Be Happy Always Quotes: 150 Extremely Happy Quotes

Be Happy Always Quotes

In life, there will always be a lot of happenings around us that will affect our state of mind, but in between all of these things, it is up to us to accept happiness in the midst of it all. The choice to be happy always is left to us. Hence, be happy always quotes are the surefire you need daily.

In that regard, this article is here to help you see the reasons why you need to choose happiness over and over again. Be merry always quotes will inspire you to start a great journey in pursuit of that happiness that you so deserve. It will help you to focus on the right extremely happy quotes that you can memorize and say to yourself daily.

Saying true happiness quotes to yourself every day is like taking a dose of drugs to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Let’s pursue this happiness together as you read through these “be cheerful always quotes” all compiled for your daily dosage.

Be Happy Always Quotes and Sayings

Be Happy Always Quotes and Sayings

A good way to start exercising this attitude of happiness is by learning these be joyful always quotes and sayings. It could be cute happy quotes that will make you smile, as they say, that laughter is medicine to the soul. Or could just be simple be joyful always quotes that will take you through a joyful ride throughout the day.

In all, you need to radiate that happiness, and people need to see it in you and be affected by it. Nobody wants to come across a cranky-looking person. Here are some “be happy always words and sayings” that will help you achieve that happy state of mind.

1. I am deserving of enjoying my life to the fullest, no matter what may come my way today, I will choose happiness over and over again.

2. I choose to look at the bright side of life even when everything seems to be crashing down on me; my mind will drift toward all the things that have made me happy in the past, present, and future that is on their way.

3. I am the only one responsible for my happiness, therefore regardless of other people’s attitude towards me today, I will not trade my happiness.

4. The sure way of staying happy always is to stop worrying about things that are beyond our control.

5. Anger does not have its chance with me, because I embrace the feeling of being happy, I will be calm and allow my mind to drift off to things that bring me joy instead.

6. Staying happy always is a result of what you have trained your mind to be. Think positive thoughts and find staying happy easy to do, but think negative thoughts and find yourself wallowing in self-pity, sadness, being miserable, and cranky at every slightest opportunity.

7. Embrace being happy as an attitude and find out how much you won’t struggle to have a good time and enjoy life to the fullest.

8. I will decide who and what makes me happy, nothing or no one will decide that for me. I have a mind of my own and I will stay happy always.

9. I am happy with myself, I am happy about all that I have achieved in life, I celebrate my small and big wins, and my past and my mistakes cannot and will not override my happiness.

10. Growing up, I always thought about all the beautiful things in life, imagining them to come to reality someday. I haven’t stopped thinking about these things that make me smile then, as long as it makes me stay happy knowing that they are right in the corner and about to happen, I will keep embracing them and thinking about them.

11. I am building my own empire of happiness out of my thoughts, my actions, my self-worth, and my entire being. I will build this by allowing the well of happiness and positivity to flow through me.

12. For everyone that knocks on the door of my heart with happiness will I allow into my space.

13. When you leave the doors of your heart open, happiness tends to flow through easily, a rigid heart will stiffen the flow of happiness.

14. Let go of all the hate, let your mind be free, breathe, live again, and allow yourself to be happy.

15. The best cosmetic for the beauty you can have and wear is happiness.

Quotes About Happiness and Smiling

Quotes About Happiness and Smiling

True happiness stems from the inside and how you have been able to wire your thoughts toward things that revolve around staying happy. Quotes about happiness and smiling will teach you to be happy for and at every moment.

Your life revolves around the events and moments that happen in your life, channel all your energy into making sure you do nothing less than being happy regardless of the circumstances.

Activating be joyful always quotes has been a great start in pursuing that positive state of mind, now let’s look at more quotes about happiness and smiling.

16. You are as happy as you decide to be and as much as you are happy, you cannot but make others happy.

17. Today, I take charge of my thoughts in order to take good actions that will inspire me and everyone around me to stay happy and smile.

18. I will not allow having a bad day to steal my joy because the day will pass and I will still be here. Therefore, I choose the joy that births happiness, and happiness that births smiles and laughter.

