150 Touching Birthday Wishes for Lovers, Family, and Friends

Touching Birthday Wishes

Writing touching birthday wishes for your loved ones can be difficult, but it will make a whole lot of difference to your loved ones If they get one from you. This is not because they don’t get wishes, messages, and cards all the time, but because it is from someone special.

It takes only a loved one to write concise and emotional birthday wishes that melt the heart and brings joyful tears to the eyes.

Is it that time of the year again for the birthday of your loved ones, and you are thinking about how to write moving birthday wishes, unique and special for your loved ones and those you care about? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We have drafted for you the most heartfelt emotional birthday wishes for your loved ones. A touching birthday wish shows your family and friends that they are important to you.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend.

Go ahead and send this collection of heart-impressive birthday wishes for your girlfriend to set the tone for her day.

1. I have always asked God for a miracle but after I met you, I stopped asking for that kind of miracle from God because He has given me one already, and that’s you. Babe, now when I look by my side, I am happy you are always there. Happy Birthday, my love.

2. You shine brighter than a diamond, come sunshine or come moonlight, you are still the brightest creature around! You are the light of my world and my illumination. Happy Birthday, Sugarplum!

3. A million heart touching wishes will never be enough to express the billions of thoughts in my heart. It is all about you and how much you mean to me, Heaven smiled on me and gave me an Indelible gift of you. Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

4. I have met many girls in this life but none completes me like you. You are simply the best. You have cast a spell of love on me and I want to be spellbound forever. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

5. Right from my childhood, I have always hated to fall, I cried with a lot of energy when I fell trying to make my first step, but falling in love with you is my greatest step and I am so cool about it. Happy Birthday, girlfriend.

6. The world was revived and given hope when Christ was born, but I came alive when you walked into my life. You are my breath and inspiration. Happy Birthday, dear.

7. Baby, whenever I glance at you, my heart skips like a musical beat. You are the rhythm of my heart. You fill me with passion and desires, girlfriend. On your birthday I want you to know just how special you are to me. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

8. Like a well-painted canvas, only your drawing fills my heart, you are my exhibition of art and your presence in my life completes me like a paintbrush will perfect a drawing. Happy Birthday my girl.

9. I sincerely believe our love was made from heaven, two hearts are carefully woven into one and beating as one. So God didn’t allow you to come as my sister instead you are my girlfriend. happy birthday, love.

10. You put a smile on my face always and continually lighten my world, my world will be incomplete without you. You are an inestimable jewel, my love. Happy birthday.

11. What kind of magic do you use? You do blow my heart away just like the way you blow out the light on the candle. I am stuck with you and I am excited about it. Happy Birthday, my special girl.

12. Happy Birthday, girlfriend, thanks for inspiring my heart to love you deeper and my passion burning wilder for you. I am deeply grateful for your patience in dealing with me amidst my unbearable attitude. you are one in a million.

Sentimental Birthday Wishes For Wife

Show your love and the depth of your heart to your wife with sentimental birthday wishes for your wife. Don’t overlook wishing her on her birthday after you have bought her all the expensive presents, little things amount to something to her.

She deserves all the love in the world and this is why we have compiled these birthday wishes for your wife for your use.

13. It seems that everyone noticed and admitted that you have grown older, but to me, you are looking hot and younger like when we first met. Happy Birthday, Wifey!

14. Happy birthday to my ever-stunning and gorgeous wife, as you grow older, I pray for you that you will increase in joy and love. You are incomparable and nothing shines as bright as you.

15. As you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, I want to intimate you about what an awesome wife you are, you master the role perfectly. My life would have bled and died a million times without you. More wonderful life ahead of us. Happy birthday my woman.

16. Very few people get to meet their soulmate, I am not just fortunate alone to have you as a wife, I am also blessed. Happy Birthday to my superwoman, you complete me and bring wholeness to my life.

