100 Funny Love Joke Messages That Are Beautifully Witty And Incredibly Clever

Love Joke Messages

“Love is a beautiful thing”, so it is with everyone, from the tiniest insect to the largest elephant; from the poorest slave to the richest king. Love is the only crown that fits every head that wears it and the longest bridge that can connect even the most divided people. Just as well, these love joke messages for him or her will do the magic of making your better half laugh out loud.

Beyond all calculations, love is complete in itself. There are times though, whereby you’d want to shake up the recipient of your love a little, whether it’s just to make him know how much he means to you or how precious she is in your heart – a feeling which is often beyond what words can express; I can tell how you feel, I’ve been in your shoes.

You can always use love joke texts for him or her to pass across your heart’s intent and you know what; it would just get their heads whirling around on their necks in excitement while inscribing your love play messages on their hearts.

Why not just get seated in your comfy seats and copy, paste and send as many love joke sms as you want, because we got just the right content for you and for your beloved?

Love Joke Messages for my Girlfriend

Guys, if you’re of the opinion that girls are hard to impress, then it’s time to rethink because you will be getting enough smiling gas from this joke message for a girlfriend to fill your beloved one with.

Just load enough subscription to whatever medium you’d be using to send her love jest messages and click ‘cos I guarantee you won’t be sending just one ‘joke message for girlfriend’.

1. Hello, madam, you’re under arrest for the theft of my heart at first sight, and you’ve got every right to return it whenever you wish. I’m giving you all of it.

2. Don’t forget to bring along with you, a GPS when we meet today, ‘cos I’m not ready to get lost in your universe, girlfriend.

3. If Shakespeare had made me Romeo and you, my Juliet, I would have refused to die at the end of the script, I’d rather end it with you “Happily Ever After.”

4. The very first time I met you, I discovered the secret of the Goldsmith in your eyes and I’d do everything to ensure the goldsmith gets his gold elsewhere. Your beautiful eyes are too precious to me.

5. On getting to see you, I realized why they say “love is blind”, because you shine too bright.

6. When I first saw you, I thought there were now slim and fat angels walking upon the earth.

7. I don’t think I can stand it anymore girl. I’m going to report you to the authorities as the cause of global warming, you’re so hot!

8. Seeing you changed me totally, to the extent that I started breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen.

9. I sighted you while standing beside a bed of roses and you know what- the roses saw you and started waving.

10. I ordered a beautiful feminine embedded 3D wallpaper online and when I saw you, I thought one of the pictures had escaped from the picture.

Love Jokes for Him or Her

If your beloved asked you to prove your love for her or if your lover asked you to prove your love for him with a love joke texts or how would you manage to express yourself?

Would you stutter through your words or write a love note or would you just settle down on your sofa and start thinking of the many ways to impress her? While making sure it’s hard for him or her to move on without you.

You do not have to think too long to do that, we’ve got you something that would not let you rack your brain too much.

Here is a sweet collection of love jokes for him, a compilation of love jokes for her to show just how much you value your relationship.

11. It is said that when we want to impress a girl, one would have to- love, honor, respect, cherish, and care,…for her. But to impress a guy, your smile does the job.

12. If I met you as a space traveler, the only gravitational force that would keep me on the surface of the moon would have been your smile radiating from the earth. Keep smiling, darling!

13. I’m still clueless in deciding who the real copycat is, between you and the rainbow; and you’re glowingly beautiful, dear.

14. You know, at a point in my life, I thought my mirror was true to me until I saw myself in your eyes.

15. Hello Handsome, are you one of the mannequins that escaped from the shopping mall today, “cos you look too good to be true. Trust me, baby, I know what I’m saying.

16. You know what sweetheart- when we finally get to be under the same roof, I’d love that we have just one pillow which would belong to you, ‘cos your broad chest is just enough for this beautiful head of mine.

17. I won’t hesitate to do ANYTHING for you, except to die of course! I don’t need to explain further, do I?

18. Do you know that the kiss you blew across the room to my face earlier today has stuck to my face all day long and caused my face to look more beautiful than ever, even my colleagues started asking me how it came to be. Should I tell them the secret?