19. I will be appreciative of every phase of life I find myself, I will make the most out of each day that comes and passes by because my happiness is more important to me than what each day brings, whether good or bad.

20. I choose to make everyone happy and smile through the words that come from my mouth and the expression on my face.

21. For every place I go, every room I enter, and everyone I meet, happiness will spread through me like butter spreads over bread.

22. The people you meet at every stage of your life must meet and leave you in happiness.

23. Smile is the start of many good things- smile and good things will be attracted to you.

24. No need to search for what is not lost. The happiness you desire so much is right there within you, open up your heart and see how much of it you got inside you.

25. Embrace happiness at every chance you get, take chances with happiness, be friends with happiness, and see how your life gets sweeter day by day.

26. Someone once said that happy people are the most beautiful. You definitely want to be counted among all the happy people in the world.

27. Your happiness is not dependent on other people, do not compare yourself with them. Choose your own form of happiness and live life on your own terms.

28. Smile even when things do not turn out the way you expect. It helps you to stay hopeful that there are better days ahead.

29. Never lose your wonder, smile always, be happy, stay joyful, and stick to that person that makes you smile.

30. Get out of bed smiling, be you, rise up and do you, not for anybody but for you, be grateful and happy for what the new day has in store for you.

Quotes About Happiness and Love

Quotes About Happiness and Love

Whether you have stayed too long feeling lonely and not being loved enough, or you have been alone for too long and seem not to be sure of how happy you are or how much love you got within you, these quotes about happiness and love will give you all the encouragement you need to refuel your happiness and rekindle love again.

Be merry always quotes are more than enough to push you into attaining all the levels of love and happiness you could ever imagine. Just be open to love and happiness will find you. Choose to stay happy always and see how you enjoy the ride called life. You deserve to be happy and here are quotes about happiness and love to help.

31. The first secret to happiness is recognizing and falling in love with yourself. Never allow anyone to come along to just love the idea of you and not you.

32. The amount of happiness you feel is equivalent to the amount of love you give.

33. Break down every wall you have built against love, that way it becomes easy for you to seek and find the love and happiness you so eagerly desire.

34. Find happiness in everything you enjoy doing not in the many things that you have.

35. Gratitude is a way of showing how much love you have in your heart towards the people and the things that you have been blessed with that make you happy.

36. Complain less, be more thankful, be expectant and stay happy always instead of trying to figure it out on your own. The universe will align with you when you stop worrying about things that deprive you of your joy and happiness.

37. Stop to enjoy every good thing that life offers you, and don’t miss your share of happiness trying to find what is not lost.

38. You need three things to be truly happy; a person to love, doing that which you love, and having that one or many things to be hopeful for.

39. Live every moment of your life full of love, grace, and gratitude.

40. Don’t ever stop living for yourself. You are in control of your life so be excited about it and feel all the love you can about it.

41. Life is too short to stay sad. Do all the things you have ever wanted to do, travel, do all the weird things that make you who you are, and be everything and whatever you have always wanted to be. Live, love, laugh, and enjoy the moment.

42. Peace of mind is essential to finding the doors of happiness and love. Find peace with yourself and these doors will open naturally for you.

43. You are wonderfully and beautifully made, a great masterpiece of no other kind. Know this always and feel loved through it because you are amazing just the way you are.

44. Give, love, do good, count your blessings, smile, laugh hard, stay hopeful, be free, and find good in the little and tiniest things around you, with the people that surround you. Your happiness will overflow from doing these and many more that fuel joy from your inside.

45. Let happiness be your new habit and let love lead you every step of the way.

True Happiness Quotes

True happiness quotes will give you direction on how to enjoy every phase you find yourself without being anxious depending on what is to come. Happiness is essential to help you scale through whatsoever challenges you face as long as you have cultivated it as a habit.

As you are getting accustomed to using be cheerful always quotes, this list of some true happiness quotes will give you more direction and depth of why you should stay happy always.

46. Transparency is essential in finding true happiness, therefore a rigid heart cannot allow for happiness, let alone radiate it.

47. And when happiness becomes a part of you, do not hoard it, let others see the light it brings to you and allow them to have a share in it.

