together. You know just how to get me to speak out, and I know exactly how to get you to cheer up all the time. What more should a bond of love between sisters be like? I love you, dear sister. Happy Valentine’s day!

13. Today, my heart sends beats of love to the only person that could take the place of a second mother in my life. Dear aunt, I love you and wish you the best things that you deserve. Happy Valentine’s day aunt!

14. There’s no other fun to be enjoyed elsewhere aside from the one I’ve always had with you. May your heart be filled with gladness and your moments filled with delight. Happy Valentine’s day love!

15. I felt joy the first day you came into the world. The first time I saw you in your mother’s arms, you were so cute and the smile on your face was so beautiful. I wish that your days be filled with boundless joy just as you have brought delight to people’s life. Happy Valentine’s day, dear niece.

16. I’ve got the best game team in the world. My husband is the coach, my kids are so talented in all they do, and I’m the cheerleader of the team. Happy valentine’s day to my husband and dear children.

17. What better people can I share my heart with other than my folks? You’ve always understood me and have been there for me, offering your shoulders to my crying eyes and saying the words that make me laugh. Dear family, happy valentine’s!

18. Wealth is more of the possession of the heart than material. When the heart is first rich, then such a person can give out in abundance to everyone around and still be so happy doing that. This virtue is what I’ve found in my parents, and that’s why I dedicate today to saying happy valentine’s day to my sweet parents.

19. Occasions like this demand that we make boast of people who are dear to us. I say a happy valentine’s day to all the loving souls that surround me. I love my family so much, and I wish everyone the best.

20. Darling wife, though you’ve got a seemingly weak frame as a woman, you’re a pillar to me. I love you for who you are and whom you are transforming into. The more you are transformed, the more I am too, and our children are becoming the best. Happy valentine’s day, wifey!

21. Taking you to a place to celebrate today is a good idea, and giving you gifts seems even better. However, you mean so much to me that I want to do much more than all that. I hope that this word carries your wishes from the depth of my heart to you. Happy valentine’s day sweetie!

22. As the wind blows, the raindrops fall and the oceans flow, it all broadcasts how swift you are in bringing comfort to the ones that you care about. Happy Val, dear mother.

23. As seasons have their peculiarities in contributing to the liveliness of the earth, so have you all been in my life. Each of you has brought me joy in different moments and through different means. Happy Valentine’s day family!

24. The space you have occupied in my life cannot be replaced. You have a special fragrance that is peculiar to you alone. It has rubbed off on me and made me a better person. I love you, dear cousin!

25. A partner is more than a spouse, more than a friend, but more of being a part of one. You’re in my heart and have become a part of me. No matter where I go, I feel so attached to you. Happy Valentine’s day mum!

26. The way you have resolved to see to it that I keep on pushing through thick and thin is amazing. I begin to feel like I’m exhibiting your kind of strength too. You own my heart’s wishes today dear brother.

27. Thanks for not just being a member of my family, but a family truly to me. You always try to understand me and speak to me like you are exactly in my heart. I heart you dearly, my Val!

28. This valentine’s day is filled with food, gifts and so many colorful kinds of stuff around. The most beautiful parcel is the gift of a family like this. Happy Val to my affectionate family.

29. Your faces add color to the day for me always. I’m encouraged in the morning, and happy at noon as I remember that I’ve got the best support team in the world as a family. I love you all!

30. I’ve got many wraps of gifts today, but the best of it all is seeing you when I wake up first thing in the morning and last before I sleep. Happy Val’s day my precious and beautiful wife (or husband).

Valentine’s Day Words for Family Members

The best currency to paying back affection shown to you in this season is with words of love from valentine’s day lines for family members. Be it immediate ones or distant ones, the stem that connects all the branches of family members together signifies love.

So, let’s help in giving it root by spicing up the season with the best valentine’s day quotes that you can all send to each other. You can even tell the world about it by uploading them on your social media platforms.

More so, you can upload pictures along with these best valentine’s day statements for family members that have been carefully written for you.

31. To my passionate family, I say a special ‘happy valentine’s day’ to you. You’re the most encouraging set of people. I love you dearly.