19. They say the sun sets in the west” how wrong they must have been. Actually, it sets in your face and the stars take permission from your beautiful eyes to rise and shine at night-do you not know that?

20. I’ve cried for a revival all year long to recover from the spell your beauty cast upon me since the very first day I met you. Somebody help me, please!

Short Love Joke

How about a short love joke to make up for the lost time between you and your partner?

Using a short love joke to place someone else in emotional lightroom is definitely part of the bargain in the journey of love and romance.

You know what; knock yourself out while exploring our love joke sms compilations. Enjoy!

21. Do you mind if we strike a bargain? – I’d osculate and if you don’t like it, you can return it to me. Deal or no Deal? P.S.: Feel free to use the dictionary, sweetheart.

22. With you, my Rome is built in a day and my Jericho is pulled down in one day because you’re my Creator’s war machine and I’m your backup armor.

23. If I was Rapunzel, my hair would have been too short, If I was Snow-white, I would have been a direct contrast ‘cos I’m black, but if I’m me, I would be just perfect for you ‘cos I’m perfectly made for you and there’s no other better version of you and me together.

24. The deep blue seas have their own wonders, the oceans have their vastness, and the thick jungles have their intrigues but you, my jewel are an embodiment of them all.

25. When I see soldiers heading out to war, I wonder if their battles are worth fighting. But each time I go out of the house, I know I’m going out to fight because of a worthy cause – that’s YOU!

26. Like the arrival of a newborn babe with fresh and succulent skin, so is your skin every morning whenever I wake up to behold your face right beside me wifey, you’re just too beautiful.

27. I tried to measure how much I love you, so I went to the beam balance and it just broke the measurement; then I went to the powerlifter, but he couldn’t bear the enormousness, and so I discovered that the only measure of my love was the continual beating of my heart.

28. Don’t forget that even though I may not be a math genius who is able to solve many problems or a psychologist who is able to diagnose what troubles you, remember that I would always be there to weather any storm with you, storm any challenge with you, and challenge anything whatsoever, darling, I mean anything!

29. I’m sure your mobile just got overheating after receiving this text from me and that’s because I sent it with loads of warm feelings which I’m pretty sure your phone cannot handle. I think you should get another one because; I’m going to send more right through.

30. Before I gave you that piece of information, I wanted to declare that I love you and now I’m still declaring that I love you, and my next piece of information would be…I love you.

Love Jokes SMS

There are other pressing issues that should bug your heart more than any other thing amongst all issues of life, but then there comes the issue of love; between being loved and loving others.

Though the degree to which one experiences these two sides gives a hint as to whether you’d need to consider sending love joke texts to your loved one(s) or not. Trust me, I know when you need something such as love jokes SMS.

But here’s one thing I’d tell you; no matter how much the worries of life may seem, it would only do you a lot of good to bask in the euphoria of using love jokes SMS to brighten up someone’s day, especially now that you get them from this platform.

You are assured of getting a good reciprocation; so just load up and get ready to type your way in love, into love, upon love, about love, and with love.

31. O goddess of my home, how adorned you are in the midst of all ladies, favored amongst them, thy wish be my command, at thy bid will I go out to slay all the enemies of our love, riding upon the horses authority my Creator has bestowed upon me and of our intertwinement there shall be no end. I love you forever sweetheart.

32. O dearly beloved, with a head crowned with the sun, and her face lightened with the moon, with her eyes embellished with the stars, surrounded by the galaxies, here’s to wish you a good night and sweet dreams. Your love will always remain in my heart.

33. Thoughts of you pour water that washes off my anxiety and fills it with a world that can only exist when between you and me.

34. I actually thought I didn’t have much to learn until I met you, ‘cos you are an embodiment of good manners and the meticulous labors of good and respectable parents.

35. Whenever you feel as though there is no human close to you, remember that the Creator has made your fingers gapped, so that my fingers can fit in perfectly. In other words, I’ve been created to be there for you.