17. To my darling wife, I hope this new year brings you much joy, happiness, radiance, and sweetness as you have brought to my life. You will not know a better yesterday, happy birthday.

18. I am proud to tell my pals and buddies that you are the woman I have willingly committed my life to, and who is in charge of it. I am always eager to flaunt you and profess my love for you anywhere, that is how you make me feel. I am privileged and blessed to have you as my wife and partner. Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

19. Words have always failed me, but your birthday is the perfect time to pour out my anthology of a poem. How can I experience writer’s block when you are my muse? I am sorry for all the fights and arguments, and thanks for all the sacrifices you make daily. Happy Birthday, darling.

20. There is no perfect word to describe how much you mean to me, my beautiful wife, that is why I live every day of my life painting how important you are to me. You are my gift from God, happy birthday.

21. In my dry moment, I begged God to pour down His rain on me, and boom!! He gave you to me, you have watered my life with your love. You are more than a sweetheart and a wife, you are God in human form. Happy birthday.

22. As each year passes, I love you more. Remember that your best years are yet to come and I will be there for you through thick and thin. Happy Birthday, my wife.

23. There are always many wishes on your birthday as you blow out the candle, but for me, it’s just one thing. Always be by my side forever and always, because my life will be a mess without you. Happy Birthday, my love.

24. You are my life, my breath, inspiration, and joy. Knowing you and having you as my wife is a great blessing. Happy Birthday, gorgeous.

Stirring Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Sending birthday wishes is a display of love, On this special day, take from these stirring birthday wishes for your boyfriend as you wish him a happy birthday.

25. Happy Birthday to the guy who stole my heart away from me and hid it permanently not to be found again. I know you are the one that stole my heart but I am not ready to sue you for it. Winks.

26. I was tired of heartbreak, I already have written love out, then you came into my life overnight and taught me how to love with all the pieces. You are my super boyfriend. Happy Birthday.

27. I am not scared of the happening in society especially when it concerns love, because I know my sons would learn what it is to be a great boyfriend from you. Happy Birthday.

28. Just like a picture perfectly hung on the wall, you have taken a seat in my heart and perfectly etched on my mind like a piece of art. Happy Birthday, Mr. Handsome.

29. To the world’s best boyfriend, here is a toast for you. May your glow never go dim and your wine never wane. Happy Birthday.

30. Every day is your birthday to me because every day is worth celebrating for you and with you. You are a rare gem. Happy Birthday.

31. I must be God’s favorite for him to have destined us to be, my joy knows no limit knowing you are mine forever, you bring out the best in me. I love you every day and always. Happy Birthday.

32. Your love is worth dying for, you make all things beautiful and loving easy. You are the best boyfriend. Happy Birthday.

33. Every day is a new day with you, you daily load me with fun, surprises, and love. Happy Birthday, dear.

34. Dear boyfriend, your thoughts alone send a cold shiver to my body, taking me to my cloud nine. Even the most intoxicating wine cannot make me high as you do effortlessly. Happy Birthday.

35. After several attempts, I am no longer afraid of heartbreak because when I ran into you, you saved my heart and kept it safe. happy birthday, heartthrob.

36. I love the way you look at me, it causes an eruption of joy from deep within me but what I love more is the way you make me look. Happy Birthday, my devotee.

Impressive Birthday Wishes For My Husband

Your husband might not always be around due to work and busy schedules, but today is the perfect time to let him know you appreciate his love, strength, and sacrifices. Aside from cooking his favorite meal, send him these heart Sweet birthday wishes for my husband.

37. The first day I set my eye on you, l knew I had fallen for you when you walked up to me and profess your love, I knew at once that I wanted to walk down the aisle with you. you are incomparable and I’ve never regretted my decision. Happy birthday, sweet hubby.

38. My life wouldn’t be complete without you. Cheers to your kindness, strength, love, and effulgence. Happy Birthday my man.