32. I woke up today to find love cooking, setting up the house for a party, playing sweet music, and wrapping gifts. This is what family is about; all around the house, you see the expressions of love even in the activities that you do.

33. Not just valentine’s day alone, but each and every day, I recognize the depth of affection you have towards me and I celebrate you for that.

34. I’ll express each day of this year to the world that I hail from a love-bound family. Happy Valentine’s day dear folks! I’m blessed to have you.

35. Though this day is just a day chosen from the 365 days to specially announce you as a unique one in my life. However, every day is meant for you, because you have made a difference in each of these days.

36. Though people show affection, the one shown by a family that truly loves each other is usually beyond the normal expression of love. They go the extra mile for each other. I wish you all a superb Valentine’s day!

37. A beautiful party is incomplete without the family. They have passed through different moments with you and are willing to see the best come out of you no matter what arguments come up sometimes. Happy Valentine’s day to the best family!

38. As valentine’s day approaches, I wish to use each and every day and opportunity I get to declare that you are the dearest of all the families I’ve met here on earth. You’re all peculiar to my heart.

39. In the midst of troubles and trials, I remember that I have got not just one, two, or three pillars to rely on. I love you all for being there for me, you are the best.

40. You have loved with your heart always, I pray that this day ushers in more cherished moments of joy and greatness for you. Happy Valentine’s day dear!

41. I’ll rather wish you more wins this day and forever that give you more wine. However, you’ve been good, so this would accompany the candies, cake, cookies, and wine that you want today.

42. Hey dear! Happy valentine’s day to you in advance. Just wait for your breakfast in bed when you wake up on valentine’s day. I want to shower love on you in a special way from morning till night time.

43. Showering gifts on you today is not too much. You deserve a bath in the pool of affection my dear wife. I love you now and always!

44. Yes, I do love you every single day. But, you’ll get special attention from me this day, and I hope this strengthens our bond more. Happy valentine’s day dear!

45. Happy valentine’s day dear sister! I do hope that we each find the right prince charming and our dreams come to pass. Cheers to a life of fulfillment!

46. I hope that this day makes up for the days I’ve not done well for you. It may not though, but I hope that it opens your heart to see me make up for it. Happy valentine’s day sweetheart!

47. I’ve got the brightest kids on the earth. I woke up this morning to find cookies on my bed reading ‘HAPPY VAL MUM!’ I’m so delighted and I just want to say you’re the cutest!

48. I’ll organize a cool cocktail for you. But only to make a loud broadcast about your affectionate heart and ways. I heart you my Val!

49. The heart-shaped candy cannot depict how sweet your heart is. The best wine cannot give the taste of your sweetness as a person. You’re the best.

50. Valentine’s day is much more about the people that know how to love than just professing love. This is what I’ve found among my folks. Happy Val to the most loving family in the world.

Funny Valentine’s Day Verses for Family

Part of what makes them family is that you can make fun of them and they still love you. I remember having done that a couple of times. Everyone is free with the other and you get to speak to your selves in an expression that doesn’t have bounds, but of course with respect and value for the other person.

Teaching people to love is quite easy. How? Celebrate them during this love season and see their heart respond to the affection you show them. Let’s start spreading the love from the family.

Send one of these funny happy valentine’s day quotes for your family to them.

51. No matter how scorching you are sometimes, it has only succeeded in making my heart warm. Happy Valentine’s day dear sweet sis!

52. The times you took away my piece of meat while I looked away briefly away from the table haven’t been forgotten. I’ll only sum up all of your troubles and melt them down with love into sweetness. Happy valentine’s day!

53. Though it sounds like a common melody, I’ve found a song out of it. Even if it sounds like a cliché that is general, it occurs to me as a sentence I love to live by. I love you dear and you’re my Val!

54. Relationships have taught me to put some guards around my heart. But with you, I’ve not done that, and I’m beginning to pray that an arrow is not shot suddenly at it. However, I trust you and I’ll take the arrow and my heart will turn it into a feather.

55. You’ve actually grown some wings these past few weeks we’ve spent together. You know what? I’ve learned to go with the flow with you, so I’ll just fly on those wings and soar high into another realm of affection with you. Happy Val.

56. As you receive those tweets today asking you to be their Val, just let them know you’ve been tweeted by your number one Val and you can’t say no to me.