36. I wish the day would never come to an end so that my conversation with you will never end but as it is now, the night is the only gap between us both, and I pray it is not longer than I want it to be, goodnight sweetie.

37. About the time I thought there would be no Juliet to fit into my Romeo world, I came across you and you turned my world around – Completely!

38. Have you ever read of the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs? If you never read them, then I would be forced to conclude that you’re probably Snow white herself, except that there are no dwarfs around.

39. I’m so grateful for the two eyes my creator gave to me, but I just realized He had given me another set of eyes- in you! Ever since you came into my life, I began to see the world in a different way, I love you, babe.

40. Every time I gaze at the stars, I can’t but imagine how Leo, Virgo, Scorpius, Taurus, Aries, and Orion the Hunter, would miss you much having left them to come to be with me.

Romantic Joke for Girlfriend

If there’s a new way to get the attention of a girl who has been your friend or your girlfriend, it’s just right here with love jest messages. Get ready to fuel your spaceship with romantic jokes for girlfriend and blast off to Venus-the planet of love.

Just a reminder; consider making a proposal because that’s what you’ll do right away after you must have sent one or two to her.

41. If love is a risk, I’d be ready to take a big blow and sustain a big injury, just for you!

42. If loving you is a crime, I’d be ready to serve a life sentence but the jail must be in your heart.

43. After staring at me for too long, I’m just going ahead to get my GPS ready, ‘cos I don’t think I’m ready to get lost again.

44. You are so very amiable and charming that even Superman would not be able to resist the fiery dart of your smile. But I can contain your smile and that makes me the new Superman.

45. Like a jab of injection needles in my bosom, which makes me shout out aloud, is the feeling I get whenever you’re with me.

46. I thought only butterflies could run around in my stomach when one falls in love, but I think there is now a lot of other birds running around in my stomach. And it’s all because of you, my pretty rose flower.

47. Even if a castle were built out of Legos, I wouldn’t mind living in there as long as I have you with me, dearest.

48. If there’s anything I’d like to change about you, it would be your last name. Aside from that, everything about you is just very perfect for me.

49. If you were to choose me as a favorite in the whole world, what do you think it would be? Well just to let you know, it would be the second letter of this text.

50. There are only two kinds of people I know; The Lover and the Loved-and you happen to have acted both persons to me.

Funny Romantic Messages for Him

The combination of various emotional conveners is undisputedly essential in placing him on a grand platform and I can assure you that he will be impressed. Though he might not show it, especially if your man is macho.

What you’ll need to do in such a situation is to gather your wits together and pour on his feathers to tickle his heart a little.

Funny Romantic Messages for him would do the job perfectly and thereafter fire up the relationship between you. So here are your love gag messages for him.

51. There are only six packs carved out of a man’s abdomen, but you seem to have eight of them, and the extra two, I suppose, are just for me. Well, trust me; I’d do anything to preserve it.

52. I’m gonna say this prayer for you; May the taste of my stew never change in your mouth, and the hotness of my rice never grow cold in your mouth; because no other woman’s food must taste as sweet as mine in your mouth. In other words, all of me is for you and all of you are for me, sweetheart.

53. Even if all men had the same face and stature as you do, I’d still recognize you because you stand out amidst them. Darling, in case I never mentioned it before, you are an embodiment of values and strength that makes you what you are- my hero!

54. When we were walking together in the garden that night, I thought the moon was actually shining until we parted ways and then I discovered that you were the one who glowed and we were able to see the path. I bless the Creator for meeting you.

55. There is absolutely no possibility for whoever will try to come between us, ‘cos they don’t know I’ve got a Samson in my Israel that would tear down their gates. If they wish though, they are still free to come.

56. I’m so glad to have your beards right above my head whenever I’m wrapped in your arms, they give me an opportunity to tender a garden so close to me.

57. With you, it is as though the night is but a time to keep vigil, ‘cos you brighten it up, my lover and best friend.

58. I got baptized into your love the very day I saw you and my name got changed to yours instantly, though only the formalities are remaining.