48. Do all that makes you happy and desist from everything and anything that reduces or takes away your happiness, because in the end, recognizing and appreciating these things that give you happiness will help you to channel all your energy into the right things, the right people, and right places.

49. This is the closest you can come to happiness- appreciating even the tiniest of good things that happen to you, being kind to everyone you meet, like many, and loving the few ones that give you the right vibe and connection you need, and being accepted by the people you love.

50. Allowing the thoughts to be directly proportional to the things you say is definitely going to bring you happiness because, in the end, happy people are who they are as a result of how they act.

51. Doing to others what you will like them to do to you is one way to stay peaceful and happy with everyone.

52. Most of the time, you will need to get out of your comfort zone, reach out for the things you desire, and make it happen, only then will you grab that happiness you have so long waited for.

53. To be truly happy, you need to keep it real and not hide under the personality of who you are not. You do not want to miss out on your happiness under a disguised personality.

54. Things are not as complicated as we make them seem to be, desist from having that perspective and insist on accepting that life is as simple as you let it be, only then will it be easier for you to tap into all the happy opportunities that life brings on its own.

55. You are happy when you are at peace with everything and everyone.

56. You do not need a lot of people to find and enjoy true happiness; love yourself, enjoy your own company and choose a few people and find a friend in them.

57. If being weird, unique, and distinct from others makes you happy, go for it.

58. Be a friend to yourself, embrace all your flaws as they are what makes you human, find yourself worthy, and love yourself enough, then happiness will flow from within you.

59. True happiness isn’t found in places, people, or things, it stems from who you accept yourself to be deep in your own heart.

60. Be your own truth, do not go about seeking validation for yourself from others. You are worthy, you are enough, and you own the right to build your own empire of happiness and live it out every day!

Happy Motivational Quotes

There will be times when life will throw shade at us and we will need all the care in the world to stay motivated, we would seek this care and not find it. Situations like this will bring us to the understanding of how much we need even ourselves to be happy.

Happy motivational quotes will enable us to stay inspired because, in the end, it is our own choice to be happy or not.

But choosing to read through this being happy always quotes show that the decision is to be motivated to stay happy. Just like you have selected some of the “be gleeful always quotes”, the under-listed happy motivational quotes will help you stay afloat at all times and remind you of those things that are truly important.

61. Decide to look inwards to feel fulfilled, seeking fulfillment in others will never make you fulfilled. The moment you are appreciative of the things you have and the people in your life, only that way will you own your world.

62. Embark on that spiritual journey of living every day filled with love, grace, and gratitude.

63. Start that one thing that you have always wanted to do, as long as it makes you happy then you are good to go.

64. Do not have high expectations of people or happiness from them, just do you, accept whatever comes, let go of all the hate, be kind, and live life to the fullest.

65. Do not hesitate to fight for your happiness when the need arises, always put yourself first.

66. Let being happy always depend on you.

67. Most of the time people care less about you when you are sad, so why choose sadness when no one cares? Because even when you allow happiness, it is what people decide to see that they see.

68. Happiness determines your state of mind for the day.

69. The future is already here, do not wait too long for that moment that will bring you happiness, live in the present, and be happy always.

70. Brace up, face life, scale through and be happy every step of the way.

71. Accepting to be happy is a way of getting distracted from the opposite of happiness.

72. Contentment is a form of happiness. You aren’t wanting too much and you are not wanting too little.

73. Want to be certain how real and happy you are? Share your happiness with someone, don’t keep it to yourself.

74. The only way to happiness is happiness itself.

75. Stop to enjoy the good things of life, pick up lessons from the bad that happens, heal and move on, and see how happy you will be.

Quotes About Being Happy with Yourself

You must be happy with yourself! These quotes about being happy with yourself will teach you just that. When you feel good and happy about yourself, you will be surprised at how much of an amazing human you are. Awesome right?

This article on “be joyful always quotes” is just the right one for you! Quotes about being happy with yourself are sure a good ones to read always to yourself and celebrate your own uniqueness.

76. Never let it get to you what others say about you because you are your own truth and nothing in the world matters more than that.

77. Just like a flower, you are beautiful in your own way, unique with your own features, and one of a kind, just be free and stay happy.