57. If your love is still in your mind, then it can be blown away. Keep it where it can’t be stolen from, that’s your heart. I heart you dearly, my Val!

58. I confidently fell into my archive of words to describe you, but I only spent the whole day fidgeting. They’re not enough to qualify you.

59. Looking for words to appreciate you is a challenge and would have been a quest I’ll be on till today until I considered that the words you always use for me are enough to express myself the way you do too. I love you forever, my Val!

60. All the ideas I saved up for today suddenly flew away when you gave me a surprise display of affection yesterday. You’ve always managed to leave me astonished with your gestures of love, so I’ll just lay low and watch you shower me with all you have.

61. As much as we want to give love, I think receiving is much better. So, I’m expecting all the candies, chocolates, cakes and beautifully wrapped gifts you have for me. Happy valentine’s day.

62. I would have made the record of buying you the most expensive gift this year, but I’m on a budget dear. Don’t worry, next year I’ll open my savings for you, you deserve to be the first on my list. Budgets aren’t meant for you, you’re rather meant to be my budget and target for happiness.

63. Last time I checked, I loved you. I just woke up from bed today and I hope that when I check the balance, it still remains the same.

64. The fairy tales of Cinderella and Snow white are just about lovers, the three musketeers speak more about loyalty, trust, commitment, cooperation, and love in all its expression. We’re the three musketeers the family has got, let’s keep fighting for the love of the family.

65. When misunderstanding meets with affection, it becomes jelly and gives way for love to have its place again firmly in the hearts of those who share this love.

66. We played with sand and snow together and I wish that we both plait each other’s grey hair together as well. Happy valentine’s day dear cousin!

67. The card reads ‘you’re the best among many’, but my heart says ‘you’re the only one I see among many.’ So there’s no comparing you with any.

68. You look so pretty today that I would have mistaken you for one of these dainties set before us on the table. Happy valentine’s day beautiful!

69. This message isn’t coming for free to you. You have to give me a series of different treats of those special dishes you have fed us with today for a whole year till the next Valentine’s day. Happy Val dear mother.

70. I wouldn’t want to stress you with reading a long message, that’s why I’ve put it all in these few words. I hope you can read beyond the lines and deep into their meaning. I treasure you, my dear Val!

Happy Valentine’s Day Statements for Family

What more could hold a house and make it a properly bonded household of love without affection being shown from time to time from one folk to another? You have to pour it out, and here’s a list of happy valentine’s day quotes for a family to send to your kinsmen in this loving atmosphere.

It does not have to be your own family alone, there could be a family next door or distant from you that you admire so much. Send them some of these and make them feel special today!

71. If your family can provide the right atmosphere for every moment, then you’re with loving people indeed. Happy valentine’s day folks!

72. I’ve got a doctor, psychologist, and even a lawyer; all as a family. There’s someone who knows just what to do to help you out of difficult moments, another who stands to defend you, and so on. Family is indeed a complete cycle of people.

73. The more time you spend with family; the more medicine you get to treat all forms of sickening circumstances. Happy Valentine’s day dear family.

74. Love is an antidote to the poisoning effect of hatred and depression that comes out of the struggles and trials that we get on earth. Happy valentine’s day to the people who have endlessly poured out love on me.

75. A channel is opened to us by the people we are surrounded with. Families have this unique role of helping you see the possibility of achieving all that you wish for and they end up pushing you to take the paths. Celebrate your loved ones today!

76. I’m becoming too filled with love to even know the feeling called depression. Being positive builds one’s mind, this is what I see binding my family, and I’m happy to be in the midst of the most achieving people on earth.

77. Even with all the differences we have that had brought about arguments at different moments, I still love you all dearly. Being family does not stop the offense from happening, it’s all about training the heart to forgive. Happy Val!

78. Our love can’t be attached to anything because the hearts are already bonded by love. Happy valentine’s day to the best family in the world!

79. The way we find it easy to just fight, but find it difficult to remain angry at each other is amazing. Happy valentine’s day family!

80. May this day bring healing to every hurt heart, and bring inspiration to every burdened mind through the love that we share. Enjoy the day and the season!