39. I found the true definition of love when I met you. There is no me without you, you always bring out the best in me even when I couldn’t look within. I just gush at the thought of you. Happy Birthday my adorable husband.

40. Happy birthday to an amazing and loving husband, you never stop to amaze me and making me blush. You are one in a million.

41. If you ask me out again one million times, my answer will be the same “I do”. You are mine forever, dear. Happy Birthday.

42. Cheers to a man who put his family above all other things, my kids and I are in safe hands. You are a progenitor to our world. Happy Birthday, the world’s best husband.

43. You are my comforter, leader, and counselor. I am super blessed to have you and to hold you forever. Happy birthday.

44. Every day I wake up to one million reasons why I should love you daily, not loving you is to stop breathing. You always give me a reason to smile. Happy Birthday.

45. A great husband who can find? His worth and sacrifices supersede what words can say. I wish you an amazing year. Happy Birthday.

46. To the man who refurbished my life beyond my wildest imagination. You always see the best in me and you are committed to bringing out the best in me. Happy Birthday, you are the best husband.

47. How can I contain the joy of knowing you, it overflows daily and never runs dry. Your type is scarce, husband. Can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I had missed you. Happy Birthday, great hubby.

48. Happy Birthday, husband, you are the reason I stay awake at night and smile sheepishly. I lost control when I met you. I am madly in love with you.

Heart Warming Birthday Wishes For Lovers

Send your lover warming birthday wishes from the variety of birthday wishes for lovers and your heart will thank you for doing so!

49. I love you the same every day, dear love, you are the reason behind my smile every day. Happy birthday.

50. You are the love of my life, I found satisfaction and purpose the day I found you, and the tour is over. I am earnestly looking forward to spending the rest of my life and time, with you. Happy birthday.

51. Thank you for being such an amazing and fantastic partner to me. you deserve the best on your birthday. I give myself and everything I am on my way to be to you because I am sold out to you, Happy Birthday.

52. Let me spoil you, lover, you deserve it. You are fabulous and unbeatable. Our chemistry is strong, and my feeling for you goes deeper as each year unfolds. Happy birthday.

53. I stopped attempting unrequited love when I met you, I let down my guard and accepted love. You have thought me that the greatest feeling in life is to love and be loved in return. Happy Birthday my devotee.

54. Hello lover, to some people you might be nothing, you might not even mean anything to the world. The truth is their opinion about you doesn’t matter before I profess my love, you are everything and my world. You are the only one that matters. Happy Birthday.

55. What other gifts can I give you on your special day, lover? I give you the gift of my love because you are the gift of my life. Happy Birthday.

56. Honey, may you receive everything you wished for today, and may your joy be full. May our love grows stronger than before and the spark of our love will never grow dull. Happy birthday, dear.

57. Birthday is for one person but ever since I walked into your life you have always shared it with me. Cheers to a fresh and greater year for us. Happy Birthday, love.

58. It only took a short time for me to tell you I love you, but I will take a whole lifetime to show it to you, it’s a relentless pursuit, dear lover. I won’t stop loving you. Happy birthday.

59. You make every moment counts, and makes every memory lingering. I am happy not because I am in love, but because I am in love with you. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

60. There is never a day I will not think of you, I am super excited about a day like this because it is your birthday. Without a day like this, I would not have been able to celebrate our love as unique as this. Happy Birthday.

Touching Birthday Messages For Someone Special

There are some people in our lives that are very dear to us, they are our sunshine and special to us. We all have them. Are you thinking of writing heart-sweet birthday wishes to that special one in your life? Feel free to pick from any of these touching birthday messages for someone special.

61. Today is a special day because you are special, have a great birthday with friends, family, and everyone in the company that you enjoy, cheers.

62. It’s not every day that we have the privilege of sharing wonderful moments with someone special. You have made our lives beautiful and richer by being a part of it. May you have the most beautiful day just like the way you have made our lives. Happy birthday to a great heart.