78. As long as you still breathe, you have hope, you have life, enjoy all the beauty that your life brings.

79. Celebrate your small wins, big wins, small victories, and big victories, and appreciate the fact that you are capable of achieving all that you have.

80. Find essence in all that life throws at you, do not let other people teach you that, you’ve got your own superpowers, use them!

81. Worry less, play as much as you work, don’t get busy doing anything, reach for the peak and never settle for less.

82. Follow your instinct even if they lead you nowhere, it is better than taking up bad advice and feeling bad in the end.

83. Never allow anyone to take you for granted, you cannot and should not change for anyone.

84. See yourself in your own eyes and in your own light. Don’t seek to be validated by others.

85. Do not settle for less. You are not second fiddle, you are the first and last of your kind, and that alone is enough for you to be happy with yourself.

86. Be happy with yourself in such a way that everyone you come across will remember you for who you are.

87. Be so comfortable with yourself that it reflects in your actions.

88. Don’t waste your time living in anyone’s shadows. Do you! Be you! Life is too short to live someone else’s life.

89. Let your own star be your lead. Do not be scared to do the things that make you feel your existence.

90. Do not chase after the things that you find unique in others, do not try to be them. You will be amazed at how much others envy the things that make you unique and different from them.

Happiness is a State of Mind Quotes

Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks, and you act! Your state of mind determines how much is reflected in the way you live. You cannot just stick to memorizing and reading be merry always quote to yourself every day and not make happiness your state of mind.

Happiness is a state of mind quotes will deepen your thoughts towards embracing happiness as an attitude, even as your way of life.

91. Don’t wait around hoping for something to bring you all the joy you deserve, seize the moment and create the happiness you want.

92. Stop thinking and looking back to that event that happened to you in which you were once happy. Attaching your happiness to events is no happiness at all.

93. You will never know what it is to be happy if you are waiting and expecting for something that strikes happiness in you. Make your heart a footstool of happiness, then your mind will attract it.

94. Ignore all the “ifs” that your emotion creates against being happy and focus on the realization of that which really gives you joy.

95. Set a goal to be happy always, don’t stop to remind yourself of this goal, work on it every day and see how much happiness you already have within you.

96. Keep at whatever it is that makes you happy and you will realize how things or people stop upsetting you.

97. Assume nothing, expect less, be kind, do more and count on all your blessings; you will find that happiness is embedded in everything around you.

98. Make it your ambition in life to mind your own business and do what makes you happy, let people mind theirs.

99. Even if that which makes you happy does not make sense, go ahead and still do it.

100. You are a star on your own. Stars do not compare themselves with other stars, and neither do they depend on the moon to shine their light.

101. Ability to overcome the perspective of how you see yourself marks the beginning of happiness for you.

102. Express gratitude always, complains less, focus on the good in people, and stay positive about anything and everything. That way you would have built a strong state of mind full of happiness.

103. You are happier when you place your happiness as your first priority.

104. Tie your happiness into achieving all the goals you have set for yourself.

105. Cultivate a heart full of joy, a merry one, and keep growing that habit of happiness and you will find life enjoyable.

Happy and Contented Life Quotes

As we all know that our needs are insatiable and the desire for more to happen in our lives keeps increasing day by day. Not being able to meet these needs can want to weigh us down, but no, we are here now, reading be joyful always quotes and about to master some happy and contented life quotes that will help us to stay above.

These happy life quotes and sayings will motivate us to find beautiful meanings in everything that happens to us and around us.

106. The key to having more is being contented with what you already have.

107. Recognizing and understanding that you lack nothing is a great way to take charge of the whole world.

108. Once you are happy and content with yourself, all you have, and all that you have accomplished, then you do not need anyone’s approval.

109. Failing to appreciate the people in your life, and holding on to grudges and hate is no way to be happy and content.

110. In your pursuit of happiness, pause for a moment, breathe, then continue being happy.

111. Contentment is being satisfied with the turnout of things, and how they are accepting them emotionally and mentally.

112. Being happy and contented will give you a worthy appearance, and an intense delight in cultivating a habit that allows for happiness at all times.