81. Family is a box of jewels that I would not ever want to lose. Each kind of jewelry is special for each day. I cherish you all and I’m proud to have you as a family. Happy valentine’s day!

82. Each of you has been like a special covering in the form of a dress for me in my collection of clothes. Every time I take to your advice, I feel beautiful wearing the countenance you stirred in me.

83. Losing you is like falling back on some steps in the journey of life. You all contribute so much to my fast progress in life. Thank you for helping me scale over challenges.

84. Any definition of love outside the one that the family first gives to you is incomplete. Moments spent with folks give you a complete cycle of what affection and true relationship is. Happy Val family!

85. When you have so many people dishing out affection to you every now and then, then they are truly family. Soon, you’ll be wealthy from the currency named LOVE.

86. It’s easy to have the family supply different aspects of what affection is, and in the end, make you a beautiful edifice of love. They give you respect, care, fondness, loyalty, concern, trust and so much more. Happy Val to loving families out there.

87. You’re the best, most adorable, cutest, most loving, and most supportive family ever. And you’re the best Val to be with dear family.

88. The world celebrates valentine’s based on romance, but romance is best enjoyed with family. Happy valentine’s day, dear loving family!

89. No matter how overwhelming the love showered on one from the family has been, one should still be able to take out time to express appreciation in beautiful words. I do not take you for granted your love, and that’s why I’m saying, I love you, dear folks!

90. We’re forever bonded by love. Our hearts are an abode for each other, there’s no going apart from each other even when living in different locations. I love you all!

Happy Valentine’s Day Family Quotes

A fiesta might not be too much, but golden words can be inscribed more into their hearts. This would even capture the essence of a party thrown to celebrate such moments if any were eventually thrown.

The things that we find difficult to tell just anybody out there, there are people who are waiting to hear you out always right at home. Families are the best and they deserve the best hugs, gifts, and happy valentine’s day family quotes for the season’s celebration.

Check out the valentine’s day quotes for your family and testify to it as your perfect top-up gift for your family on valentine’s day.

91. I’m happy living the reality of life with you. I’ll rather live alone even in the dreams with you than have another family that is not as supportive as you. Thank you!

92. You don’t need to pay to be in my heart. It’s rent-free for you just as yours is for me. The price to be paid has been cleared off by love.

93. You mean so much to me as a unique personality on earth and as a family. You’re such a great influence, the transformations I see and the ones people testify about say it all.

94. Even if everyone doubts the depth of your affection towards me, I have experienced your affection directly and passionately too. Happy Val mum!

95. I love the twinkling of the stars more; they are like your smile. The raindrops are like tears that I see on your face when you laugh deeply. Happy valentine’s day dear sister. #sistersforlife#

96. I love you more every day, and that’s why I’ve chosen today to declare that. I’ll declare this more every day of our lives, if not in words, but in deeds. Happy Val dear!

97. I’ll do more than I’ve done in previous years. You mean so much to me, even more, every passing day. I’ve found the expression of love in your person.

98. In the measure of 100%, I’ll give you 101%. You’ve got a plus to my affection for you because you stand out among many in my life.

99. Happy valentine’s day today! It’s been a whole lot of experiences last year, but I’m assured this year promises the best experiences for you.

100. This is a season heralding sweet waves of love and a flow of blessings like you’ve never experienced before. Just close your eyes in prayer and open them in expectation, my dear.

101. Facebook says ‘you’re booked in my heart forever. Twitter says ‘you’re a sweetheart!’. It’s all about you today dear, have a wonderful day!

102. The most trusted set of people who can read you like you are open as a book and still not criticize you is family. It’s worth celebrating valentine’s with them indeed.

103. It’s not just about celebrating valentine’s with you but celebrating you as individuals in this period of love recognition. I have loved you so much and will always do.

104. One’s household is a gift to which we can’t quantify its worth. I value you all so much, you have all made indelible impacts on my life.

105. Having a family gives you the right push-up to take steps to greatness, and they are there to help you keep on standing again if you fall at any time. They stay at the feet of the mountain and the top, encouraging and pulling you all along.

106. One constant thing with us as individuals is that we’ll always be surrounded by a body of people called family, whether biological or adopted ones. Even friends could change from time to time due to location and other things. Families are ever constant and around to encourage you.