63. What would have become of me if there was a price tag attached to you or a conquest to fulfill before I could be part of you? On this day I want to remind you of how special you are to me. Happy Birthday.

64. I have been thinking of what perfect gift to give to you on your birthday, but I found none. No gift is enough to quantify how special you are to me. Happy Birthday to the one I love with all my heart and soul.

65. I don’t want you to see your birthday as a mere one, though I am not there with you always remember you have a special space in my heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

66. There is no best moment with you because every moment is important and special as you. Happy Birthday, dearie.

67. How could I count my blessings and not count you? I am lucky to have you. Happy Birthday, dear.

68. There are many people that walk into our lives daily, but only a few are remembered and celebrated. You are special to me, sweetheart, happy birthday.

69. Your birthday is special because you are special. You bring radiance, warmth, and love to my life daily. Cheers to life. Happy Birthday.

70. You need no special ability or prove a point to feel special. I hold you in that esteem already. Having you in my life is already a great feat. You are incomparable. Happy Birthday.

71. I smile effortlessly when I am with you, the thought of you makes me melt, and your lip makes my body shiver, happy birthday sweetheart.

72. You are a source of inspiration and a model of constancy. You are important and special. Happy Birthday, my love.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Mom

Mother is God’s gift to every child, sometimes you might just wonder if they are not human like us or maybe they are Angels that chose to reside with a human on earth. She can let go of her life and dream just to nurse our own dreams and help us bring them to actualization.

She deserves all the love we can give including affectionate birthday wishes that would make her shed tears of joy. Here is an list of heartfelt birthday wishes for mom and that will convey the very thought of your heart to her on her special.

73. Thanks to God who in His infinite mercy, didn’t allow us to choose our mother by ourselves, I doubt if I would have ever met you. Today, I celebrate the most special day in my life, the day you were born. Happy Birthday, my super mom.

74. Counting and remembering all you have done is like pouring water into the ocean. They are endless, thanks for being my mother. Happy Birthday, sweet mother.

75. There is nothing I can give that can reward all your sacrifices, accept my heartfelt wishes to you on your special day. Happy birthday, beautiful mother.

76. Happy Birthday to my role model, you have constantly shown me how to be a great mother and what it means to be one. I love you, my gold.

77. You are an irreplaceable mom, you gave up on your life to create one for me. You are a selfless being, happy birthday. Love you plenty.

78. You are everything together to me, mom, my advocate, teacher, doctor, and friend. You are a priceless being, happy birthday to the best mom, my mother!

79. I pray to God for safety and he gave me a mother. Happy Birthday, mom. Thanks for being there for me all the time.

80. Happy Birthday to the one who knows me in and out, mom you have seen me in the worst moment but you never gave up on me. I love you so much.

81. You are a teacher who never leaves the student. You taught me how to walk on my own but you still hold my hand to guide me from falling. Happy Birthday, the world’s best mom.

82. When I go through tough times and I feel like running away, I just remember that you are always with me even when you don’t say it. I love you, mom. Happy Birthday.

83. You took my dream from me, you breathe on it, you gave it life and you nurtured my dream till it became big and when you saw it is germinating already, you gave it back to me and taught me how to water it and shield it from the hazards of life. You believed in me when no one else did. You are super, mom. Happy Birthday.

84. Who can love like you do, no one? You are my savior every time. When everything is crashing, I just call your name and you always show me the way out. Happy Birthday, mom.

Touching Birthday Lines For Dad

Dads are rare, they make sacrifices and expect nothing in return, in most cases, they don’t even attach great importance to dates and events in their lives. You will agree with me, right? But do you know it doesn’t deny that they are treated with love on their birthday? they deserve all the love you can give. Why not surprise him with touching birthday lines for dad telling him how much you love him and appreciate his efforts?

85. I always stand tall in the days of trial and never shiver because I have a dad. what should I compare you with? Like a tree, you dispel the wind and preserve your branches, giving shade to many and making fruits available for all. Happy Birthday.