113. Seek contentment and happiness will come knocking on the door of your heart. When it does, do not build a fence around your heart, instead of open up and enjoy the feels that happiness brings.

114. You should always make the best of everything in life, protect the things and people that matter to you, and avoid doing the unnecessary.

115. You are unhappy when you keep chasing that which does not belong to you or suit your being.

116. I intend to accept myself in the present, love myself when tomorrow comes, and appreciate my awesomeness always.

117. Never see yourself as a mistake, you are born to do great stuff, just be patient and content with the timing, and those great things will come to life.

118. Live every day like it is the best day of your life; get up and get going feeling happy and content about your life.

119. When you feel confused about all that has happened, look back at the good things you have always enjoyed and hope for better days ahead.

120. Worry less, don’t feel insecure, find inner peace within, and stay contented and happy.

Happiness is a Choice Quotes

As said earlier, happiness is a choice, it is a decision we make to liberate ourselves from sadness, sorrow, hate, and all forms of bad vibes. Happiness is a choice quote that has been compiled to help you strengthen that decision you have made.

Once you have been able to imbibe some “be cheerful always quotes” in your daily activities, you need to continually renew and affirm that decision you have made. Let’s take a look at these quotes about making happiness a choice.

121. For every action, there is always a reaction, for every decision to stay happy, it reflects in how you act.

122. Once your mind embraces happiness, your subconscious has no choice but to attract it, it immediately becomes a part of you.

123. Chase after all the things you think will bring happiness for as long as you want, but if you do not create it first in your mind and in yourself, you will never find the happiness you are searching for.

124. Happiness is a journey of its own, take a ride with it and you will find all the joy in the world.

125. Happiness is a state of mind, build it today, tomorrow, and forever and it will last with you.

126. Always remember that happiness is like a light that illuminates, in essence, happiness is to be shared with others.

127. That feeling of not wanting to stop feeling what you feel is called happiness.

128. Put in all the effort you can to stay happy, almost everything requires effort to be valued.

129. Choose happiness and be free from sadness.

130. You cannot find happiness elsewhere, it is right with you if you choose to see it, and within you, if you choose to feel it.

131. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody, the earlier you realize this, the happier you will be.

132. Make it a part of you to be happy, wake up each day, and say it to yourself. At the end of the day, you are your own motivator.

133. Circumstances will want to decide how you feel, but looking beyond the present happening and hopeful of a better situation is a way to stay happy always.

134. You are as happy as you choose to be.

135. Look at life beyond the imperfections it brings because happiness will help you see even the perfections in the imperfections.

Happy Moment Quotes with Friends

Happy moment quotes with friends are warm messages to send to that friend that builds such sweet memories with you and also quotes you can rely on to learn to be a better friend. Friends help us to transform moments into memories.

The good times spent together, the happiness and joy that comes from it. Be gleeful always quotes and happy moment quotes with friends are a great way to start the day with.

136. Make friends who are easy and comfortable to be with, friends that will want to see you grow into the happy person that you can be.

137. A symbol of friendship and peace is when you are able to share your world with someone that genuinely cares about you and for you.

138. Friends are like a rainbow in the cloud, the ones that add colors to your life.

139. Strive to leave memorable footprints in the heart of your friends and they will do the same for you if they genuinely care as much as you do for them.

140. There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, these ones are friends that become family. They should be treasured and valued.

141. A good friend is hard to find when one comes along, appreciates them for who they are, and feel grateful for them.

142. True friendship will spark up your life and light up your world.

143. The extra miles you go for each other as friends will create a spark of happiness in both friends knowing that you are safe with each other.

144. It’s the friends you can reach out to at any time of the day and night that matter.

145. Find a friend in you only then will others find you as one.

146. The moments of happiness shared with friends will make you want to always be with them.

147. There is so much bliss in having your best friends around. Feel blessed and lucky when you have friends that give you a rush of happiness.

148. A good friend will know you well enough and even with your many flaws and weaknesses love you anyway.

149. A true friend will not make you feel bad when you feel down, instead, they will brighten up your world with a load of happiness.

150. Happy moments with friends aren’t a big deal, it is a one-in-a-million deal!

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