107. A policy is inscribed on your heart from the moment you step on earth. The family members are the policymakers, and they consciously and unconsciously influence you with them. Families are truly indispensable.

108. You all have never been satisfied when I did good in the things I’ve involved myself in, rather you always push me to be better, and most especially being the best. That’s why you’re the best family!

109. There are limits that one could stretch to, but with family, you can expand beyond your own limit. Happy valentine’s day to all the supportive folks out there.

110. Some paths might seem confusing, but with the family, you can see ahead of what could happen in a path. Looking to the experiences of those before and showing the way to others coming up. It’s all about family this season, show some love!

Inspirational Valentine Quote

Inspirational valentine’s quotes and sayings for family and friends, also for spouses and colleagues can seem tedious or challenging for you to write. Here’s a solution with their script of inspirational valentine’s day words for family.

You don’t need to hold sessions like a psychologist and philosopher would hold to convince a person about life. Just get our deeply sought words for inspirational valentine’s quotes.

Glean through the list below.

111. Imperfections are more reasons why the family is very vital in one’s life. So take time out to celebrate those that have lived with your flaws and made you better in many ways.

112. Family gives the perfect replication of love. You give and definitely receive bask in measures you can’t imagine sometimes. Happy valentine’s day to all families!

113. A flower cannot spring forth well without water and sunshine. That’s why you should take in all forms of expression you get from your folks, be it harshness or tenderness, it’s all for your nourishment.

114. To paint a good picture of love is to, look inward and see what the family has contributed to making you a loving being. You should celebrate them today.

115. Lines of some literature books could make you view love in a particular way, the same goes for movies and so on. With the family, however, you experience the first-hand reality of love.

116. I have not for once regretted being your husband and the father of our children. I cherish every moment with you all the more. I am in love with you all over and over again. Happy Val dear! And to my sweet kids ‘Daddy loves you!

117. You made it easy to love you because I didn’t have to look for love in you. It’s been who you are all along. I’m enjoying growing in love with you. happy Val!

118. The cycle of life would fail to go as it should without affection. Also, the right lubricant to ensure smooth relationships everywhere is love. Let’s celebrate love today.

119. The value of love should be known and appreciated right from home. The family deserves to be the first Val in an individual’s life. A sweet valentine’s day to all families.

120. There’s no better refreshment to serve your loved ones today than to stand in front of them all, proclaiming your love to them.

121. It’s fun and much easier to scale heights with a company of people who are in support of all you do. When they disapprove of anything, you should know it’s because they don’t want to see you get hurt by that. So, they do deserve a sweet valentine’s day celebration.

122. When persons are of so much worth to you, you wouldn’t try distinguishing when to celebrate them, rather, you’ll want to do it every day. Put this in mind as you also take out time to celebrate your folks today.

123. It’s amazing how you find it difficult to feel lonely, having been with a loving and very accommodating family. Even when you’re all alone, you’ll still feel like you’re surrounded by them.

124. No matter how many words escape me, I can’t but just say ‘I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!’ This simple speech of affirming my love for you beats a long speech that doesn’t express love. I’m happy being speechless declaring only your love.

125. If I were to quantify my debt of affection to you, I know that I’ll owe you a million times. I hope that I can pay back in bits this new season. May the love envelope us all.

126. Love is not ordinary; it only seems so if you partake of the surface expression alone. I fell deeper in love with you every day. I do hope that we sustain this forever.

127. Affection is a gravitational force that pulls you safely into its arms away from hate and depression. The family has a whole lot of ways to give you all the affection you need.

128. It’s just a four-letter word, but it binds the family so strongly. It plays out in the long tireless hours we spend together. A loving valentine’s day to all!

129. A day isn’t enough to declare love to the people who mean so much to you. however, it’s good to have such a day dedicated to reminding ourselves and the people we love that they mean so much to us.

130. My heart was a blank space until you all scribbled sweet love notes through the experiences I’ve had with you. I love you too from the earth to the farthest planet. Happy Val!

Sweet Valentine’s Day Quotes

The desire to have a better bond should not end in a heart wish. You can with some sweet valentine’s day quotes appreciate old times and still create a picture in people’s minds of how to spend the days ahead in bonding more.