86. Dad, your love is rare. You bear the scars of sacrifices that you went through for us without regrets and carefully wear your smiles over the wrinkles. What a perfect concealer! Happy Birthday, Dad.

87. Happy birthday to the world’s selfless dad, like the root of a tree, you are never seen, but you are the one who deserves all the accolades.

88. Dear dad, no matter how competitive the love can be, your place is fixed in my heart and no one can replace it, You are irreplaceable. Happy Birthday.

89. You are a model of what a wonderful husband and dad should be, you have demonstrated what a husband should look like to me, I can’t settle for less because you are my standard. Happy Birthday.

90. On this birthday, I just wish you tons of fun, love, and happiness. Happy Birthday, Dad.

91. I wear your name with pride like a badge of honor you are just so amazing. Happy Birthday, Dad.

92. Did you ever get tired of looking after me? Sometimes, I wonder if I could do all the things you did for me if I were in your shoes. Happy Birthday my super dad, at the mention of your name, fear is scared away. Smile!

93. I doubt if I ever know what falling is. How could I possibly fall? You are ready to catch me before I fall, you are the strength that holds me through the darkest moment. Happy Birthday, Dad.

94. When I am asked to describe one of my perfect moments, I began to blush. I can’t describe to anyone my most precious moment without your name popping up. You are my world, dad. Happy Birthday.

95. I am never in despair, always ready for life to blow because whenever life gives me a hard time, I smile at it and run to you. your hug makes my worries disappear and gives me the strength to laugh at the gimmicks of life. Happy Birthday, Dad.

96. Dad, you are second to none, you are too committed to failing me, even in my worst moments you stayed by me. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Heart Felt Birthday Wishes For Sisters

What is childhood without sisters? She made childhood counts and help you to create memories. On her birthday send her emotional birthday wishes. Use any of these Heart Felt birthday wishes for sisters to appreciate her presence in your life.

97. Although I always sucked when you take my possession and feel like pushing you away those times, then what is sisterhood without these fights. You are still the best sister in the world. Happy Birthday.

98. Today is the perfect opportunity, to apologize for all the bad times I have caused you pain, and I appreciate you for staying with me. you mean so much to me, Happy Birthday, dear sister.

99. Although we bicker a lot on every little thing and we never agree on things throughout childhood, it doesn’t change the fact that I love you and you are my precious sister. Happy Birthday.

100. Happy Birthday to a sister, your heart is larger than a seashore, containing my little secrets, naughtiness, and much more. I am amazed at how you listen to me and pay attention to every detail. Thank you for everything.

101. I will love to experience childhood a million times, from childhood crazy giggles to our constant fights, you are the fun of my childhood. Happy Birthday, sister.

102. Nothing can separate us or drown our love, not even our busy work, and tight schedules. though we are miles apart, you are still very dear to my heart. Happy Birthday, big sister.

103. Even If I run out of wishes but know for sure that I am wishing you anything you wish yourself today and lots more that I can think of. Happy Birthday, you are simply amazing and incredible. Little sister.

104. Although we are grown up now, it doesn’t matter, I have not outgrown you my dearest sister, I still need you in my life every time just like the fishes needs water. Happy Birthday, sister.

105. Knowing I have someone like you to count on always brightens my face and lights my world. Why do I need to pay to see a therapist when I have one under my roof? Happy Birthday to the most reliable sister.

106. Happy Birthday, sister, you are my favorite and the best female friend one can ever wish. Nothing can separate our love. I love you.

107. Thanks for staying with me. Though it wasn’t a roller coaster ride, you were there with me through it all. every moment counts with you. Happy Birthday, sister.

108. You understand my heartbeats when I am silent, you have my best at heart and you never stopped loving me. I am glad you are my sister. Happy Birthday.

Touching Birthday Desires For Brothers

Read through this cute array of touching birthday desires for brothers and give your emotion a voice as you send him best wishes on his birthday.