59. I can only imagine the battles you fought to find me and the number of mountains you had to climb to reach out to me. Wait, it seems you’d soon be made the Field Marshall in the country’s army.

60. I tried telling the trees, but they didn’t understand, I also tried telling the stars, but they couldn’t comprehend. I then decided to tell the whole universe just how important and special to me.

Funny Romantic Messages for Her

When you can’t seem to contain your feelings anymore, rather than bottle them up as in a soda container and explode when it must have been too late. Summon the courage to thank HER for being the love of your life and as well send love gag messages to her to make her drown in a flurry of excitement and before you know it, she’s a goner!

Here’s a sweet compilation of Funny Romantic Messages for her. Enjoy!

61. I saw a man drowning and seriously trying to get some air. Though he was rescued, it got me thinking; As important as air is to the drowning person, so you are to me. So in order to live, I’d need you always.

62. It’s as though you have a special melody to your presence around me. Therefore, being a lover of music, I would love you to be around me all the time, sweetheart.

63. When I say I love you, I actually mean a lot more than these words.

64. They usually say “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. What about absolute love? I still haven’t found a word to describe what it does, but this one thing I know is that it makes me sleep amidst the stars.

65. I have thought about you so much that my colleagues thought I had you in my eyes.

66. Sweetheart, you are the opium of my heart, each time I think about you, I’m just too high on your thoughts.

67. I’m so glad to be the artist I am, ‘cos I have never stopped feeling inspiration breeze about me ever since I met you.

68. I’d love to carve your face out of my bathing soap so it’s easy to feel closer to you every morning, what do you think?

69. Babe, ever since you accepted the job of being a model, I‘ve always felt like going into every picture of you I saw. You are just so bee-you-tee-full!

70. My last memory always begins with each moment I spend with you, that’s why I hardly remember the other things I want to, I love you, baby.

Funny Love Quotes for Girlfriend

Whether you intend to be like Socrates in philosophy, in love like Cleopatra and Mark Antony or want to fight for love like Shah Rukh Khan, there are a lot of equipping words in these funny love quotes for a girlfriend to push and help you secure your spot in the heart of your beloved.

You’ll never walk alone in this journey of finding a way to make her smile if you send her love jest messages.

All you need do is just get settled and pick from these ‘funny love quotes for girlfriend’.

71. I love the warmth of your hands because like a boiling ring, it warms me up for every other thing I do in the day.

72. Ever since I met you, I started sleeping on the cloud with the sun, moon, and the stars as my gist partner every night, you know what, they love hearing a lot about you.

73. The love between a king and a queen is birthed in royalty and that’s exactly what we are.

74. I knew your heart is made of soft petals of gold and that’s why I’m always going to guard it with my entire life baby. I love you.

75. I have found the one whom my heart will delight in and take comfort in, so, therefore, will my heart make melody even without a sound-and for whom will It be?- Just you baby.

76. My love for you is beyond any word I could find in the Dictionary; even the encyclopedia updated its words, to no avail. Only my heart could interpret it.

77. I saw a goldmine in you when I set my eyes on you and I was given an automatic appointment as the miner when I set my heart on you.

78. Not seeing you in a day makes me like bush meat exposed to the night air and the bullet of a hunter.

79. I never believed in Love at first sight until I saw you. You have totally become a love song that suits my heart.

80. Each time I see you, it’s as though my head is filled with yeast, it just swells and becomes lighter making it easy for me to think about you, they call it infatuation; I call it an ignition of the flame of love.

Funny Romantic SMS

It’s so amazing how much love joke sms can work magic when two lovers are at a crossroads. How about when it becomes funny romantic SMS; you can imagine how it would be.

Relax and confidently pick from these humor-filled ‘funny romantic SMS.’

81. I hope you can perform CPR dear, ‘cos my breath is being taken each time I see you.

82. I could trek to the moon and return just to prove my love for you. Even still, if you need more proof, I could pour cold water on the sun just to cool the weather for your sake, I love you darling!

83. I can tell it on the mountains, over the hills, and on the rooftops that; there is no beef or meat as succulent as your lips. How I feel like chewing on them, wifey!