With our charming sweet valentine’s day words for family and friends, you can enchant and bring many into the captivating power of love, especially one that exists between folks related by blood.

So to your friends and families, husbands and wives, teachers, students, and workers, get a variety of expressions of affection and ideas on celebrating your valentine’s day with families and friends by using the quotes from this section of the valentine’s day quotes for household. See for yourselves and pick from the list.

131. Having gone through love quotes written by famous authors, I still felt like I hadn’t reached the perfect words to express how happy and blessed I am to have you. So, I’ll just resolve to say ‘happy valentine!’

132. As I think of what to write, the only message that keeps ringing to me is ‘I love you’ I hope that this covers up for my speechlessness right now.

133. I thought of writing a long speech today and making sure to give a paragraph to what each of you has been to me. With a few words though, and a loving heart, I say happy valentine’s day!

134. I could doubt so many things and even people. But I wouldn’t dare doubt how much you love me. I do hope I can measure up to this soon.

135. You have made the lowest demand from me when it comes to replicating affection. Even though I can’t meet up with your height of affection, you have been committed to loving me.

136. Love is fire and it is too hot to stay in one heart. This day, I share it with my family, the only people who have made it possible for me to understand some of the ways the human heart works.

137. There’s no way to show that you have an overflowing river of love in you when the river bank is not wet. The people around you should be soaked from time to time. Thank you, dear family, for wetting me with love.

138. My one unique smile, I’ll give it out to those that I love. All the moments special to me are meant to be shared with you all. Happy Val!

139. Affection grips one and takes over the individual over time. This love has transformed me and made me better and better. Happy Val to my dearest family!

140. Each time we find a land full of treasure, we should happily dig to find out all that it has for us. I’ve got a family so blessed that I enjoy staying around so well. Every moment spent brings me something sweet discovery about love.

141. True love is caring so much about the other person as much as you do about yourself. So, dear, I’m going to shower you with pearls of words as much as I would when I dress myself up with lovely pieces of jewelry.

142. Every special one in my life is the person I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to loving. So, I announce this day to the world that I love you wholeheartedly. Look out for more of my contributions to making the bond we share stronger.

143. A lot has happened in the past few years with you, but all have significantly made me better and I have no reason to regret it. Happy valentine’s day to the ones that make me better.

144. Love is in the air, catch and put as much of it as you can in your heart. The future needs much more bonds of affection to help us get through. Happy Val.

145. A day without affection in my heart for you has never come. Even with the ups and downs we’ve got going sometimes, I have always felt and will always feel that you are dear and unique to me.

146. If there’s any deed I want to intensely reciprocate to you, it’s the strong affection you’ve shown me over time. I’ll try to do more in the years to come.

147. It’ll be a struggle for anyone to compete with you in terms of expressing love. Even I know to just accept what you bring and be appreciative as much as I can. You’re the best and sweetest.

148. Loving comes naturally to you, so it’s a waste of time to try to strive with meeting up with such standards of affection you have shown. I love you for this and celebrate you this valentine’s.

149. Not just because it’s valentine’s day, but I’ll always want to share my happy moments with you. You have been there consistently. So, you deserve an endless chain of appreciation and attention.

150. Our tree has taken so much root, and I think we should take the time to enjoy the fruits of a wonderful relationship. That’s why this day and every other special day, I’ll celebrate them with you alone.

Some Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Family

Having gleefully gleaned through the valentine’s day quotes for the family for your choice of valentine’s day quotes, looking for how to spice it up a bit? There are tips here for that.

Implore some or all of these ideas in order to pass across the message behind your valentine’s day quotes in a sweet way;

• Send gifts such as home-made cards with words from valentine’s day quotes inscribed on it (it goes a long way to tell the other person how well you care)

• You can accompany your cards with some beautiful flowers, candies, and chocolate (for children and ladies especially).

• Upload some pictures (old pictures too), use creative hashtags, and ensure to spread the quotes through various social media platforms.

• You can also make short video clips of you and your folks at home during any home activity. Upload them and enjoy the media’s comments on the season as you also enjoy being with your family members.

• Moreover, you can throw a house party and have everyone choose another person to exchange gifts with.

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