109. Why won’t I be thankful to God, I feel so elated having a brother like you. you are my best friend. Happy Birthday.

110. You are my guide and teacher. Always saving me from my mess and teaching me how to be better. You are always on the lookout for me. Happy Birthday.

111. Some people have a brother and not a friend, while some have a friend and not a brother, but I am blessed to have both. You doubled as a friend and a brother. I don’t go through the heartbreak of friendship because you are my best friend. Happy Birthday.

112. Happy Birthday to the most awesome brother. May all your dream comes through and your desires are fulfilled.

113. Growing up together is indeed a great journey, from jumping at the sight of a toad to singing nursery rhymes together. Now, you are grown up. Happy Birthday.

114. Every year you grow more handsome and wiser compared to the previous years, at times I do forget you grow older too. Happy Birthday.

115. You have carefully mastered the art of being a brother, you are a role model, and the world should learn at your feet how to be a great brother. Happy Birthday.

116. You are full of great vibes and energy, your energy is strong enough to power a million lives. Your presence in my life makes me happy and full of joy, there is no exact word to describe how I feel. Happy Birthday.

117. I didn’t have to do anything to earn your trust, you believed me and never doubt me for once. Only a brother can do this. Happy Birthday.

118. Inspiration is never scarce to do anything big because you are always there for me. I love you, brother. Happy Birthday.

119. You have brought tears of joy to my eyes and a smile to my face, you are irreplaceable. Happy Birthday.

120. I stand strong in the face of the storm, no matter what the world throws at me because you have my back. Happy Birthday.

Touching Birthday Want For Best Friends

Show your friends that you care and they are important with touching birthday want for best friends. Send your best friends wishes that leave them speechless.

121. When you are far away, I don’t feel alone because I know our bond is intact when I tell you my secrets, I don’t have reasons to contemplate your trust. On this day I wish you bundles of joy, peace, and fruitfulness. Thanks for always availing me of your presence. Happy Birthday, dear.

122. You have shown me that you are not just a friend when all things are rosy, rather you are a friend in all seasons and I am grateful to you and to God who made our paths cross. Happy Birthday to my best friend, permit me to scream your name and paint the town red. Happy Birthday.

123. I always thought friendship was overhyped and it’s just a dream that can never come true, I didn’t believe there is such a thing as true friendship until I met you. You are a friend that sticks closer than a family. Happy Birthday.

124. Every year I celebrate you twice, I celebrate you on your birthday and every other day. You are worth celebrating all the days of your life. Our friendship is worth the celebration. Happy Birthday.

125. As you count your years on your birthday, I am left in awe of your selflessness and commitment to other people. You have made many lives count and better for many of us. You are one in a million, friend. Happy Birthday.

126. I don’t need to wait till your birthday to celebrate you, waiting till your birthday to celebrate you will never be adequate, and complete. you are always full of happy hours and special moments to be remembered for and celebrated. Happy Birthday.

127. Every year, It is always hard to find the perfect word to describe you, your worth, and your life as a whole. You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me, you are the best friend anyone will crave for. Happy Birthday.

128. Happy Birthday, dear. You are a sibling who was enraptured into the womb of another mother, you are simply amazing. Happy Birthday.

129. You invest in me expecting nothing in return, you love me like your own my body and bestow me with much love like no other. Happy Birthday.

130. You are my proof when I shout from the rooftop that true friendship still exists in the world and not just in Hollywood, I wish you everything you have always wished me. Happy Birthday, buddy.

131. You are gold, and you are rare, not everyone can find you and after finding you, not everyone can afford your worth. I am lucky enough to have you as my best friend. Cheers, and happy birthday.

132. Cheers to us bestie. We toast to life, success, and immeasurable joy on your happy day. Happy Birthday, mate.

Lovely Birthday Wishes For Son

A son is a gift that cannot be bought with money. Sending him best wishes is something cute to do on his special day. Looking for a unique way to wish your son a happy birthday? Choose from these lists of lovely birthday wishes for son.