84. I searched the dictionary for the meaning of love and romance but I couldn’t find the one that explains how you show your love and affection to me, your romance is out of this world, it is so to the extent that I began to think that you were not from this world.

85. Just as I know when a fart has escaped from my bosom, ‘cos it smells, I knew you had fallen completely for me when we were together yesterday. How do I know? – It was all over the air. I also can’t deny my heart melting just at the thought of you. I love you, sweetie.

86. I woke up this morning with a strange feeling and therefore had to visit a doctor to get a diagnosis and I was told that there was an overload of ‘loveyounemia’, a rare condition of the heart caused by thinking about only you. I simply told the doctor to stop the diagnoses and let me go, ‘cos I am fine with it. It should remain there forever.

87. Each time I see the number of prosthetics the Creator put into bringing you into being, I can only marvel and thank Him for shooting you into your mother’s womb and ordering your steps my way and look; don’t doubt it at all.

88. I was charged for over-speeding today, little did they know that I had no petroleum gas, yet the car was fired up so I could arrive home early just to be with you darling.

89. I take precautions so much that every cockroach in my house would be eradicated so that you will inevitably be the only cockroach in my cupboard.

90. One particular night, I thought the stars up there were your siblings ‘cos you shone like one of them.

Funny Romantic Mood

Either you’re just getting into the vehicle, or you’ve been there for a while or you’re about to alight on your journey to the city called LOVE, we’ve got loads of stuff for your journey. What do you have to do then?

Get into the funny romantic mood and explore the abundance of words your heart would provide for you to express your thoughts completely.

Just feel the moment and go on a texting spree to the end that the soul of your partner may be engulfed in the sea of love and her eyes become enlightened to see the celestial light hidden in your love joke sms for him or her.

91. The moment flows by like molten sapphire. Deep blue silence, no earth below, no sky above; the rustling branches and the leaves echo it that only you are here with me, darling, and your heartbeat, the only rhythm I hear.

92. Whenever I’m around you or you’re around me, all my ego crossroads away, my iron hands go limp, my bronze feet quiver and only my love for you keep me hanging on like a tandoori chicken on a barbecue stick.

93. The warmth of your embrace reminds me of the warmth of the corn pap in my cold mouth and the kisses of your lips like the delicious bean cakes my momma used to make for me. I don’t wanna let go, baby.

94. Have you ever seen the night cloud pass by the moon? The moon disregards it and goes its way. But I don’t want to be like that sweetie. Let me be the cloud that would cover you at night from the world’s naked and unruly glare, seeing you only when you want to glow upon their lonely paths. Let it be only you and me till the day breaks.

95. I thought your body temperature was always too hot until I realized that I was meant to be the thermometer to dwell under your armpit day and night. You are mine and I’m yours till infinity.

96. I tried connecting my tele-cables to the satellite today to no avail, only for me to discover that you’ve got a lot more channels in you than I could ever imagine. So I decided to watch ONLY YOU, baby!

97. Each and every passing day reminds me of the times and seasons we spent together, and though it gives me a headache, I don’t want this headache to end.

98. This particular morning, I ought to have woken up at 5:00 am. However, since you called my name from the alarm clock, I thought to keep on hearing your voice till 8:00 am that morning. Thank goodness it was a Saturday.

99. I now loathe sleeping on the bed with the pillows alone, ‘cos they are not as cushy as your body, wifey! I miss you, when will you be coming back home?

100. Clinch it when you’re in trouble, Hug it when you’re happy, Cry on it when you’re in pain, Oh my pillow! Wait, did you think I was talking about your shoulders? Not this time, baby.

101. How I feel when you hug me reminds me of the warmth of the ever-sweet corn pap in my cold mouth in the morning and the kisses of your lips like the delicious vanilla bean cakes my momma used to make for me, I don’t wanna let go, keep it coming, baby.

Really beautiful ‘love joke sms for him or her’ right? Then it’s time to make everyone in the love world benefit from them. Comment, send, and share to show how fun it is to love.

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