133. How time flies, you are now a grown-up and accumulated wisdom and insight into life. I am proud of you champ, happy birthday, Son.

134. May your path be lightened, your spirit finds strength, and your heart overwhelmed with love. I love you my son, happy birthday and cheers to a new year.

135. Your father could leave home to attend to things for days without worries and fears because you are around. Your understanding is amazing and your wisdom is great. Happy Birthday.

136. At birth we saw a ray of hope and light as we look at you, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks when your little hands around my finger, you were so cute. As time passes, my feelings for you have not changed. Happy Birthday, Son.

137. Dear son, I pray that in this new year of yours, because you have not just grown older but you are stronger now. I pray for long life, prosperity, and riches be added unto you. Happy Birthday.

138. You are skilled in wisdom and excellence, you handle matters of great complexities with such simplicity and grace. I am delighted that you are my son. Happy birthday.

139. I have always feared giving birth to a boy, I have heard the news about how stressful and restless it could be. But when I finally had you, you proved me to be wrong. You made parenthood easy to accept, may your birthday be filled with warmth and joy. Happy Birthday, my son,

140. Whenever I think of you dear, I sleep with my eyes closed without worries, I know you will be a grown-up soon and you might go far away from home, but I am not afraid of those uncertainties and youthful exuberance. You have my trust, Happy Birthday.

141. It is another great year again, and I am happy to celebrate another birthday with you. Your birthday always depicts a milestone in the fountain of more wisdom and knowledge. You are great, my son. Happy Birthday to you.

142. Dear son, don’t be scared to make a wish today and beyond, be rest assured that it will be granted. Mom and dad are here to support you all the way and make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday.

143. There is no gift I can give you that can cost me much because the present will be an equivalent of your worth. You are my inestimable jewel, nothing can quantify you. Happy Birthday, son.

144. I can’t bring myself to stop glaring at you and every time I look at you, I always smile. You are my source of joy. Thanks for seasoning my life and making me proud always. Happy Birthday, my dearest son.

Affectionate Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Every parent is overwhelmed on their daughter’s birthday and it is fine, likewise, every daughter wants to feel special on her birthday, you can help her catch the feeling with affectionate birthday wishes for her daughter. We have drafted these birthday wishes from dad and mom to a daughter for you.

145. My dear daughter, look up: you are more significant than the loveliest mountain that was made. Happy Birthday, sweet daughter.

146. Happy Birthday daughter, you have proven that you are not weak, your strength exceeds the wind, and you are not afraid. I love you.

147. You have grown into a beautiful girl, you are sought after like no other in the family. I am proud of you my daughter. Happy Birthday.

148. I thank God for giving you to me. You are my bundle of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday, sweet daughter.

149. I am sending you well wishes, love, and great thoughts today. Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter.

150. As you celebrate your birthday, I am filled with memories of you, from your first cry to your first step. You are a blessing to us, daughter. Happy Birthday to you.

151. Sometimes we need to be reminded of how special we are. Today is a perfect day to remind you, you walked into my life and turned it upside down in a good way. Happy Birthday my lovely daughter.

152. I am not ashamed to admit that you are my daughter. You are my pride, walk with your head high, I am behind you. Happy Birthday, darling daughter.

153. Cheers to a daughter who has grown into a friend, who always wants to be sure that I am well. Happy Birthday to you, dear.

154. I remembered how you hold fast to my hand, how I smiled into your face and embrace you at birth. I still feel the same way about you. Happy Birthday.

155. I couldn’t stop grinning when the doctor announced that we are expecting a girl. You are a wonder to behold. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

156. Beautiful princess, I love you a million times and I am happy you are mine. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter.

157. Grace and peace will be multiplied to you in all that you do in the new season of your birthday. I love you so much. Happy Birthday to my pretty daughter.

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